Game #3861013

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-36 X
-2 TS

89% | 1603 X | 1443 TS

+10 X
-3 TS

87% | 1561 X | 1450 TS

-35 X
-3 TS

85% | 1479 X | 1494 TS

-6 X
-20 TS

59% | 1320 X | 1294 TS

+37 X
-4 TS

54% | 1238 X | 1344 TS

+46 X
+3 TS

90% | 1621 X | 1438 TS

-10 X
+20 TS

84% | 1582 X | 1362 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

83% | 1464 X | 1471 TS

-12 X
+3 TS

64% | 1325 X | 1337 TS

+1 X
+2 TS

60% | 1286 X | 1345 TS

Chat log

00:00:14BoBo.Ftw any wishes?
00:00:17mansikka ud pls
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw anyone can play ud?
00:00:17keevin me bala please?
00:00:17holostoi i can
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw ??
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw ud
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw k
00:00:17keevin can I go mid with balanar?
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw y
00:00:17keevin cool :)
00:00:17Strom ns
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw :D
00:00:21creeeeeee stunne pole eriti
00:00:26creeeeeee tahaks traxi mängida
00:00:29Strom do it
00:00:40que2stress svents can i pick sth for you?
00:00:42keevin will take wr/zeus then
00:00:45que2stress mb i want wisp
00:00:45creeeeeee rubix you go?
00:00:49BoBo.Ftw lich anyone?
00:00:52que2stress but it depends on their herps
00:00:52svents give me zeus pls
00:00:53keevin any good lcih here?
00:00:54keevin -clear
00:00:55Strom yp
00:01:03svents zeus pls
00:01:03BoBo.Ftw go lich anyone
00:01:10creeeeeee sul vist monster kill sellega
00:01:14creeeeeee kui viimati vaatasin
00:01:14creeeeeee :D
00:01:16Strom ye
00:01:18keevin naix woods?
00:01:20keevin i can go solo bot
00:01:21Strom lich sven pit
00:01:22keevin if zeus wants mid or so
00:01:24keevin -clear
00:01:27svents u swap zeus right?
00:01:30Strom sd good too
00:01:30que2stress ye
00:01:32que2stress i will tell you
00:01:33que2stress for what
00:01:35BoBo.Ftw wr midd
00:01:37creeeeeee ouuu nice
00:01:40svents what u want?
00:01:42RomyD82 lanes?
00:01:46Strom lets wait 5 heroes
00:01:47BoBo.Ftw get abba or sd
00:01:48svents fast
00:01:50que2stress wisp
00:01:54que2stress -swap 5
00:01:55svents -swap 3
00:01:58BoBo.Ftw wisp top
00:01:59Strom sd wd veno pit
00:02:06svents -clear
00:02:12keevin Legion woods?
00:02:15keevin or naix woods?
00:02:17Strom axe, can you do woods?
00:02:20BoBo.Ftw legion better
00:02:20Jouez k
00:02:20holostoi naix
00:02:22holostoi k
00:02:26BoBo.Ftw well how u want
00:02:31Strom ok, then axe woods, drow bot solo
00:02:32keevin zeus want mid?
00:02:32que2stress zeus solo bot?
00:02:32Strom I mid
00:02:34Strom lich sven top
00:02:36svents i can solo bot then
00:02:40keevin u want mid?
00:02:41svents but i needed wards:S
00:02:45BoBo.Ftw well zeus midd would be better than solo bot
00:02:48que2stress y
00:02:52que2stress or legion mid
00:02:54Strom share chick
00:02:57keevin just play
00:02:58keevin defensive
00:02:59keevin zeus
00:02:59keevin ;d
00:03:04svents but they can pull
00:03:06svents :(
00:03:09keevin thats good
00:03:10keevin for u
00:03:14keevin beacuse lane gets pushed
00:03:15que2stress they also can gang
00:03:18svents i know
00:03:26svents but they can gank better
00:04:10creeeeeee 1 all
00:04:11creeeeeee ainult
00:05:10Strom care top
00:05:12svents ttra ära
00:05:14svents kao minema:D
00:05:14creeeeeee nope
00:05:16Strom someone took rune top
00:05:17keevin hey
00:05:18keevin im dropping
00:05:22keevin anyone else?
00:05:23keevin or just me
00:05:24BoBo.Ftw btw how s bot?
00:05:25Strom you
00:05:27keevin i cant play
00:05:29keevin !ping
00:05:53svents nüüd saad selle eest:d
00:05:58que2stress hmhmhm
