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-40 X
-2 TS

97% | 1798 X | 1510 TS

-10 X
-2 TS

96% | 1753 X | 1536 TS

+18 X
-3 TS

48% | 1141 X | 1351 TS

-38 X
-6 TS

47% | 1124 X | 1356 TS

-13 X
-5 TS

42% | 1165 X | 1254 TS

-4 X
+3 TS

92% | 1710 X | 1444 TS

-2 X
+3 TS

91% | 1673 X | 1442 TS

+37 X
+3 TS

82% | 1532 X | 1383 TS

+25 X
+4 TS

43% | 1193 X | 1232 TS

+35 X
+48 TS

34% | 1145 X | 1196 TS

Chat log

00:00:000Xxo0_o [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... -MogiKurdi- with 59 seconds.
00:00:11yeW- heroes?
00:00:12acchilies lyca spec dazzle
00:00:12Vaj.CO chces omniho?
00:00:150Xxo0_o pit lesh xin
00:00:15yeW- lool
00:00:17VVindoWz viper ck tinker
00:00:27yeW- i'll mid bs
00:00:28Vaj.CO some1 omni?
00:00:28yeW- give lycan
00:00:29yeW- to nigu
00:00:320Xxo0_o co mas
00:00:33dmitriybog eni bala pl
00:00:34VVindoWz can i mid viper ?
00:00:36BoBo.Ftw nort husk riki
00:00:38yeW- hardly
00:00:42BoBo.Ftw oxo daj lesha
00:00:44VVindoWz ok
00:00:450Xxo0_o 3 carrys :D_
00:00:45yeW- u solo bot
00:00:47yeW- lycan woods
00:00:50yeW- get lycan
00:00:54fUNCh trax,bane,ud
00:00:58yeW- nigu what u got
00:00:58BoBo.Ftw pick ud
00:01:01yeW- for dis lad
00:01:02fUNCh i only can trax
00:01:04fUNCh never played ud
00:01:07BoBo.Ftw oxo daj mi lesha
00:01:11yeW- pause we got monsieur afk
00:01:120Xxo0_o daj mi huskaa
00:01:12yeW- -clear
00:01:12BoBo.Ftw k
00:01:12Astrocreep anyone want slark?
00:01:12Vaj.CO get ud
00:01:12yeW- no, enough carries
00:01:12Vaj.CO he is imba
00:01:12yeW- we got 3 alrdy
00:01:12BoBo.Ftw y
00:01:12fUNCh cant play hom
00:01:12fUNCh him
00:01:12Vaj.CO dont need to be skilled
00:01:12VVindoWz we need supporters
00:01:12BoBo.Ftw :/
00:01:12Astrocreep cent or obsi
00:01:12yeW- lol
00:01:12BoBo.Ftw over 70% cant play ud
00:01:12VVindoWz astro u got ?
00:01:12yeW- go cent top then
00:01:12BoBo.Ftw he s easy
00:01:12VVindoWz :)
00:01:12VVindoWz nigulas got?
00:01:12yeW- nigu?
00:01:12yeW- dunno afk
00:01:12nigulas y
00:01:12nigulas back
00:01:12yeW- :D
00:01:12yeW- whatu got
00:01:12yeW- ?
00:01:12nigulas tide qop
00:01:12nigulas morph
00:01:12yeW- we have lycan for u
00:01:12acchilies tide...
00:01:12yeW- give him tide
00:01:12nigulas mm
00:01:12yeW- ?
00:01:14acchilies -swap 2
00:01:14VVindoWz give tide to acchiles?
00:01:14nigulas kk
00:01:140Xxo0_o wtf ?
00:01:16acchilies -swap 2
00:01:20BoBo.Ftw -swap
00:01:21nigulas -swap 5
00:01:220Xxo0_o -swap 2
00:01:24BoBo.Ftw -swap 4
00:01:25acchilies -swap 2
00:01:33yeW- get wards cent
00:01:47dmitriybog woods
00:01:48yeW- fast gogo
00:01:510Xxo0_o bobo go top ?
00:01:570Xxo0_o ci ? :/
00:02:00fUNCh what skills i take ?
00:02:00BoBo.Ftw y
