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+46 X
+1 TS

92% | 1643 X | 1498 TS

-15 X
+1 TS

85% | 1532 X | 1444 TS

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+1 TS

79% | 1488 X | 1376 TS

+11 X
+2 TS

72% | 1346 X | 1426 TS

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+4 TS

71% | 1380 X | 1374 TS

-43 X
-2 TS

94% | 1735 X | 1466 TS

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82% | 1474 X | 1434 TS

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-3 TS

81% | 1527 X | 1368 TS

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-5 TS

74% | 1454 X | 1340 TS

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68% | 1302 X | 1415 TS

Chat log

00:00:09MnmlArT yew
00:00:13yeW- yeh
00:00:17MnmlArT can u give me
00:00:19yeW- -clear
00:00:19yeW- omni?
00:00:19MnmlArT pitlord
00:00:19MnmlArT ok
00:00:19yeW- hm
00:00:19MnmlArT omni
00:00:19MnmlArT 2
00:00:19yeW- k
00:00:19infect slark ck
00:00:19infect :)
00:00:19yeW- ye
00:00:19yeW- or?
00:00:19yeW- ^^
00:00:19Tough aaah sorry had to end a quest in diablo 3
00:00:19yeW- watch closely :QD
00:00:19infect ban those
00:00:19yeW- ah for ban k
00:00:19Tough lich
00:00:19RomyD82 lol is the game nice?
00:00:19Tough best ever
00:00:19yeW- slark then?
00:00:19Tough trust me
00:00:19MnmlArT ck ?
00:00:19infect i think so
00:00:19yeW- slark
00:00:19Tough lvl 51 now
00:00:19RomyD82 im gonna buy it then
00:00:19Tough do it!
00:00:26Tough get lesh
00:00:30Tough and get a mid hero
00:00:33Tough im top with lesh
00:00:34yeW- get hi
00:00:36yeW- him his omni
00:00:39Kastrup i pudge if possible..
00:00:40Kastrup i think
00:00:43diesel who play omni?
00:00:45yeW- orange
00:00:46MnmlArT me
00:00:47infect orange
00:00:53Tough ahahahaha
00:00:55Tough FUCK
00:00:56yeW- :D
00:00:57Tough its yew
00:01:01Tough fuck man
00:01:02Tough fu
00:01:03yeW- lol
00:01:08coolass go pit
00:01:08Tough forgott about geo
00:01:12diesel hmm
00:01:13yeW- No hard feelings mate
00:01:13Tough get lesh
00:01:18MnmlArT speak
00:01:18diesel get me luna
00:01:23MnmlArT rly /
00:01:29diesel dead serious
00:01:35diesel wait
00:01:35Tough lesh rhasta
00:01:36diesel ..
00:01:45Tough lesh
00:01:48Kastrup any1 buying wards or should i do it myself?
00:01:50diesel zz
00:01:57diesel get me tree
00:01:57RomyD82 we need defusal
00:01:59yeW- lol
00:01:59diesel oh ok
00:02:00Tough rshasta top with me
00:02:00RomyD82 vs repel
00:02:00MnmlArT zz
00:02:01diesel -swap 5
00:02:04MnmlArT -swap 2
00:02:05RomyD82 i make
00:02:08MnmlArT dead serious :D
00:02:09MnmlArT -hhn
00:02:11MnmlArT -clear
00:02:14diesel also told to wait
00:02:18diesel but nevermid
00:02:21diesel I love luna
00:02:21yeW- luna
00:02:24yeW- u want bot?
00:02:29yeW- or u dont care
00:02:29yeW- ?
00:02:31Kastrup wards will win this game
00:02:33diesel dont care
00:02:35Tough rot
00:02:36Kastrup so please keep it up with the warding
00:02:37Tough rot with his pit
00:02:37diesel I dont want to lane with lastpick tho