00:05:58Strom lagi pärast
00:05:59Strom oli tüüp
00:06:00keevin ...
00:06:01Strom halvas kohas :d
00:06:02svents go check ur ping from reel
00:06:03keevin jesus
00:06:05svents repel
00:06:09keevin can we pause for a sec?
00:06:10Strom sure
00:06:12Strom close torrent
00:06:12keevin my screen got frozen
00:06:12keevin for 10 sec
00:06:12keevin or so
00:06:12svents impossible against trax gg
00:06:12keevin after that I appeared to be dead
00:06:12que2stress u are dead
00:06:12que2stress no appearence
00:06:12Jouez ...
00:06:12que2stress legion how is it going?
00:06:12Strom pc lag?
00:06:12Strom Or net?
00:06:12Strom close some programs
00:06:12holostoi good now
00:06:12Strom like uTorrent
00:06:12holostoi with shield
00:06:12Strom skype
00:06:12BoBo.Ftw just reset modem
00:06:12que2stress pornheaven
00:06:12RomyD82 ^^
00:06:12creeeeeee mby it was antivirus update
00:06:12creeeeeee seems like over
00:06:12creeeeeee I hope
00:06:12Strom wouldn't be so sure :D
00:06:12que2stress or mb it was storm's secret lag command for mid players
00:06:12creeeeeee lez keep fingers crossed :D
00:06:12BoBo.Ftw :D :D
00:06:12svents tra sa cree jamad siin
00:06:12keevin lets try again
00:06:12BoBo.Ftw i agree with wisp ^^
00:06:12svents teeme nii et üksteist ei puutu :D
00:06:12keevin windows defender was updating
00:06:12keevin think that caused the massive lags
00:06:12que2stress as i said
00:06:12keevin it kept on frozen for 10 sec or so :D
00:06:12que2stress k resume
00:06:12Strom ok, unpause when ready
00:06:12keevin ok
00:06:12keevin 321
00:06:49BoBo.Ftw b
00:07:02que2stress liech no regen
00:07:04que2stress or
00:07:04Strom lag again
00:07:04RomyD82 cmon
00:07:04Jouez fucking laggs
00:07:04que2stress not
00:07:04que2stress ss mid
00:07:04svents mai saa m2ngida
00:07:04svents gg suren kh veel nüüüd
00:07:04svents tra
00:07:04creeeeeee and now computer
00:07:04creeeeeee restarted
00:07:04creeeeeee :DD
00:07:04svents yeah nice
00:07:04que2stress u know him
00:07:04que2stress ?
00:07:04creeeeeee nope
00:07:04svents at least i wont die then
00:07:04creeeeeee After windows updates
00:07:05svents yeah asks restart
00:07:20keevin ffs
00:07:21svents jmal
00:07:38BoBo.Ftw ww
00:08:07que2stress care
00:08:07RomyD82 mid
00:08:10BoBo.Ftw help me
00:08:11svents ffs
00:08:18keevin i cant do anything
00:08:18RomyD82 dude
00:08:18svents just leave ffs
00:08:19RomyD82 this is so annoying
00:08:20keevin can we pause again please?
00:08:23svents we cant play
00:08:23que2stress LEIGON
00:08:28Strom pause
00:08:28BoBo.Ftw ok i m safe
00:08:28holostoi i see
00:08:28Strom my pauses are 0
00:08:28keevin it keeps on freezing
00:08:29svents see asi ruinib lasthitid ja k6ik ära gg
00:08:29keevin really sorry, will check
00:08:29BoBo.Ftw just rmk
00:08:29keevin never happened before
00:08:29keevin w8 a bit
00:08:29creeeeeee sa ei saa lasthittida anyway svents :D
00:08:29BoBo.Ftw plug out and dont join next game
00:08:29mansikka !rmk
00:08:29svents saaks aga see vana laggib iga 10 seci tagant
00:08:29svents spellfarm FTW
00:08:29creeeeeee bad suggestions bobo
00:08:29creeeeeee saad 2 lasthitti ja mana otsas sul
00:08:29svents well i hope he plugggs
00:08:29BoBo.Ftw well sometimes these suggestions are best
00:08:29keevin lets try
00:08:29keevin again
00:08:29creeeeeee jõher spellfarm :D
00:08:29keevin closed everything
00:08:29svents cuz this game is unplayable
00:08:29Strom ok
00:08:29keevin antivirus msn etc etc
00:08:29BoBo.Ftw it ll save time for everyone
00:08:29RomyD82 can someone talk some english in here or what?
00:08:29keevin 321
00:08:38que2stress go top
00:08:41BoBo.Ftw oom
00:08:44que2stress ive aura
00:08:46BoBo.Ftw go solo i ll come
