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-1 TS

96% | 1760 X | 1515 TS

-21 X
-1 TS

79% | 1467 X | 1400 TS

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-1 TS

77% | 1438 X | 1401 TS

-22 X
-2 TS

72% | 1339 X | 1421 TS

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60% | 1293 X | 1341 TS

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+2 TS

95% | 1701 X | 1531 TS

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89% | 1583 X | 1469 TS

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73% | 1413 X | 1359 TS

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+4 TS

56% | 1279 X | 1310 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:12Affliction -ii
00:00:13Affliction -don
00:00:17mrk naix
00:00:17mrk anyone want ogre?
00:00:17Usires i can
00:00:17Usires too good to go carry
00:00:17Usires gets 2ez fast
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove rubic
00:00:17McNabb hva spiller du justin?
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove od tror jetg
00:00:20Usires but i want botlane so i can pull and gang
00:00:21McNabb k
00:00:22TakinBackMyLove hvis han går lesh
00:00:29Usires taks too long top to start shits
00:00:30Usires z
00:00:32edgarass me enigma woods
00:00:33TakinBackMyLove anyone tide enimga ?
00:00:39Usires k i solo
00:00:39mrk not really needed
00:00:43Aerwyn i can play
00:00:45Aerwyn enigma
00:00:46Usires wat u want?
00:00:50TakinBackMyLove we dont need more aoe
00:00:51McNabb can swap if anyone wants tide
00:00:51mrk hmm
00:00:56Aerwyn k
00:00:58mrk bat
00:01:02mrk -swap 2
00:01:03McNabb u want tide?
00:01:03Usires -swap 1
00:01:10GottHasstMich -clear
00:01:13Aerwyn no ty
00:01:14edgarass need tank or cARRY
00:01:15McNabb k
00:01:20Momdsiw bat tank
00:01:24Usires go sven
00:01:35mrk necro even
00:01:35Usires and nigma
00:01:36Usires good
00:01:36mrk is nice
00:01:37McNabb need range last
00:01:38mrk sven necro
00:01:44Usires yeah necro also
00:01:45Aerwyn hmmm....
00:01:48McNabb necro
00:01:50Usires i can play that too tho
00:01:50McNabb maybe
00:01:51Aerwyn :D
00:01:53Usires if u want
00:01:53McNabb oh
00:01:54Usires edga
00:01:54mrk hmm
00:01:55Momdsiw necro solo?
00:01:56mrk swap ogre necro imo
00:01:58GottHasstMich -clear
00:01:59Usires -swap 3
00:02:00Aerwyn tips? :D
00:02:01TakinBackMyLove doom could work
00:02:02Usires -swap 4
00:02:05GottHasstMich i play
00:02:07GottHasstMich -clear
00:02:11McNabb !!!!!!!!!
00:02:11TakinBackMyLove ???
00:02:12Momdsiw come top ogre
00:02:17mrk go top finbros
00:02:18Momdsiw or necro solo top?
00:02:19mrk imo aswell
00:02:19Usires wont if not obs
00:02:20TakinBackMyLove hmm
00:02:20TakinBackMyLove sk
00:02:22TakinBackMyLove top with
00:02:22Aerwyn hate doom
00:02:25Usires necro top
00:02:26Usires solo
00:02:26TakinBackMyLove tide
00:02:28Momdsiw k
00:02:36mrk y
00:02:39mrk kill
00:02:39Usires just hug tower when they pull
00:02:40slc2 fb top````
00:02:41TakinBackMyLove sven
00:02:41Usires creeps will come
00:02:45McNabb our lanes sucks
00:02:47slc2 fb top
00:02:49Affliction yy
00:02:49mrk get tower 5 mins
00:02:50mrk ez
00:02:50slc2 grønland fb
