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89% | 1552 X | 1519 TS

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85% | 1461 X | 1506 TS

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83% | 1454 X | 1480 TS

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73% | 1444 X | 1335 TS

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94% | 1707 X | 1485 TS

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59% | 1297 X | 1326 TS

Chat log

00:00:17mrk ns
00:00:17mrk anyone want ud?
00:00:17Zajeb ban und
00:00:17mamyka ban ud
00:00:17mamyka !!!
00:00:17zebbelito why?
00:00:17mrk y/n?
00:00:17zebbelito i want slark
00:00:17mxL- y
00:00:17mamyka u will see
00:00:22zebbelito ud
00:00:32Zajeb get me abba pls
00:00:45Zajeb swap?
00:00:46zebbelito pick it yourself :D not like it would get picked
00:00:48Mercury y
00:00:48mansikka mitä pelaat?
00:00:49zebbelito lmao
00:00:51mrk get lesh
00:00:51mrk sk
00:00:51Zajeb ty
00:00:59mansikka haluux sk?
00:01:05Mercury well there was nothing special i wanted
00:01:09Zajeb what u want?
00:01:17zebbelito sk puck
00:01:18Mercury kunkka
00:01:23zebbelito 5 meele
00:01:24zebbelito goo
00:01:26Zajeb -swap 2
00:01:27Mercury -swap 3
00:01:28mrk sk sd
00:01:29mrk would be epic
00:01:38Mercury slark mid?
00:01:41mansikka ota dk
00:01:42zebbelito no
00:01:42Mercury or i go
00:01:44mansikka ok sit
00:01:44zebbelito top
00:01:52NwC.CooL-T -swap 5
00:01:52holostoi -swap 2
00:02:13zebbelito sd top
00:02:16mansikka :D
00:02:22mamyka who mid?
00:02:27zebbelito queling kunka?
00:02:29Mercury im
00:02:33zebbelito wth
00:02:45zebbelito share
00:02:49mansikka o
00:05:45mamyka go wood
00:06:39NwC.CooL-T ss
00:08:25mrk ss
00:08:27mrk stun
00:08:29mrk i strike
00:08:40Mercury mid ss
00:08:46Mercury re
00:09:02mrk oh well..
00:09:05mamyka sheild me
00:09:39Zajeb im b
00:09:50zebbelito i freeze lagg
00:10:08mrk ss
00:10:11zebbelito lahgh
00:10:14cooper go
00:10:32mamyka fuckin noob fix IT
00:10:54mxL- gj
00:10:54mrk no anna abi
00:10:54Mercury heal me?
00:10:54mamyka aba fail
00:10:54Zajeb how can i
00:10:54Zajeb this fucking lag
00:10:54Mercury u wasted it on him...
00:10:54Zajeb will be rmk anyway
00:10:54mxL- kai
00:10:54mamyka ???? ?????? ? ???
00:10:54NwC.CooL-T +
00:10:55mxL- kyl mäki jos on no
00:11:20mrk wait me
00:11:22mrk then stun
00:11:24mrk i strike
00:11:25mrk = dead
00:11:28mrk ok
00:11:31mxL- k
00:11:58mamyka ???? ????
00:12:35mamyka come bot plz
00:12:54mamyka pa farm
00:13:57mansikka pusketaa vaa?
00:14:00mxL- y
00:14:24mrk :D:D:D:D
00:14:56zebbelito ok
00:15:10Zajeb b
00:15:45mansikka pusketaa jotai lanee
00:15:52mxL- y
00:15:53mrk up chick?
00:15:55mansikka vaik mid
00:16:04mxL- otan itemei ekaa
00:17:18zebbelito noobs
00:18:44mamyka 2 vlads?
00:19:30Zajeb b
00:20:13zebbelito -ma
00:20:27Zajeb some1 going meka?
00:20:31mamyka y
00:20:32mamyka u
00:21:08Mercury woods warded
00:21:10Zajeb mana
00:21:13Zajeb ty
00:22:16zebbelito joke
00:22:17mansikka eih :D
00:22:28mamyka kunnka tell me plz what you do in this game?
00:22:34mamyka u can only run
00:22:45Zajeb hehe
00:22:58mrk abba u can heal and shield others aswell btw
