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+44 X
+2 TS

84% | 1517 X | 1445 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

84% | 1476 X | 1476 TS

+28 X
+8 TS

75% | 1470 X | 1335 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

73% | 1357 X | 1428 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

73% | 1399 X | 1385 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

87% | 1577 X | 1440 TS

-44 X
-4 TS

86% | 1549 X | 1433 TS

+10 X
-2 TS

82% | 1477 X | 1433 TS

-39 X
-3 TS

70% | 1360 X | 1378 TS

-38 X
-1 TS

64% | 1313 X | 1357 TS

Chat log

00:00:06svents moi mansikka
00:00:18svents whyy finland lsot against russia?:(
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw yep...russia was fucking better :)
00:00:25svents was
00:00:25svents but still
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw my country will play today against czech republic :)
00:00:25svents nice
00:00:25Kastrup hockey?
00:00:25Kastrup or what?
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw y
00:00:25svents y
00:00:25MnmlArT i am afk 2 min
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw ban?
00:00:25Kastrup well we lost almost everything in DK :)
00:00:25diesel ...
00:00:25svents today football also
00:00:25diesel sick pool
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw ye
00:00:25RomyD82 ck
00:00:25RomyD82 or spectre
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw bayern will win
00:00:25Allistysmies take lycan
00:00:25svents i hope so too :D
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw chelsea doesnt deserve it
00:00:25svents ofc
00:00:25Kastrup well they actually do
00:00:25svents fcking lucky
00:00:25diesel -naix
00:00:25Kastrup not that i like chelsea
00:00:25svents they got so far
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw they re 6th in english league
00:00:25Kastrup so waht
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw lycan
00:00:25svents yeah
00:00:28Kastrup valencia playe cl
00:00:30svents but against barcelona
00:00:30diesel some1 ck?
00:00:30diesel ude?
00:00:33Kastrup and is now in 2. division
00:00:34Allistysmies k
00:00:35svents how lucky they were omfg
00:00:37Domess rhasta
00:00:47diesel get ck & or ud
00:00:50Kastrup should i spec?
00:00:52svents i carry then np
00:00:52Kastrup or... chen
00:00:55svents i can spec laos
00:00:56svents also
00:01:02Rotkiv get me ud
00:01:06svents give me spec pls
00:01:10svents wanna carry :P
00:01:21Kastrup 1 afk
00:01:21Domess buy wards down
00:01:21svents pick spec pls
00:01:21Rotkiv you play ud ?
00:01:21svents kastrup pls get me spec
00:01:21mansikka no
00:01:21Kastrup should i spec?
00:01:21mansikka swap
00:01:21MnmlArT i am here
00:01:21Kastrup kk
00:01:21Rotkiv ok ..
00:01:23svents get me spec pls
00:01:34svents swap?
00:01:35Rotkiv and ..
00:01:37Kastrup hmm
00:01:37mansikka bristle
00:01:41mansikka chen
00:01:43RomyD82 not bristle
00:01:43Kastrup gief chen
00:01:44RomyD82 pls
00:01:46mansikka -swap 4
00:01:47Kastrup fak
00:01:47Rotkiv -swap 2
00:01:48svents taken :(
00:01:48Kastrup then no
00:01:51svents lich?
00:01:53svents want it?
00:01:54RomyD82 :(
00:01:55Kastrup ursa
00:02:00Kastrup we need one for woods
00:02:02svents -swap 3
00:02:03Kastrup -swap 5
00:02:16mansikka rex mid, potm solo bot?
00:02:17RomyD82 theyr picks suck too
00:02:28MnmlArT me solo ?
00:02:29Kastrup does curling blade with with ursa?
00:02:29mansikka or potm solo top
00:02:29MnmlArT =hhn
00:02:29RomyD82 let me solo bot
00:02:31MnmlArT -hhn
00:02:32Kastrup can't remmber