00:02:50GottHasstMich carry build ?
00:02:54mrk hood vang
00:02:55slc2 godt baby
00:02:55McNabb hehe
00:02:59Usires y
00:03:00mrk = carry build on necro
00:03:04edgarass REG BOT
00:03:06Affliction hvem stunner først ?
00:03:07Usires idd was just gonna say
00:03:08Usires its same
00:03:10slc2 du
00:03:11Affliction dig mig ?
00:03:13Affliction kk
00:03:16slc2 mit er slow
00:03:20Affliction kk
00:03:22slc2 gush først
00:03:42mrk feel free to gank
00:03:42GottHasstMich ...
00:03:51GottHasstMich trilane top
00:04:06GottHasstMich need assistance top
00:04:08Affliction again after pull
00:04:10McNabb ss 1
00:04:11GottHasstMich ss sven
00:04:58mrk free kill mid
00:05:02Usires soon 3
00:05:03Usires then
00:05:07Usires i pull once
00:05:07slc2 b
00:05:08McNabb nvm
00:05:10Usires get 3 and boots
00:05:15GottHasstMich STILL
00:05:15GottHasstMich 3 top
00:05:16GottHasstMich CANT FARM
00:05:17GottHasstMich help
00:05:21Usires no-one ant
00:05:21McNabb gå bot grønland
00:05:21Usires farm
00:05:22Usires there
00:05:33slc2 gå gank mid i to
00:05:34McNabb han kan ik solo bot
00:05:34Usires so just expå
00:05:52GottHasstMich ss 2
00:05:59mrk share
00:06:01GottHasstMich share
00:06:06edgarass sry
00:06:09GottHasstMich buy me obs
00:06:09GottHasstMich pls
00:06:28Affliction otw midt herras
00:06:32Usires olisit voinu uppia
00:06:38GottHasstMich ss sven
00:06:55Momdsiw trax miss
00:07:15mrk yeah
00:07:16mrk why did
00:07:16mrk you
00:07:18mrk change chick
00:07:23mrk it was halfway here
00:07:26mrk coulda killed lesh
00:07:26mrk :S
00:07:32edgarass bot care
00:07:34Momdsiw tuu
00:07:37Usires oom
00:07:38Momdsiw b
00:07:53mrk go
00:07:53mrk omw
00:08:12mrk push tower
00:08:12mrk bot
00:08:19mrk enigma
00:08:19mrk go
00:08:46slc2 tide kill
00:08:46GottHasstMich ss tide
00:09:00Momdsiw nmana here
00:09:28Affliction gay
00:09:29McNabb !!!!
00:09:29Affliction lane
00:09:30mrk omw top
00:09:32Aerwyn ye
00:09:36GottHasstMich pretty oom
00:09:37Momdsiw wait
00:09:38Momdsiw my ult
00:10:35GottHasstMich help top
00:10:41mrk enigma what u doing
00:10:42mrk get soulring
00:10:45mrk push towers already
00:11:25mrk go top enigma
00:11:30edgarass dagger rdy
00:11:37mrk dagger first isnt that good
00:11:41edgarass good
00:11:54Usires kill sk
00:11:54mrk soul ring
00:11:54mrk janggo
00:11:54mrk free towers
00:11:55mrk then bkb
00:11:57mrk dagger
00:12:04TakinBackMyLove we need
00:12:05TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:12:29McNabb ty
00:12:34Usires not realz
00:12:44Usires shouldnt use all to levi
00:12:45Usires zz
00:13:23edgarass mid care
00:13:33Aerwyn ?
00:13:43Momdsiw enigma take more stun
00:13:53Momdsiw lvl 1 stun is useless
00:14:09McNabb they antiward
00:14:59mrk rune wards
00:14:59GottHasstMich nobody tps
00:15:00GottHasstMich rly
00:15:05GottHasstMich aa tp
00:15:05GottHasstMich ...
00:15:06Usires no ulti
00:15:06Usires sk
00:15:08Usires jesus
00:15:09Usires come
00:15:10Usires already
00:15:39Affliction har du tp ?
00:15:47mrk ss lesh
00:16:41Aerwyn tower
00:16:44Aerwyn aah
00:16:44Aerwyn not
00:16:45mrk sk has ulti?
00:16:49Usires no
00:16:51Momdsiw prolly yes
00:16:52Usires if kills fast
