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88% | 1530 X | 1434 TS

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82% | 1505 X | 1411 TS

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Chat log

00:00:09Nickless gazdabus
00:00:17Kastrup weaver
00:00:17valiante krob
00:00:19Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:22marsbar2k invo
00:00:23marsbar2k :D
00:00:30valiante dazzle or aa anyone?
00:00:38Affliction dazz¨
00:00:41Affliction 'ok
00:00:41valiante ok
00:00:42Affliction aa
00:00:42valiante aa
00:00:44DayDream i get daz
00:00:44marsbar2k hva ska du ha
00:00:55Kastrup dunno
00:00:56Kastrup hmm
00:00:58Kastrup mirana maybe?
00:01:02Kastrup well not
00:01:04marsbar2k :D
00:01:04Kastrup then morph
00:01:16valiante ok
00:01:19Affliction ¨you want?
00:01:20DayDream -swap 2
00:01:21Mercury -swap 3
00:01:22valiante fuck
00:01:22marsbar2k shit picks
00:01:22Laier morph imba pick y
00:01:24valiante i wanted mortred
00:01:31valiante getme wr
00:01:34Laier get tide
00:01:35Vaj.CO lanes<
00:01:36Vaj.CO ?
00:01:36valiante -swap 4
00:01:40marsbar2k -swap 1
00:01:40Affliction -swap 1
00:01:42Kastrup -swap 4
00:01:45Kastrup <- bot
00:01:53Kastrup axe woods
00:01:55Mercury il top with daz
00:01:55Kastrup pugna mirana top
00:01:57Kastrup inok top
00:02:03valiante aite
00:02:14Vaj.CO who s mid?
00:02:17Kastrup invoker
00:02:18Kastrup or u
00:02:19Kastrup i dont care
00:02:22Kastrup or miarna
00:02:25Vaj.CO i go ;)
00:02:28Laier too late
00:02:29Vaj.CO can i?
00:02:30valiante u two want mid?
00:02:32valiante and i solo bot?
00:02:42valiante ok?
00:02:43Laier better pugna invo
00:02:45Affliction kk
00:02:46valiante place wards
00:02:47valiante viper
00:02:48valiante go mid
00:02:48svents ok
00:02:49Nickless i pull + woods
00:02:51Kastrup yea
00:02:52Laier decre + nuke and fireballz
00:02:52Kastrup and please
00:02:54Vaj.CO idc
00:02:55valiante oh no wards
00:02:56valiante -.-
00:02:57Kastrup ghelp if it is needed
00:03:02Nickless k
00:03:15Affliction ¨FB +
00:03:19valiante no
00:03:27Kastrup care
00:03:30Laier zzz
00:03:31Kastrup he ot haste
00:03:31Laier 2x mid
00:03:37Laier invo viper mid
00:03:52Nickless he warded
00:03:57Laier Lagggggg
00:04:39Laier this lag
00:04:40Laier is so epic
00:06:33Kastrup not warded
00:06:35Kastrup ffs
00:06:40Nickless am woods
00:06:41Nickless plus
00:06:50Nickless pull
00:06:53Vaj.CO aa inc top
00:06:58Laier aa miss
00:07:01DayDream ss2
00:07:39Affliction GJ
00:08:00DayDream if u gank put cold feet when we slow
00:08:01Kastrup axe?
00:08:02Kastrup no gank?
00:08:06Nickless wanna?
00:08:15Kastrup oc
00:08:16Kastrup ofc
00:08:27Nickless sec
00:08:33Nickless let them come
00:08:53Laier aa miss
00:08:53Laier mid
00:09:12Kastrup axe gj
00:09:16svents rofl
00:09:18DayDream ss
00:09:18svents nice
00:09:21svents this night
00:09:34Kastrup mirana gank?
00:09:35Kastrup someone?