00:09:01BoBo.Ftw oom
00:09:20que2stress ss
00:09:22que2stress top
00:09:29svents :DDD
00:09:34creeeeeee sul vähemalt creebid aitavad blockida
00:09:35svents tule tule
00:09:49que2stress legion plz
00:09:52BoBo.Ftw u wont kill u will be killed :D
00:09:54que2stress jpoin game sometimes
00:10:00keevin the lag is over now
00:10:02svents ss
00:10:09que2stress ss
00:10:12creeeeeee go wisp
00:10:12keevin mid missing
00:10:13keevin care.
00:10:17Strom mis alot
00:10:19BoBo.Ftw coming bot
00:10:31BoBo.Ftw kill axe
00:10:36que2stress def top lane
00:10:38que2stress ssl liech
00:10:39keevin I come top
00:10:43svents let me
00:10:49svents now i die
00:10:49svents GSD
00:10:50svents 'g
00:10:52svents mfcker
00:10:54Strom ss mid
00:10:55Strom care top
00:10:59svents u see i have battlehunger
00:11:02svents i neerd to deny
00:11:05svents u fcktard
00:11:08que2stress ya
00:11:10BoBo.Ftw wtf
00:11:11BoBo.Ftw lagg
00:11:21svents gg naix killed me atm
00:11:21BoBo.Ftw taxi :D :D
00:11:24svents fck u for real
00:11:30RomyD82 b
00:11:41keevin ssmid
00:11:43BoBo.Ftw sry didnt notice
00:11:47keevin was obv
00:11:47keevin kinda
00:11:57que2stress help top
00:11:59que2stress 4 guys
00:12:17que2stress zeus come top
00:12:27BoBo.Ftw i d need mana boots
00:12:30RomyD82 go?
00:12:40Strom y
00:12:59que2stress ZEWUYX
00:13:01que2stress MAN
00:13:02que2stress U SACL
00:13:10que2stress wtf is this team
00:13:10keevin come faster
00:13:11keevin guys
00:13:11keevin man
00:13:13keevin there are 5 top
00:13:14keevin camping
00:13:15keevin for 10 minutes
00:13:17keevin no-one comes
00:13:23RomyD82 go tower
00:13:36que2stress svents
00:13:37que2stress play team
00:13:38que2stress damnit
00:13:43BoBo.Ftw dont worry we can take them late
00:13:49Jouez <3
00:13:59Strom I got duel, I wanna usei t
00:14:35keevin b
00:14:36keevin b
00:14:36keevin b
00:14:36keevin b
00:14:43que2stress legion
00:14:45keevin slow
00:14:45que2stress join team too
00:14:46keevin zeus...
00:14:55keevin pay some attention..
00:15:00Strom need to gang naix
00:15:11RomyD82 def
00:15:17BoBo.Ftw be rdy to tp us
00:15:39keevin b
00:15:39keevin bot
00:15:40keevin BACK
00:15:53keevin omw
00:15:55keevin i come with aset.
00:15:56keevin haste
00:16:26BoBo.Ftw i love this axe :D :D
00:16:27RomyD82 this freaking whisp
00:16:32BoBo.Ftw typical pub player :D
00:16:41BoBo.Ftw greedy
00:16:54que2stress legion
00:16:55keevin meh
00:16:56que2stress are u here?
00:16:57keevin was my bad
00:16:58holostoi y
00:17:02que2stress good
00:17:04que2stress do u mind
00:17:05keevin damn this sucks so hard
00:17:07que2stress join the game?
00:17:10keevin early game fucked me up so badly.
00:17:12mansikka too low hp
00:17:16que2stress np
00:17:16mansikka sry
00:17:22que2stress if legion joins game
00:17:30keevin only have phaseboots bottle now
00:17:30Jouez need gang naix
00:17:35Strom ye
00:18:19que2stress 4 mid
00:18:22keevin ya
00:18:51BoBo.Ftw :(((
00:18:53que2stress ah sry
00:19:32RomyD82 someone bot?
00:19:40BoBo.Ftw i ll come for lich top
00:19:45keevin ok
00:19:45Strom võtame zues
00:19:46Strom tuel
00:19:53Strom fuck ta b
00:20:05BoBo.Ftw btw wisp just keep ganging with me and we ll win easily
00:20:09keevin yea
00:20:12BoBo.Ftw ult
00:20:12keevin seems like a good plan
00:20:15keevin kill lich and tower
00:20:35RomyD82 axe
00:20:38Strom right
00:21:13RomyD82 axe
00:21:14RomyD82 ffs
00:21:41svents ei no kena luck
00:21:41Strom go take bot tower
00:21:49svents obv oli tal seal vahek2ik olemas tra
00:21:55Strom go psuh bot 5
00:21:56BoBo.Ftw guys do u gonna watch hockey today? :D
00:22:02que2stress npoe
00:22:04keevin no
00:22:06keevin whos playing?
00:22:10BoBo.Ftw slovakia canada
00:22:10que2stress bot