00:16:54Usires he just died
00:16:59Usires minute ago
00:17:00Usires or so
00:17:16McNabb b
00:17:23TakinBackMyLove fight
00:17:27TakinBackMyLove ...
00:17:28TakinBackMyLove just
00:17:29TakinBackMyLove fight
00:17:31TakinBackMyLove when yiou know you die
00:17:45slc2 oom
00:17:46Usires tele topå
00:17:48Usires need to kill sk
00:17:49Usires and tower
00:18:07McNabb gay
00:18:09McNabb they got wards
00:18:22Affliction invis
00:18:24Affliction ogee
00:18:43TakinBackMyLove wow
00:18:44Usires 2
00:18:45Usires bot
00:18:45Usires go
00:18:47TakinBackMyLove you suck at farming
00:18:49TakinBackMyLove drow
00:18:58McNabb its lastpick
00:19:15TakinBackMyLove ¨krob
00:19:22mrk b
00:19:33Momdsiw why not go nec
00:20:48edgarass shit
00:21:09TakinBackMyLove wp guys
00:21:10edgarass that was bad :)
00:21:11mrk ty
00:21:30mrk enigma ulti was rushed
00:21:35Affliction :/
00:21:35Usires lol 7-5-6
00:21:36Affliction forgot
00:21:36edgarass yeah
00:21:37Affliction :/
00:21:40Usires noobstats with noobplayer
00:23:08McNabb fu
00:23:19Usires wtf
00:23:24Usires CARE to stun or smth
00:23:27Usires killing in peace
00:23:29Usires next
00:24:05mrk ah
00:24:08mrk nvm
00:24:09GottHasstMich oom
00:24:11Momdsiw necro have sadist lvl 1??
00:24:18edgarass b
00:24:23edgarass urn me
00:24:27McNabb someone else buy wards, i need my dagger
00:24:52McNabb gg
00:24:53TakinBackMyLove they
00:24:55TakinBackMyLove got wards
00:25:02McNabb and we got drow!
00:25:22slc2 leave it
00:25:53Usires b
00:25:59TakinBackMyLove go
00:26:00TakinBackMyLove top
00:26:05Usires but tbh
00:26:11Usires seeing them 4lategamers
00:26:14Usires we should go finish
00:26:20TakinBackMyLove come
00:26:21TakinBackMyLove top all
00:26:24Momdsiw i DWQQ
00:26:29Momdsiw i agree
00:26:35mrk well
00:26:36mrk its
00:26:38mrk pretty hard
00:26:38mrk :D
00:26:38Usires go mid perhaps or bot tower
00:26:40mrk already
00:26:40TakinBackMyLove tide
00:26:41Usires they dont have
00:26:41TakinBackMyLove stay
00:26:43mrk take last tower
00:26:44Usires anything to come in
00:26:44TakinBackMyLove behind
00:26:46Usires unless dagger levi
00:26:47Momdsiw well enigma has ulti
00:26:48Momdsiw we can go
00:26:49Usires and i doubt it
00:26:56mrk well they have
00:26:57Usires def?
00:26:58mrk 5 people to
00:27:00mrk cancel enigma ulti
00:27:04mrk y
00:27:06TakinBackMyLove spread out
00:27:18mrk come now????
00:27:19mrk wtf
00:27:40Usires its ff
00:27:52TakinBackMyLove GGG
00:27:52mrk enigma
00:27:53edgarass ff
00:27:54TakinBackMyLove wp guys
00:27:54Usires ff
00:27:54mrk what the fuck u doing
00:27:55edgarass what?
00:27:56mrk dont ulti like thay
00:27:59mrk i just said
00:28:00mrk they have
00:28:04mrk _5 heroes_
00:28:06mrk with disable
00:28:08mrk ofc u cant ulti first
00:28:12Momdsiw sven 2 hits me
00:28:13edgarass so they will disable me always
00:28:17mrk u wait until
00:28:20mrk they waste spells
00:28:24mrk which they obviously will do because they are bad
00:28:26mrk and then ulti
00:28:35mrk we gained nothing from it
00:28:51Momdsiw trax has already treads
00:28:52mrk u need to get sk sven in ulti
00:28:57Usires go mid
00:28:59Usires smoke