00:23:10mrk as in ur teammates
00:23:11Zajeb really?
00:23:13Zajeb cool
00:24:17mxL- b
00:24:20NwC.CooL-T rly?
00:24:24mamyka ty
00:24:37mamyka ward
00:24:51Mercury ...
00:24:52mamyka wp
00:25:22mrk oh wow
00:26:04zebbelito :S:S:S:S
00:26:15mamyka die bob
00:27:22mrk b
00:28:13mamyka feed him more
00:28:13zebbelito gameruin
00:28:19zebbelito u give tripple
00:28:21zebbelito and tell mme +
00:28:22zebbelito :D:D:Dd
00:28:25zebbelito rus style
00:28:29mamyka coz fuckin noobs
00:28:36mamyka dont follow when he have 100 hp
00:28:52zebbelito gj puck yulti sk
00:28:54zebbelito before he ulti
00:30:03Zajeb gj
00:32:07zebbelito sd wards?
00:32:15mamyka take
00:32:27Mercury well puck takes all farm and even i have bought more wards
00:32:41mamyka sry man but u suc
00:33:06mrk care
00:35:20zebbelito omw
00:36:49mamyka rax
00:37:23mamyka ?????? ???? ??????
00:38:02mamyka ?????? ???? ?????
00:38:30mamyka ??? ????,
00:39:04mamyka aba radi?
00:39:12Zajeb sure
00:39:13zebbelito b
00:39:17mamyka or ac?
00:39:21mamyka or mjolnir?
00:39:29mxL- their top tower gery low
00:39:36mamyka 2late for radi
00:39:38mamyka imo
00:39:42Zajeb ac
00:39:43mansikka thanks for info
00:40:11Zajeb sd dont do this
00:40:16zebbelito ruyssian
00:40:17zebbelito gj
00:40:18Zajeb u waste my ulti
00:40:19zebbelito fucktars
00:40:24mamyka su plz
00:40:28mrk rax even
00:40:28mamyka and go farm more
00:40:28zebbelito puck lost whole fight
00:40:29Zajeb i can regen but u fucked me
00:40:30zebbelito and gam,e
00:40:58mrk rax?
00:41:02mansikka y
00:42:43mrk rosh up soon
00:44:19mamyka who ruin?
00:44:21mansikka nice ice wall
00:44:22zebbelito rus
00:44:22mamyka fuckin noob
00:44:27mxL- nice tornado
00:44:31mamyka u die solo like bob
00:44:32mansikka nice work mrk
00:44:42Zajeb b kunka
00:44:51zebbelito go
00:44:51zebbelito all
00:44:53zebbelito fast
00:44:57Zajeb dead
00:44:59Zajeb b
00:45:13mxL- wait me
00:45:18mrk i needbase
00:45:18mansikka sure think
00:45:18mrk brb
00:45:45mamyka ???? ????? ?????
00:45:57mansikka ey
00:46:11mxL- keep pressure at mid
00:46:15mansikka anna mana
00:46:32Mercury b
00:48:33Zajeb b
00:48:33Mercury pa bought
00:48:37mrk oom
00:49:18mamyka mkb slark for pa?
00:49:29zebbelito y
00:49:46Zajeb wards
00:49:49mrk go top?
00:50:15mxL- gotgem
00:50:22mansikka lez smoke?
00:50:28zebbelito sj
00:50:30zebbelito sk
00:50:34zebbelito must be canseled
00:51:09mrk go
00:51:10mrk bait
00:51:11mrk bot
00:51:13mrk mort
00:51:30mrk not up
00:51:32mrk someone comes def
00:51:34mrk we kill
00:51:40mrk its not up
00:52:12mansikka hyvä ulti mxl :D
00:52:15mxL- jo
00:52:45mrk go in bot?
00:52:48mrk 60s
00:52:49mrk 40s
00:53:28Mercury gem on sk
00:53:51Zajeb we need ghhex so bad
00:53:57Mercury sd get ghost
00:54:19mxL- rush rax
00:54:24zebbelito b
00:54:25zebbelito lol
00:54:30zebbelito 5 v1'
00:55:22mamyka get mid
00:55:55Zajeb push
00:56:59mrk zz
00:57:05mamyka tree
00:57:10mrk coulda just
00:57:12mrk killed all the creeps
00:57:14mrk and def it ez
00:57:39mamyka ?????????????
00:57:44mansikka sorry i was a total flop
00:57:45mamyka ?????????
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