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+2 TS

80% | 1560 X | 1349 TS

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+9 TS

45% | 1213 X | 1243 TS

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+3 TS

40% | 1075 X | 1330 TS

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+2 TS

36% | 1045 X | 1327 TS

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+18 TS

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-2 TS

59% | 1290 X | 1337 TS

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-2 TS

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49% | 1166 X | 1332 TS

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47% | 1131 X | 1346 TS

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-3 TS

31% | 1047 X | 1280 TS

Chat log

00:00:18AliBaba sand king sylla ench
00:00:20Swagga u gotta be kiddin me
00:00:28Swagga lesh tc riki
00:00:32Astrocreep someone wants storm?
00:00:41Astrocreep or phoenix?
00:00:49Swagga i can storm
00:00:56Swagga want any of mine?
00:01:02Orre thrall tiny spec
00:01:03Astrocreep only riki
00:01:08Swagga tiny
00:01:11Astrocreep otherwise i go veno
00:01:11Swagga wanna swap orre?
00:01:16Orre tc
00:01:19Orre no
00:01:20Orre no
00:01:25Swagga -.-
00:01:25Orre christ
00:01:31Orre i havent played it once :D
00:01:38Orre can you play it?
00:01:42Swagga ofc i can
00:01:49Swagga np i play it
00:01:50Orre play it then, sry
00:01:53Jonneblarre me top?
00:01:54Orre k cool
00:02:15Orre aleks mid?
00:02:17Orre or?
00:02:23Aleks875 y
00:02:28Orre k
00:02:29Orre gl
00:02:31Astrocreep come own bot
00:02:32Aleks875 ty
00:02:33Swagga i go urn
00:02:51Orre if not taken
00:05:52Aleks875 aboddon 1 lvl
00:06:01Swagga good right?
00:06:05Aleks875 y)
00:06:11Swagga chick?
00:07:06AliBaba ss
00:07:07Swagga oom
00:07:13Astrocreep sk
00:07:16Orre oom
00:07:58Orre oom
00:09:29slc2 kommer top
00:09:41Orre ss
00:10:26Swagga wl top
00:10:30Aleks875 sorry
00:12:07Swagga oom
00:12:43Swagga mana?
00:13:24Aleks875 all come
00:15:04Swagga edf
00:15:05Swagga def
00:15:40Aleks875 tinker poer treadsXd
00:16:15Swagga b
00:16:15Aleks875 come all
00:16:17tba ss 1
00:16:18Swagga both
00:16:19tba ss 2
00:16:32Swagga ffs
00:17:23Aleks875 all miod
00:17:26Aleks875 mid fast
00:17:44slc2 bot tower
00:17:46slc2 go 6
00:17:48slc2 5
00:17:59Jonneblarre mana
00:18:09Aleks875 cd
00:18:09Orre cd
00:18:10Orre 10 sec
00:18:59Swagga inc
00:19:06slc2 kill
00:19:46tba lol
00:19:47tba LOL
00:20:17Aleks875 defe
00:20:18Aleks875 !
00:22:03AliBaba -cs
00:23:31Swagga b
00:23:58Astrocreep bice items weaver
00:24:00tba b
00:24:01Astrocreep nice
00:24:02Jonneblarre ty
00:24:55Astrocreep gj
00:26:08Swagga b regen and def
00:26:29Swagga i go tank?
00:28:55Swagga farm
00:29:37Astrocreep not won by any means
00:29:39Astrocreep sigh
00:29:43slc2 all mid gogo
00:30:08Swagga b
00:30:15Orre my bad
00:31:14Astrocreep mid then top tower
00:31:17Astrocreep need free golkd
00:32:04Orre almost :P
00:32:27Aleks875 we must gang wl
00:32:31Aleks875 4 golemsa
00:32:32Aleks875 hard
00:32:36Swagga y
00:32:39Swagga just nuke him
00:32:42Swagga or weaver
00:32:46Swagga just focus him
00:33:12Aleks875 bad
00:33:19Swagga wasnt there
00:33:26Aleks875 just go all kill wl
00:33:35Aleks875 or we will lose
00:33:36Astrocreep before he ulti or after
00:33:37Aleks875 vs 4 golems
00:33:42Aleks875 before
00:33:56Aleks875 b
00:33:57Astrocreep sk blink
00:34:04Aleks875 i will use smoke
00:34:07Aleks875 stay near me
00:34:10Swagga np he suck
00:34:28Aleks875 go wl
00:34:29Aleks875 fast
00:34:45Orre w8
00:34:59Orre adios
00:35:02Swagga gogogo
00:35:03Orre :P
00:35:43Swagga mana
00:35:54Swagga b
00:35:59Aleks875 all
00:36:27slc2 def top asap
00:36:59Orre jesus
00:37:04Orre kill the fucking wl
00:37:31Astrocreep 5v5 we lose so bad
00:37:38Jonneblarre shall i go heart?
00:37:40Swagga no
00:37:42Aleks875 cose golems
00:37:48Swagga if we get them all in 1 place
00:37:48Astrocreep i go diffu
00:37:50Swagga we win
00:37:59Jonneblarre shall i go heart?
00:38:07Swagga hmm
00:38:15Swagga make some dmg dude
00:38:23Aleks875 fast
00:38:29Swagga i go def top
00:38:44Jonneblarre u or me take?
00:38:48Aleks875 me
00:38:51Jonneblarre k
00:39:52Aleks875 now go all mid