00:29:08Usires stay
00:29:09Usires put
00:29:14mrk they rosh
00:29:14mrk might
00:29:15mrk y
00:29:15mrk rosh
00:29:18mrk smokefast
00:29:37Affliction lol
00:29:40TakinBackMyLove they
00:29:41Affliction ok
00:29:42Affliction :/
00:29:45TakinBackMyLove gonan turtle us out
00:29:46Affliction they pack up
00:29:46Affliction ;/
00:29:46Usires m id
00:29:47Usires go
00:30:01McNabb np we got drow:-)
00:30:06Aerwyn yeye <3 :D
00:30:14mrk dunno why necro waste ulti
00:30:19Affliction Lesrach just need bkb
00:30:19Affliction ;/
00:30:22mrk cant really push without 2 ultis
00:30:30Usires shoot
00:30:32Usires the tower
00:30:33Usires LORDF
00:30:55edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:00edgarass bat
00:31:03edgarass u fight lesh alone
00:31:09Usires go ff
00:31:10Usires I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:13edgarass idiot
00:31:14Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:18edgarass see what?
00:31:20Usires one sk coming and 4 run back
00:31:28Usires that i dont see how
00:31:30mrk i blinged even before
00:31:32mrk u guys went tower
00:31:35GottHasstMich no point of pushing
00:31:38GottHasstMich when all 5 re
00:31:39GottHasstMich now
00:31:39Usires no-one went for tower
00:31:40Usires tbh
00:31:41GottHasstMich arleady too fat
00:31:43GottHasstMich wards
00:31:43GottHasstMich gang
00:31:43Usires no-one went for anything
00:31:45GottHasstMich and then entry
00:31:55GottHasstMich no other way possible
00:31:55TakinBackMyLove i come
00:31:57TakinBackMyLove and take it
00:32:07Usires gonna farm its uselss
00:32:12mrk yup
00:32:13mrk it is
00:32:22TakinBackMyLove come
00:32:22TakinBackMyLove bot
00:32:37Usires ofc
00:32:44Momdsiw TIDE IS WEAK
00:32:48Usires we are
00:32:50TakinBackMyLove well he hitted you 7 times
00:32:54mrk ggwp
00:32:54mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:58TakinBackMyLove and only one crit
00:33:00Momdsiw cmon nec
00:33:03TakinBackMyLove so its okay
00:33:08Usires 7? more like 4
00:33:10mrk go ff guys
00:33:12TakinBackMyLove nope
00:33:13Usires and 2 crits
00:33:15mrk if we cant win early with these heroes
00:33:18mrk no point to even try
00:33:27TakinBackMyLove nope 1 crit
00:33:44mrk no map awareness whatsoever
00:35:09Usires go mid then
00:35:11Usires last push
00:35:12edgarass fuck of all
00:35:15edgarass i did it
00:35:19mrk not really
00:35:21mrk they are just bad
00:35:33Aerwyn ye
00:35:49edgarass bkb rdy
00:35:57mrk FIGHT
00:35:59Aerwyn thought u stun ogre :/
00:36:28TakinBackMyLove halla at cha boy
00:36:41Usires ei perkele
00:36:47Usires kyllä täällä carrya pitää pelata jos meinaa voittaa
00:36:52Momdsiw niih
00:36:53Affliction RFEGEN !
00:36:58Affliction COEM !
00:37:03Affliction COME REGEN !
00:37:07Usires ei auta vaikka kuinka pwnaa alkuu
00:37:14Momdsiw noh noi sai top free farm
00:37:21Usires no siis
00:37:23Usires levillä ei mitään
00:37:24edgarass care top
00:37:24Momdsiw meiän ois pitäny topittaa
00:37:25Aerwyn :D
00:37:26Usires ja svenilläkään ei ollu
00:37:27Momdsiw kyl necce ois traxin vieny
00:37:28Affliction :D
00:37:37Usires sk ainut joka sai jotain ja seki paska pelaaja
00:38:00TakinBackMyLove push