00:02:38yeW- hm
00:02:38Tough bah
00:02:41diesel -.-
00:02:41Kastrup :/
00:02:43Tough rot with his pit
00:02:43MnmlArT lol
00:02:43yeW- strom top
00:02:44MnmlArT dude
00:02:46coolass ?
00:02:51Kastrup ?
00:02:54Tough ?
00:02:54yeW- soz infect
00:02:55yeW- not against u
00:02:55infect omni
00:02:56diesel Rotkiv friend IRL aswell so
00:02:56yeW- ^^
00:02:57infect let me farm
00:02:58MnmlArT yesterday i rape yew whit alci :D
00:03:08yeW- whole team failed that gme ^^
00:03:09infect need bkb this game
00:03:13RomyD82 try fb?
00:03:17Rotkiv yo diesel :P
00:03:18coolass hell n
00:03:18coolass o
00:03:18yeW- call misses
00:03:20yeW- they gnag me hard
00:03:21coolass look our heroz
00:03:30RomyD82 kk
00:03:32Rotkiv ss
00:03:37coolass or maybe
00:03:38coolass soon
00:03:41MnmlArT bot or taken
00:03:46yeW- share
00:03:46yeW- ffs
00:04:47coolass good
00:05:15yeW- up courier
00:05:16coolass hit
00:05:23yeW- ty
00:05:23Tough i go puill
00:05:23Kastrup miss
00:05:24Kastrup bot
00:05:25Kastrup care
00:05:36Rotkiv pulln
00:05:44Kastrup :D
00:06:26Zajeb ss
00:06:29Rotkiv proobe
00:06:58coolass good
00:06:58yeW- ss
00:06:58coolass haras
00:07:17yeW- righty
00:07:21diesel kle viki
00:07:25diesel jookse mu kõrval kui heal on
00:07:31Rotkiv jah
00:07:32coolass almost ^^
00:07:33RomyD82 wp mate
00:07:37Rotkiv sa panid metsa ..
00:07:39diesel ma arvasin et sa jooksidki
00:07:44infect tp ?
00:07:45coolass treasure
00:07:45diesel aga tide oli hoopis -.-
00:07:46infect perhaps
00:07:48coolass for
00:07:48coolass u
00:07:50RomyD82 ^^
00:07:53Rotkiv vale arusaam .. sry
00:08:18coolass i need
00:08:22coolass 1 creeps
00:08:23infect trhis jew
00:08:26infect and that bot lane
00:08:26yeW- oh soz :D
00:08:27infect no tp-s
00:08:27RomyD82 kk
00:08:29infect ntohing
00:08:31infect fucking idiots
00:08:37coolass four that is
00:08:38coolass :P
00:08:40infect 3 freekils
00:08:40Kastrup :)
00:08:41infect top
00:08:52diesel gank top please
00:08:53Kastrup we need to focu this meepo
00:08:56infect and pit doenst hv tp
00:09:01coolass damn
00:09:06Kastrup ward splz
00:09:21Kastrup miss mid
00:09:26Kastrup re
00:09:28coolass yes
00:09:35infect osta see tp
00:09:38infect idioot rotkiv
00:09:39Zajeb luna
00:09:48yeW- ss
00:09:52coolass b
00:10:04coolass mana
00:10:05coolass come
00:10:05Tough lucker
00:10:06coolass manaboos
00:10:25diesel OK
00:10:27coolass _:D
00:10:28Zajeb gj
00:10:28coolass gj rahst
00:10:29diesel masendav
00:10:32infect u r lucky that i got this shit ass omni
00:10:37infect who doesnt know when to repel
00:10:55RomyD82 :((
00:10:55coolass heee
00:10:58RomyD82 why?
00:10:59coolass didnt know u wil lget him
00:11:00coolass :
00:11:18coolass :D
00:11:19Kastrup im invis
00:11:19Kastrup bot
00:11:56yeW- ur just delayin the inevitable
00:11:59Kastrup :)
00:12:01Kastrup why not?
00:12:03Kastrup thats my job
00:12:05yeW- :p
00:12:22yeW- pudge
00:12:22yeW- b
00:12:24diesel y
