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Chat log

00:00:01WantedZip -ap
00:00:42Kastrup chen top their woos?
00:00:45Kastrup pause ½ min plz
00:00:46Dickless i go lane
00:00:46Kastrup top then
00:00:46Jerkku LANE
00:00:46Jerkku ???
00:00:46Kastrup because i go bot/woods..
00:00:46Dickless k
00:00:48Kastrup ffs
00:00:48Kastrup pause
00:00:48Kastrup wantedzip
00:00:48Kastrup is afk
00:00:48Kastrup hes back in 20 sec
00:00:48Casberry wtf dude
00:00:48Dickless sry
00:00:48Kastrup moment mate
00:00:48PeterLars our cap is afk
00:00:48KeLToS there cap is on his way, he has 2 suck drogbas big black dick
00:00:48Allistysmies k
00:01:27Jerkku so
00:01:31Jerkku we really have lane chen
00:01:37Kastrup well its fie
00:01:38Dickless u glad?
00:01:38Kastrup fie
00:01:40Jerkku with penitence first spell
00:01:42Kastrup fine
00:01:52Kastrup fine skill
00:02:00Jerkku well its ff
00:02:26Kastrup go?
00:05:03KeLToS go necro lvl 4
00:05:05Casberry rofl ...
00:05:15KeLToS or
00:05:17KeLToS chen
00:05:21Casberry this starts so fucked up again
00:05:35WantedZip BITCH
00:05:35KeLToS gj
00:05:38Casberry totasl faiol
00:05:53Jerkku chen will feed
00:05:54Jerkku a lot
00:05:58Kastrup w0h0
00:06:00WantedZip ss
00:06:02WantedZip re
00:07:09Allistysmies bot miss
00:07:09Allistysmies ds
00:07:17Dickless !
00:08:09WantedZip ss
00:08:13Casberry can we change lane ?
00:08:27KeLToS ?
00:08:35Kastrup miss lesh
00:08:35Kastrup care
00:08:37Casberry pudge will own me further
00:08:50Casberry or 0 farm/levelk
00:08:55KeLToS rdy?
00:08:58KeLToS necro
00:09:15Allistysmies bot miss dws
00:09:20KeLToS go away
00:09:21KeLToS wtf
00:09:27WantedZip ;D
00:09:28WANKmaster CMOND::D.d
00:09:33WantedZip heal
00:09:36Kastrup go
00:09:36WANKmaster cd
00:09:36Casberry cant stay down
00:09:38Kastrup når jeg kommer
00:10:03WantedZip ss
00:10:05KeLToS lich go bot with lesh
00:10:10Kastrup omw
00:10:38WANKmaster oh
00:10:39WANKmaster fuck
00:10:40WANKmaster u
00:10:40WANKmaster noob
00:10:59WANKmaster yeah
00:11:00WANKmaster ff
00:11:07WANKmaster had some fun bot?
00:11:42Casberry told u
00:11:53PeterLars ds
00:11:54PeterLars gå tpå
00:11:56Kastrup ?
00:11:56PeterLars top
00:11:58PeterLars du god mod am
00:12:02Kastrup okay
00:12:51Usires its ff
00:13:31Kastrup brb base
00:13:31PeterLars b
00:13:32KeLToS just put wards
00:13:36Kastrup then i come top
00:13:40KeLToS i can handle
00:14:01WANKmaster range
00:14:01WANKmaster ..
00:14:16Kastrup selv tak :)
00:14:18WantedZip :D
00:14:25KeLToS pls dont draw attention
00:14:32Allistysmies k
00:14:32KeLToS put wards and go the other lanes
00:14:49Kastrup come top
00:15:49Kastrup :_)
00:16:11WantedZip wank u gave up ?
00:16:11Kastrup any1?
00:16:11WantedZip am ?
00:16:19WANKmaster ofc
00:16:23Casberry so fucking gr8
00:16:28WantedZip u have imba am ?
00:17:12WantedZip push mid ?
00:18:38Jerkku mana asap
00:18:55KeLToS necro sniper focus
00:20:40WantedZip go mid
00:22:04Kastrup tower
00:22:05Kastrup tower
00:22:06Jerkku 7 hit tower
00:22:08Jerkku 1
00:22:21Casberry -.-
00:22:57Kastrup chick?
00:23:00KeLToS get dust pls
00:23:09PeterLars take mdi
00:23:10Kastrup -cs
00:24:40KeLToS lesh is not ur hero
00:24:44Casberry no it isnt
00:24:47Casberry lost this game
00:24:50Casberry sry guys
00:25:18KeLToS go
00:28:12Dickless BITE HIM
00:28:44Kastrup :D
00:28:55Jerkku just go top next imo
00:29:26Allistysmies I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:17Allistysmies snip miss top
00:30:22Allistysmies pudge
00:31:02Usires :D
00:31:09Casberry I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:16Usires I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:26WANKmaster lvl 1
00:31:29WANKmaster stun
00:31:30WANKmaster rly
00:31:30WANKmaster :D:d
00:32:04Kastrup gg
00:32:07Allistysmies gg
00:32:19Jerkku no animals chen wins
00:32:36KeLToS I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:38WANKmaster I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:32:39KeLToS I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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