00:38:00TakinBackMyLove mid
00:38:15Usires insta leshrac
00:38:17TakinBackMyLove all mid
00:38:18mrk enigma stay back
00:38:21mrk wait with ur ulti
00:38:22McNabb need sven
00:38:23mrk wisely
00:38:26mrk or when u get 4 ofc
00:38:34mrk trade?
00:38:34Momdsiw just go and ulti
00:38:34slc2 hvad har du ggang i grønland hehe
00:38:36mrk we cant
00:38:36Momdsiw after you have palce
00:38:36mrk make it
00:38:37mrk def
00:38:37TakinBackMyLove rax
00:38:38Momdsiw you have bkb
00:38:39mrk DEF
00:38:40mrk TP
00:38:44Affliction skulle nakke necro
00:38:45mrk they get rax
00:38:45Affliction :/
00:38:45mrk faster
00:38:47mrk and tp back
00:38:48mrk we wont make it
00:38:49Usires we cant win anyways
00:38:53Aerwyn tp
00:38:53TakinBackMyLove fuck it
00:38:55Aerwyn after rax
00:38:55TakinBackMyLove tp
00:38:56TakinBackMyLove after
00:38:56mrk ggwp
00:38:57mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:06mrk well fucking played
00:39:07Momdsiw enoig no tp xD
00:39:07edgarass no tp
00:40:04GottHasstMich :DDDD
00:40:05McNabb D:D:D:D
00:40:05Aerwyn :/
00:40:18Momdsiw just ff it
00:40:19Momdsiw nec
00:40:24GottHasstMich im having fun
00:40:25GottHasstMich :D
00:40:34edgarass bat pipe?
00:41:01mrk holla boy
00:41:04TakinBackMyLove THEN AA COME FUCKING FAG
00:41:13McNabb we can still lose
00:41:17TakinBackMyLove yup
00:41:19Momdsiw manners
00:41:22TakinBackMyLove we need sven to stop farm
00:41:29McNabb gather
00:41:30TakinBackMyLove adn get a dagger
00:41:32McNabb some gank
00:41:33Momdsiw just end it
00:41:41Usires go bot
00:41:44mrk not like its 100% lost tho
00:41:50mrk free kill
00:41:59edgarass trap
00:42:01mrk in gc no game is lost until throne killed
00:42:38edgarass def top
00:42:47GottHasstMich why ever
00:42:49GottHasstMich u run away from me
00:42:54Affliction rosh up
00:42:55mrk maybe because
00:42:58mrk they 2 hit us
00:43:04Aerwyn solo it
00:43:04GottHasstMich well
00:43:05Aerwyn leoric
00:43:07GottHasstMich u have epic slow
00:43:07GottHasstMich mb
00:43:10GottHasstMich sk never comes near u
00:43:11mrk why did you follow rather
00:43:11GottHasstMich with aa
00:43:15mrk go around
00:43:17mrk ez kill lesh
00:43:41edgarass we have to push mid
00:43:43edgarass i have ulti
00:43:46mrk we have to push?
00:43:48mrk we cant push
00:43:55Affliction -ms
00:43:58Aerwyn all bot?
00:43:59Aerwyn top?
00:44:00McNabb gather
00:44:02mrk farm bmails
00:44:07GottHasstMich b
00:44:08GottHasstMich b
00:44:13McNabb b?
00:44:27GottHasstMich ....
00:44:28McNabb ok
00:44:34mrk not like you guys coulda helped me
00:44:35mrk or anything
00:44:38mrk i know it was stupid but still
00:44:58edgarass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:01Usires necro
00:45:02Usires I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:04GottHasstMich we had a chance
00:45:07GottHasstMich u fucked it in the end mrk
00:45:08GottHasstMich sad but true
00:45:11GottHasstMich I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:12mrk rofl u serious?
00:45:15mrk we had the chance 10 minute in the game
00:45:22mrk when everyone started to fuck up
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