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-12 X
-2 TS

84% | 1528 X | 1435 TS

-54 X
-1 TS

66% | 1333 X | 1353 TS

-21 X
-1 TS

63% | 1314 X | 1342 TS

-6 X
-10 TS

25% | 1170 X | 1088 TS

-37 X
-3 TS

24% | 1015 X | 1241 TS

+24 X
+1 TS

94% | 1677 X | 1530 TS

+6 X
+2 TS

83% | 1513 X | 1430 TS

+8 X
+1 TS

72% | 1405 X | 1358 TS

+44 X
+61 TS

NEW | 1044 X | 1099 TS

+55 X
+8 TS

1% | 826 X | 981 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Jezz31 same team
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw rubick
00:00:17Jezz31 xD
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove dirge
00:00:31Spiderman i like your music justin
00:00:39TakinBackMyLove good :)
00:00:43TakinBackMyLove any wises?
00:00:43Jezz31 -music speacial
00:00:45TakinBackMyLove wishes ?
00:00:46TakinBackMyLove es ?
00:00:50TakinBackMyLove slardar ?
00:00:51Jezz31 -music special
00:00:52Jezz31 slardar
00:00:54Spiderman slarda
00:00:54Jezz31 slardar
00:00:56Balbii ah dangit
00:00:59TakinBackMyLove to late
00:01:01Balbii just tabbed in and panicked
00:01:06holostoi tiny mid?
00:01:16TakinBackMyLove oh
00:01:16Balbii mr.bieber where u going?
00:01:20TakinBackMyLove sven
00:01:37TakinBackMyLove cent woods
00:01:40slc2 get wd
00:01:40TakinBackMyLove razor
00:01:41slc2 get wd
00:01:41TakinBackMyLove solo
00:01:46Jezz31 any
00:01:46TakinBackMyLove get wd
00:01:46Jezz31 ?
00:01:47TakinBackMyLove last
00:01:50slc2 get wd
00:01:52Spiderman lanes?
00:01:56Jezz31 non
00:01:59slc2 get wd
00:02:01TakinBackMyLove hmm tuskar
00:02:01slc2 so ease
00:02:02Spiderman razor dont run yet
00:02:03Balbii wd is picked..
00:02:06TakinBackMyLove or clock
00:02:06Spiderman pink tell lanes
00:02:10Jezz31 witch doc?
00:02:11Balbii magnus or clock imo
00:02:15Jezz31 already pcik
00:02:17Jezz31 zz
00:02:19Balbii hahaha
00:02:20Jezz31 too late
00:02:21Spiderman for fucks sake
00:02:23Balbii we wrote
00:02:28Balbii when it was 10 sec left ^^
00:02:30Jezz31 just said it fast
00:02:43Spiderman buy chicken
00:02:46Spiderman jeesse
00:02:50Balbii have fun on lanaya
00:02:57slc2 jep
00:03:02faildn rune top
00:03:03faildn regen
00:03:14TakinBackMyLove no
00:03:15TakinBackMyLove chicken ?
00:03:21TakinBackMyLove share
00:03:23Spiderman he didnt use it
00:03:25Spiderman pro
00:03:25Jezz31 ah
00:03:26slc2 go acitavete
00:03:28Balbii hahaha
00:03:30Spiderman go back
00:03:31Spiderman lanaya
00:03:33Spiderman activate it
00:03:46Jezz31 i thought only mid use it
00:03:57Jezz31 thats our rule in our country sorry
00:03:58Jezz31 xD
00:04:11Spiderman what country is that
00:04:42TakinBackMyLove ss
00:05:03faildn Fu sten
00:05:04faildn fu
00:05:09faildn GO B
00:05:10faildn omg
00:05:13faildn nice one
00:05:15faildn nice ONE STEN TARD
00:05:54faildn sten afk
00:05:58faildn sven
00:06:01faildn -afk
00:06:38faildn sven afk
00:06:46faildn -afk
00:06:47Spiderman better than lana feed
00:06:56Jezz31 xD
00:06:56Balbii isnt it gonna be a rmk?
00:06:57Balbii ..
00:06:59faildn -afk
00:07:47TakinBackMyLove care
00:07:47TakinBackMyLove top
00:07:52Balbii no shit?^^
00:07:55TakinBackMyLove i said
00:07:56TakinBackMyLove ss
00:07:57TakinBackMyLove so
00:08:07Balbii yeah you did
00:08:13Balbii didnt see it cause idiot wd spam
00:08:43faildn sven
00:08:46faildn stun him after i MALEDICT
00:08:48faildn AFTER
00:09:25faildn stun
00:09:26faildn OMG
00:09:27TakinBackMyLove comming
00:09:27TakinBackMyLove top
00:09:44Balbii that 1 was late
00:09:52faildn sven useless :d
00:09:53faildn pleae leave
00:10:30faildn gj
00:10:31faildn good boy
00:10:59Balbii my lane got fucked up
00:11:09Balbii the first death was ok cause i didnt pay attention
00:11:13Balbii but second?^^
00:11:18Balbii i mean come on
00:11:23Balbii ss 2 top
00:11:45Jezz31 mia es
00:12:41edgarass ss2
00:12:51edgarass re
00:13:04TakinBackMyLove care
00:13:36faildn ss
