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96% | 1734 X | 1546 TS

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96% | 1743 X | 1519 TS

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90% | 1580 X | 1502 TS

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74% | 1434 X | 1384 TS

Chat log

00:00:03WANKmaster -ap
00:00:08WANKmaster laneme soulja
00:00:09Soulyah raske pela
00:00:12Soulyah ok
00:00:13WANKmaster las puu olla midis
00:00:16WANKmaster yuriko u mid
00:00:19Yuriko ok
00:00:37PeterLars les
00:00:38PeterLars h
00:00:38PeterLars mid
00:00:47infect bm
00:00:50WANKmaster top
00:00:51infect get these
00:00:51WANKmaster go
00:00:51PeterLars share
00:00:51WANKmaster panda
00:00:54PeterLars bm
00:00:55infect with axes
00:00:55PeterLars bot
00:00:58PinaryB cent woods?
00:00:59PeterLars u fucking cunt
00:01:02PeterLars no
00:01:16PeterLars shar e
00:01:19infect and captain dictates lanes :)
00:01:20DeMiaN this top laneeee
00:01:20infect so bye
00:01:24DeMiaN will be harddd
00:01:24PeterLars bm
00:01:26Yuriko share
00:01:26Homeostat0000 ye
00:01:30infect u can axe
00:01:30Homeostat0000 retards dictate lanes
00:01:30Aleks875 2 melee
00:01:34Homeostat0000 retarded rules
00:01:38infect bm is off lane hero
00:01:40infect or mid solo
00:01:42Yuriko we got 1 ranged hero
00:01:46infect and in our case he's off lane hero
00:01:46Homeostat0000 yeah lesh off lane dual
00:01:48infect easy
00:01:50Homeostat0000 mastermind of dota
00:01:56Homeostat0000 like everybody on dota-gc :D
00:02:05Aleks875 maybe me mid?
00:02:10WANKmaster not
00:02:12WANKmaster :D:D
00:02:16PinaryB pugna has rune
00:02:21Aleks875 are u ok?
00:02:21Soulyah tjhat
00:02:22Soulyah made my day
00:02:24Soulyah jahahahahaha
00:02:27DeMiaN mwawaawaa
00:02:30Yuriko i almost chocked on my cucumber
00:02:33Soulyah :D:D:D
00:02:40PeterLars i oull
00:03:20Homeostat0000 OK PRO
00:03:21Homeostat0000 OK
00:03:23Aleks875 hm
00:03:26Aleks875 cent
00:03:28infect u need to push bot
00:03:29infect for twr
00:03:31infect if they pull
00:04:10PinaryB ff homoexctasy
00:04:18Yuriko deedee
00:04:37Soulyah tyra
00:04:40WANKmaster kuidas see oede
00:04:46Yuriko how can pinary solo u
00:04:51Soulyah solo?
00:05:03PeterLars go
00:05:54infect ss pugna
00:05:55DeMiaN this top lane is pointless
00:05:56DeMiaN really
00:05:57infect perpahs?
00:06:00infect fucking fags
00:06:05Aleks875 cose
00:06:08Aleks875 u neevr use mana
00:06:11Yuriko reg top gogo
00:06:11Homeostat0000 nice feed mid
00:06:11Aleks875 for wave
00:06:12DeMiaN lol ?
00:06:12Yuriko damn
00:06:14infect haha
00:06:15DeMiaN i always
00:06:16DeMiaN u tard
00:06:22Aleks875 shadow free farm
00:06:25Yuriko who cares
00:06:26Yuriko xD
00:06:26DeMiaN not shadow
00:06:27DeMiaN cent
00:06:28DeMiaN u tard
00:07:00infect ss 2
00:07:16PeterLars ^^
00:07:19Yuriko gank mid then
00:07:22DeMiaN skewer cd
00:07:27DeMiaN 10 sec
00:07:29DeMiaN wait
00:07:30PeterLars care
00:07:33DeMiaN k go
00:07:38DeMiaN wait
00:07:39Yuriko b
00:07:41DeMiaN let push
00:07:45Yuriko go b
00:07:49Yuriko get levels
00:07:53coolass gj
00:07:53DeMiaN where ?
