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Chat log

00:00:15Arapiles orange and brown
00:00:15Arapiles hope you know the rules
00:00:15JTG.Bop so i will have to buy a courier right?
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 chiken
00:00:15Lafrenzz u2
00:00:15Arapiles you have to buy chicken
00:00:15Terkill y
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 and have pick carry
00:00:15JTG.Bop ok
00:00:15Arapiles :D
00:00:15Lafrenzz :D
00:00:15Lynge Morph
00:00:15Terkill and the cap says the lanes
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 warlock is op
00:00:15Arapiles any wishes?
00:00:15JTG.Bop np
00:00:15Arapiles any1 wl?
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 i play invoker
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 or i lane with momwsiw
00:00:15Arapiles u good w it?
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 ye
00:00:15Arapiles k i pick it for you
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 86% win ratio with invoker
00:00:15Arapiles if lafrenzz dont
00:00:15Koskenkorva-95 dotalicious
00:00:15Arapiles k if they ban wl then lynge should pick it for you
00:00:15Wasara Lafrenzz?
00:00:15Arapiles but gc is different style
00:00:15Lafrenzz tiny
00:00:16Koskenkorva-95 i know
00:00:20Arapiles i had 85% win w invo in DL VIP
00:00:25Arapiles but 40% here
00:00:30Koskenkorva-95 dotaleague different
00:00:33Koskenkorva-95 than dotalicious
00:00:35Koskenkorva-95 skill lvl 3
00:00:51Momdsiw stop lying xD
00:00:57Lynge Get WL
00:00:59Momdsiw you have palyed like under 100 games dota
00:00:59Lynge Doom
00:01:03Lynge Doom
00:01:05Momdsiw haluuks jotaa
00:01:06Lynge vs thrall
00:01:07Arapiles who want wl?
00:01:15Lynge arapiles
00:01:21Lynge bare gå direkte aghanim efter Phase k ?
00:01:21Arapiles y`?
00:01:41Arapiles k lynge
00:01:45Lynge lion
00:01:47Lynge jakiro
00:01:50Koskenkorva-95 wat
00:01:50Lynge not more carry/tank
00:01:51Koskenkorva-95 u want
00:01:52Terkill what are on your mind picking ?
00:01:53Lynge get Supporter
00:01:57Lynge TARD
00:02:04JTG.Bop lion or cm(
00:02:07Terkill lion
00:02:10Wasara cm better
00:02:10Momdsiw -swap 4
00:02:11Koskenkorva-95 momwsiw meen junglee
00:02:16Momdsiw k
00:02:17Wasara -swap 5
00:02:18Momdsiw -swapcancel
00:02:18JTG.Bop fuck
00:02:22acchilies he got trax...
00:02:22Terkill tc
00:02:22Wasara wanna pugna?
00:02:23Lynge sæt pull Ward/rune
00:02:24Terkill can you go bot
00:02:25Lynge share
00:02:25Momdsiw lemmee solo bot centa is jugnle
00:02:27Lafrenzz tc bot
00:02:30Lafrenzz drow top
00:02:33Wasara i like drow
00:02:36JTG.Bop -swap 3
00:02:40Lynge share chick
00:02:41Arapiles panda come w me
00:02:43Koskenkorva-95 momwsiw :D en vitus oo menos mettää
00:02:49RomyD82 share chick
00:02:49Momdsiw pakko
00:02:51Momdsiw jos toi määrä
00:02:54Koskenkorva-95 halusi nvaa ala lanelle sunkaa
00:02:55Koskenkorva-95 :D
00:03:01JTG.Bop where i go?
00:03:01Lynge Ward
00:03:05acchilies bot
00:03:09Lynge Ward
00:03:11Lynge inden 30
00:03:12Lynge ffs
00:03:14Momdsiw you have kinda weird items for woods
00:03:19Arapiles cant
00:03:19Terkill what did you skill drow ?
00:03:22Wasara slow
00:03:23Arapiles too dangerous alone
00:03:23JTG.Bop who farm?
00:03:27Terkill think we can fb
00:03:43Koskenkorva-95 pullin yhe tapetaa sit
00:03:50Momdsiw no tarviin levun
00:03:52Momdsiw otin ekaks devouri
00:04:00Terkill fuck
00:04:31Momdsiw kumpa aotan
00:04:36Koskenkorva-95 vauhtia
00:04:41Koskenkorva-95 1creep
00:04:54Koskenkorva-95 ens wavel
00:05:02Momdsiw hups sail lvl
00:05:06Momdsiw otin kaks vauhtia xD
00:05:12Koskenkorva-95 heh
00:05:16Koskenkorva-95 no saat lvl koht taas
00:05:39Momdsiw no tossut on
00:05:40JTG.Bop i go warding
00:05:43Koskenkorva-95 :D
00:05:45Lynge gang top
00:05:47JTG.Bop care
00:05:56Terkill ss mid
00:06:01Lafrenzz ss
00:06:03Koskenkorva-95 go
00:06:07Terkill dude
00:06:10Terkill ..
00:06:18Terkill blind ?
