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-23 X
+2 TS

98% | 1802 X | 1558 TS

-1 X
+2 TS

80% | 1457 X | 1431 TS

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+1 TS

71% | 1338 X | 1412 TS

+24 X
+3 TS

62% | 1284 X | 1370 TS

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61% | 1307 X | 1337 TS

+34 X
-2 TS

85% | 1541 X | 1438 TS

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-2 TS

84% | 1529 X | 1427 TS

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-4 TS

83% | 1503 X | 1426 TS

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70% | 1360 X | 1381 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

66% | 1288 X | 1402 TS

Chat log

00:00:18BoBo.Ftw xin
00:00:18WANKmaster -am
00:00:18BoBo.Ftw anyone ud?
00:00:18Kastrup MA
00:00:27BoBo.Ftw hm?
00:00:33WANKmaster ns
00:00:36WANKmaster can any1
00:00:37WANKmaster ?
00:00:40WANKmaster or ud
00:00:41WANKmaster ?
00:00:42WANKmaster ns ud
00:00:43WANKmaster ?
00:00:44Kastrup hm
00:00:44Buttons i can ud
00:00:44WANKmaster any1
00:00:45WANKmaster ?
00:00:48Kastrup fuck it
00:00:49WANKmaster ns
00:00:50Kastrup any1 want?
00:00:50WANKmaster any1
00:00:51WANKmaster ?
00:01:05Buttons teal wants?
00:01:06Kastrup any1 dirge?
00:01:08Kastrup hmm
00:01:10Laier yes pick mroe shit
00:01:11WANKmaster can some1 play ogre?
00:01:13WANKmaster get me naga
00:01:14WANKmaster then
00:01:15Laier and let them get all good supports
00:01:17Kastrup zeus..
00:01:19Kastrup or..
00:01:24Kastrup rexar
00:01:25WANKmaster naga with weno
00:01:26Kastrup or meepo
00:01:26WANKmaster is imba
00:01:27Buttons which
00:01:31Kastrup waht we need?
00:01:32marsbar2k that first pick made me like "whatever"
00:01:33BoBo.Ftw ss and ns shit picks?
00:01:35Buttons -swap 2
00:01:37WANKmaster get me naga
00:01:37Kastrup -swap 4
00:01:41Laier np i go drow
00:01:43Kastrup whos mid?
00:01:43WANKmaster cooper
00:01:44Kastrup me?
00:01:45BoBo.Ftw well no wishes from u
00:01:45Kastrup or?
00:01:45WANKmaster can u play
00:01:48WANKmaster ogre
00:01:49WANKmaster ?
00:01:49BoBo.Ftw so i didnt care
00:01:51WANKmaster if i get naga
00:01:53WANKmaster then sure
00:01:53cooper naga?
00:01:56WANKmaster u can mid
00:01:57WANKmaster get me
00:01:58WANKmaster naga
00:01:59WANKmaster u play ogre
00:02:02WANKmaster -swap 5
00:02:05cooper -swap 1
00:02:08WANKmaster thanks
00:02:24Zajeb we bot wank?
00:02:27WANKmaster yes
00:02:40Affliction gonna leave again if your loosing ? bobo ?
00:02:51Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:02:52Affliction -ii
00:02:54Affliction -don
00:02:55Affliction -hhn
00:02:55BoBo.Ftw ofc
00:02:56Buttons vang pipe ab?
00:02:59Kastrup wards = <3
00:03:10Zajeb aa inv
00:03:11Zajeb care
00:03:11Laier aa so dead
00:03:11Laier btw
00:03:11Kastrup weankm?
00:03:11Affliction dead ?
00:03:11Kastrup wankm?
00:03:11Affliction why ? :/
00:03:13WANKmaster dunno
00:03:17Zajeb aa is inv
00:03:19Zajeb care mid
00:03:20Laier oh
00:03:20Laier nvm
00:03:21Laier you were invi >.<
00:03:21Kastrup wank u lagg
00:03:21Laier didnt notice
00:03:21marsbar2k noob
00:03:21WANKmaster my provider
00:03:21marsbar2k :D
00:03:22WANKmaster is fucking
00:03:23WANKmaster i know
00:03:27WANKmaster sec
00:03:27Kastrup dont re
00:03:27Kastrup moment
00:03:27Kastrup re
00:03:27Kastrup <-
00:03:27WANKmaster well all is closed
