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Chat log

00:00:12McNabb nå det var bedre
00:00:19McNabb plejer jo at nakke jer 2 bøsser når i er sammen
00:00:19Soulyah any wishes?
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove ROOOFL MAO
00:00:19Jonneblarre lesh
00:00:19McNabb tiny sk
00:00:19Jonneblarre rak
00:00:19Soulyah phoenix?
00:00:19McNabb i can am too
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove CMON soulya
00:00:19Soulyah am is shit hero
00:00:19Soulyah am
00:00:19Soulyah i pick phoenix for team
00:00:19Soulyah hope i get a swap
00:00:19Affliction hmm
00:00:19Soulyah xD
00:00:19McNabb i wont play it
00:00:19Soulyah tell me now
00:00:19Soulyah yes or no
00:00:19skyZ i can
00:00:19Norrebro fenix
00:00:19Affliction never palyed it but can try
00:00:19Norrebro phoenix
00:00:20McNabb lycan?
00:00:20Jonneblarre geyt lycan
00:00:26skyZ lame
00:00:28TakinBackMyLove anyone lich ?
00:00:40Usires gimme it cunt
00:00:41Rotkiv lech
00:00:49Soulyah get phoenix too xD
00:00:54Affliction banned
00:00:54Affliction :D
00:00:56Soulyah or
00:00:56Soulyah yes
00:00:57Soulyah lol
00:00:59Soulyah :DD
00:01:01Soulyah PUGNA
00:01:01Rotkiv is lech for me?
00:01:03Soulyah must pick
00:01:06Norrebro me
00:01:09Soulyah pugna also gets mid
00:01:13Soulyah or maybe
00:01:13Rotkiv k :(
00:01:17Usires wat u want
00:01:17Soulyah pugna top and tiny mid?
00:01:19skyZ i can solo top
00:01:20skyZ y
00:01:21Soulyah ye
00:01:22McNabb i can mid
00:01:23TakinBackMyLove od
00:01:28Usires -swap 2
00:01:28skyZ get
00:01:31Soulyah krobelus
00:01:31skyZ atro
00:01:31TakinBackMyLove -swap 4
00:01:33Affliction ok i take bane ?
00:01:37Soulyah bane and krobe
00:01:38skyZ we need stun
00:01:39Rotkiv naga last
00:01:40Soulyah sweet
00:01:42TakinBackMyLove no
00:01:45TakinBackMyLove need that naga
00:01:50TakinBackMyLove slardar
00:01:51TakinBackMyLove mby
00:01:52svents i go invo or zeus
00:01:52Soulyah afflic
00:01:56Norrebro no
00:01:58Soulyah buy me 1 clarity
00:01:59Norrebro no more int
00:02:00Soulyah ?:P
00:02:02TakinBackMyLove sldar
00:02:03Jonneblarre where me?
00:02:04Usires slarda better tbh or rex
00:02:04Rotkiv slard is the best choise
00:02:05Norrebro slith
00:02:05McNabb troede ik du kunne spille bane grønland?
00:02:06Soulyah ty
00:02:15Norrebro ff
00:02:16svents ez fast push
00:02:17svents and gg
00:02:25Norrebro fucking nobrainer
00:02:25skyZ i think my ward will hurt
00:02:30Soulyah so badly xDDD
00:02:31svents go fck urself
00:02:32Soulyah lol
00:02:36Affliction get a bkb lycan and there heros are paper :D
00:02:38svents im not gonna play slard or naga
00:02:38Norrebro after you punkass
00:02:41Norrebro motherfucker
00:02:46Soulyah or dagon and get lasthits :O
00:02:51Affliction :D
00:02:53McNabb maybe u need antiwards for woods
00:02:54skyZ dagon 5
00:02:57Norrebro i rape ure hairy tiny asshole
00:02:57svents have played this new naga 1 time only
00:02:58svents so
00:03:05Norrebro no more int
00:03:06Affliction have seen book in pro games
00:03:09Norrebro not hard
00:03:15svents it is
00:03:17svents :
00:03:21Soulyah yea well
00:03:22skyZ book + drums is imba
00:03:25Soulyah those chinese mofos
00:03:29Jonneblarre atro
00:03:32Affliction y
00:03:32Jonneblarre ward pull
00:03:32svents deny range creep
00:03:37svents its gives more exp
00:04:46Soulyah spawns blocked
00:04:46Soulyah xD
00:04:51McNabb fuck af
00:05:02Usires lyca might be our woods
00:05:19McNabb ss mid
00:05:27Norrebro rdy?