00:06:28Koskenkorva-95 hyvä
00:07:07Koskenkorva-95 we kill
00:07:14Koskenkorva-95 go
00:07:29Koskenkorva-95 good arrow
00:07:35Koskenkorva-95 didnt have to double edge
00:07:36Koskenkorva-95 :P
00:07:43Koskenkorva-95 dd
00:07:44Lynge my
00:07:44Koskenkorva-95 mirana
00:07:49Lynge y
00:07:50Koskenkorva-95 tapetaa pugna
00:07:50Lynge omW
00:07:51Momdsiw 'j
00:07:53Lafrenzz ss mirana
00:07:54Lafrenzz going bot rune
00:07:54Arapiles ss
00:07:56Lynge ready
00:08:20Wasara thrall gank or sth
00:08:20Momdsiw ei tarivnnu ees doomaa
00:08:23Koskenkorva-95 :D
00:08:25Koskenkorva-95 eikä doublee
00:08:48Koskenkorva-95 doomaat tapetaa
00:08:49Koskenkorva-95 koht
00:09:08Arapiles ¨/fps
00:09:09Terkill cant when there is wards
00:09:12Koskenkorva-95 ootk rdy+
00:09:16Momdsiw j
00:09:19Lynge need Warsd
00:09:20Lynge arap
00:09:28Koskenkorva-95 ens wavel
00:09:32Lynge ready top
00:09:33Momdsiw kumman doman
00:09:37Koskenkorva-95 iha sama
00:09:55Lynge kan jeg tage Wards?
00:09:59Koskenkorva-95 :D hah
00:10:01JTG.Bop kill me omg
00:10:05Lynge can i take Wards?
00:10:06Koskenkorva-95 vitu ässä
00:10:09Arapiles yy
00:10:16Momdsiw tene persun
00:10:21Momdsiw manat ei meinaa riittää
00:10:23Momdsiw vai mana tossut
00:10:33Momdsiw teen manabobot
00:10:39Arapiles ss drow
00:10:40JTG.Bop trax w8 smoke and go
00:10:45Lynge ready top
00:10:55Arapiles oom
00:10:58Lynge come
00:11:40acchilies come gank bot...
00:12:29Momdsiw bot miss
00:12:55Arapiles ult rdy
00:13:19Lynge gj
00:13:26Lynge MY bot rune
00:14:08Koskenkorva-95 drow
00:14:10Koskenkorva-95 lets kill
00:14:28Lynge gang
00:14:29Koskenkorva-95 heal :P
00:14:52Lynge MID
00:14:56Lynge panda
00:14:59RomyD82 kk
00:15:02Lynge ty
00:15:09Koskenkorva-95 arrow
00:15:09Lynge i got for rune
00:15:32Arapiles he know
00:15:33Wasara someone get wards
00:15:35RomyD82 y
00:15:37Koskenkorva-95 panda
00:16:38Wasara what shit
00:16:44Wasara where ever i go they gank with 3
00:16:48Wasara cause we got no wardes
00:16:56Terkill you farm
00:16:58Arapiles rune check
00:17:00Terkill all the time
00:17:35Lynge gogogo
00:17:50Lafrenzz so gg game now
00:17:59Koskenkorva-95 :D
00:18:01Koskenkorva-95 Hah thrall
00:18:38Lynge double ffs
00:18:40Lynge sry for using u
00:18:45Lynge Would let him escape
00:18:49Lynge Wouldnt
00:18:53Koskenkorva-95 urn was on him
00:18:58Lynge tjaa :D
00:19:00Lynge sry
00:19:52Lynge to river
00:21:31Koskenkorva-95 one zip on bottle plz
00:21:44Lynge take 2
00:21:48Koskenkorva-95 no need
00:21:49Lynge k
00:21:54Lynge dont go
00:21:55Lafrenzz hope u get fat drow
00:22:01Lynge mid
00:22:04Lynge b
00:22:05Lynge b
00:22:13Lynge serioys ?
00:22:16Koskenkorva-95 insta arrow after stun....
00:22:19Koskenkorva-95 he would have died
00:22:20Koskenkorva-95 and i blink b
00:22:25Lynge still souicide
00:22:28Koskenkorva-95 nope
00:22:53Koskenkorva-95 tuu top
00:22:55Lynge arapils
00:22:57Lynge vågn op
00:23:10Lynge b ffs
00:23:13Lynge or not
00:24:02Koskenkorva-95 hyvää sotaa
00:24:16Momdsiw vähä liikaa farmereit
00:24:24Momdsiw noi on aina tyylii 5
00:24:48Momdsiw jospa me teen lothari nii parempi rähistä xD
00:25:17Arapiles er b
00:25:36Lynge go
00:25:41Lynge !"?
00:25:44Koskenkorva-95 who the fuck use
00:27:00acchilies we need to get some twrs...