00:07:55DeMiaN pls tell me
00:07:57Soulyah oi kui yle
00:07:58Homeostat0000 ty
00:08:05PinaryB ha :D
00:08:21Homeostat0000 go naga?
00:08:29coolass wait cent
00:08:35Soulyah omw mid
00:08:36Soulyah go
00:08:36coolass i come
00:09:01infect pugna here again
00:09:01DeMiaN mb come top
00:09:03DeMiaN TODAY
00:09:04DeMiaN ...
00:09:06infect with smoke
00:09:25Homeostat0000 wahahhaahah naps
00:09:26WANKmaster tp
00:09:27WANKmaster saad osta
00:09:28WANKmaster mulle
00:09:29WANKmaster ?
00:09:35PinaryB oi jummal see vend
00:09:40Homeostat0000 how can u fail so hard
00:10:00Aleks875 ss
00:10:01Aleks875 2
00:10:03Soulyah 1 vaja
00:10:09DeMiaN nice team
00:10:10DeMiaN pro
00:10:13coolass go mid
00:10:18Homeostat0000 push top
00:10:25Soulyah what i can do at top
00:10:30Soulyah cant kill with ur heros
00:10:40infect come on
00:10:41PeterLars fucking noob bm
00:10:44infect we cant see him
00:10:46infect and u go like that?
00:10:52PinaryB pugna somewher
00:10:59infect pugna
00:11:08infect need bird
00:11:10infect bm
00:11:19DeMiaN k i go forest
00:11:27DeMiaN see u min 35-40
00:11:47Soulyah mana
00:12:47Soulyah me
00:12:48Soulyah let
00:12:49Soulyah botle
00:12:50Soulyah drink
00:12:51Aleks875 me
00:13:05Yuriko no ulti
00:13:07infect ss mid
00:13:09infect and need bird
00:13:09Soulyah np
00:13:10infect for vision
00:13:51Soulyah b
00:14:16Homeostat0000 lol
00:14:27coolass mana
00:14:32infect FFS
00:14:46Yuriko got nothing
00:14:47Yuriko cant help
00:14:55Aleks875 roof
00:14:59Soulyah tree?
00:14:59infect where's the bird
00:15:00Homeostat0000 go in
00:15:00infect bm?
00:15:02Aleks875 just dont waste
00:15:02Homeostat0000 roof cd
00:15:04Aleks875 ulti
00:15:05infect without vision
00:15:06infect we cant
00:15:47Soulyah most imba war mid
00:15:49Soulyah but u farm
00:15:52Soulyah no tp
00:15:54Yuriko oh
00:15:56Yuriko i cheered for u
00:15:58Yuriko and u won
00:15:59Yuriko its ok
00:16:00infect homo
00:16:04infect are you serious
00:16:07infect with stats build
00:16:08infect on bm ?
00:16:08Homeostat0000 stfu nigger
00:16:10Soulyah suck my cock
00:16:14Soulyah im dissapointed
00:16:25infect and no roar?
00:16:50Aleks875 nice farm
00:16:51Yuriko i had no mana anyway
00:16:52Aleks875 roof
00:16:53infect haha this bm
00:17:18infect bm went with stats build :D
00:17:27Homeostat0000 tryhard
00:17:30Yuriko axes and bird?
00:17:36infect axes
00:17:41Yuriko and bird?
00:17:45infect no
00:17:49infect axes
00:17:53infect Only
00:17:56Soulyah hes
00:17:58Soulyah fooling
00:17:58infect no ulti either
00:18:01Soulyah like he did in my game
00:19:17infect need vision
00:19:18Soulyah use ulti panda?