00:03:27WANKmaster dunno
00:03:27WANKmaster rdy?
00:03:27BoBo.Ftw y
00:03:27Laier OFC NOT
00:03:27Affliction lets go
00:03:27WANKmaster go
00:03:29Zajeb aa is onv
00:03:53Laier gg bot lane
00:04:17Zajeb chick?
00:04:20Zajeb i will upg
00:04:27cooper ss1
00:04:55Zajeb where is chick>?
00:05:02Kastrup nmee ga
00:05:51Affliction ruen tp
00:05:54Affliction top
00:05:59Zajeb re
00:06:49Kastrup gank is needed
00:07:21Affliction 1-0
00:07:39Kastrup gank is ERALLY needed
00:07:40Kastrup guys
00:07:48Kastrup he free farms
00:07:51BoBo.Ftw oo affli in silver
00:08:11Affliction ss veno
00:08:23Affliction re
00:08:32Zajeb ss 2
00:08:38Affliction need gank @ bot
00:08:41Kastrup :)
00:08:43Affliction really a hard lane
00:09:31Laier bto ss2
00:10:10Kastrup b
00:10:39Zajeb naga do u need me or i can roam?
00:10:57Zajeb lets kill
00:11:08Affliction b
00:11:08Affliction b
00:11:20Kastrup guys i really need help mid
00:11:23Kastrup bala and bs is there all the time
00:11:26Kastrup dont have any chance
00:11:28Zajeb ulti z
00:11:31Kastrup bs willæ have radi in 7 min
00:11:33WANKmaster why
00:11:34WANKmaster u
00:11:37Kastrup or forcestaff
00:11:38WANKmaster towerdive?
00:11:41Kastrup who?
00:12:06Affliction that was close
00:12:07Affliction :/
00:12:21Affliction 1-1
00:12:30Kastrup :)
00:12:37Affliction :D
00:12:40Affliction :;D
00:12:48Affliction ss
00:12:49Laier go roam
00:12:49Buttons push mid
00:12:50Laier lemme farm
00:12:58Affliction need lvl 6
00:12:58Laier ????
00:13:47marsbar2k nice tps :D
00:14:15WANKmaster b
00:14:18Laier no teles?
00:14:19marsbar2k Why u give him free kill wank
00:14:21Kastrup <- dead?
00:14:33Buttons n
00:14:46Domess OMG
00:14:49Domess man
00:15:20Buttons csare
00:15:25WANKmaster force
00:15:27WANKmaster phase
00:15:28WANKmaster .. :d
00:15:31Kastrup SAID IT?
00:15:45Domess lol
00:15:45Laier wtf?
00:15:46Domess silence
00:15:47Laier :.......
00:15:47Domess and kill
00:16:30Domess lol
00:16:35Kastrup rofl :D
00:16:44Kastrup u just kept running
00:17:52Affliction why ?
00:17:54Affliction use
00:17:55marsbar2k noob laier
00:18:09Laier what i did now+
00:18:13Laier was in windows..
00:18:26marsbar2k sure nub cake
00:18:35Laier stfu fucking ugly nerd cunt
00:18:38marsbar2k :D
00:18:57Domess start to gang
00:19:32Domess gang guys
00:19:34Domess pls
00:19:57Buttons b
00:19:59Kastrup b
00:19:59Kastrup b
00:20:18Laier y
00:20:18marsbar2k they got wards
00:20:20marsbar2k noobs :D
00:20:23Laier fucking idiot show your self
00:20:34Buttons tower
00:20:43Affliction focus tomb
00:21:03Kastrup go
00:22:19marsbar2k noobs
00:22:19marsbar2k :D
00:22:36WANKmaster should have gone mid
00:22:37WANKmaster myself
00:22:41Kastrup couldn't do shit
00:22:42Kastrup and no ganks
00:22:46WANKmaster i mean
00:22:46Kastrup and bala came 2838930 times
00:22:52WANKmaster i could have farmed
00:22:55Kastrup ye
00:23:02Domess b
00:23:07WANKmaster with soul ring
00:23:08WANKmaster easy
00:23:08WANKmaster spam
00:24:07Domess hi :
00:24:08Affliction :D
00:24:11Buttons ofc
00:24:12Buttons euls
00:24:20Affliction you got pooped on !
00:24:26Buttons idd
00:24:31Buttons l2go regular build
00:24:48Kastrup gather?
00:24:49Kastrup someone?
00:25:15Kastrup gj
00:25:17marsbar2k HEY WAS WACTHING d3 boss!
00:25:33Kastrup stupid
00:25:34Kastrup let ogre first
00:27:09Kastrup gather again?
00:27:17Affliction freekick