00:09:36valiante ss
00:09:37Kastrup how hard can it be
00:09:55Affliction POTM
00:09:56Affliction OTW
00:09:58Affliction bot
00:10:23Nickless ffs
00:10:24Nickless what u want
00:10:26Nickless let me play
00:10:27Kastrup GANK
00:10:28Kastrup FFS
00:11:13Kastrup miss WR
00:11:14Kastrup CARE
00:11:29svents v6tame toüi
00:11:33valiante ss
00:11:51Nickless now gank
00:12:41Kastrup axe
00:12:43Kastrup u dont fucking get it
00:12:44Laier ok
00:12:47Kastrup THAT way
00:12:49Kastrup not the fucking other way
00:12:50Affliction BORN N00B OR IDIOT + :d
00:12:50Laier since when you CANT blink with dazzle poison? :DDD
00:12:52Kastrup how fucking hard is it
00:12:54Nickless i was taht way
00:12:56Nickless that
00:12:58Kastrup yes
00:13:00Kastrup when there was no creeps
00:13:01Nickless but am lsow
00:13:02Kastrup u fucking idiot
00:13:12valiante ss
00:13:28Vaj.CO kill mort
00:13:40Vaj.CO omfg
00:14:53Nickless stay
00:14:58Kastrup u got nothing
00:15:00Kastrup after 11 min in woods?
00:16:17marsbar2k gg
00:16:44Nickless ?
00:16:58Vaj.CO go
00:17:27Kastrup no
00:17:39valiante bot twr now
00:17:40valiante go
00:17:48Mercury bot tower gonwe
00:17:49valiante viper
00:18:12valiante wp
00:18:17Vaj.CO :)
00:18:25Affliction what should i do ?
00:18:29Affliction ohh him
00:18:30Affliction :D
00:19:24Laier why would you run there
00:19:25Laier when im 10hp
00:19:27Laier ./
00:19:37Vaj.CO didnt see rest
00:20:01Kastrup why the fuck did my hero uninvis
00:20:21valiante got meka
00:20:29Vaj.CO this invo plays so bad
00:21:06Vaj.CO go
00:21:48Laier totally worth it :D
00:21:49svents wp valiante
00:21:52valiante :D
00:21:53svents fcking cunt
00:22:21valiante so bad
00:22:23Laier invo? :DD
00:22:24Laier mby help
00:22:25valiante ^^
00:22:37valiante when does courier respawn
00:22:42DayDream 125 sec
00:22:46valiante crap
00:23:09marsbar2k reg
00:23:11Kastrup <-
00:23:13Affliction just seen extended gladiator ;D
00:23:16Affliction 4 hours
00:23:16Affliction :D
00:23:17Laier mine
00:23:19Laier dont take it
00:23:41valiante mate
00:23:52svents why did i even go
00:23:56Kastrup care
00:23:56svents if there is 2
00:23:59Kastrup no reason to lose it now
00:24:01svents cant help anyway
00:24:02Kastrup we just got a opening
00:24:03Affliction didt see axe
00:24:04Affliction :/
00:24:14Kastrup 700
00:24:17Kastrup and i got diffusal
00:24:19Kastrup then we can gank
00:24:20Kastrup as hel
00:24:37Kastrup mine
00:24:40Kastrup ;ONE
00:24:41Kastrup fs
00:24:51valiante lets keep pushing?
00:25:34Kastrup pugna
00:25:37Kastrup DONT fucking push that fucking lane
00:25:40Kastrup you donty need that farm
00:25:43Affliction potm
00:25:45Kastrup i could have ha fissaul
00:25:47valiante he tped
00:25:48Kastrup diffusal
00:25:48Mercury potm tpd
00:25:57valiante lets go mid?
00:26:03Kastrup i ome
00:26:04Kastrup inn 10
00:26:21valiante we have pusher items now
00:26:22valiante lets go
00:27:21Laier bullshit
00:27:30Laier that dazzle poison is pure bullshit
00:28:40Nickless invo u dont follow
00:28:44Kastrup how can u only hit ONE with that fucking dagger-call?