00:12:24Kastrup not that i like it :D
00:12:42coolass hi pudge
00:12:44Kastrup hi
00:12:45Kastrup tidehunter
00:12:54Kastrup push it
00:12:56Kastrup ffs
00:13:32yeW- mwell mwell mwell
00:13:37Kastrup <- run
00:13:40Kastrup +e
00:13:41yeW- we cud need wards
00:14:14diesel no repel
00:14:14yeW- ulti?
00:14:15Kastrup :)
00:14:15diesel no ulti
00:14:16yeW- repel?
00:14:17diesel wtf omni
00:14:22yeW- next time im usin
00:14:22yeW- u
00:14:23yeW- btw
00:14:39coolass ^^
00:14:41coolass funny game
00:14:45yeW- i go meka
00:14:46yeW- bgtw
00:14:46RomyD82 ye
00:14:52RomyD82 active one
00:15:06yeW- blah
00:15:21RomyD82 hah
00:15:25infect 4 bot at least
00:15:25diesel plant wards
00:15:41Kastrup get tower
00:15:55yeW- W
00:15:55yeW- A
00:15:55coolass blink soon
00:15:55yeW- R
00:15:56yeW- D
00:15:56coolass ^^
00:15:56yeW- S
00:16:14Kastrup move
00:16:21MnmlArT cant plant
00:16:22MnmlArT lol
00:16:51Zajeb :D
00:17:04Tough gaaaaaaay heal
00:17:10MnmlArT rasta
00:17:23coolass gbehind
00:17:32infect AHEAL
00:17:33infect ME OMNI
00:17:35MnmlArT CANT
00:17:35infect U FUCKING IDIOT
00:17:38MnmlArT Like that
00:17:38infect standing next to me
00:17:40coolass dagger
00:17:41coolass i get fast
00:17:41infect and doing nothing
00:17:42Kastrup gone
00:17:42infect haha
00:17:45Kastrup he tpød
00:17:50infect not before
00:17:51infect hook
00:18:18yeW- eh
00:18:19yeW- meh
00:18:30yeW- repel
00:18:31yeW- ulti
00:18:34yeW- my god
00:18:49infect phone
00:18:52infect fuvk it
00:18:53Kastrup oppm
00:18:54RomyD82 :((
00:18:56coolass back
00:19:05RomyD82 fucker came just in time
00:19:07Rotkiv dont pick it up then ..
00:19:10Zajeb was oom
00:19:12RomyD82 with hes shit ulti
00:19:26Kastrup well done with
00:19:34Kastrup WAHT?
00:19:38Kastrup it should't
00:20:14Zajeb ty
00:20:18Kastrup hows farm ck?
00:20:45Kastrup care
00:20:48RomyD82 y
00:21:17coolass ok
00:21:18coolass attack
00:21:32MnmlArT sorry
00:22:05diesel omni
00:22:06diesel use repel
00:22:08diesel and ulti
00:22:09MnmlArT did
00:22:20MnmlArT was oom for ulty
00:22:21diesel u have repel use it on urself
00:22:23MnmlArT i used re[el
00:22:27MnmlArT no
00:22:31MnmlArT on luna
00:22:32MnmlArT i used
00:22:33diesel well ye
00:22:34MnmlArT repel
00:22:35Tough not my day
00:22:37diesel but when u were running away
00:22:39diesel nvm
00:22:45infect sure
00:22:46yeW- more wards
00:22:47infect first crit
00:22:50infect and not your day
00:22:50Kastrup we can win
00:22:51infect :D
00:22:51Kastrup but its hard
00:22:56RomyD82 we will win
00:22:56MnmlArT take
00:22:58MnmlArT plant
00:22:59RomyD82 be focused
00:23:05RomyD82 try at least
00:23:09coolass rhast
00:23:12coolass no manaboots?
00:23:19Kastrup -ms
00:23:24Kastrup -ms
00:23:30Tough that range
00:23:51yeW- dunno if we can def
00:23:52RomyD82 push?
00:23:57RomyD82 rest are weak
00:24:00infect wiht opmni ulit
00:24:01infect ulti
00:24:03infect we can
00:24:03yeW- ye k
00:24:10yeW- hp tower?
00:24:19RomyD82 mana me