00:19:20infect to gank that naga
00:19:21Aleks875 cd
00:19:22infect come on bm
00:19:23Soulyah u dont have to be one HP
00:19:24Homeostat0000 buy wards then
00:19:25Aleks875 5 sec
00:19:25Homeostat0000 tryhard
00:19:27infect stop being an asshole
00:19:28Soulyah ah
00:19:41Homeostat0000 10s pls
00:19:41coolass WHAT
00:19:51Aleks875 go towers
00:19:52Aleks875 mid
00:19:53PeterLars care
00:20:08PeterLars omw mid
00:20:39Soulyah take tower
00:20:42Soulyah illus and shit
00:20:46infect bm, as an admin, i will warn you one more time
00:20:50infect start playing normally
00:20:51Soulyah HA
00:20:54infect or i will ban you for gameruin
00:21:01Yuriko aleks'd
00:21:05Homeostat0000 what ruin is that?
00:21:13infect no ulti
00:21:15Homeostat0000 explain to me
00:21:15infect only axes
00:21:18infect skill build
00:21:20Yuriko got radi.
00:21:20Homeostat0000 i have ulti
00:21:24infect i dont need to explain anything to you
00:21:30infect consider this your last warning
00:21:41Yuriko now i can farm even more
00:22:00Homeostat0000 cause wannabe attitude
00:22:20Soulyah ok
00:22:21Soulyah ff
00:22:27Soulyah i wont buy not one ward
00:22:28infect with bird
00:22:28Soulyah and farm
00:22:29Soulyah cause
00:22:31infect we can kill them
00:22:31Soulyah fuck u
00:22:33infect 24/7
00:22:35Homeostat0000 with A STUN HIT
00:22:45Yuriko whats the problem
00:22:48Soulyah u
00:22:50DeMiaN ur a fucktard
00:22:53infect coolas
00:22:54coolass y
00:22:55Homeostat0000 less wannabe attitude pls
00:22:55infect warde on jah vaja
00:23:00coolass not eeesti
00:23:05Soulyah hf now
00:23:06infect need wards
00:23:07coolass k
00:23:25Soulyah too useful
00:23:32Aleks875 they gang all game
00:23:43Soulyah 4min
00:23:44Soulyah to ff
00:23:45Aleks875 maybe
00:23:47Aleks875 go smoke
00:23:49Aleks875 and gang?
00:23:54DeMiaN yeah i go smoke
00:24:17infect when naga farms alone, we just need to go 5 mid and push
00:24:22infect they cant defend with 4
00:24:22Yuriko we won, i dunno why u panick
00:24:23Yuriko get wards now
00:25:04coolass gjgjgjgjgjg
00:25:05coolass gjgjgjgjgj
00:25:07infect go
00:25:08infect bot
00:25:08WANKmaster tere tulemas
00:25:09WANKmaster t
00:25:09infect twr
00:25:10Soulyah ma ei saa
00:25:12Soulyah sellise tiimiga
00:25:15Soulyah kes afki lanedel
00:25:16Homeostat0000 u can get it two
00:25:17Soulyah gamesense 0
00:25:20Soulyah närviajab
00:25:27Soulyah treant
00:25:28WANKmaster demian?
00:25:29Soulyah oleks tpnd
00:25:30Soulyah oleks gg
00:25:32WANKmaster u use ult
00:25:33DeMiaN y ?
00:25:35WANKmaster to creeps?
00:25:36WANKmaster wtf
00:25:39DeMiaN ofc
00:25:42WANKmaster cool
00:25:44DeMiaN i farm all game i told u
00:25:45DeMiaN already
00:25:49coolass rex
00:25:50coolass take obs
00:26:49coolass go with
00:26:50coolass 5
00:27:10Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:11Homeostat0000 go
00:27:13infect well, bm doesnt want to give us vision
00:27:13DeMiaN I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:17infect so we could go mid 5
00:27:34Aleks875 all
00:27:35Aleks875 5
00:27:37Aleks875 always
00:27:41Soulyah *U THINK?