00:28:47Kastrup never seen anything like it
00:28:50Kastrup they are 4 together
00:28:52Kastrup and u dont hit them
00:28:52svents jahahahaa
00:28:54DayDream b
00:28:56marsbar2k u didnt blink in to start with
00:28:59marsbar2k dont blame it on me
00:29:02marsbar2k dont speak to me
00:29:13Nickless follow me
00:29:14Nickless invo
00:29:20Vaj.CO well invo is so bad
00:29:22Nickless i wont jump in death
00:29:29Vaj.CO he plays only with meteor
00:29:30Nickless i did call 2 times
00:29:34Nickless and 2 kills each
00:29:40Nickless y
00:29:48Nickless nvm that
00:29:49Nickless follow
00:30:00marsbar2k first wards ingame :D
00:30:23Laier wp axe :D
00:32:15Laier svents what we say to god of dead
00:32:22Laier NOT TODAY
00:32:29Kastrup use
00:32:29Kastrup or dont
00:32:29svents WELL I MISSLCLICKED
00:32:34svents WANTED TO ULTI U :/
00:32:35Affliction lol
00:32:36valiante i still think
00:32:39Nickless sry
00:32:39Laier misssucked my dick?
00:32:40valiante we should keep up pushing mid
00:32:42Laier you did ulti me? :D
00:32:44Laier if you didnt notice
00:32:45Affliction :D
00:32:48svents nope
00:32:49valiante mortred has bkb now again
00:32:49Nickless i algg
00:32:50Laier yep
00:32:50Nickless lagg
00:32:51Nickless hard
00:32:52Laier last tick
00:32:52svents i ultied pugna
00:32:54Laier 70hp
00:32:59Laier u ultied me :)
00:33:03svents da fuuuq
00:33:10Laier after last tick 70hp
00:33:18valiante mid ok guys?
00:33:20valiante mortred
00:33:21DayDream y
00:33:23valiante wanna join with ur bkb
00:33:24valiante :)
00:33:28Kastrup reg
00:33:38Mercury w8 then?
00:34:58Mercury get b
00:34:59DayDream b
00:35:18DayDream aa dont put that buff on when we push
00:35:24DayDream it only works on heroes
00:35:33DayDream HEROES
00:35:48valiante u got it
00:35:50valiante ill give u that
00:35:50Laier :D
00:35:51Laier y
00:35:56Laier worth it
00:35:57Affliction orange
00:36:05Nickless FOLLOW INVO
00:36:07Nickless FFS
00:36:18svents die
00:36:20Laier nice lag
00:36:29Kastrup b
00:36:32Laier :DDD
00:36:34svents excuses all the time
00:36:38Laier wel
00:36:42Laier i had all cd's
00:36:45marsbar2k retarded goes
00:36:46Laier nad this mob just stands still
00:36:58Laier its gg anyway
00:37:05Kastrup looks like it - ye
00:37:11Laier shit pick morph
00:37:15Laier and shitplayer invo
00:37:18marsbar2k shit mirana pick
00:37:19Laier eod
00:37:21Kastrup well i should have gone mid
00:37:25Kastrup but i though wr would
00:37:25Laier atleast i got a stun
00:37:27Kastrup he normally does
00:37:33marsbar2k your useless
00:37:34Kastrup and a axe not helping once
00:37:44Laier :DDD
00:37:47Laier funny shackle
00:37:59Laier 1 spell invoker won
00:38:26Vaj.CO I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:29valiante gg
00:38:29marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:40Laier gg dazzzle wonz
00:38:41Laier I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:22DayDream b
00:39:25DayDream oom
00:39:25Laier axecant blink
00:39:26Laier to 4
00:39:27Affliction total oom
00:39:27Laier :D
00:39:27Affliction :/
00:39:32Nickless when am alone
00:39:32Nickless cant
00:39:36Laier there was me
00:39:38Laier invo
00:39:39Laier pugna
00:39:40Nickless LOL
00:39:41Laier so stfu
00:39:43Nickless u and invo
00:39:59Vaj.CO just ff it
00:40:01Vaj.CO no chance
00:40:04Vaj.CO to win it
00:40:16svents oh cmon
00:40:18svents let me 1 vs 1
00:40:21svents fcking cunt
00:40:27DayDream lol
00:40:30Vaj.CO :D
00:40:35Vaj.CO so funny svents
00:40:35Nickless i swear if u ask me i would
00:40:46Vaj.CO viper cmon 1vs1
00:40:46Nickless let him die
00:40:47svents i dont believe
00:40:47Vaj.CO ok?