00:27:25Zajeb for?
00:27:32Affliction bayn
00:27:43WANKmaster penalty
00:27:47Affliction ye
00:27:48Affliction *ye
00:28:33Domess OMg
00:28:34Domess fuck it
00:28:47Laier wp tards
00:29:14Kastrup <- devil
00:29:15Affliction 2-1
00:29:23Affliction ohh nmv
00:29:25Affliction nvm
00:29:27WANKmaster he missed
00:29:30Affliction ye
00:29:32Kastrup he did?
00:29:33Zajeb robben?
00:29:33Affliction n00b
00:29:42Affliction ye
00:29:47Zajeb tard
00:29:50Kastrup nice sleep b4 good job
00:29:56Affliction gem
00:30:15Buttons ?
00:30:25Kastrup gather again
00:30:34Buttons gem
00:30:35Buttons get
00:30:36Laier y
00:30:39Laier leave gem there
00:30:55BoBo.Ftw did he have gem?
00:31:01Laier ....
00:31:02Affliction y
00:31:19Kastrup care
00:31:19Laier now ogre has it
00:31:21Laier they smoke mid
00:31:25WANKmaster ill take
00:31:25WANKmaster botr
00:31:33Kastrup gather for him
00:31:34Kastrup come
00:31:55Kastrup b
00:32:08Domess push :)
00:32:12Laier yes.. mid
00:32:23Kastrup bot?
00:32:26Domess go all mid
00:32:27Domess me down
00:32:27Laier fight here
00:32:28Domess pls
00:32:28Laier uphill
00:32:39Laier warded
00:32:51Kastrup go?
00:33:33Laier who the FUCK
00:33:35Laier euls ud
00:33:38Laier who i silenced
00:33:43marsbar2k rasta :D
00:33:47Laier fucking cunt
00:33:50marsbar2k like u
00:33:52marsbar2k :
00:33:53marsbar2k :D
00:34:01Kastrup go mid
00:34:03Laier wp rhasta
00:34:04Laier with euls
00:34:08Laier just saved ud
00:34:11Laier but np
00:34:15Domess saved ?
00:34:18Laier yes?
00:34:18Buttons go both>?
00:34:19Domess why ?
00:34:25Buttons have tomb
00:34:35Laier i silenced him while he rushed in to seeker
00:34:41Domess hm ok
00:34:44Laier 6sec silence
00:34:46Laier and you eul
00:34:59WANKmaster b
00:34:59WANKmaster b
00:35:11Buttons bs
00:35:12Buttons inc
00:35:26Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:30Buttons i pipe or shiva?
00:35:37Zajeb pipe
00:35:37WANKmaster shiva
00:35:41Buttons idd
00:35:41Zajeb :D
00:35:46Kastrup should have made veild
00:35:47Kastrup stupid me
00:35:52Kastrup b
00:36:00Kastrup go the
00:36:02Kastrup bs not there
00:36:34Buttons care ogre
00:36:40Domess gg
00:36:46Domess no one got normal item here..
00:36:52Domess u all lvl 13
00:36:53Domess ffs
00:36:57Laier ofc
00:37:03Laier and you eul silenced ud
00:37:10Domess lol and ?
00:37:15Domess sry traxes
00:37:16Laier and you ruined whole fucking fight
00:37:17Domess u so good
00:37:18Laier gg
00:37:21Domess im so sorry
00:37:22Domess to eul
00:37:23Domess him
00:37:23Domess oh
00:37:28Domess we lost the game
00:37:28Domess coz me
00:37:29Domess :((
00:37:30Domess sorry
00:37:31Laier why the fuck WOULD you eul him
00:37:35Kastrup dd one bs
00:37:35Kastrup ns
00:37:36Buttons try end or turtle
00:37:37Buttons ?
00:37:37Kastrup *
00:37:48Laier eul something usefull
00:37:53Laier like zeus or naga
00:37:54Kastrup car
00:37:55Kastrup care
00:38:04Laier but noooo
00:38:07Laier you eul silenced ud
00:38:08Laier =DDD
00:38:24marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:28Kastrup he tries to psuh
00:38:29marsbar2k gonna play some diablo
00:38:33marsbar2k sucky newbs :D
00:38:39Kastrup <- def?
00:38:40WANKmaster b
00:38:41Buttons cds
00:38:41WANKmaster go
00:38:41Buttons b?
00:38:42WANKmaster def
00:39:29Affliction !?
00:39:37Domess silence
00:39:38Kastrup gather?
00:39:38Domess fucking sirena