00:05:29Usires yy
00:05:41Norrebro nvm
00:06:53svents gj
00:07:01Usires he cant farm here anymore
00:07:04svents y
00:07:04Usires or should not
00:07:27McNabb ss mid
00:07:59Jonneblarre gj
00:08:02TakinBackMyLove :U(
00:08:41Soulyah why no creeps in my woods
00:08:43Soulyah bug?
00:08:51svents :DDD
00:08:53Norrebro they dont
00:08:54Usires bug called me
00:08:57McNabb ss mid
00:09:11Usires miss pug
00:09:16Soulyah i get 3rd rune:D
00:09:25McNabb ss mid
00:09:26TakinBackMyLove care
00:09:26McNabb care top
00:09:30Usires come
00:09:31McNabb re
00:09:33Usires before lyacv 65
00:09:48skyZ ss top
00:09:49skyZ care mid
00:09:50Affliction go
00:09:55skyZ ss
00:09:56TakinBackMyLove lol
00:09:57skyZ lich zeus
00:10:24Norrebro 4 bot
00:10:26Norrebro tp guys
00:10:30svents fck
00:10:33Soulyah slow tiny dide
00:10:53Norrebro stun sk
00:11:09skyZ ss
00:11:11skyZ top
00:11:13skyZ lich zeus
00:12:02Usires got
00:12:03Usires ulti
00:12:16McNabb ss mid
00:12:18McNabb need wards
00:12:22Affliction have
00:12:40Jonneblarre tiny did u tp?
00:12:50Affliction public tard
00:12:53Affliction -hhn
00:12:55Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:12:56Affliction -ii
00:12:57Affliction -don
00:12:58Affliction -hhn
00:12:58TakinBackMyLove ty
00:13:07Jonneblarre gang bot
00:13:12Jonneblarre ulti cd
00:13:12McNabb omw
00:13:13Usires l
00:13:35Jonneblarre omg rly
00:13:35Affliction wp
00:13:40McNabb jesus
00:13:41McNabb i suck
00:13:45Jonneblarre yes
00:13:46Affliction quit
00:13:48Rotkiv going b
00:13:49Affliction n00b
00:13:52Affliction :D
00:13:53McNabb sut
00:14:00Affliction MED HASTE
00:14:00Affliction ;:D
00:14:28skyZ wards
00:14:30Norrebro fuck
00:14:31svents lol
00:14:35Norrebro :D
00:14:36svents w8
00:14:39svents i give mana
00:14:47Norrebro shop
00:14:51svents me 2
00:15:02Rotkiv gj
00:15:05TakinBackMyLove u tio
00:15:30McNabb ff
00:16:33Rotkiv b
00:17:30skyZ why we suck so hard
00:17:32Jonneblarre need to gang obsi
00:17:34McNabb yep
00:17:43McNabb need to start go togather
00:17:49McNabb cant just stay lane and die
00:18:13TakinBackMyLove 3 bot
00:18:23TakinBackMyLove bane pugna
00:18:25TakinBackMyLove kropb
00:18:29Usires ill tele in asec
00:18:37Usires n eed others too
00:18:39Usires bot
00:18:40Jonneblarre COME
00:18:45skyZ b
00:18:47McNabb ff
00:18:50McNabb ff
00:18:59McNabb tror jeg skal holde mig fra dota idag
00:19:04skyZ retards
00:19:05skyZ i mea
00:19:08skyZ should og b
00:19:17skyZ why u do that
00:19:20skyZ why not push tower
00:19:24skyZ are u retarded`?
00:19:31Jonneblarre we were 3v2
00:19:38Jonneblarre if u would have come in time
00:19:39Soulyah use silence
00:19:39skyZ we were 4v3
00:19:40Soulyah krob
00:20:03McNabb ik solo grønland
00:20:33skyZ ff it
00:20:33McNabb IK GÅ SOLO
00:20:34skyZ noob team
00:20:36McNabb GRØNLAND
00:20:38McNabb KOM NU
00:20:48Affliction lol
00:21:25Soulyah mm
00:21:37McNabb could u start join soul?
00:21:48Norrebro twr
00:21:53Soulyah well
00:21:54McNabb might aswell try
00:21:59Soulyah could u stop fighting up
00:21:59Jonneblarre get to top
00:22:02Soulyah i tp top
00:22:45TakinBackMyLove LOL
00:22:48McNabb STILL U SOLO?