00:02:39Allistysmies yeah sure, i'll go just standing top
00:02:43BoBo.Ftw dont buy it
00:02:45BoBo.Ftw it sucks for ursa
00:02:45Kastrup nah wont
00:02:54Allistysmies oops
00:02:55Allistysmies my bad
00:03:00Allistysmies i'll up at least
00:03:09RomyD82 lanes cap?
00:03:16mansikka i can up it
00:03:18svents can ck solo?=
00:03:26RomyD82 wake up blue
00:03:29diesel phone
00:03:29diesel sry
00:03:33Kastrup all miss
00:03:33Kastrup care
00:03:42Rotkiv marek helistas?
00:03:52RomyD82 acording to dendi u just lost mid
00:03:55MnmlArT SS 1
00:04:04mansikka dendi is noob :S
00:04:10RomyD82 ^^
00:04:34Rotkiv 3topü
00:04:53RomyD82 our lanes suck
00:05:01diesel switch it then
00:05:15svents rahsta pls pull
00:05:19Kastrup upgrade plz
00:06:42Kastrup got invis
00:06:43RomyD82 be more
00:06:54Kastrup wait for tomb to run out
00:07:29Kastrup :)
00:07:48MnmlArT SS 2
00:07:52svents gg rhasta
00:07:56svents fcking lasthits
00:08:00diesel mid missing
00:08:23mansikka ck going mid
00:08:51Allistysmies bot misws
00:08:59Allistysmies bot miss
00:09:01Domess go
00:09:02Domess rexar
00:09:04svents ok
00:09:09diesel Sure thing
00:09:10Domess gagng
00:09:11diesel 3 sek :D
00:09:14Domess wait
00:09:15MnmlArT :D
00:09:15Domess wait ursa
00:09:16Domess wait
00:09:18RomyD82 go ff at 20]
00:09:26RomyD82 most dumb picks ever
00:09:27diesel u say that every game dont u :D
00:09:27BoBo.Ftw rune bot?
00:09:32RomyD82 no
00:09:36RomyD82 last game
00:09:39RomyD82 i owned ur ass
00:09:42RomyD82 so be quiet
00:09:46BoBo.Ftw me
00:09:50MnmlArT rly
00:10:12Domess ok
00:10:13Domess ..
00:10:13Kastrup stick
00:10:17RomyD82 wp
00:10:18Domess lol
00:10:21Domess cd
00:10:21Allistysmies mid miss
00:10:24Allistysmies is bot
00:10:36RomyD82 bristle pick really owns us
00:10:40RomyD82 he has no nuke
00:10:42Allistysmies 26 cs
00:10:44RomyD82 he will just farm
00:10:47RomyD82 and in late
00:10:49RomyD82 hes useless
00:10:58Allistysmies you seem to be useful
00:11:01MnmlArT SS 2
00:11:02RomyD82 y i am
00:11:04MnmlArT find
00:11:04Allistysmies k
00:11:05diesel get and plant wards pelase
00:11:07MnmlArT chen
00:11:10Domess tower mid
00:11:13BoBo.Ftw k
00:11:45MnmlArT was
00:11:46MnmlArT oom
00:11:48Domess gang top
00:11:49MnmlArT for early
00:11:50MnmlArT stun
00:11:51RomyD82 was shoping srry
00:12:01svents rpofl
00:12:14RomyD82 gj boys
00:12:19Rotkiv need to kill top
00:12:23MnmlArT deff
00:12:34RomyD82 spectre just died
00:12:42Rotkiv need more
00:12:55Allistysmies ioom
00:12:59diesel come to me
00:13:01diesel I mana u
00:13:01Allistysmies hawk
00:13:03MnmlArT why is svents spectre again
00:13:04MnmlArT ?
00:13:19Kastrup b
00:13:36Domess ff
00:13:38Domess pff
00:13:43Domess rlly shit
00:13:44Domess ..
00:13:53RomyD82 wpm man
00:13:55Domess go down
00:13:56Domess gang
00:14:02Domess start to play guys
00:14:13Domess wait me
00:14:18Domess why ??
00:14:21MnmlArT lvl 1 dispersion
00:14:22MnmlArT gg
00:14:37Domess GG
00:14:38Domess FUCK you
00:14:39Domess bitch
00:14:40Domess said you
00:14:41Domess wait
00:14:42Domess omg
00:14:43BoBo.Ftw u re slow
00:14:45BoBo.Ftw fuck u
00:14:47RomyD82 wp mate
00:14:49Domess lool
00:14:52Domess dont go under tower!!
00:14:55Domess ffs
00:15:02Domess ursa
00:15:03Rotkiv tra t2na tööle vaja minna .. baari .. :S
00:15:03Domess go rosh ?
00:15:04Domess fast
00:15:09Rotkiv t2na jalka finaal KRT kyll :S
00:15:15Kastrup yes
00:15:18Rotkiv sul vaba ?
00:15:18Domess what is this specter
00:15:19Domess ??
00:15:26MnmlArT lol
00:15:27Domess ok gg
00:15:28MnmlArT sceptre
00:15:28mansikka :D
00:15:28MnmlArT gg
00:15:30Domess go afk
00:15:30svents :DDDDD
