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-38 X
-2 TS

98% | 1875 X | 1468 TS

-37 X
-1 TS

95% | 1688 X | 1537 TS

-54 X
-3 TS

74% | 1390 X | 1407 TS

-28 X
-1 TS

72% | 1404 X | 1367 TS

-38 X
-2 TS

66% | 1332 X | 1357 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

97% | 1749 X | 1537 TS

+21 X
+1 TS

95% | 1709 X | 1525 TS

+39 X
+1 TS

93% | 1671 X | 1490 TS

+43 X
+2 TS

73% | 1425 X | 1358 TS

+56 X
+2 TS

55% | 1257 X | 1325 TS

Chat log

00:00:15KeLToS :)
00:00:17KeLToS i want love
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove go ursa cm lane ?
00:00:17svents i can cm
00:00:17svents if needed
00:00:17Jimpai KROBELUS
00:00:17Jimpai :D
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove ban invoker
00:00:17NeverbACKdOwn i want sandkING TINY OR I GO TB
00:00:17slc2 ban ud
00:00:17NeverbACKdOwn i can invo also
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove nigulas loves it
00:00:17NeverbACKdOwn im super good with it
00:00:17Soulyah ud noob hero
00:00:17Soulyah why ban it
00:00:17Jimpai justin
00:00:17Jimpai i have already banned
00:00:17slc2 ud imba hero
00:00:17Jimpai .
00:00:17KeLToS gimme ogre
00:00:17Soulyah not
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove oh
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove we are first
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove rofl
00:00:17Jimpai since i dont think invoker is dangerous its cool ;)
00:00:17slc2 and ur slark is imba:D
00:00:17Jimpai banni plz
00:00:17svents well
00:00:17NeverbACKdOwn wait until u see me play invo
00:00:17nigulas -ud
00:00:18slc2 ty
00:00:24KeLToS give me ogreeeeeee
00:00:27Soulyah k
00:00:27svents nigulas imba with ursa so
00:00:29KeLToS )
00:00:39NeverbACKdOwn gregeril on mädapunn näos
00:00:41KeLToS fuck yea
00:00:44NeverbACKdOwn asdFFFFF
00:00:48KeLToS now i like finland
00:00:50TakinBackMyLove cm svnets `?
00:00:55nigulas why?
00:00:56TakinBackMyLove svents ?
00:00:56svents i can yeah
00:00:56Soulyah im notfrom finland lol
00:00:57slc2 no u dont
00:00:59Soulyah when will u get it
00:00:59TakinBackMyLove good
00:01:02svents want then ursa cm lane?
00:01:03KeLToS :)
00:01:05KeLToS -clear
00:01:07TakinBackMyLove nah
00:01:08slc2 u are a finish gay
00:01:09svents get sand
00:01:11svents sand
00:01:11nigulas we from est
00:01:15KeLToS what u want
00:01:16KeLToS estonian
00:01:16Soulyah get me
00:01:18Soulyah hmm
00:01:22Jimpai crix and cm bot
00:01:23Soulyah hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
00:01:24Jimpai and fb mid?
00:01:28Soulyah dunno
00:01:28KeLToS hmmmmmmmmmmm
00:01:29Soulyah pugna
00:01:31KeLToS ??
00:01:36TakinBackMyLove you mean
00:01:37KeLToS -swap 2
00:01:37TakinBackMyLove top tjhen
00:01:40TakinBackMyLove give me
00:01:41Jimpai if we could fb mid i will pwn him ;)
00:01:41Soulyah -swap 3
00:01:42KeLToS -clear
00:01:43svents wat u want?
00:01:45svents bieber
00:01:45TakinBackMyLove ursa
00:01:47svents fdast
00:01:51Jimpai ye, cm crix top
00:01:54svents -swap 2
00:01:54TakinBackMyLove -swap 4
00:01:54Jimpai oh.
00:02:00TakinBackMyLove -swap 5
00:02:01svents -swap 2
00:02:02Jimpai ursa cm.
00:02:04svents -clear
00:02:06slc2 void
00:02:08Jimpai but can cm and crix fb mid?
00:02:10slc2 -swap 5
00:02:12Jimpai cm, pick frostbite if so.
00:02:13Rasmus.Seebach -swap 4
00:02:17slc2 me top
00:02:23slc2 me top
00:02:23svents ok
00:02:23Soulyah ur mom
00:02:23TakinBackMyLove me cm bot ?
00:02:24svents omw
00:02:24TakinBackMyLove or what ?
00:02:27Soulyah u bot with dfazzle
00:02:27slc2 fuck u
00:02:28Jimpai nice svents
00:02:30Jimpai run here
00:02:32slc2 that cicky
00:02:35Soulyah u get better farm vs 1 ??