00:22:52McNabb WTF
00:22:53Rotkiv :d
00:22:55skyZ ff it
00:22:59McNabb CAN U JUST PLZ GO 5?
00:23:06svents fckking norre slept
00:23:07skyZ its lost
00:23:11Soulyah its not lost
00:23:14Affliction really help when you write in caps
00:23:15Affliction :DS
00:23:15skyZ lvl9 solo mid
00:23:15Soulyah just
00:23:17McNabb JUST DONT SOLO
00:23:18Soulyah disable sk
00:23:37McNabb du blir jo ved med at gå alene eller 2!
00:24:25Usires u spawn faster than creeps
00:24:25skyZ omg
00:24:26Usires zzz
00:24:28McNabb LOL
00:24:29Norrebro hahahahahah'
00:24:52skyZ are u guys stupid
00:24:54skyZ just go b
00:25:00skyZ why u stay there
00:25:21Soulyah just cant understand how u lost early
00:25:31Usires mid tower
00:25:38Usires then bot
00:26:04Jonneblarre shit
00:26:06Affliction DENY
00:26:08Jonneblarre i got mass ddleay
00:26:34Affliction wtf
00:26:34Affliction :D
00:26:39Affliction bloodstone
00:26:44svents we need veil
00:26:48Jonneblarre i got hard delay
00:26:50Jonneblarre 3-4 sec
00:26:51svents i can go for it
00:26:56skyZ ?
00:26:57skyZ why not
00:27:00skyZ go fucking lesh
00:27:01Norrebro come all mid
00:27:26Norrebro mid'
00:27:30svents omw
00:27:42Soulyah ASD
00:27:54skyZ lycan
00:27:55skyZ nc
00:28:07skyZ attacking sleeped unti
00:28:11Soulyah y
00:28:13Soulyah was my bad
00:28:26skyZ u ruiined whoole fight
00:29:16Rotkiv i failed
00:29:26McNabb lol,
00:29:28Soulyah ARE U GUYS SERIOUS
00:29:31Soulyah FUCKING SERIOUS?=
00:29:34Usires :DSASD
00:29:36McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:40Jonneblarre IF SK WAS SLEEP
00:29:43Jonneblarre WHY NOT KILL OBSI
00:29:47Affliction :D
00:29:50Jonneblarre HE WAS BANISHED?!?!?!?
00:29:51Jonneblarre FFSFSFAGs
00:29:52Soulyah maybe coz out of range?
00:29:58Jonneblarre he banished himself
00:30:02Soulyah nuke sk and take sleep off and kill him fast?
00:30:37TakinBackMyLove come
00:30:37TakinBackMyLove urn
00:30:38TakinBackMyLove me
00:30:48McNabb fu
00:30:52TakinBackMyLove urn
00:30:52TakinBackMyLove me
00:30:55TakinBackMyLove ty
00:31:14svents got veil
00:31:16Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:17McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:43Soulyah always kill od and ts
00:31:52Usires they get one kill always when bane got ulti
00:31:53Usires zzzzz
00:31:56Soulyah gj
00:32:00TakinBackMyLove FORGOT THAT DAGGER
00:32:01TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:14Usires go togetgher now
00:32:18Usires getting clown ass businezz
00:32:24Usires this our single efforts
00:32:33Usires mid or bot all
00:32:36TakinBackMyLove lets
00:32:36Usires mb bot get that tower
00:32:37TakinBackMyLove get
00:32:37TakinBackMyLove rosh
00:32:38McNabb i fokus obsi first
00:32:39TakinBackMyLove and end
00:32:41Usires rosh and bot
00:32:44Soulyah y plz
00:32:56Usires dont die alone
00:33:02McNabb lol?
00:33:07TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:33:22TakinBackMyLove help
00:33:23TakinBackMyLove him
00:33:23TakinBackMyLove sjk
00:33:33TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:33:34TakinBackMyLove sk
00:33:35svents tra
00:33:37Soulyah b
00:33:38svents kena blok
00:33:49svents aga ok pohh
00:33:50Rotkiv tra ma arvasin et saa ammu surnud ..