00:15:32Domess u bitc
00:15:42svents u mfcker
00:15:45svents ruined my farm
00:15:47MnmlArT leave
00:15:48MnmlArT noob
00:15:50RomyD82 turns out ur kind of good bb
00:15:58Domess im support
00:16:00Domess no one gang
00:16:00Domess gg
00:16:24Domess b
00:16:35mansikka b
00:16:51Kastrup my
00:17:03Allistysmies oom
00:17:11Rotkiv go
00:17:21Domess omg
00:17:22Domess this team
00:17:27Allistysmies ty
00:17:36Allistysmies imba chen
00:17:38svents i saw
00:17:40mansikka :---)
00:17:41svents with ulti 2 inc
00:17:43Domess can u start to play ?
00:17:45svents i cant come
00:17:46Domess omg
00:17:47Domess sto pfarm
00:17:48Domess u bitch
00:17:52Domess there is no late game
00:17:54Domess u noobs
00:17:55Domess play now
00:18:17RomyD82 go i come
00:18:33svents sure thing
00:18:38svents 0 wards in game
00:18:50RomyD82 ty
00:18:51RomyD82 ty
00:19:01Domess tss
00:19:07RomyD82 omw back
00:19:13Domess gogo
00:19:14Domess gogo
00:19:37Allistysmies bot
00:19:59RomyD82 push mid?
00:20:02diesel y
00:20:07Domess gang
00:20:08Domess or gg
00:20:14Domess all mid
00:20:14Kastrup got lothars now
00:20:20Domess come
00:20:21Domess omg
00:20:24Kastrup i need to go heal
00:20:26Kastrup let tower fall
00:20:33Domess OM%G
00:20:34Domess COME
00:20:36Domess U BASTARDS
00:20:37Domess !!
00:20:37Domess OMG
00:20:39MnmlArT was dead
00:20:40Domess NO ONE
00:20:45Domess look this retarded
00:20:46Domess noob ursa
00:20:47Domess omgh
00:20:49Domess play u bitchj
00:20:54Domess pff 1 BY 1
00:20:58Domess go all 5 one time
00:20:59Domess u idiots
00:21:00Domess 88
00:21:02Domess !!
00:21:04Rotkiv tnx
00:21:14Domess they re fucking alive
00:21:16Domess ofc ursa
00:21:16Domess nice
00:21:20mansikka oom
00:21:30Domess BLIND
00:21:30Domess !!
00:21:34RomyD82 got ulti
00:21:35BoBo.Ftw stfu retard...
00:22:02Kastrup stun?
00:22:04BoBo.Ftw oom
00:22:16diesel def bot
00:22:18diesel got ulti
00:22:19diesel come
00:22:20diesel now please
00:22:24RomyD82 we need dust
00:22:30Allistysmies i'll buy
00:22:33Allistysmies no tp after dust though
00:22:37Domess oh my god
00:22:44Kastrup no wards rhasta
00:22:45Kastrup so su
00:22:49Domess why me ?
00:22:53svents and he farmed on lane
00:22:53Kastrup u
00:22:54svents so :D
00:22:55RomyD82 lets kill the fucker
00:22:58Kastrup u are rahsta
00:23:01Allistysmies y
00:23:03Allistysmies he's stacking
00:23:04Allistysmies go go
00:23:07Domess ward ?
00:23:08Domess vs 1 ?
00:23:09Domess u sux ?
00:23:10Domess cd ?
00:23:19svents fcking observer warsd
00:23:20svents u cunt
00:23:28Domess farm more u noob
00:23:28RomyD82 push
00:23:30Domess wards
00:23:32Domess perma gang
00:23:39Kastrup if u had bought some ward
00:23:40Domess all here
00:23:43Domess stfu
00:23:46Kastrup we wouldn't have lost this so much by now
00:23:47Domess ask leshrak
00:24:12Kastrup WARD OR TOMB
00:24:13Kastrup FFS
00:24:14Kastrup TOMB
00:24:26Domess gg
00:24:34Domess so failed
00:24:34diesel ty
00:24:36Domess both line
00:24:38Domess total noobs
00:24:54RomyD82 stayu
00:24:58Allistysmies yeah
00:24:58mansikka no mana
00:25:01mansikka shop
00:25:05Domess pff and this failed specter
00:25:06Domess leave noob
00:25:14Kastrup TOMB
00:25:15Kastrup ffs
00:25:33mansikka oom
00:25:35Rotkiv chen paneb p2ris h2sti
00:25:42svents use more
00:25:43svents cunts
00:25:45Domess ok gg
00:25:48MnmlArT FF
00:25:53MnmlArT when can we ff
00:25:55Domess woow
00:26:03Domess lol
00:26:04Domess specter
00:26:09Domess fight
00:26:13Domess fight u pro
00:26:21Domess nasty ursa
00:26:22Domess lol
00:26:25Allistysmies b
00:26:40Allistysmies b
00:26:42Kastrup lol
