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Chat log

00:00:14VVindoWz i will lycan
00:00:18SuckThis can i ud
00:00:19yeW- weee
00:00:20JTG.Bop here we go again)
00:00:20yeW- anyone omni?
00:00:20VVindoWz i can ud lycan and lesh
00:00:20slc2 ban commander
00:00:20mansikka so many imba heros :S
00:00:20SuckThis omg shit pool ud huskar lycan lesh bat phoenix
00:00:20SuckThis furion
00:00:20SuckThis fuck
00:00:20mansikka anyone phoenix
00:00:20JTG.Bop i can omni or zombie or fenix
00:00:20yeW- phoe?
00:00:20JTG.Bop 0-
00:00:20yeW- k
00:00:20mansikka thanks for info
00:00:20SuckThis y i can phoenix
00:00:20VVindoWz zombie :P
00:00:20yeW- go on mate
00:00:20Orre i can cl bat thrall or smth like that
00:00:20GottHasstMich furi or commandz0r
00:00:20yeW- dont ban my jaki pls
00:00:20GottHasstMich or urs9r
00:00:20mansikka jakiro
00:00:20JTG.Bop and i can bat never and eredar0
00:00:20yeW- ^^
00:00:20yeW- lycan
00:00:22mansikka jakiro
00:00:25yeW- lycan jaki banned
00:00:29VVindoWz pick me ud
00:00:32SuckThis me phoenix ?
00:00:34yeW- omni then
00:00:34mansikka y
00:00:35yeW- for u
00:00:38JTG.Bop or
00:00:39JTG.Bop ok
00:00:39yeW- or zombie?
00:00:43JTG.Bop hmm
00:00:50mansikka get ud for yellow
00:00:52yeW- ill go ursa
00:00:56yeW- rapes tower so np
00:00:58SuckThis omg how are we gonna push vs furion
00:01:06yeW- and rapes egg too :p
00:01:07GottHasstMich surprise
00:01:10GottHasstMich u only can play ursa
00:01:10Nickless im woods
00:01:10GottHasstMich :PPP
00:01:12mansikka very nice enigme
00:01:16yeW- well
00:01:17GottHasstMich me mid then=
00:01:19GottHasstMich ?!?!?!?!
00:01:20yeW- ye
00:01:21Nickless hope so
00:01:28yeW- i dont enjoy that many heroes :p
00:01:34mansikka me lesh
00:01:41mansikka orange
00:01:42Orre lanes boss?
00:01:42mansikka leshrac
00:01:44yeW- why dont u sprout creeps? ^^
00:01:47slc2 -swap 4
00:01:47VVindoWz -swap 2
00:01:49mansikka -swap 5
00:01:50SuckThis -swap 1
00:01:57yeW- huskar with omni
00:01:59yeW- -swap 5
00:01:59JTG.Bop -swap 1
00:02:03yeW- thrall bot
00:02:12yeW- orr
00:02:12yeW- erm
00:02:13yeW- no
00:02:20yeW- huskar bot
00:02:22yeW- with omni
00:02:23yeW- i go woods
00:02:23Orre whats it gonna be
00:02:25yeW- thrall solo top
00:02:27S.k.i.l.l.s. --.--
00:02:27Orre k
00:02:34Orre run
00:02:36Orre forrest
00:02:37Orre run
00:02:39S.k.i.l.l.s. share
00:02:39yeW- :O
00:02:49yeW- if its warded
00:02:53yeW- i'll lane til lvl 2-3
00:03:01JTG.Bop u can do here)
00:03:05GottHasstMich bot
00:03:06yeW- not
00:03:09yeW- interestin
00:03:10yeW- creeps
00:03:13GottHasstMich rune
00:03:43yeW- toughtane
00:03:47yeW- hard lane ^^
00:04:33yeW- tt
00:04:35yeW- sueful?
00:04:47JTG.Bop arrows?
00:04:57GottHasstMich UNREAL
00:05:02GottHasstMich fucking tower afk
00:05:32JTG.Bop spam arrows
00:06:25yeW- up courier
00:06:26GottHasstMich ss mid
00:06:27JTG.Bop spam arrows pls
00:06:31slc2 ss omni
00:06:33slc2 re
00:06:52yeW- oO
00:06:56GottHasstMich no fucking RUNE WARDS
00:06:56GottHasstMich ffs
00:07:00GottHasstMich he was invis
00:07:01GottHasstMich ....
00:07:21yeW- HUSKAR
00:07:22GottHasstMich DUDE
00:07:24S.k.i.l.l.s. LOL
00:07:27Nickless up chick cant heal
00:07:32S.k.i.l.l.s. my fault?
00:07:32mansikka XDDDDDDD
00:07:34GottHasstMich more luck pls
00:07:35yeW- N
00:07:36yeW- NO
00:07:37yeW- WTF
00:07:38yeW- ITEM
00:07:38mansikka more skill
00:07:39yeW- DO U HAVE
00:07:40yeW- HUSKAR
00:07:54yeW- -ma
00:08:05yeW- back
00:08:06yeW- huskar
00:08:07yeW- go bak
00:08:40Orre holy fuck
00:08:43yeW- gah
00:08:44Orre holy shit :D
00:08:49Orre that was fast
00:08:56yeW- up courier
00:08:57yeW- someoe
00:08:59yeW- omni
00:09:04JTG.Bop already
00:09:07yeW- k
00:09:20JTG.Bop noob husk(
00:09:31VVindoWz ss top
00:09:41slc2 gank or leave
00:09:49JTG.Bop go
00:09:51JTG.Bop atack
00:09:52GottHasstMich ss mid
00:10:01slc2 lesh tp bot
00:10:04mansikka ok
00:10:06Orre ss
00:10:08yeW- buy me smoke pls
00:10:08slc2 ss 23
00:10:10slc2 re
00:10:18yeW- ty
00:10:36mansikka go
00:10:48S.k.i.l.l.s. sS?