00:27:55Soulyah do so
00:27:56Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:04Homeostat0000 b
00:28:11coolass do sth
00:28:25Aleks875 4 wards
00:28:32Homeostat0000 go there
00:29:00Soulyah VERY FAST ULTI
00:29:40Soulyah can u ulti
00:29:41Soulyah so
00:29:42Homeostat0000 cause of ur poor map awareness
00:29:43Soulyah i dont die
00:29:43Homeostat0000 we were 4
00:29:45Soulyah just wondering
00:29:50infect we killed magnus
00:29:50coolass cause poor team work
00:29:50Yuriko yup
00:29:52infect u faggot
00:29:58infect and we could have imba map vision
00:30:03infect when you could give us the bird
00:30:05infect instead
00:30:07infect i need to ward
00:30:09Homeostat0000 we could have also good mid
00:30:15Homeostat0000 if u learned how to play decently
00:30:18infect you can think about it
00:30:20infect when you are banned
00:30:48Soulyah bf:D?
00:30:52DeMiaN well
00:30:55DeMiaN make me
00:30:58DeMiaN farm forest
00:30:58DeMiaN quicker
00:31:09Homeostat0000 lesh are u seriously an admin?
00:31:11Soulyah ye
00:31:11Homeostat0000 or just trolling?
00:31:13Soulyah ill join u
00:31:13Soulyah xD
00:31:16DeMiaN =)
00:31:16infect yes
00:31:21Homeostat0000 how much did your parents pay?
00:31:22Yuriko no
00:31:23Yuriko u wont
00:31:29Yuriko or i'll pee on u
00:31:30infect b
00:31:36Soulyah not assed to die like this
00:31:47Yuriko ur a pugna
00:31:49Yuriko ur supposed to die
00:31:57Soulyah how idiotic argument is this?
00:31:58DeMiaN not rly
00:32:01DeMiaN no one supposed to die
00:32:46infect tree
00:32:57Soulyah v6tad
00:32:58Soulyah mu ts
00:32:59Soulyah ja imed
00:33:00Soulyah gg
00:33:09PeterLars b
00:33:09PeterLars b
00:33:11infect haha, kui tree
00:33:18infect kasutab 1 minu avstu ultit
00:33:20infect siis tema on ret
00:33:28infect ja minu team, et ei pushi fighti pärast seda
00:33:30Homeostat0000 gather all and kick ass
00:33:55Soulyah sum1
00:33:56Soulyah could
00:33:58Soulyah help with wards
00:34:38Yuriko then place them
00:34:53Homeostat0000 dont
00:34:54Homeostat0000 4v5
00:35:02coolass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:05PinaryB I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:40Yuriko v
00:36:11coolass gp ff
00:36:25infect bird
00:36:25coolass or pudh
00:36:27infect perhaps?
00:36:50infect mirco
00:36:53Soulyah go?
00:36:53Homeostat0000 perhaps u stop feeding before teaching
00:36:56infect the fucking bird
00:36:58Yuriko yup
00:36:59infect i can stop feeding
00:37:03infect if i know where they are
00:37:06infect logical isnt it
00:37:11Homeostat0000 no it isnt
00:37:28Homeostat0000 best example
00:37:30infect you really need bird for forest farming in deed
00:37:31Homeostat0000 how feeder u are
00:37:42Homeostat0000 u see where they are still go in to die
00:37:42Homeostat0000 :D
00:37:50Homeostat0000 but who gives a fuck
00:37:54infect we were 4vs3
00:37:58infect and cent jumped in
00:38:03Homeostat0000 DOTA-GC is a DOTA 3RD WORLD
00:38:03infect ofc we fight
00:38:47Homeostat0000 BEFORE BLAMING OTHERS
00:38:59Homeostat0000 thats just a kind suggestion
00:39:01infect and you can think about it
00:39:09infect when you enjoy your 30 day vacation
00:39:14infect from 3rd world dota-gc
00:39:14infect :)
00:39:15Homeostat0000 nothing to think about
00:39:31Homeostat0000 just poor platform
00:39:40WANKmaster -ms
00:39:50Homeostat0000 and u are making it poorer by behaving like kindergarten kids