00:02:01Vaj.CO y
00:02:02Vaj.CO bobo top
00:02:130Xxo0_o ud solo ?
00:02:16VVindoWz nice ,, normally in bronze they wont buy wards :P
00:02:160Xxo0_o Wtf ?
00:02:17Vaj.CO oxo chod dole
00:02:19yeW- ^^
00:02:22yeW- just gotta ask :D
00:02:270Xxo0_o za co
00:02:27BoBo.Ftw to vravis teraz? :D
00:02:28VVindoWz :)
00:02:310Xxo0_o ...
00:04:15nigulas chicK+
00:04:23yeW- need
00:05:35yeW- gosh
00:06:03acchilies b
00:06:06BoBo.Ftw rune bot
00:06:21yeW- ss mid
00:06:40yeW- ss sf
00:06:58acchilies need help top
00:07:340Xxo0_o zavolaj si ho
00:07:340Xxo0_o este
00:07:350Xxo0_o raz
00:07:46VVindoWz ss bot dirge
00:07:48Astrocreep ss
00:07:56VVindoWz re bot
00:08:20yeW- ss sf
00:08:57nigulas viper?
00:09:02nigulas omg
00:09:03nigulas retard
00:09:20nigulas i farm
00:09:22nigulas rest of game
00:09:38fUNCh atleast viper sucks as hell
00:10:36BoBo.Ftw go lycan
00:10:41fUNCh tower
00:10:56VVindoWz rdy bot ?
00:11:21yeW- come
00:11:26VVindoWz ss bot
00:11:38yeW- gah
00:11:48VVindoWz cd tp
00:12:15Vaj.CO rune me
00:12:16fUNCh manaboots ?
00:12:25BoBo.Ftw for ud y
00:12:32yeW- wards
00:13:06yeW- go lyn
00:13:07VVindoWz dont ulti huska
00:13:09yeW- lycan
00:13:20VVindoWz go lesh
00:13:42fUNCh def bot
00:13:51VVindoWz go twr
00:14:18acchilies i have ulti
00:14:21fUNCh need mana
00:15:03VVindoWz y nice fighting in tomb
00:15:09nigulas i aws
00:15:10nigulas only 1
00:15:11nigulas atacking top
00:15:12fUNCh thought its more sucky hero
00:15:13nigulas tomb
00:15:18VVindoWz me and u
00:15:19BoBo.Ftw lol :D
00:15:26yeW- losin 4v5
00:15:26yeW- t_t
00:15:37VVindoWz if we all had hit on it he couldnt heal so much
00:15:59VVindoWz lycan last chance of winning
00:16:02yeW- put those wards
00:16:03yeW- will u
00:16:31yeW- gosh ud
00:16:31yeW- t_t
00:16:57nigulas enigma
00:16:59nigulas sf blinks
00:17:19yeW- turtle then
00:17:220Xxo0_o kup mi tp plz
00:17:330Xxo0_o boo
00:17:340Xxo0_o b
00:17:360Xxo0_o plz
00:17:37yeW- b
00:17:40Vaj.CO omg
00:17:44Vaj.CO naco ti je lothar
00:17:47Vaj.CO proti bs<
00:17:48Vaj.CO ?
00:17:48VVindoWz b
00:17:51yeW- lmao
00:17:540Xxo0_o ff
00:18:06yeW- lvl 7 husk lothars D
00:18:24Vaj.CO wards
00:18:31yeW- smoke rosh?
00:18:410Xxo0_o naco si tak skoro portoval ?
00:19:49VVindoWz inc 5
00:19:51VVindoWz mid all
00:19:58nigulas cant def it
00:20:01VVindoWz when he tomb run away
00:20:06Vaj.CO wards
00:20:08Vaj.CO for rosh
00:20:09VVindoWz and go when they cd
00:20:36dmitriybog q
00:20:46dmitriybog :)
00:21:13nigulas that fake tp
00:21:14VVindoWz enigma failed
00:21:15nigulas rockd
00:21:53yeW- blah
00:21:59yeW- tide and cent know how to lose a game
00:22:49nigulas i will rosh after bkb
00:22:50nigulas cuz too risky
00:22:52VVindoWz buy ward