00:10:52JTG.Bop stupid
00:11:08Orre gj
00:11:34slc2 w8
00:11:40slc2 ty
00:12:08S.k.i.l.l.s. care ,odd
00:12:13S.k.i.l.l.s. midd
00:12:49mansikka :D:DD:DD
00:12:50S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxa
00:12:53SuckThis kucker
00:12:55Orre furi
00:13:05yeW- b
00:13:06JTG.Bop b
00:13:30yeW- lol
00:13:33Orre lol
00:13:39S.k.i.l.l.s. lolz
00:14:10yeW- ill go lothars
00:14:39S.k.i.l.l.s. u had mana?
00:14:55GottHasstMich reuse
00:14:57slc2 yes ofc
00:15:05SuckThis mid twr
00:15:13GottHasstMich GLIMPSE ?
00:15:18GottHasstMich pff
00:15:18Orre lvl 1
00:15:21Orre small range
00:17:09Nickless got blink
00:17:38slc2 we can pus more
00:17:54mansikka lets go together
00:17:56mansikka def mid
00:17:59slc2 jeps need all
00:18:22GottHasstMich omg
00:18:32GottHasstMich thrall
00:18:33GottHasstMich ur rly
00:18:37GottHasstMich worth a NO COMMENT
00:18:38Orre jeap
00:18:42SuckThis nigma ulti ?
00:18:43yeW- orre style ^^
00:18:48SuckThis no cd right
00:18:51JTG.Bop )
00:18:52Nickless got all
00:18:55JTG.Bop ^_^
00:18:57SuckThis nice
00:18:59yeW- husk with headdress
00:18:59SuckThis i got ulti 8
00:19:05SuckThis lets try to time it
00:19:09JTG.Bop skills stule)
00:19:11Nickless y
00:19:12JTG.Bop style*
00:19:16slc2 i kill solo
00:19:21SuckThis he will tp awat
00:19:36SuckThis ward
00:19:41JTG.Bop go
00:19:44JTG.Bop husk
00:19:44VVindoWz we can win if we push together
00:20:09Nickless oh jesus christ
00:20:21Nickless fucing omnis ulti
00:20:26S.k.i.l.l.s. lool
00:20:30Nickless saved them all
00:20:35JTG.Bop that husk drives me crazy(
00:21:10JTG.Bop go
00:21:13yeW- no
00:21:14yeW- ill rosh first
00:21:40yeW- i can solo ty
00:21:44JTG.Bop lvl only
00:21:45JTG.Bop 9
00:21:47yeW- hm
00:21:52JTG.Bop need lvl
00:22:01slc2 i come
00:22:17slc2 just go mid after
00:22:41JTG.Bop push
00:22:53VVindoWz first of all stop fighting in the woods
00:23:00VVindoWz stand next to tomb
00:23:33GottHasstMich COME
00:23:33GottHasstMich BITCH
00:23:35GottHasstMich DO IT AGAIN
00:23:43Nickless u suck
00:23:45GottHasstMich U TOO
00:23:56VVindoWz again u guys fight in woods
00:24:00Orre ty
00:24:54JTG.Bop chick
00:26:00JTG.Bop w8
00:26:38SuckThis furion with dagon and lothar
00:26:41SuckThis epic shit
00:26:43slc2 so lame
00:27:08JTG.Bop )
00:27:12JTG.Bop did all i can(
00:27:18yeW- ^^
00:27:24JTG.Bop few sec for ulti(
00:27:25yeW- attaboi
00:27:42GottHasstMich yo ofc :D
00:27:43Orre lul
00:28:31VVindoWz I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:06yeW- why did u do that ^^
00:29:12Nickless outpicked
00:29:15Orre i was lost a bit
00:29:19slc2 no free win
00:29:26Orre I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:28S.k.i.l.l.s. was afk for 2 se
00:30:29S.k.i.l.l.s. c
00:30:39JTG.Bop top
00:30:58JTG.Bop dont go without me)
00:31:27JTG.Bop omg
00:31:37yeW- must be sentries
00:31:43S.k.i.l.l.s. were troling arround :D
00:31:46yeW- ^^
00:31:52yeW- u have for 28 mins ^^
00:31:55GottHasstMich LOLOL
00:31:59GottHasstMich GOGO
00:32:00GottHasstMich BAIT SOME MORE
00:32:03GottHasstMich NIGGMAN
00:32:05Orre lul
00:32:10GottHasstMich storm camps in tha riverr
00:32:17GottHasstMich LIKE A MORON
00:32:18GottHasstMich !!
00:32:21yeW- cheese inc for u gott
00:32:27GottHasstMich I LIKE
00:32:38slc2 goblin zeppelin???
00:33:27S.k.i.l.l.s. ccc
00:33:42VVindoWz I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:45SuckThis I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:02mansikka :D
00:34:02mansikka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
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