00:02:36svents y
00:02:36svents y
00:02:36svents y
00:02:38Jimpai :D
00:02:39svents i know
00:02:40TakinBackMyLove lanes ?
00:02:41Jimpai ill block good :)
00:02:41Soulyah ursa woods
00:02:43Soulyah use brain
00:02:46Soulyah or something like that
00:02:47slc2 its trax
00:02:48TakinBackMyLove im top or what
00:02:48Jimpai ursa top with crix and cm
00:02:48TakinBackMyLove ?
00:02:50Soulyah can we pause
00:02:51Soulyah for
00:02:52Soulyah 1min
00:02:54Soulyah brb
00:02:54Jimpai trilane, since traxex will solo easily
00:02:54Jimpai and ursa gets farm.
00:02:54Jimpai and u prevent void, i hope.
00:02:54nigulas voidi kuppel
00:02:54nigulas on parim asi vist peale enigma ulti
00:02:54nigulas mis invokeriga
00:02:54nigulas combob
00:02:58Jimpai manners :D
00:03:18NeverbACKdOwn lag...
00:03:20KeLToS can we fgb mid?
00:03:24nigulas i harrass a bit
00:03:32KeLToS tiny no go
00:04:22Jimpai cm
00:04:24Jimpai courier?
00:04:45KeLToS roamin party
00:04:46KeLToS sk cm
00:05:06svents sk w8
00:05:08svents me
00:05:16TakinBackMyLove no
00:05:17TakinBackMyLove come
00:05:19TakinBackMyLove here
00:05:44TakinBackMyLove seee
00:05:46TakinBackMyLove fuck tard
00:05:47TakinBackMyLove no
00:05:48TakinBackMyLove need
00:05:50TakinBackMyLove to gang
00:05:50TakinBackMyLove mdi
00:05:52Jockwe cm
00:05:54nigulas cm here
00:05:55svents trilane top
00:06:02Jockwe seriously
00:06:13nigulas got dd
00:06:13KeLToS sk gop
00:06:13svents wp sk :DDDD
00:06:13Jimpai ss mid, care guys
00:06:13svents wp wp
00:06:13KeLToS go sk
00:06:13TakinBackMyLove stop
00:06:29TakinBackMyLove stop
00:06:30TakinBackMyLove gang
00:06:31TakinBackMyLove mid
00:06:32TakinBackMyLove sk
00:06:32TakinBackMyLove cm
00:06:43Soulyah fun game
00:06:43NeverbACKdOwn :D tra
00:06:44Soulyah :D
00:06:46NeverbACKdOwn bussinet
00:06:49NeverbACKdOwn ei mängi välja
00:06:52nigulas ssmid
00:06:56NeverbACKdOwn selline lag
00:07:07TakinBackMyLove giove
00:07:08TakinBackMyLove healiong
00:07:16TakinBackMyLove wards
00:07:49nigulas tiny top
00:07:49Soulyah go?
00:07:53nigulas care
00:08:01nigulas re
00:08:01Soulyah re
00:08:19TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:08:20TakinBackMyLove guys
00:08:22TakinBackMyLove i go
00:08:24TakinBackMyLove woods
00:08:24Jockwe this cm
00:08:25TakinBackMyLove you suck
00:08:28svents tra see idioot hero
00:08:29Soulyah skill grave man
00:08:36TakinBackMyLove i go woods
00:08:39svents hakkab autoattackima creepe gg
00:08:57Soulyah mis asi on bottle invoker
00:08:59Soulyah ma ei saa aru:D
00:09:08svents yeah blame me
00:09:11svents mofo
00:09:12svents stfu
00:09:16slc2 bot kill
00:09:22Jimpai cm, you really suck, so dont say that.
00:09:26nigulas im invi
00:09:30svents hahaha
00:09:32svents stfu mofos
00:09:36svents both of u mofoos
00:09:42NeverbACKdOwn 3 bot
00:09:43NeverbACKdOwn ...
00:10:33nigulas sss tiny
00:11:13nigulas care tiny
00:11:43svents ofc multicast:DDD
00:11:44svents gg
00:11:45KeLToS oom
00:11:58NeverbACKdOwn tiny päris hea
00:12:01KeLToS ok got
00:12:14Jimpai svents and neverbackdown, you both are so bad
00:12:18svents :DDDD
00:12:21Jimpai that my irls joke about toy
00:12:21svents tjis tiny
00:12:22NeverbACKdOwn i am playng from a bus fucker
00:12:22Jimpai you*
00:12:23Jimpai srsly
00:12:27svents pretty overrated
00:12:30svents i have to say
00:12:35NeverbACKdOwn and u suck
00:12:37NeverbACKdOwn hard
00:12:41Soulyah come
00:12:41Soulyah woods
00:12:46svents overrated shit
00:13:07svents u got fb mid
00:13:12Jimpai svents
00:13:18Jimpai dont u know when to shut up?
00:13:19Jimpai srsly?
00:13:19svents and u got like 2 minutes freefarm
00:13:26Jimpai i have played like 50 games with you