00:27:17RomyD82 push top
00:27:21Lynge need mana
00:27:24Lynge from bottle
00:27:32Terkill b
00:27:33Terkill bb
00:27:45Momdsiw use chicken ffs
00:28:24RomyD82 i dont get what u are doing
00:28:42Lynge b cent
00:28:44Lynge hes dead
00:28:47Lynge dagger
00:28:53Wasara gj
00:28:55Wasara bot tower low
00:29:09Koskenkorva-95 mul yht paljo
00:29:12Koskenkorva-95 cs ku tappoi :D
00:29:16Momdsiw :D
00:29:24Koskenkorva-95 perus vika pick
00:29:32Lafrenzz hex rdy
00:29:37Arapiles panda pls drums + vlads
00:29:38JTG.Bop nice
00:29:39acchilies panda has scepter??
00:29:46Lynge vlad for Who
00:29:47Terkill panda
00:29:49Lynge not vlad ....
00:29:51RomyD82 ye lol
00:29:52Arapiles ofc
00:29:56acchilies yea...
00:29:56Koskenkorva-95 push
00:29:57Koskenkorva-95 aura
00:29:59Terkill go
00:30:01Arapiles vlad also work on range
00:30:15Lynge 4 Woods
00:30:18Wasara their ward probably
00:30:24RomyD82 they stay together
00:30:31Momdsiw go with 5
00:30:35Arapiles b mid
00:30:41Wasara we need sentry
00:30:41Lynge cent
00:30:42Lynge ......
00:30:46Wasara doom lothar, potm ult
00:30:48Koskenkorva-95 pro
00:30:53RomyD82 hes got hex
00:31:08RomyD82 go woods gang?
00:31:57acchilies b
00:31:59RomyD82 push
00:32:02Terkill STFU
00:32:04Terkill i
00:32:04Terkill know
00:32:06Terkill what i do
00:32:12Lynge ty
00:32:27Lafrenzz dont let them take rax
00:32:28Lynge 1 rax
00:32:29Lynge 1 rax
00:32:38Momdsiw -afk
00:33:02Lynge sucks
00:33:04Arapiles y
00:33:05Lafrenzz farm top trax !
00:33:07RomyD82 this was a mistake
00:33:09Lynge y
00:33:10Lynge my bad
00:33:14Lynge We should have runned after toWer
00:33:21Arapiles better a bad plan than no plan
00:33:24Arapiles its ok
00:33:34Arapiles a good fight and were in
00:33:38Lynge ALL MID
00:33:41Lynge tp
00:33:43Terkill back after
00:33:52Arapiles who glyph?
00:33:55Koskenkorva-95 cd still
00:34:11JTG.Bop lamost meka
00:34:26JTG.Bop almost*
00:34:32Lynge mid noW
00:34:34RomyD82 push i have yulit
00:34:39Lynge gj
00:34:46Arapiles no bd base
00:34:51Momdsiw no bd
00:34:57Lynge auto....
00:35:34Lynge TP BOT
00:35:34Lynge b
00:35:35Lynge b
00:35:35Lynge b
00:35:41Lynge tc bot
00:35:49Lynge b
00:35:56Lynge b
00:36:12Koskenkorva-95 panda ther eis
00:36:13Koskenkorva-95 regen
00:36:14Koskenkorva-95 down
00:36:30Lynge gather bot ?
00:36:39Momdsiw sec
00:36:46Terkill take wards someone
00:36:47Terkill cant room
00:36:59JTG.Bop ,
00:37:22Lynge GAHTER
00:37:25Lynge i ulti
00:37:26RomyD82 bot?
00:37:27Arapiles blink
00:37:28Lafrenzz BRACER ON DROW ? ? ??
00:37:30Lynge gather
00:37:33Arapiles where?
00:37:35Lynge lucifer
00:37:36Lynge bot
00:37:40Momdsiw kk
00:37:41Lafrenzz b
00:37:42Momdsiw need some mana
00:38:22Koskenkorva-95 drow farmed
00:38:38Lafrenzz the bracer guy ?
00:38:55Lynge b
00:38:55Lynge all
00:38:56RomyD82 b boys
00:38:59Terkill I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:00Lafrenzz well roamed cent
00:39:05Momdsiw mom on cent xD
00:39:46Momdsiw -ms
00:39:56Koskenkorva-95 auch
00:40:03Wasara I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:03Lynge gather top
00:40:04Momdsiw dorp items
00:40:04Lynge all
00:40:06Momdsiw befor euse chicken
00:40:13JTG.Bop I surrender!
00:40:20Wasara type ff
00:40:23acchilies I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:31RomyD82 ^^
00:40:31Koskenkorva-95 xD
00:40:31Lafrenzz auch
00:40:33JTG.Bop I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:35JTG.Bop -ff
00:40:40Koskenkorva-95 aha
00:40:41Koskenkorva-95 hahaha
00:40:46Lafrenzz AUCH BITCH
00:40:47Lynge Wait cent
00:40:52Koskenkorva-95 no need
00:40:53Koskenkorva-95 i fap
00:41:06Momdsiw addinks uutee
00:42:22Lynge cent
00:42:23Lynge top fffs
00:42:39RomyD82 ^^
00:42:41Lynge run
00:42:42Lynge i ulti
00:42:53Arapiles gg
00:42:54Momdsiw gg
00:42:58Wasara gg
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