00:26:52Allistysmies huh, imba chen again
00:27:00Allistysmies didn't even have time to write "i'm dead"
00:27:15Domess gg
00:27:23Domess pff
00:27:28Domess this captain
00:27:31Domess bobo
00:27:35Domess u worst captain ever
00:27:36BoBo.Ftw shit team as usual...
00:27:37Domess rlly
00:27:38Allistysmies coming
00:27:41Domess u sux hard 0 organisation
00:27:42BoBo.Ftw u worst player
00:27:45Domess u peace of shit
00:27:48Allistysmies or not
00:27:48mansikka -.-
00:27:49mansikka sorry
00:27:50BoBo.Ftw i dont give a shit about this...
00:27:52Rotkiv np ..
00:27:52Domess u cant be a captain
00:27:53Rotkiv allmosty
00:27:54Domess u sux hard
00:27:59Domess y
00:28:00Domess leave
00:28:02Domess always with you
00:28:03Domess loss
00:28:04mansikka got agha
00:28:05MnmlArT I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:05Domess coz u noob captain
00:28:08Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:10BoBo.Ftw :D
00:28:12BoBo.Ftw l2p
00:28:12Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:24Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:26Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:26Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:29Domess ff all
00:28:33BoBo.Ftw too lazy to teach this noobs
00:28:38Allistysmies heeelp
00:28:40svents and rhasta
00:28:40Domess y
00:28:42svents u cant support
00:28:44svents fcker
00:28:44Domess stfu specter
00:28:47svents took all my farm
00:28:48Domess support ?
00:28:49Domess you ?
00:28:52svents and pushed lane
00:28:53Domess its a joke ?? !!!
00:28:53svents gg
00:29:00Domess man u cant play
00:29:04Domess u cant support a retard
00:29:04mansikka lets push bot
00:29:09svents hahahaha
00:29:16Domess fucking bullshit
00:29:20svents u too
00:29:25svents 0 wards
00:29:28svents in game
00:29:32Domess y ?
00:29:36svents taking all creeps
00:29:38Domess why should i buy wards ?
00:29:40svents creepkills
00:29:43svents and i wanna win it
00:29:46Domess i saw we lose it in 5 min
00:29:49svents u wnana win it
00:29:52Allistysmies y go
00:29:52Domess feeder
00:29:53Domess stfu
00:29:57Domess u feed with specter
00:29:58Allistysmies no slot
00:29:59Domess and u cant farm
00:30:01diesel I have
00:30:04Domess dont pick this type of heroes
00:30:05Domess u noob
00:30:17Kastrup they are taking rosh
00:30:17Kastrup now
00:30:19svents i would have fine farm
00:30:20Domess play support if u cant play
00:30:24Domess man..
00:30:24svents but u ruined my lasthits
00:30:26mansikka go bot
00:30:27Kastrup well u didn't
00:30:29Kastrup any thing
00:30:33Kastrup so shut up by now
00:30:44Kastrup focus chen
00:30:45Kastrup then tomb
00:31:21MnmlArT ff it pls
00:31:22Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:25BoBo.Ftw I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:31Allistysmies this fucking bb, what a failure :(
00:31:32Domess pff
00:31:37RomyD82 srry man
00:31:41RomyD82 i take my wards back
00:31:46RomyD82 respect
00:31:48RomyD82 :D
00:31:54Allistysmies im b
00:32:05RomyD82 chick?
00:32:21RomyD82 chick died?
00:32:26Allistysmies seems so
00:32:48Allistysmies zomg and oops
00:32:58Domess STUn
00:32:59Domess U NOOB
00:33:00Domess OMG NEZSSAJ
00:33:03Domess FUCK YOU !!
00:33:13RomyD82 why chick died
00:33:14Domess pff
00:33:14RomyD82 ffs
00:33:18RomyD82 i lost 20 k there
00:33:19Allistysmies no idea
00:33:20RomyD82 2k
00:33:24Domess lool
00:33:27Kastrup not lost
00:33:27Domess I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:28Domess u noobs
00:33:30Domess stfu
00:33:40Domess they re all lvl 16 +
00:33:40svents cmon :DDD
00:33:41Allistysmies lyl
00:33:42Domess we re 12