00:33:51Affliction mana
00:33:55Soulyah help fast
00:33:57svents sa oleks v6inud mu ette blinkida ja kohe stunnida
00:34:00svents aga sa tulid ette
00:34:01Rotkiv oleks isegi saand ilusti 2ra p22sta
00:34:03svents aga pohh
00:34:09Rotkiv jah minu viga
00:34:12svents np
00:34:13Usires rosh
00:34:14Usires lyca
00:34:15Usires mb
00:34:48Usires wghere the fuckkkkkkk
00:34:49Usires I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:53Usires i give upo
00:34:55Soulyah CARE NO
00:35:00Soulyah we are coming back
00:35:03Usires retarded shit from top to bottom
00:35:44Usires or do they teach math in sweden, all count to 4 heroes besides him
00:35:46Soulyah bmails
00:35:46Usires and we are good
00:35:47Soulyah are good
00:35:48Usires can u boys
00:35:50Usires count to 4?
00:35:53McNabb true
00:35:53Jonneblarre rather hood
00:35:54skyZ i go pipe next
00:36:00Jonneblarre u go pipe?
00:36:06skyZ i can
00:36:09skyZ got meka already
00:36:11Jonneblarre sweet
00:36:13Soulyah get smoke?
00:36:19Soulyah keep pressure on now
00:36:22Usires mid all.
00:36:23Soulyah try to win 5v2-3 fights
00:36:24McNabb dont solo!
00:36:31skyZ just dont die stupid alone
00:36:34Soulyah come
00:36:35TakinBackMyLove all
00:36:35TakinBackMyLove come
00:36:36TakinBackMyLove mid
00:36:37skyZ we need ym ward
00:36:38Soulyah get smoke
00:36:39Soulyah someone
00:36:44Usires where u going
00:36:45svents armor us
00:36:55TakinBackMyLove lesh
00:36:57TakinBackMyLove infront
00:37:40skyZ ...
00:37:43skyZ all there ofc
00:37:53Soulyah one
00:37:55Soulyah imba silence
00:37:56svents lich maby ulti faster ?
00:37:56Soulyah and game won
00:38:01svents i used veil
00:38:04Soulyah notn more
00:38:06Soulyah notn less
00:38:07svents they wuld die all
00:38:12Usires dno what happened i was silenced then
00:38:13Usires out of contol
00:38:15Usires had ur hero
00:38:16Usires tb
00:38:16Soulyah all had like 10% hp left as well
00:38:42Soulyah NICE!
00:39:07Soulyah please
00:39:09Soulyah get bmails
00:39:19Jonneblarre for what?
00:39:22skyZ i ge tpipe
00:39:23Soulyah for WHAT?
00:39:24McNabb obsi
00:39:31Soulyah used bmail
00:39:32Usires go again mid
00:39:34Jonneblarre does that return his orb dmg?
00:39:35Soulyah osi did 2 hits on me
00:39:36Soulyah does
00:39:38Usires no aeg
00:39:41TakinBackMyLove lich frost
00:39:42Soulyah returns everything
00:39:42Jonneblarre aight
00:39:45TakinBackMyLove amor all
00:39:46Jonneblarre cool
00:39:48Jonneblarre didnt know
00:39:49skyZ b
00:39:49skyZ b
00:39:50skyZ b
00:39:50skyZ b
00:39:51skyZ b
00:39:54skyZ b
00:39:59skyZ b
00:40:00TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:00TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:00TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:01TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:01Soulyah go
00:40:01TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:01TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:01Soulyah go
00:40:02TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:02Soulyah go
00:40:02TakinBackMyLove b
00:40:02TakinBackMyLove bb
00:40:04Soulyah sk no ulti
00:40:05TakinBackMyLove im dead
00:40:25svents rotkiv mis see oli?:D
00:40:26Soulyah get od
00:40:31Rotkiv arvasoin et tulevad
00:40:50McNabb and pugna goes solo
00:40:51skyZ why
00:40:55skyZ i go solo=???
00:40:57skyZ i was behind
00:41:03McNabb u died alone
00:41:03TakinBackMyLove so outplayed
00:41:13McNabb true
00:41:13Soulyah well
00:41:14skyZ i didnt ?
00:41:17Soulyah not hard to do that
00:41:23Soulyah with astral and whole team backing up
00:41:26Soulyah + force
00:41:40TakinBackMyLove i talking about how i trolled you on the hill
00:41:44Soulyah yea
00:41:56Soulyah i so waited u to hit me there:D
00:41:59Soulyah acitvated bm
00:42:21Jonneblarre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:25Affliction *
00:42:26Affliction I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:29McNabb I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:31Soulyah I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:33Soulyah do it
00:42:53svents gg wp
00:42:54skyZ I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:42:54Soulyah please ff
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