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-1 TS

98% | 1815 X | 1550 TS

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-3 TS

80% | 1487 X | 1403 TS

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58% | 1223 X | 1387 TS

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-2 TS

44% | 1215 X | 1232 TS

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37% | 1130 X | 1248 TS

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86% | 1550 X | 1432 TS

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32% | 1039 X | 1292 TS

Chat log

00:00:02c-yanker -ap
00:00:27c-yanker achillies
00:00:28c-yanker or abba
00:00:32BoBo.Ftw epic picks...
00:00:32c-yanker u think u can handle mid?
00:00:44Momdsiw well second agi aint so bad
00:00:45c-yanker btw
00:00:47Momdsiw but that tb for third
00:00:47c-yanker we need to push max
00:00:49coolass ye
00:00:49Momdsiw with out any disable
00:00:51BoBo.Ftw janco naco si siel tb?
00:00:52c-yanker lg its over
00:00:55Vaj.CO random
00:00:56c-yanker if we get past 30 min we lost
00:01:04Momdsiw tb bot
00:01:05Momdsiw or wood
00:01:06Momdsiw not lane
00:01:08c-yanker abba troll top
00:01:11c-yanker dazzle tide bot
00:01:13coolass ye
00:01:17Momdsiw say him bobo
00:01:19Momdsiw not dual carry top
00:01:23rtg800 u mid oO?
00:01:24Vaj.CO povedz mu nech ide dole
00:01:25BoBo.Ftw he ll go woods
00:01:29Momdsiw he has no block
00:01:29Vaj.CO :D
00:01:30c-yanker vs bs y
00:01:330Xxo0_o why u not play carry ?
00:01:35Momdsiw he cant wood
00:01:35c-yanker i know how to block him so all creeps
00:01:37c-yanker so boring
00:01:40Momdsiw say him to go bot
00:01:460Xxo0_o -clear
00:01:47Vaj.CO he s my m8
00:01:47Momdsiw and rhasta top with me
00:01:49Vaj.CO so stfu
00:01:49BoBo.Ftw one of u bot
00:01:53Vaj.CO go magina
00:01:55BoBo.Ftw magina go
00:02:00c-yanker share chick
00:02:00BoBo.Ftw rhasta top
00:02:01Vaj.CO bb
00:02:02Momdsiw i farm whole game then
00:02:03Momdsiw -.-
00:02:08Vaj.CO hf then
00:02:09Momdsiw dont even ask me to come
00:02:09acchilies sry
00:02:10PinaryB i go top?
00:02:11coolass i pick rege?
00:02:15BoBo.Ftw su and play normal
00:02:21PinaryB no
00:02:23coolass not.
00:02:25Momdsiw i make bf's
00:02:26Momdsiw and farm
00:02:29Momdsiw til full build
00:02:33BoBo.Ftw reported
00:03:13Momdsiw why you said reported?
00:03:19Momdsiw you didnt write anything to dota.suppor
00:03:19Momdsiw retard
00:03:31BoBo.Ftw u will be
00:03:32BoBo.Ftw retard
00:03:40Momdsiw nice to lane farming rhasta
00:04:32coolass GUSH?
00:04:37Momdsiw need to bought quellnig because of rhast a:<
00:04:44coolass noob
00:04:57coolass rhasta ss
00:05:28BoBo.Ftw ss es
00:05:31coolass stupid cunt
00:05:32coolass ff
00:06:12BoBo.Ftw share
00:06:23Momdsiw rhasta could use spells
00:06:54c-yanker gj
00:07:26c-yanker haha
00:07:29c-yanker so close to denie
00:07:38BoBo.Ftw i d have been nice ^^
00:07:57c-yanker just lame u can kill me with full hp
00:08:22Momdsiw go b
00:08:470Xxo0_o i go mid
00:08:49coolass k
00:08:59c-yanker what is the cd?
00:09:000Xxo0_o so not
00:09:02c-yanker 60 sec
00:09:03c-yanker ?
00:09:03BoBo.Ftw 70
00:09:09c-yanker lame shit hero :)
00:09:120Xxo0_o ss2
00:09:14c-yanker but i know u love noob heroes
00:09:14Orre kill troll
00:09:15Momdsiw orre
00:09:20Momdsiw 1 ward can do the same than your 2 wards
00:09:43rtg800 oom
00:10:14Momdsiw i cant solo vs tide dazle