00:40:58Mercury i dont wnt aegis
00:41:00svents it was like 3rd time if u come and fck this up
00:41:06valiante dazzle
00:41:07valiante take
00:41:22Kastrup all here
00:41:33Laier go
00:41:34Vaj.CO go em
00:41:34Laier not all there
00:42:15valiante excellent this mortred
00:42:17valiante hey
00:42:20valiante wheres my team
00:42:22valiante oh not here
00:42:25valiante LETS rock n roll
00:42:26valiante :D
00:42:33Laier wp pa
00:42:33Laier :D
00:42:35valiante :D
00:42:36Mercury well if i get somehow still srunned trough bkb this happens
00:42:45Mercury stunned*
00:42:53valiante why not just wait?
00:42:54Vaj.CO btw can diffu stop bkb?
00:42:55valiante whats the harm
00:43:15Laier mr lothar
00:43:29svents nop invis hacks
00:44:23Vaj.CO deff
00:44:23valiante mid together?
00:44:24valiante :)
00:44:25Nickless lets prepare mid
00:44:25Kastrup gather?
00:44:26DayDream y
00:44:30Laier go with my invi?
00:44:32Vaj.CO get down pa and we can win
00:44:38Laier get down dazzle
00:44:40Laier hex nuke all you got
00:44:41Kastrup well i make copy og pa
00:44:47Kastrup let em come
00:44:48Laier we need to kill dazzle
00:44:48Laier asap
00:44:49Kastrup dont go out
00:44:51Kastrup true
00:44:55Laier i invi
00:44:56Laier go dazzle
00:45:04Affliction wards any ?
00:45:08Affliction gem ?
00:45:50Laier cmon invo :DDD
00:45:55Laier :DD
00:45:56Laier this dude
00:45:57Laier is joke
00:46:30Affliction take ghem someone
00:47:01DayDream go mid again
00:47:10DayDream w8
00:47:12valiante and get pugna ward
00:47:13valiante asap
00:47:18DayDream for mkb
00:47:24Mercury 900 to mkb
00:47:29DayDream b
00:47:30Vaj.CO care
00:47:31Nickless dont rush
00:47:32Mercury 800*
00:47:32Vaj.CO go b
00:47:35Vaj.CO b
00:47:36Vaj.CO all
00:47:49Laier b
00:47:51Laier fight 2 base
00:47:53Laier @
00:47:54valiante no ward
00:47:55valiante now we go
00:48:06Nickless same thing
00:48:50Laier well
00:48:54Laier axe CANT YOU FUCKING BLINK
00:48:56Laier from my ulti
00:48:58Laier to dazzle
00:49:08Laier you jsut run in like fucking stupid asshole when you have dagger :DD
00:49:09Kastrup they got gem
00:49:10Kastrup ffs
00:49:22Laier doesnt really matter
00:49:24Laier axe runs in
00:49:26Laier instead of blink
00:49:31svents gg wp
00:49:31Laier so stupid
00:49:35Kastrup I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:36Vaj.CO gg
00:49:38Laier gg wp wr dazzle
00:49:42Nickless my blink was disebled
00:49:44Affliction and AA
00:49:46Affliction ;D
00:49:47Laier NOT
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