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Chat log

00:00:16Yuriko does anyone want phoenix
00:00:16yeW- ban phoenix
00:00:16Yuriko or pitlord
00:00:16Yuriko anyone wants phoenix?
00:00:16yeW- dunno
00:00:16yeW- ask pinary or smtg
00:00:16Yuriko lycan
00:00:16diesel ban?
00:00:16diesel -phoenix
00:00:18Yuriko am anyone?
00:00:22Yuriko pitlord?
00:00:22yeW- u play iy
00:00:24yeW- u play am
00:00:35diesel pick butcher for last please
00:00:43yeW- he goes bs
00:00:44yeW- mb
00:00:51diesel pit
00:00:52diesel nice
00:01:06Yuriko yew go mid
00:01:15yeW- k
00:01:24Yuriko you should farm that pudge easily
00:01:27diesel ward enemy forest
00:01:30diesel against ursa
00:01:39RomyD82 aye aye sir'
00:02:01diesel -swap 5
00:02:03dhgf -swap 1
00:02:03Yuriko bat top
00:02:04yeW- -ma
00:02:04RomyD82 let me top
00:02:07yeW- erm
00:02:11yeW- luna mid
00:02:17yeW- shud i still go?
00:02:20Yuriko well
00:02:21yeW- bat cud mid
00:02:24Yuriko nah
00:02:25Yuriko better u
00:02:26PinaryB luna so short range
00:02:27RomyD82 one ward at rune pit
00:02:32yeW- luna bot
00:02:32RomyD82 so i rune forest for ursa
00:02:34yeW- forget it said anythin
00:02:38RomyD82 kk>?
00:02:41Kanpu3a np
00:02:41yeW- -ma
00:02:42svents liewc jo
00:02:45dhgf wadapp :D
00:02:46dhgf eestis :D
00:02:49yeW- then svents invo is mi
00:02:54svents eestis juba?:D
00:02:55PinaryB ofc
00:02:55Yuriko xD
00:02:56dhgf japp
00:02:58svents nice
00:02:59dhgf kle vana oled? :D
00:03:01dhgf kasinni? :D
00:03:04svents 21
00:03:07svents k2isin nv
00:03:09yeW- i think he is mid ^^
00:03:12Kanpu3a b
00:03:13diesel lol
00:03:16svents jumala purjus l6puks :D
00:03:23svents 400 euri kasinni l2ks
00:03:32svents diilerivastu holdemit :DDD
00:03:51PinaryB care mid
00:04:46diesel pull please
00:04:57RomyD82 ursa is ouir woods
00:05:00PinaryB skilled wrong skill..
00:05:00RomyD82 so care
00:05:04dhgf nop mid
00:05:09RomyD82 k
00:05:11RomyD82 srry
00:05:18dhgf banned
00:05:19Yuriko np just kill them on lvl 4 instead
00:05:23RomyD82 ?
00:05:25dhgf :D:D
00:05:27diesel his kidding :D
00:05:28dhgf me troll :D
00:05:37svents kus mati siis on?
00:05:55yeW- SSM ID
00:06:08Dota.m ss 1
00:06:19yeW- ss pidge
00:06:21yeW- hasted
00:08:15yeW- buy me tp
00:08:16yeW- PLS!!
00:08:18yeW- i can rosh
00:08:19yeW- now
00:08:21yeW- give u all exta money
00:08:38yeW- or not
00:08:38yeW- :
00:08:42yeW- thx team :
00:08:42Yuriko :(
00:08:43yeW- :(
00:08:53yeW- ss mid
00:08:54yeW- care
00:09:01Dota.m ss bot
00:09:09Yuriko go
00:09:10Yuriko bat
00:09:30dhgf MID MISS
00:09:39PinaryB hea
00:09:48svents täiesti lampi :D
00:09:50svents panin fogi :D
00:10:06dhgf kelle mille maha said?
00:10:14svents ei saanud kedagi :D
00:10:37Yuriko ?eza ss
00:10:37yeW- lol
00:10:41svents fag
00:11:06yeW- right
00:11:07yeW- ..
00:11:09RomyD82 ^^
00:11:19svents liewec kus mati siis on?
00:11:40yeW- u had wards there?
00:11:43Dota.m man bot
00:11:44Dota.m care
00:11:44RomyD82 ofc
00:11:47Dota.m many *
00:12:01PinaryB keep pushing top
00:12:02svents pit firestrom
00:12:04svents fckuibng noobs
00:12:07Kanpu3a )
00:12:28RomyD82 dont u want to gang magina and ursa?
00:13:21yeW- meh
00:13:29yeW- how come
00:13:31yeW- i have seen 0 gangs?
00:14:13dhgf svents
00:14:20dhgf nahhui sa diileri vastu holdemit teed taun :D::D:D
00:14:22svents mida?