00:22:53nigulas if sentinel
00:23:31Vaj.CO w8
00:23:32Vaj.CO eni
00:23:37Vaj.CO go
00:23:44yeW- cent low hp t_t
00:23:46VVindoWz bye bye rax
00:24:16VVindoWz whats with ur stun cent
00:24:23yeW- terrible this dude
00:24:47VVindoWz we cant do shit we got no stun
00:24:52nigulas well
00:24:53nigulas tide
00:24:55nigulas ulties
00:24:56nigulas when we not
00:24:57nigulas ven there
00:25:06yeW- ye he wante to save rax xD
00:25:32dmitriybog :D
00:25:47dmitriybog b
00:25:52dmitriybog seeker
00:25:55yeW- ye
00:26:01BoBo.Ftw pod rosha
00:26:04Vaj.CO j
00:26:07VVindoWz invis?
00:26:17yeW- ye
00:26:21yeW- but weird i did not see him on
00:26:24yeW- map
00:26:270Xxo0_o wardov maju inak najebanych
00:26:53VVindoWz lol cent
00:27:08yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:14Vaj.CO i ll deff
00:27:14Vaj.CO top
00:27:31Vaj.CO b
00:28:03fUNCh husk
00:28:24Vaj.CO bs
00:28:25Vaj.CO inc
00:28:37Vaj.CO i take
00:28:56Vaj.CO go bot
00:28:57fUNCh go from bot
00:29:06Vaj.CO just push
00:30:05fUNCh fail
00:30:12nigulas wolves are too rape :D
00:30:15VVindoWz so important bs
00:30:18nigulas disable blink on both
00:30:26Vaj.CO kup hex
00:30:32BoBo.Ftw shivu
00:30:360Xxo0_o btw ste skype ?
00:30:37nigulas and yew
00:30:38nigulas wp
00:30:39BoBo.Ftw ne
00:30:41yeW- :p
00:30:43BoBo.Ftw ste vsetci off
00:30:43Vaj.CO ee
00:30:49nigulas and tide
00:30:50nigulas fine ulti atlast
00:30:50Vaj.CO ja som online
00:30:500Xxo0_o aj vy dvaja
00:30:53yeW- XDD
00:30:570Xxo0_o ja som tez on
00:30:57BoBo.Ftw aj ja
00:30:59VVindoWz cent still shit :p
00:31:09Vaj.CO volam
00:31:450Xxo0_o dvihni more :d
00:31:51yeW- got bkb son
00:32:13nigulas care
00:32:15nigulas b
00:32:16yeW- b cent
00:32:26fUNCh mid to top ?
00:32:30yeW- husk
00:32:32yeW- care
00:32:33dmitriybog go
00:32:45yeW- going ac?
00:32:54nigulas i go abyssal 1st
00:32:56fUNCh sf farms -.-
00:33:10dmitriybog 3pl
00:33:11dmitriybog lose
00:33:12dmitriybog =\
00:33:14yeW- lmao d
00:33:17fUNCh 2vs4 ?
00:33:20yeW- go mi
00:33:25dmitriybog 2vs3
00:33:34dmitriybog i think(
00:33:37VVindoWz lyca ?
00:33:40fUNCh viper was out of ulti hitting ya
00:33:43VVindoWz damage
00:33:46nigulas ?
00:33:53nigulas relax?
00:34:08yeW- fuck
00:34:20VVindoWz tomb fight not good :p
00:34:24VVindoWz haha
00:34:25nigulas i kileld tomb
00:34:26nigulas in 3 sec
00:34:33nigulas but
00:34:33nigulas no1
00:34:34nigulas disabled
00:34:35nigulas sf
00:34:36nigulas =
00:34:36nigulas u guys
00:34:38nigulas lost 90% hp
00:34:43VVindoWz y
00:34:52VVindoWz go top
00:35:50nigulas 1 of those buyouts
00:35:53nigulas which was worth
00:35:54yeW- u gettin acs net?
00:35:57yeW- next
00:35:57fUNCh we will lose it like this -.-
00:36:00yeW- or shud i