00:14:07TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:14:11faildn gj
00:15:03Jezz31 g
00:17:07faildn lol
00:18:05faildn nice
00:18:08faildn NICE
00:18:09Spiderman guys you teleport too late
00:18:11BoBo.Ftw :)
00:18:28Spiderman better not come at all
00:18:37Dodo ty
00:18:50faildn mid push
00:19:11edgarass cent dagger
00:20:24holostoi tp
00:20:38edgarass mid care
00:20:41Balbii incredible
00:21:36edgarass shit
00:21:40edgarass we have to go all together
00:23:21slc2 slardar soon dagger???
00:23:21TakinBackMyLove jezz31 get some use full items ?
00:23:23TakinBackMyLove treads ?
00:23:24TakinBackMyLove bkb
00:23:33Jezz31 im gonna make it bot
00:23:37TakinBackMyLove dont
00:23:39TakinBackMyLove do that
00:23:39TakinBackMyLove plz
00:23:40Jezz31 ok
00:23:43Jezz31 treads?
00:23:43TakinBackMyLove its the worst
00:23:44TakinBackMyLove item
00:23:47TakinBackMyLove yeah treads
00:23:49TakinBackMyLove bkb
00:24:06edgarass wd b
00:24:32edgarass sven b
00:24:38edgarass \retyard fuck
00:24:53TakinBackMyLove caqere
00:24:54TakinBackMyLove es
00:24:56TakinBackMyLove dagger i think'
00:25:33TakinBackMyLove go
00:25:33TakinBackMyLove rosh
00:26:14faildn lol
00:27:04TakinBackMyLove lets go rosh
00:27:13TakinBackMyLove saldar
00:27:30TakinBackMyLove coem
00:27:32faildn we need to pussssh
00:27:45Spiderman use spell
00:27:57Jezz31 amp
00:27:58Jezz31 amp
00:27:59TakinBackMyLove ultui
00:27:59Jezz31 amp
00:28:00TakinBackMyLove him
00:28:04TakinBackMyLove ultui
00:28:05TakinBackMyLove sldardar
00:28:11Spiderman you know he has spell shield?
00:28:21Spiderman and my ult has cd
00:28:31Jezz31 ok just stfu
00:28:51edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:52holostoi gj tiny bob
00:28:53Dodo I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:56faildn I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:56edgarass why u dont ewait for us/
00:28:56TakinBackMyLove GG
00:29:07BoBo.Ftw u failed ult es :/
00:29:08edgarass we never 5v5
00:29:14edgarass now dont die
00:29:16edgarass wait all
00:29:21holostoi bitch u steal my creep in wood with deagger
00:29:24edgarass and dont focus cent
00:29:26holostoi when i got 1/8 k
00:29:33BoBo.Ftw lol
00:29:35BoBo.Ftw just say
00:29:37BoBo.Ftw i would have let u
00:30:02edgarass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:08edgarass wd stun maledict ulrti or smth
00:30:12holostoi eat this fucking tard tiny
00:30:15faildn not 1v5
00:30:17BoBo.Ftw l2p
00:30:18faildn i know my wd
00:30:20TakinBackMyLove go
00:30:21TakinBackMyLove bot
00:30:22TakinBackMyLove afer
00:30:22holostoi we rape lines but lost game
00:30:40edgarass cause sven and wd bad in teamfights
00:30:43faildn w8
00:30:44faildn sven
00:31:53edgarass all mid?
00:31:58holostoi we cant
00:32:08edgarass wd care
00:32:26faildn i want my fucking bkb
00:32:30edgarass if they tp dont run
00:32:33edgarass i torrent ship
00:32:37faildn CAUSE I MISS U BABE
00:32:39Jezz31 k
00:32:58faildn sven tard
00:33:06Dodo sing and shut up
00:33:08Jezz31 go
00:33:08Jezz31 go
00:33:27faildn sven is a disgrace
00:33:45holostoi toss me and jump
00:35:38TakinBackMyLove hity
00:35:38TakinBackMyLove em
00:36:21BoBo.Ftw I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:38Dodo I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:45edgarass go heal noob
00:38:02slc2 end now
00:38:28TakinBackMyLove why donty you
00:38:29TakinBackMyLove ff ?
00:38:30TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:38TakinBackMyLove okay lets end
00:38:39TakinBackMyLove this
00:38:40BoBo.Ftw 1 is missing
00:38:42TakinBackMyLove all go throne
00:38:48BoBo.Ftw I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:24TakinBackMyLove come
00:40:24TakinBackMyLove top
00:40:57edgarass es
00:40:58edgarass ?
00:40:59edgarass wtf?
00:41:14Spiderman unbeatable
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