00:14:22dhgf cashi ikka
00:14:23dhgf jesus :D
00:14:26RomyD82 gang pls
00:14:28svents ma olin umbes:D
00:14:33dhgf ilmselgelt :D
00:14:44svents algul tegin cashi kh
00:14:48yeW- wards
00:14:48svents eal -30 euri
00:14:52yeW- wr
00:14:56RomyD82 maguna has vanguard
00:15:16RomyD82 pit why u left man/
00:15:26yeW- my god
00:15:27yeW- u guys
00:15:28yeW- just lol
00:15:36yeW- wr farms dragon
00:16:05yeW- WARDS
00:16:06yeW- wr
00:16:15dhgf tulen
00:16:15RomyD82 magina is farming
00:16:39yeW- tp
00:16:39yeW- tp
00:17:19dhgf manananna
00:17:53yeW- wr?
00:17:53dhgf mana
00:17:54dhgf pl
00:17:57RomyD82 cd
00:18:01Dota.m ¨
00:18:05PinaryB lol head vennad jooksevad minema
00:18:05yeW- my god
00:18:13yeW- go have a chemio mate
00:18:17yeW- get rid of those tumors
00:18:22yeW- tp
00:18:34Yuriko GOI ENAGAGE
00:19:19diesel dcont
00:19:23RomyD82 ?
00:19:26diesel dont take it :D
00:19:28dhgf me le bottle
00:19:28yeW- wards?
00:19:29yeW- today?
00:19:30RomyD82 lol
00:19:33Yuriko just ff
00:19:46yeW- ..
00:19:46Yuriko GO
00:20:07Yuriko go kill luna
00:20:08Yuriko GO
00:20:52diesel b
00:21:11yeW- my god
00:21:11yeW- GET
00:21:12yeW- FICONG
00:21:13yeW- WARDS
00:21:13yeW- WR
00:21:15yeW- JESUS
00:21:24yeW- fucin
00:21:25Yuriko they roshing
00:21:26yeW- soab
00:21:38RomyD82 push?
00:21:46yeW- pinary the usual
00:21:47yeW- cancer play
00:22:16dhgf b
00:22:46yeW- cover me
00:22:47yeW- be there
00:22:49yeW- stay
00:22:52yeW- ight them
00:23:07diesel run
00:23:20svents so fcking slow :D
00:23:23yeW- go b
00:23:57yeW- what the fuck
00:23:59yeW- WHAT THE FUCK
00:24:02yeW- are you wankin there
00:24:37dhgf -ma
00:24:37svents seal oli raudselt
00:24:59RomyD82 dude
00:25:03RomyD82 is it so hard to grave
00:27:03diesel kanup3a
00:27:06Kanpu3a ?
00:27:07diesel guinsoo
00:27:09RomyD82 u had wards from min 2
00:27:09diesel can u make one?
00:27:17RomyD82 and no gang on ursa anmd magina
00:27:44Yuriko yew
00:27:45Yuriko make hex
00:28:01RomyD82 we need to push
00:28:06RomyD82 they cant do nothing to us
00:28:09yeW- hm
00:28:16Yuriko helps vs mana drain thing
00:28:19Yuriko and u can instakill luna
00:28:43dhgf maba
00:28:45dhgf na
00:28:57Yuriko go
00:30:05yeW- ill go bloodstone
00:30:09RomyD82 push again?
00:30:22yeW- -a
00:30:23yeW- -ma
00:30:50svents we need gem for thisfag
00:31:00svents he is cmoning behind and 3 hits and gg
00:31:13diesel got my item
00:31:14diesel atleast
00:31:21diesel b
00:31:22diesel def at tower
00:31:33RomyD82 its gg
00:32:33yeW- get mana boots
00:32:56rtg800 guess so
00:33:11dhgf got gem in a sec
00:33:12RomyD82 rosh is back
00:33:20diesel mana please
00:33:31yeW- get sentires
00:33:34Yuriko luna butter
00:33:41RomyD82 b
00:33:46dhgf got gem
00:34:02Yuriko focus luna everyone
00:34:03Yuriko not pit
00:34:08dhgf mana
00:34:08Yuriko i get cheese
00:34:32diesel PIT?
00:34:35diesel no stun?
00:34:46diesel such a fail
00:34:52RomyD82 straight butter?
00:34:55RomyD82 luna
00:34:56RomyD82 wtf
00:35:12RomyD82 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:14Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:26yeW- kill wards
00:35:30RomyD82 they got 2 imba carrys
00:35:30rtg800 come for mana
00:35:34RomyD82 and u were 4 bot
00:35:37RomyD82 for 20 mins
00:36:24yeW- b
00:36:27yeW- 4v5
00:36:56diesel care
00:36:56diesel am ulti
00:37:00dhgf am invis
00:37:18yeW- k go mid
00:37:25Yuriko hard to push
00:37:26Yuriko pit eza
00:37:33yeW- wards
00:37:41Yuriko we should just farm
00:38:08rtg800 luna tackeled
00:38:57diesel 15 sec
00:38:57RomyD82 magina farmed nothing top for 15 mins
00:39:06diesel 5 sec
00:40:47svents tra:D
00:40:58RomyD82 pit
00:40:59Dota.m ward
00:40:59svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:00Dota.m there
00:41:01Dota.m also
00:41:01dhgf I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:02diesel I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:05RomyD82 how can u miss those spells
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