00:24:34Kastrup mneepo
00:24:51yeW- go there
00:25:16Tough -st
00:25:16diesel im coming
00:25:27diesel not
00:25:33Kastrup illusiobns
00:25:54yeW- buy me smoke pls
00:26:10yeW- ty
00:26:50infect omni, where were you
00:26:55infect i needed repel to jump in
00:26:55diesel that hook -.-
00:26:56Kastrup gj guys
00:26:57yeW- u got hooked like a shit mate
00:26:57diesel sad
00:27:01Kastrup ur
00:27:02Kastrup urn
00:27:02Kastrup urn
00:27:03Kastrup urn
00:27:09infect well luna fucked up in deed
00:27:18diesel indeed is 1 word
00:27:39RomyD82 b
00:27:43coolass b
00:27:52Zajeb b
00:28:01Kastrup he goes for roshan now
00:28:03Kastrup 100%
00:28:03RomyD82 one more push with all ulties
00:28:06Kastrup be ready
00:28:07Kastrup when alive
00:28:09Kastrup 100%
00:28:15Kastrup hes hasted now
00:28:18Kastrup and hes in
00:28:28Kastrup gj
00:28:30yeW- lal
00:28:33yeW- u ping
00:28:35yeW- n u dont come?
00:28:52infect pit
00:28:53infect ulti
00:28:54infect home
00:28:54yeW- pgfff
00:28:55infect ?
00:28:58Kastrup -ms
00:29:00yeW- u guys are
00:29:01MnmlArT cd
00:29:02RomyD82 defusal done
00:29:02yeW- cancer
00:29:05yeW- worse than cancer
00:29:17Zajeb go mid
00:29:22RomyD82 ye go mid
00:29:25RomyD82 rasta ultio
00:29:37RomyD82 mana me
00:29:54diesel tide tagger
00:29:55diesel dagger
00:30:53diesel so much aoe
00:30:53Kastrup wellm its okay
00:30:54RomyD82 ahahahah
00:30:55yeW- ye dont heal me when im in
00:30:56yeW- jeez
00:30:59diesel cd
00:31:01diesel õ
00:31:03diesel I saw..
00:31:08RomyD82 ill get manta now
00:31:13Zajeb have agha
00:31:13RomyD82 hopefully fast
00:31:17Kastrup wards at roshan
00:31:18Kastrup again
00:31:19Kastrup he wil
00:31:31RomyD82 omnis ulti fucked us there
00:31:56RomyD82 rosh?
00:31:58RomyD82 lets rosh
00:32:01RomyD82 imo
00:32:01infect get that pipe up
00:32:03infect pit :)
00:32:05Rotkiv j
00:32:16RomyD82 we fuck him if we rosh
00:32:24Kastrup reue
00:32:26diesel warded
00:32:29Kastrup .-ms
00:32:30Kastrup -ms
00:32:39Tough geo had smoke
00:32:51Kastrup tide b
00:33:01RomyD82 top?
00:33:18RomyD82 ilu
00:33:26Kastrup ki9d
00:33:27Kastrup mid
00:33:27Kastrup go
00:33:27Kastrup fast
00:33:29infect b
00:33:29infect mid
00:33:30yeW- B
00:33:30infect ffs
00:33:45infect are you retarded?
00:33:52yeW- my god
00:33:54diesel OK
00:33:58infect fucking lastpicks
00:33:59diesel this is how u roll
00:34:02RomyD82 he gets top
00:34:09RomyD82 go top
00:34:29RomyD82 :((
00:34:31Rotkiv rax atleast
00:34:53Kastrup puge
00:35:22yeW- too ba
00:35:23yeW- bad
00:35:24Kastrup that towr
00:35:25yeW- the three of u
00:35:26Kastrup is essential
00:35:28yeW- have brain tumors
00:35:30infect too bad you went 3 vs 5 mid
00:35:32infect like idiots
00:35:33Tough +rosh
00:35:34Tough now
00:35:34RomyD82 rosh guys
00:35:46diesel come
00:35:47diesel kill
00:35:48diesel alone
00:35:49diesel free kill
00:35:53Kastrup -st
00:35:59RomyD82 go
00:36:02Zajeb go
00:36:08Kastrup omw
00:36:08infect u r gonna die
00:36:10RomyD82 u take?