00:40:02Aleks875 but kill wl first
00:40:20Astrocreep all need to do it
00:40:22Orre aleks happy for win over czech?
00:40:23Astrocreep else forget it
00:40:38Aleks875 didnt see match
00:40:42Swagga carry tps
00:40:44Aleks875 thats good
00:40:46Orre mkay
00:41:45Aleks875 see
00:41:46Aleks875 wl
00:41:50Aleks875 will win
00:42:01Swagga b
00:42:09Orre fug
00:43:11Orre have to get rax
00:43:15Astrocreep I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:19Astrocreep we cant attack one person
00:44:01Swagga keep the lanes pushed
00:44:34slc2 nice 2 ultis
00:44:41slc2 go mid we end
00:44:56slc2 go bot
00:44:57slc2 i come
00:45:00Swagga mana
00:45:29Aleks875 care scorp
00:46:03Aleks875 4 golems
00:46:04Swagga giant lagg
00:46:05Aleks875 we cant
00:46:09Astrocreep bkb then
00:46:17Swagga u still get stunned
00:46:20Swagga and dmged
00:46:22Aleks875 y
00:46:22Jonneblarre it goes through bkb
00:46:33Aleks875 def
00:46:34Swagga make pipe
00:46:37Astrocreep blink and stun him then brown shuts him up
00:46:46Aleks875 use
00:46:47Aleks875 ult
00:46:49Aleks875 tral
00:46:52Swagga orre just save ur ult
00:47:37Astrocreep ward and gang so 4v5
00:47:46Aleks875 push
00:48:08AliBaba har du ulti jamie ?
00:48:12slc2 nej
00:48:41Aleks875 tped
00:48:42Jonneblarre reuse chick
00:48:46slc2 mid go
00:48:52Aleks875 b
00:50:03Swagga def ffs
00:50:56Swagga i go pipe noaw
00:51:06Jonneblarre goodie
00:51:10Astrocreep rosh back?
00:51:11Aleks875 rosh now
00:51:13slc2 protect me
00:51:15Jonneblarre shall i go heart? now?
00:51:31Astrocreep if u want
00:51:37Swagga dont push
00:51:40Swagga let them come
00:52:19Aleks875 b
00:52:55Aleks875 def
00:54:42Aleks875 wl
00:54:44Swagga b
00:54:52Aleks875 go
00:54:55Aleks875 or refresher
00:54:58Swagga we need some guinsoo
00:55:20Aleks875 defense
00:56:00Swagga focus wl
00:56:08Orre i go in
00:56:11Orre silence wl
00:56:49Swagga def mid
00:56:50Swagga gogo
00:56:55Astrocreep over
00:56:55Aleks875 this bad
00:56:55Aleks875 very
00:56:55Aleks875 bad
00:56:55Astrocreep was trying for orchid
00:56:55Swagga their gonna kick either abba or tinker
00:56:55Swagga so we lose anyway
00:56:55Aleks875 i think tiner
00:56:55Swagga they suck both
00:56:55Aleks875 we need bkb
00:56:55Aleks875 fast
00:56:55Swagga we need pipe
00:56:55Aleks875 i will sell items
00:56:55Aleks875 and get bkb
00:56:55Swagga y
00:56:55Aleks875 maybe will have chance
00:56:55Jonneblarre with
00:56:55Jonneblarre orchid
00:56:55Jonneblarre we have
00:56:55Swagga y
00:56:55Swagga make 1
00:56:55Swagga weaver
00:56:55Jonneblarre veno
00:56:55Jonneblarre said
00:56:55Jonneblarre he
00:56:55Aleks875 who leave?
00:56:55Jonneblarre was making
00:56:55Orre is it me?
00:56:55tba ME
00:56:55Astrocreep and what u make
00:56:59Aleks875 ncie
00:57:03Swagga ok now we have a chance
00:57:10tba MHHHHHHH NICE
00:57:10AliBaba penis
00:57:10Swagga pe9s
00:57:10Jonneblarre laame
00:57:10tba SLC2 HAVE 2 SHIT
00:57:10AliBaba Orre
00:57:10slc2 alot
00:57:10AliBaba our cap want to shit ..
00:57:10Astrocreep we cant win
00:57:10Aleks875 shiteater?
00:57:10Aleks875 we can
00:57:10Jonneblarre -ii
00:57:10Astrocreep i use orchid on
00:57:10Astrocreep who
00:57:10Aleks875 orre good player
00:57:10Astrocreep they lose
00:57:10Orre jesus christ
00:57:10Orre max lagg
00:57:16Orre its fixed now
00:57:22Orre my company is testing some shit
00:57:30Orre now im tethering with my phone 3G
00:57:33Swagga my pc is laggin
00:57:34Aleks875 orre
00:57:36Aleks875 u here?
00:57:38tba PORN DOWNLOARD
00:57:38Orre ye
00:57:41Aleks875 good
00:57:41Orre its fixed now
00:57:45Orre sry guys
00:58:46Aleks875 hes strong
00:59:03Aleks875 b
00:59:03Aleks875 b
00:59:04Aleks875 b
00:59:04Aleks875 b
00:59:04Aleks875 b
00:59:04Aleks875 b
00:59:05Aleks875 b
00:59:05Aleks875 b
00:59:05Aleks875 b
00:59:06Aleks875 b
00:59:09Swagga cvome asfesd
00:59:11Swagga ´
00:59:13Swagga cunts
00:59:16Swagga die
00:59:43Swagga gem
00:59:58Swagga gem on tiner
01:01:07Astrocreep orange has gem
01:01:15slc2 -cs
01:01:16Swagga i still lagg bad
01:01:31Orre same
01:01:37Aleks875 and
01:01:43Aleks875 b
01:01:56Aleks875 def all
01:02:18Aleks875 dont go
01:02:55Orre gg
01:04:16Aleks875 fuck
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