00:36:01nigulas not even close
00:36:01nigulas to
00:36:04nigulas u get radi
00:36:05nigulas we need
00:36:06nigulas blink disable
00:36:08VVindoWz what do i get?
00:36:08yeW- k
00:36:13nigulas vier
00:36:13nigulas get
00:36:14nigulas pipe
00:36:14VVindoWz meka ?
00:36:18acchilies ill go pipe
00:36:19yeW- pipe god shit
00:36:21nigulas kk
00:36:24nigulas get
00:36:24yeW- meka it is
00:36:26nigulas meka thn viper
00:36:28nigulas and
00:36:30nigulas hmm
00:36:33yeW- -ma
00:36:34nigulas duno
00:36:35nigulas well see
00:36:36nigulas meka
00:36:37nigulas 1st
00:36:41fUNCh lyca
00:36:42VVindoWz ?
00:36:50VVindoWz meka or not ?
00:36:53yeW- yes
00:36:53nigulas y
00:37:04nigulas we need
00:37:05nigulas ts down
00:37:11yeW- fuck this shit
00:37:12yeW- ffs
00:37:13Vaj.CO go mid
00:37:20nigulas wards..
00:37:22yeW- yeh
00:37:28nigulas got buyout?
00:37:31dmitriybog heal
00:37:39dmitriybog thx
00:37:39yeW- 50 gold close
00:37:48BoBo.Ftw b
00:37:52fUNCh suicide top ?
00:38:01Vaj.CO we cant
00:38:02nigulas i keep
00:38:02dmitriybog go
00:38:04fUNCh just raxxes
00:38:05nigulas sf and enigma disabled
00:38:08fUNCh notower
00:38:10fUNCh would be easy
00:38:12VVindoWz dont gather
00:38:17nigulas they b
00:38:33fUNCh soon lyca will just rape us
00:38:54Vaj.CO go fast
00:39:03nigulas ffs
00:39:04nigulas tide
00:39:05nigulas blink
00:39:05yeW- lal
00:39:06nigulas gusy
00:39:08BoBo.Ftw lyca has no items
00:39:09yeW- so lame shit
00:39:14acchilies dude i blinked at huskar...
00:39:18nigulas why?
00:39:18VVindoWz wear tp
00:39:19fUNCh he has 3000g
00:39:20yeW- lal
00:39:21fUNCh waiting new item
00:39:22nigulas he was 100% dead
00:39:27nigulas go get tp
00:39:28nigulas tied?
00:39:33yeW- i tp mid
00:39:36nigulas y
00:39:47dmitriybog ill
00:39:48dmitriybog start
00:39:52fUNCh they b
00:39:53dmitriybog -'
00:40:03nigulas 300
00:40:04VVindoWz meka rdy
00:40:17VVindoWz who build ac?
00:40:21yeW- take this
00:40:22nigulas i get ac
00:40:27BoBo.Ftw everybody get ghost
00:40:29VVindoWz cent shivas
00:40:31fUNCh so you gyys want to overfarm lyca ?
00:40:37VVindoWz bs deso ?
00:40:42BoBo.Ftw push
00:40:45dmitriybog go
00:40:46dmitriybog mid
00:40:48yeW- nah
00:40:48Vaj.CO lets push top
00:40:55VVindoWz can anyone afford some ward
00:41:00fUNCh got wolf :))))
00:41:05BoBo.Ftw ::O
00:41:40yeW- ycan bot
00:41:42VVindoWz they 4
00:42:22Vaj.CO gg
00:42:24yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:26nigulas hero win
00:42:26Vaj.CO bs hp<
00:42:28Vaj.CO ?
00:42:31yeW- ?
00:42:32yeW- i died :D
00:42:36Vaj.CO ohh
00:42:36Vaj.CO >D
00:42:39Vaj.CO didnt see
00:42:40VVindoWz we tryed
00:42:48nigulas well
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