00:36:10yeW- move
00:36:10infect @ rosh
00:36:19yeW- easy
00:36:21yeW- all there
00:37:07RomyD82 finish rosh
00:37:11coolass he did
00:37:16coolass and now over
00:37:17yeW- wjhy
00:37:20Kastrup just run b
00:37:21diesel bkb
00:37:27RomyD82 its ok
00:37:30RomyD82 we got aegis
00:37:33RomyD82 go heal
00:37:40RomyD82 fucking luna
00:37:43RomyD82 almost killed me
00:37:55RomyD82 hlp him someone
00:38:03RomyD82 ahahahahah
00:38:03Kastrup gj
00:38:04RomyD82 wp
00:38:11yeW- why did u back
00:38:14yeW- u stupid cumface
00:38:16infect omni
00:38:18infect get away
00:38:22infect dont fucking go mid
00:38:36diesel new wards please
00:38:52RomyD82 pls dont die
00:38:54yeW- what are those items
00:38:56yeW- omni
00:38:57yeW- jesus
00:39:05Tough b
00:39:05yeW- soul ring mana boots pipe
00:39:09yeW- thats how u play
00:39:11yeW- not effin sange
00:39:11MnmlArT we have pipe
00:39:18yeW- ye well go smtg int
00:39:19infect then eul
00:39:20Rotkiv omfgh
00:39:22diesel b
00:39:23diesel b
00:39:23diesel b
00:39:24yeW- B
00:39:26yeW- my god
00:39:28RomyD82 omw
00:39:51RomyD82 ulti omg pudge
00:39:51Zajeb fuck
00:39:52Zajeb sry
00:39:54Kastrup Cd
00:39:55yeW- -ma
00:39:57RomyD82 kk
00:40:01coolass OMG
00:40:10infect hi there:P
00:40:11RomyD82 push top?
00:40:15RomyD82 luck ftw
00:40:21infect luck ?
00:40:24RomyD82 imba
00:40:25infect 2k hp strom
00:40:26RomyD82 ye
00:40:28infect and luck :D?
00:40:36RomyD82 if pudge didnt have cd ulti
00:40:39RomyD82 ur dead now
00:40:43infect pudge wasnt close enough
00:40:45infect haha :D
00:40:47RomyD82 or u calculate
00:40:52RomyD82 ahahah
00:41:05yeW- def
00:41:06infect TOP DEF
00:41:07yeW- i pusgh
00:41:07infect OMNI
00:41:09RomyD82 go trone
00:41:20infect repel me
00:41:24Kastrup no tp
00:41:49RomyD82 wtf happened
00:41:59Tough I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:04Kastrup WHY
00:42:06Kastrup the fuck u tp
00:42:06Kastrup srsly
00:42:09Kastrup thats so fucking stupid
00:42:12coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:15diesel good trade
00:42:35Kastrup blink
00:42:44Kastrup wtf?
00:42:47coolass man
00:42:48coolass its over
00:42:51coolass it has been over
00:42:51Kastrup no it isn't
00:42:53coolass for
00:42:54RomyD82 its not over
00:42:56coolass 20 min
00:42:57Kastrup if you didn't tp
00:42:58Kastrup we had this
00:43:01Kastrup we would have opened
00:43:02Kastrup and taken them
00:43:05coolass i didnt t
00:43:09Kastrup someone did
00:43:13Zajeb i did
00:43:33RomyD82 wait for theyr mistake
00:43:36RomyD82 we can still win
00:44:14diesel wp yeW
00:44:20RomyD82 we were so close
00:44:22infect like i did nothing lo ld:
00:44:23diesel crazy skills with meepo
00:44:24RomyD82 to win
00:44:25RomyD82 :(
00:44:35Zajeb ck wasnt too good
00:44:40Zajeb but its gg
00:44:52Kastrup well not going bkb
00:44:56Kastrup loose it
00:44:57Kastrup eod
00:45:00Kastrup wp
00:45:01Kastrup gg
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