00:10:19Momdsiw come rhsta
00:10:20c-yanker omw top
00:10:21Vaj.CO too sad for u
00:10:210Xxo0_o go mid
00:10:240Xxo0_o ok
00:10:24c-yanker sec
00:10:25coolass ye
00:10:31rtg800 oom
00:10:39c-yanker gio
00:10:40c-yanker tide
00:11:00c-yanker heal
00:11:09Orre oom sry
00:11:14BoBo.Ftw care top
00:11:18BoBo.Ftw b
00:11:18BoBo.Ftw b
00:11:19BoBo.Ftw b
00:11:19BoBo.Ftw b
00:11:25PinaryB what they gona do
00:12:24coolass COME TIDE
00:13:11c-yanker keep push
00:13:15coolass ye
00:13:16coolass push
00:13:17coolass mid
00:13:17coolass gogo
00:13:510Xxo0_o free
00:13:54c-yanker fuck am
00:13:58coolass just push
00:14:27c-yanker hahahaha
00:14:42c-yanker abba
00:14:44c-yanker can u please
00:14:47c-yanker never sheild your self
00:14:50coolass its over
00:14:51coolass ff
00:15:04c-yanker its not over
00:15:05c-yanker this abba
00:15:08c-yanker choose to sheild him self
00:15:10c-yanker instead of me
00:15:45coolass cool
00:15:48c-yanker tp tide
00:16:13coolass achilles
00:16:14coolass lvl 5
00:16:46PinaryB wp
00:16:54coolass get top tower
00:17:10c-yanker bs got ulti?
00:17:47c-yanker this guys dont
00:17:51c-yanker want to push
00:17:51c-yanker Ff
00:18:09coolass x)
00:18:09Momdsiw nice ulti huh
00:18:21c-yanker tiny dint wanna ulti
00:18:23c-yanker tide
00:18:30Momdsiw es noult
00:18:370Xxo0_o cd
00:19:02coolass ff
00:19:03coolass ff
00:19:04coolass ff
00:19:04coolass ff
00:19:05coolass ff
00:19:24coolass fail pikcs
00:19:300Xxo0_o fail capitain
00:19:34c-yanker fail pick my ass
00:19:47c-yanker we loosing early game
00:19:48coolass no carry vs carry
00:19:50coolass carry wins
00:19:50c-yanker to fucking 3 carrys
00:19:51coolass ofc
00:19:52c-yanker its so bad
00:20:12c-yanker again
00:20:13c-yanker abba
00:20:16c-yanker sheild him self
00:20:20coolass block
00:20:29c-yanker abba
00:20:29coolass ff
00:20:30coolass go f
00:20:30c-yanker can u please
00:20:34c-yanker try to fucking sheild
00:20:40PinaryB soo boring gameasdfölkajsdf
00:20:40c-yanker the 1 whos actually getting focus
00:20:58c-yanker got dagger
00:20:59c-yanker go ress
00:21:02c-yanker then we push again
00:21:04c-yanker dagger + 77
00:21:05c-yanker 11
00:21:32c-yanker abba
00:21:33c-yanker go ress
00:21:35c-yanker then we push
00:21:37c-yanker i got dagger
00:21:46rtg800 what i make?
00:21:55c-yanker just get carry items
00:22:01c-yanker mid
00:22:02c-yanker troll
00:22:03c-yanker come
00:22:28c-yanker ffs
00:22:29c-yanker tide
00:22:31c-yanker we are pushing
00:22:33c-yanker go b
00:22:59Vaj.CO omfg
00:23:17c-yanker gj
00:23:19c-yanker se how easy it is?
00:23:23BoBo.Ftw watch this noob
00:23:25Momdsiw go one by one
00:23:29Vaj.CO :D
00:23:30Momdsiw i took tide off
00:23:32Vaj.CO so dumb ass
00:24:24coolass b
00:24:25coolass i need mana
00:24:30coolass sec
00:24:34c-yanker go mid now
00:24:45coolass BACK
00:24:51rtg800 ffs how long this rupture lasts
00:25:03c-yanker 10 sec
00:25:35c-yanker need to push
00:25:36c-yanker i said it
00:25:39c-yanker 10 x times now
00:25:41c-yanker so when we loose lg
00:25:45c-yanker u know why
00:25:53rtg800 gogo then
00:25:54c-yanker we need to force em to fight
00:25:57c-yanker we got the upper hand
00:25:57c-yanker atm
00:26:10c-yanker wait for others
00:27:01coolass TANK
00:27:04coolass TANK TROLL
00:27:05coolass FFS
00:27:06coolass STUPID
00:27:06rtg800 creeps
00:27:06coolass LEVI
00:27:25c-yanker OK
00:27:28c-yanker IMBA SHIT