00:39:53DeMiaN time to get dagger
00:39:55DeMiaN and stop farm
00:39:58infect stop talking
00:39:58DeMiaN soon min 40
00:40:02infect wont change anything
00:40:14Homeostat0000 retard u still dont understand
00:40:21DeMiaN 2min more panda stole farm
00:40:24Homeostat0000 \u mongoloids think
00:40:30Homeostat0000 that someone here can play dota
00:40:31infect sure, insult an admin as well
00:40:33infect great job
00:40:44Homeostat0000 u may be an admin, but u are a 100% retard
00:40:48PeterLars they want rosh
00:40:49Homeostat0000 immature kid
00:40:50PeterLars bird
00:40:51PeterLars rosh
00:40:57infect you dont know the meaning of retard i guess
00:41:01PeterLars rosh
00:41:02Soulyah invi me
00:41:06Homeostat0000 so i suggest that u uninstall w3
00:41:08Homeostat0000 and quit dota
00:41:28Homeostat0000 u dont even realise how low tier pub u are managing
00:41:38coolass whole game
00:41:41coolass they just talk
00:41:48infect you cant really say anything about this place
00:41:50coolass no wonder we get it in the ass
00:41:55infect when yo go axe stats + no ulti rexxar till lvl 10
00:42:03infect you are the same as the rest of us
00:42:07Homeostat0000 big kid admin banning others from their playground
00:42:09Homeostat0000 problem is
00:42:11Homeostat0000 u all suck
00:42:13DeMiaN did we
00:42:15Homeostat0000 so if i play serious
00:42:15DeMiaN just followed
00:42:16DeMiaN aleks ?
00:42:17DeMiaN ahahah
00:42:18Homeostat0000 u all get raped
00:42:18Soulyah yea:D:D
00:42:19Aleks875 dont
00:42:20infect you suck more
00:42:21Yuriko gg
00:42:22Soulyah but
00:42:23Homeostat0000 so let me enjoy it my way
00:42:23Soulyah right call
00:43:18coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:20infect I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:43:26PinaryB I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:27Homeostat0000 well to sum up i dont wish u bad, even though u are probably a stupid kid banning people when they argue
00:44:39Homeostat0000 just look around on other dota platforms and u will see how behind this one is
00:44:39infect argue+
00:44:42infect you went
00:44:44Homeostat0000 and ban here means nothing
00:44:49infect axe + stats bm till lvl 10
00:44:54Homeostat0000 yes i did
00:44:59infect what's arguing got to do with it?
00:45:01Homeostat0000 without ulti
00:45:05infect and you get banned for gameruin
00:45:09infect easy as that
00:45:12Homeostat0000 fine i agree
00:45:21Homeostat0000 but u cant ruin a game that is ruined by definition
00:45:28Homeostat0000 cause u let tards make ur tard lanings
00:45:28PeterLars can u stfu
00:45:31Homeostat0000 no
00:45:46Homeostat0000 and level of players here is also ruin by definition
00:45:46DeMiaN -cs
00:45:52Homeostat0000 u can ban me forever
00:46:02infect you can just leave
00:46:03Homeostat0000 wont change the fact
00:46:05infect easy as that
00:46:13Homeostat0000 just wanted to share some info with u
00:46:13DeMiaN i'm so fed
00:46:19Homeostat0000 and ill leave
00:47:03Yuriko 3v5
00:47:32Aleks875 loool
00:47:36Homeostat0000 DIE
00:47:40Homeostat0000 "LOOL"
00:47:45Aleks875 gj rex
00:47:46Aleks875 XD
00:48:11DeMiaN this magnus too stronk
00:48:23Soulyah enemy so weak
00:48:25Soulyah :D
00:48:30DeMiaN this too ><
00:48:59Soulyah ggawp
00:49:03coolass u7
00:49:07Homeostat0000 wish u good luck all
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