00:39:42Domess before he make illu
00:39:43Kastrup dd one bs
00:39:46WANKmaster b
00:39:48Domess u noob
00:39:49WANKmaster forest
00:39:49Laier like he runs in
00:39:52Laier without them
00:39:53Laier bob
00:40:07Domess gang
00:40:09Domess lok
00:40:09Laier warded
00:40:11Domess this victil
00:40:15Kastrup how much cd on sleep?
00:40:23Domess y
00:40:26WANKmaster 60
00:40:30Kastrup they ros
00:40:31Domess 1 gang
00:40:32Kastrup come
00:40:33Domess and we can push
00:40:33Kastrup fast
00:40:34Kastrup copme
00:40:34Kastrup come
00:40:35Kastrup fast
00:40:42Kastrup u sleep and go in?
00:40:42Domess they come
00:40:48WANKmaster dont
00:40:49WANKmaster use
00:40:49WANKmaster ulties
00:40:50Domess fast
00:40:50WANKmaster then
00:40:55Domess b
00:41:06Domess gg
00:41:10Domess perma attack
00:41:10Domess me
00:41:27Domess go b
00:41:28Domess :)
00:41:31Kastrup <- silenced :(
00:41:35Domess i need to stay back
00:41:39Buttons idd
00:41:41Buttons ns bs is just
00:41:42Buttons wtf
00:41:50Zajeb we killed bs?
00:41:51Domess we killed rosh for nothing
00:41:53Buttons yh
00:41:55Buttons 4 for 2
00:41:56Kastrup once yes
00:41:56Buttons is np
00:41:56Zajeb nice
00:42:10Kastrup does my ulti go through bkb?
00:42:16Kastrup :D
00:42:16WANKmaster dont think so
00:42:19Kastrup :D
00:42:29Buttons why this
00:42:31WANKmaster get ghost
00:42:31Buttons is still up
00:42:31Buttons rlyu
00:42:33WANKmaster zeuz
00:42:36Kastrup ye
00:42:58Domess lool
00:42:59Domess they gang
00:43:00Domess :)
00:43:08Domess wards
00:43:08Laier kinda obious
00:43:18marsbar2k laier would u mind
00:43:18Domess this ancient
00:43:19Domess sux hard
00:43:23marsbar2k shutting the fuck up noob :D
00:43:27Domess ye
00:43:28Domess laier
00:43:29Laier marsbar2k talking
00:43:29Laier funny
00:43:30Laier :DDD
00:43:31Domess is anyoining
00:43:31Kastrup care for aa ulti
00:43:31Laier really funny
00:43:38Domess crix
00:43:39Domess with trax
00:43:44Domess and what are u doing now ?
00:43:46Domess desolator ?
00:43:53Domess silence ?
00:43:54Domess woow
00:43:57Domess sielenced
00:43:58Domess woow
00:43:59Domess pwn
00:44:05Domess woow trax
00:44:19Laier why wouldnt i do crit with drow
00:44:21Laier wanna tell me that
00:44:27Laier n1
00:44:27Laier rhasta
00:44:29Laier awesome
00:44:30Domess im alone ?
00:44:30Domess why
00:44:34Domess y
00:44:35Domess im alone
00:44:36Laier coz YOU AR NOOB
00:44:36Domess but i def
00:44:38Domess no
00:44:38Laier :DDDDDDDDDD
00:44:40Domess i def alone
00:44:41Domess look
00:44:43Domess tower still there
00:44:54Affliction I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:57BoBo.Ftw I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:58Domess k
00:45:01Domess ancient ttrax
00:45:02Laier wp domess
00:45:04Kastrup didnt think we would win this one
00:45:08Kastrup had nothing after 20 min :D
00:45:08Zajeb me 2
00:45:08Domess wp
00:45:09Domess man
00:45:12Domess u were so good
00:45:15Kastrup but they foget to focus me
00:45:16Kastrup forgot
00:45:29Domess pity u noob
00:45:35Domess and ur builditem sux hard :D
00:45:37Domess muaahaha
00:45:44Laier bkb crit
00:45:47Laier nothing wrong with it
00:45:54Laier alteast i dont eul silenced ud
00:45:55Laier n1
00:45:55Domess woow
00:45:56Laier :DD
00:45:57BoBo.Ftw wp
00:46:00Domess woow
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