00:27:34c-yanker HAHAHAHAHAH
00:27:38c-yanker THAT THIS TIDE DONT ULTi
00:28:08c-yanker tower
00:28:09c-yanker go rax
00:28:10c-yanker i come
00:28:21c-yanker did i block all u guys=
00:28:25Vaj.CO so useless am
00:28:34c-yanker or u just sleeping
00:28:44Momdsiw lal
00:28:50c-yanker TOWER
00:28:57c-yanker tower
00:29:57coolass go again
00:29:59PinaryB ulti already?
00:30:04Momdsiw like 40 sec ult?
00:30:17coolass go again
00:30:18c-yanker so sad i dint have ulti there
00:30:21c-yanker all 4 dead
00:30:28c-yanker go mid again
00:30:30c-yanker we got this
00:30:33c-yanker dint have ulti that fight
00:31:02rtg800 im dead
00:31:03rtg800 wait
00:31:22coolass tell me
00:31:23coolass how pro i am
00:31:34coolass "u did nothing"
00:31:52c-yanker get bot after
00:31:58BoBo.Ftw am focus dazzle
00:32:02Momdsiw y
00:32:04coolass ye
00:32:05Momdsiw he has high mana pool
00:32:06Momdsiw altought
00:32:09Momdsiw 1.5k
00:32:24coolass b
00:32:25coolass b
00:32:28coolass meet here
00:32:33rtg800 why go trough base
00:33:10coolass HIT
00:33:19c-yanker b
00:33:27rtg800 just was
00:33:29rtg800 about to shield
00:33:30rtg800 myself
00:33:36acchilies :)
00:33:45rtg800 he would have died
00:33:53c-yanker we take bot now
00:34:030Xxo0_o care
00:34:100Xxo0_o bs still want kill u
00:34:11c-yanker tide what are u making
00:34:130Xxo0_o dazle
00:34:18coolass i know
00:34:200Xxo0_o qestaff
00:34:21coolass they want to kil me
00:34:24Orre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:250Xxo0_o i missclick
00:34:25coolass i am key to our victory
00:34:45rtg800 too soon
00:34:57c-yanker tt
00:34:59coolass fuckin
00:35:01coolass stupid
00:35:02coolass blue
00:35:09c-yanker my bad
00:35:12c-yanker dint expect
00:35:13coolass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:14c-yanker all 5 to be there
00:35:16c-yanker so fast
00:35:16coolass GO BACK
00:35:17coolass STUPID
00:35:18coolass ASSHOLEs
00:35:22c-yanker b
00:35:22c-yanker ffs
00:35:23acchilies b
00:35:23acchilies b
00:35:24acchilies b
00:35:26coolass BACK
00:35:33acchilies b
00:35:33acchilies b
00:35:34acchilies b
00:35:55coolass always first pick thinks he is invincible
00:36:05c-yanker chill out
00:36:08c-yanker i make 1 fail
00:36:11coolass yes
00:36:12coolass sry
00:36:13c-yanker and its all my fault
00:36:18coolass meet here
00:36:19c-yanker u guys make
00:36:20coolass protect me
00:36:21c-yanker 1000 fails
00:36:23c-yanker and i dont whine
00:36:23coolass haha
00:36:25coolass hahahahhaahahahahaha
00:36:27coolass what ever
00:36:29c-yanker u did well
00:36:41coolass meet heerr
00:36:43rtg800 manass
00:37:14c-yanker fucking
00:37:15c-yanker heal ,me
00:37:23coolass silenceed
00:37:34c-yanker no tide
00:37:35c-yanker there
00:37:36acchilies we went 4 again...
00:37:39coolass :D
00:37:46c-yanker can u please spam all heal on me
00:37:49c-yanker when i get all that focus?
00:37:52rtg800 lol
00:37:55rtg800 i gave all i got
00:38:10c-yanker if we just had tide there :/
00:38:11BoBo.Ftw das solo
00:38:11rtg800 rosh
00:38:16Vaj.CO rychlejsie
00:38:26rtg800 dont let him
00:38:29c-yanker go to them tide
00:38:30c-yanker i got ulti
00:38:31c-yanker go
00:38:35c-yanker ffs
00:38:50c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:52coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:20c-yanker can u please come push
00:39:21coolass try
00:39:21coolass go all
00:39:230Xxo0_o y