00:33:42svents mansikka
00:33:43Domess gg ?
00:33:45Kastrup u are
00:33:46svents why u heal gim :D
00:33:49Domess + thiis noob of specter
00:33:50Domess feed only
00:33:55Allistysmies cause it's a team game
00:33:56svents go fck urself
00:34:00svents this rjasya
00:34:03mansikka :D
00:34:04svents should be banned
00:34:11mansikka why u bought xhixk
00:34:12svents flaming as hell
00:34:13mansikka chick
00:34:16Allistysmies really? you should report him then
00:34:18Domess lkol this noob specter
00:34:21svents :DDD
00:34:22Domess should uinstal wc3
00:34:23Domess mby
00:34:24RomyD82 omg
00:34:26svents took all my farm on lane
00:34:27RomyD82 we had chcik
00:34:28svents 0 warsd
00:34:34Allistysmies that's bad, report him
00:34:35Domess lol :D
00:34:37Domess took my farm :D
00:34:44Domess loool man pls stop talking shit
00:34:48Domess u anyoning
00:34:50Kastrup chill
00:34:51Kastrup dont go die
00:34:52Kastrup plz
00:35:41Kastrup WHY BB
00:35:43Domess lool
00:35:46Domess pff
00:35:47Domess stfu
00:35:50Kastrup WHY U FUCKING GO BB
00:35:53Kastrup so fucking stupid
00:36:02Domess pwn
00:36:03Domess birstle
00:36:04Domess lol
00:36:15RomyD82 ty man
00:36:19mansikka np
00:36:20Domess ok specter
00:36:20Kastrup b
00:36:21Domess go die
00:36:22RomyD82 second time u save me
00:36:22Domess pls
00:36:25Domess u noob go die
00:36:26Domess feed more
00:36:27Domess ..
00:36:32Domess loool
00:36:33Domess leshrak
00:36:43RomyD82 omw
00:36:53Domess they re over feed
00:36:56Kastrup nope
00:37:03Domess go
00:37:05Domess stun shacle
00:37:05Rotkiv what are you going bb?
00:37:22Domess goog
00:37:27Domess haha
00:37:28Domess lol
00:37:29Domess :D
00:37:34Allistysmies ac
00:37:37Rotkiv k
00:37:45Domess overfeed
00:38:01Domess I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:01Kastrup 2-11
00:38:01Domess ff it
00:38:02Kastrup lvl 13
00:38:02Domess noobs
00:38:05Kastrup no wards
00:38:06Kastrup no chick upgrade
00:38:06RomyD82 wp boys
00:38:07Domess and ?
00:38:09Kastrup nothing
00:38:09Domess wards +??
00:38:11Domess and ?
00:38:14diesel "ff after 20"
00:38:17Kastrup i had to upgrade chick
00:38:23Allistysmies now who said that?
00:38:24RomyD82 well we played good
00:38:25Kastrup asked for it 2381902 times
00:38:26Domess u sux
00:38:27Domess lost game
00:38:32Kastrup well not as much as you
00:38:36Kastrup and thats fine for me
00:38:38Allistysmies was it.. rexx?
00:38:39Domess lol
00:38:41Domess farm all game
00:38:45Domess u think u re good ?
00:38:46Domess ol
00:38:46Kastrup die all game
00:38:50Kastrup never said i was good
00:38:53Kastrup but youre horrible
00:38:58Kastrup gj
00:38:58Kastrup wp
00:39:04Allistysmies 2 chick, imba confusing
00:39:12Domess no one gang
00:39:12Allistysmies gg
00:39:15Domess i ask all game
00:39:16Domess gang
00:39:16Domess or gg
00:39:18Domess no on e listen to me
00:39:21Domess coz u noobs
00:39:27Domess fucking tards games like this
00:39:28Domess u cant farm
00:39:31Domess coz the re isnt late game
00:39:35Domess u have to gang or gg
00:39:45Domess fucking bitch mby next time u will undrsteand
00:40:08RomyD82 im comingggggggggggggg
00:40:12RomyD82 atackkkkkkkk
00:40:23RomyD82 not one steop back
00:40:31Domess :D
00:40:42Domess woow
00:40:46Domess die
00:41:00Kastrup gg
00:41:01Kastrup wp chen
00:41:01Domess spceter
00:41:06Domess last time u picked this hero
00:41:10Domess next time banned
00:41:18Kastrup and how will u do that
00:41:19Domess u peace of shit
00:41:22mansikka gg:)
00:41:23RomyD82 wp team
00:41:26BoBo.Ftw wp
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