00:13:33Jimpai i know you are one of the worst gc-players
00:13:38Jimpai even on dotalicious
00:13:39svents :DDDDDDD
00:13:41Jimpai and you suck there to
00:13:57svents i know i suck
00:14:05svents but ur overrated?
00:14:06Jockwe u suck so bad
00:14:10svents can u understand that?
00:14:13Soulyah DAZLE
00:14:49nigulas doh
00:14:58Soulyah d0h
00:15:55NeverbACKdOwn nice toss retard
00:16:03Jimpai wasnt it a nice toss?
00:16:10Jimpai traxex
00:16:12NeverbACKdOwn i told u i have a fucking 1k ping
00:16:15NeverbACKdOwn and u toss me
00:16:17nigulas reuse chick
00:16:19Jimpai dont call me retard, you dont have the authority to do that
00:16:24Jimpai eh?
00:16:29Jimpai so you mean
00:16:30NeverbACKdOwn i must say you are the most retarded person i have ever met in gc
00:16:31Jimpai i should think
00:16:36Jimpai "he has 1k ping, cant toss"
00:16:37Jockwe why the hell do u play with 1k ping then
00:16:47NeverbACKdOwn you are a brainless motherfucker
00:16:57Jimpai am i really?
00:17:05Jimpai because i see dota-logics that you dont?
00:17:17NeverbACKdOwn dno u suck 90% of the games
00:17:23Jimpai still i have 98%
00:17:24NeverbACKdOwn 0-11 huskar and 97%
00:17:27NeverbACKdOwn must be good
00:17:30Jimpai yes?
00:17:30NeverbACKdOwn did u buy this acc
00:17:32NeverbACKdOwn or what?
00:17:34KeLToS mid
00:17:34Jimpai eh?
00:17:37TakinBackMyLove ward
00:17:38TakinBackMyLove terhe
00:17:43Soulyah ogre:D?
00:18:15NeverbACKdOwn oh no another one bites the dust
00:18:29Jimpai neverbackdown and svents on the same team
00:18:32nigulas ff
00:18:34Jimpai its insta-gg
00:18:37svents palun
00:18:41svents tra see tiny on rett
00:18:42svents vittu
00:18:43NeverbACKdOwn dno i raped u 2x straigt games
00:18:44svents mai v6i
00:18:45NeverbACKdOwn earlier
00:18:46TakinBackMyLove lanes
00:18:47TakinBackMyLove aws
00:18:48TakinBackMyLove bad
00:18:50svents see pask on nii overrated sitt
00:18:50NeverbACKdOwn i think
00:18:52Jimpai neverbackdown
00:18:53TakinBackMyLove we should have me cm'
00:18:54NeverbACKdOwn you are the problem
00:18:54Jimpai are you serious
00:18:54TakinBackMyLove bot
00:18:56Jimpai when u sasy
00:18:56TakinBackMyLove and sk
00:18:57Jimpai say
00:18:58Jimpai that u think
00:18:59TakinBackMyLove drow top
00:19:01TakinBackMyLove like i said
00:19:01Jimpai that ur better than me?
00:19:06Jimpai you cant think that
00:19:07Jimpai you just cant
00:19:11NeverbACKdOwn u are a bronze player
00:19:13NeverbACKdOwn so stfu
00:19:20Soulyah go mid
00:19:22Jimpai look at my 10 last games.
00:19:36svents oh cmon
00:19:42svents fcking multicast multi
00:19:44svents multi
00:19:45svents multi
00:19:55svents luckiest mofo ever
00:20:04NeverbACKdOwn nice tp
00:20:05NeverbACKdOwn haahhahaha
00:20:10Jimpai did what i could
00:20:13Jimpai traxex
00:20:13Soulyah close
00:20:16Soulyah xd
00:20:17Jimpai where do you come from?
00:20:25NeverbACKdOwn moldova
00:20:25KeLToS fucking bieber fag
00:20:27Jimpai hahahahha
00:20:28svents im form china
00:20:31Jimpai fucking KNEW that you were from balkan-countries
00:20:33Jimpai fucking knew it
00:20:46Jimpai you have so low education there that you cant even talk proper
00:20:50NeverbACKdOwn why should i tell you where i am from?
00:20:53Jimpai srsly
00:20:58Jimpai to argue with a retard from balkan
00:20:58NeverbACKdOwn i am going to college u fucker
00:21:01Jimpai is like punching urself
00:21:07NeverbACKdOwn u are probably 16 year old kid whos living at home
00:21:11Jimpai almost
00:21:12svents _:DDD
00:21:13svents prolly
00:21:14NeverbACKdOwn with her moms tits in her mouth
00:21:14NeverbACKdOwn so stfu
00:21:16Jimpai still smarter than you
00:21:22NeverbACKdOwn not really