00:39:31coolass we got all the cancer in gc
00:39:33coolass in our team
00:39:36rtg800 ffs troll
00:39:57acchilies sryy
00:40:38c-yanker mid
00:40:53Momdsiw they cant go mid
00:40:55Momdsiw or only throne
00:41:01Vaj.CO y
00:41:26coolass maginas farm
00:41:28coolass islol
00:41:31c-yanker doesnt matter
00:41:55c-yanker abba
00:41:56Momdsiw come i bait
00:41:56c-yanker take agro
00:41:57c-yanker tank
00:41:58coolass ye
00:42:33c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:34Momdsiw ah fuck
00:42:48coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:56Momdsiw he can tp now
00:42:59rtg800 i got all the focus this time
00:42:59Momdsiw ah no tp
00:43:09coolass true
00:43:12coolass but we cant kill anyone
00:43:18c-yanker cause
00:43:21c-yanker its past 35 min
00:43:24coolass yep well
00:43:28c-yanker 1 fuck tard
00:43:29coolass not my fault u died and levi afked
00:43:29c-yanker everytime
00:43:33c-yanker just wanted to tp tot ower
00:43:34c-yanker to get farm
00:43:36coolass yep
00:43:38c-yanker and tide
00:43:40c-yanker made ulti
00:43:41c-yanker on magina
00:43:42c-yanker only
00:43:49coolass well he has brain issues
00:43:49c-yanker exacly what they wanted
00:43:51coolass let him be
00:43:59c-yanker the problem is
00:44:02c-yanker tide got no dagger
00:44:100Xxo0_o i still buy wards,,,
00:44:180Xxo0_o only
00:44:200Xxo0_o fucking me
00:44:40c-yanker WHY DONT U BLOCK HIm
00:44:57BoBo.Ftw me? :D
00:45:00c-yanker gotta try turtyle
00:45:10c-yanker u would have been blocked
00:45:12c-yanker if abba dint move
00:45:25Vaj.CO warded
00:45:44c-yanker dont fight over hill
00:45:54Momdsiw -cs
00:45:56Momdsiw -clear
00:46:11c-yanker we cant
00:46:12c-yanker we need
00:46:130Xxo0_o y
00:46:19c-yanker to take 1-52 oout
00:46:28rtg800 ill bait?
00:46:35c-yanker they just ignore u
00:46:35Momdsiw b tb
00:46:36c-yanker as u saw
00:46:36Momdsiw need you
00:46:38Momdsiw you dotn even have tb
00:46:39Momdsiw tp
00:46:39c-yanker only focus me and dazzle
00:47:09Momdsiw go lose aegis
00:47:10Momdsiw tb
00:47:51c-yanker u see?
00:48:05coolass over
00:48:06coolass gg
00:48:10c-yanker just ff
00:48:12c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:12coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:14coolass go ff
00:48:14coolass please
00:48:16PinaryB ff?
00:48:21BoBo.Ftw go push
00:48:25c-yanker ofc ff
00:48:28c-yanker its 46 min
00:48:30c-yanker with terror
00:48:31c-yanker bs
00:48:31c-yanker am
00:48:36c-yanker just u still got problem
00:48:420Xxo0_o so ff ?
00:48:45c-yanker y
00:48:45c-yanker ofc
00:48:47PinaryB im just bored :(
00:48:480Xxo0_o I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:51c-yanker amazing how terrible u guys are at farming do
00:48:56PinaryB dunno why i added
00:48:58Momdsiw We fighted mid game
00:49:00coolass :=
00:49:01Momdsiw -cs
00:49:04PinaryB lol
00:49:04c-yanker u dint fight shit
00:49:050Xxo0_o go ff plz
00:49:09Momdsiw i had 100 cs 18 min
00:49:27Momdsiw -cs
00:49:28Momdsiw -clear
00:49:45c-yanker tsk
00:49:46c-yanker more hate
00:49:47c-yanker nabs
00:49:49c-yanker I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:50c-yanker please
00:49:55acchilies I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:57BoBo.Ftw -cs
00:50:01c-yanker ff tide
00:50:20c-yanker ff please
00:50:22rtg800 I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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