00:21:24KeLToS mid go
00:21:24Soulyah sk no boots:D
00:21:28Jimpai haha it seems i am
00:21:41Jimpai balkan and africa is maybe the most loweducated countries in the world
00:21:47Jimpai continent/countire
00:21:54NeverbACKdOwn im not from balcan
00:21:57Jimpai ur from moldova you said,
00:22:02Jimpai and even if you say ur not
00:22:07Jimpai i wont believe you.
00:22:09svents ff
00:22:10svents ff
00:22:10svents ff
00:22:11svents ff
00:22:14svents ff
00:22:14NeverbACKdOwn pretty obv that im not from moldova
00:22:16svents ff
00:22:17svents ff
00:22:18Jockwe svents
00:22:18KeLToS u cant
00:22:19NeverbACKdOwn they dont even have internet
00:22:22Jockwe u are increble
00:22:22NeverbACKdOwn you dumb cunt
00:22:24Jimpai well, they do.
00:22:26svents pls end it
00:22:27svents im tired
00:22:30svents this sk and tiny
00:22:32svents lost it
00:22:35Jockwe Hahahaha
00:22:40Jockwe u should have seen svents
00:22:47svents ok banned
00:22:50svents tiny
00:22:54svents u cant toss like that
00:22:56Jockwe dunno what game he played
00:22:59svents i tell strom about that
00:23:00TakinBackMyLove banned
00:23:02TakinBackMyLove svents
00:23:04TakinBackMyLove lets go ban
00:23:13svents tiny gameruin
00:23:17Jockwe ban svents
00:23:18Soulyah yes
00:23:18NeverbACKdOwn i willjoin
00:23:19Soulyah u had
00:23:20Soulyah a chance
00:23:22Soulyah to win
00:23:23Soulyah xDD
00:23:42KeLToS lets go bot
00:23:43Soulyah y
00:23:53Jockwe Got my boots
00:23:56Soulyah shiet
00:24:01Jockwe turning tide
00:24:05Soulyah !!!
00:24:33Soulyah i think we win
00:24:41svents no shit sherlock
00:24:48NeverbACKdOwn np we win late
00:24:58NeverbACKdOwn tiny promised to carry this
00:25:30nigulas haha
00:26:05svents gg see tiny tra
00:26:11svents 2korda tossib mind in
00:26:13svents vittu
00:26:14Soulyah pohh
00:26:16Soulyah invo laseb farmi
00:26:27NeverbACKdOwn tra ma seisan yhekohapeal ja ikka ei tapeta :d
00:26:36Soulyah invol vaja itemeids
00:26:37Soulyah cant push
00:26:40nigulas ck vaja
00:26:43nigulas kuldne tsitaat
00:27:36Soulyah tra ff
00:27:53svents go ff now
00:27:55svents u lose it
00:28:05Jockwe I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:07nigulas HAHAHA
00:28:18slc2 stun
00:28:22Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:22Rasmus.Seebach w8 for all
00:28:25slc2 u stun lock me not me on you
00:28:29slc2 hahahahaha
00:28:33Jimpai hahaha
00:29:05Soulyah lets end
00:29:10slc2 no ult
00:29:10slc2 w8 me
00:29:32slc2 g
00:29:34slc2 go bot
00:29:56svents this tiny
00:29:59svents fcking gameruin
00:30:02TakinBackMyLove yup
00:30:11TakinBackMyLove his newb
00:30:30svents ty
00:30:36KeLToS ur welcome
00:30:36Soulyah can uff
00:30:36NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:36svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:36svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:36svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:37svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:38svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:49Soulyah kled w
00:30:52NeverbACKdOwn no ff tiny will carry
00:30:55svents eriti m6tekas on m2ngida bussinetiga:DDD
00:30:59KeLToS i staff
00:31:04NeverbACKdOwn :D proovima peab
00:31:33Soulyah OMG
00:31:51NeverbACKdOwn enjoy ur ban
00:31:52NeverbACKdOwn tiny
00:32:25Jockwe I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:26TakinBackMyLove newb cap
00:32:30svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:31svents I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:34Soulyah u didnt do any better at top :P
00:32:42TakinBackMyLove cuz
00:32:54Jockwe blame it on yourself
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