00:22:11Strom they have heroes which depend on ganging lone guys
00:22:11que2stress 4
00:22:13Strom so
00:22:15keevin they any good?
00:22:16Strom lets just take some towers
00:22:17BoBo.Ftw czech denmark
00:22:17RomyD82 yep
00:22:21svents canda will beat slovakian ass
00:22:24BoBo.Ftw :((
00:22:25Jouez mana ?
00:22:30BoBo.Ftw no we ll beat tme :D
00:22:33BoBo.Ftw *them
00:22:35Strom nmext
00:22:36svents :DDd
00:22:42svents i dont know much about hockey
00:22:51BoBo.Ftw haha i m oking
00:22:54keevin guys
00:22:55keevin def
00:22:55svents but once what i know is that canada is good anyway
00:23:10mansikka :D
00:23:13que2stress ff
00:23:17Strom mõlemad võitsime dueli :d
00:23:18Strom nägid :D
00:23:18BoBo.Ftw got deso now
00:23:26creeeeeee mkm
00:23:27creeeeeee :D
00:23:29Strom ma stealisin dueli
00:23:31Strom ja panin kah talle
00:23:37creeeeeee ahsoo :D
00:23:42creeeeeee ma võitsin ka dueli v
00:23:44Strom jah
00:23:48creeeeeee mulle sobib
00:23:49creeeeeee :D
00:23:52keevin ulti
00:23:52keevin zeus?
00:23:57keevin u
00:23:59keevin ulti
00:23:59RomyD82 some english?
00:24:00creeeeeee ma olin pildiga juba wr peal
00:24:01keevin use it
00:24:02creeeeeee ta oli surnud anyway
00:24:03RomyD82 so we can understand
00:24:03Strom I was just talking
00:24:05keevin nvm
00:24:06keevin mid
00:24:08Strom how we won two duels at the same time
00:24:14keevin u can use it to scout
00:24:15keevin btw
00:24:21RomyD82 come all?
00:24:35Jouez low hp..
00:24:44Strom we're kinda low
00:24:47Strom lets go b
00:24:48Strom heal
00:24:48creeeeeee tru zus fast
00:24:50svents go in guys
00:24:53BoBo.Ftw wait
00:24:59BoBo.Ftw b
00:25:02Strom get safe
00:25:02Strom go b
00:25:04Strom heal up
00:25:04BoBo.Ftw go
00:25:09Strom we need new wards
00:25:09BoBo.Ftw wisp go with me
00:25:09keevin famrt io
00:25:11keevin farm top
00:25:12Strom and then push mid again
00:25:25BoBo.Ftw let me top
00:25:34keevin legion needslotahrs
00:25:39RomyD82 b
00:25:52RomyD82 gang top and push?
00:25:55Strom go mid
00:25:57Strom with 5
00:25:59BoBo.Ftw tp
00:26:04creeeeeee naix hurts
00:26:05que2stress need zeus
00:26:06creeeeeee hardly
00:26:16Strom damn
00:26:30RomyD82 lol axe
00:26:36RomyD82 maybe u call naix man
00:26:43keevin gj
00:26:46Strom my bad, I ran into them
00:26:50que2stress stop using ur ult
00:26:51que2stress commander
00:26:52Strom I wanted to ward that spot for that very reason
00:26:56Strom but yeah, they were already there :D
00:26:57holostoi fuck u
00:26:59que2stress u only give them the dmg
00:27:08keevin no
00:27:08BoBo.Ftw bash soon
00:27:10keevin it doesnt give them dmg.
00:27:16que2stress not anymore?
00:27:16keevin it can only give legion dmg.
00:27:25Jouez ...
00:27:26Strom damn
00:27:30keevin it never did.
00:27:48svents rofl
00:28:05BoBo.Ftw i have plan now
00:28:06RomyD82 im sick of this shit
00:28:09BoBo.Ftw we can gang 3 with wisp
00:28:13BoBo.Ftw i ll ulti into him
00:28:18que2stress y
00:28:18BoBo.Ftw and he ll take other play
00:28:19que2stress true :
00:28:19RomyD82 i need ghost
00:28:20BoBo.Ftw er
00:28:22Strom no
00:28:23keevin y..
00:28:26keevin mb legion?
00:28:26BoBo.Ftw they wont expect it
00:28:28BoBo.Ftw yy
00:28:31RomyD82 no what
00:28:33BoBo.Ftw then push some line
00:28:38RomyD82 vs naix ghost scepter is imba
00:28:39Strom no, sven does not make ghost
00:28:43RomyD82 i know
00:28:45RomyD82 u can
00:28:45BoBo.Ftw may be successful
00:28:45que2stress take zeus
00:28:45Strom yeah but you're fucking sven
00:28:49Strom naix needs to be AFRAID of sven
00:28:49que2stress they will be surprised
00:28:56keevin no
00:28:59keevin zeus shoudl not be focussed
00:29:02RomyD82 hes fat
00:29:11keevin go with legion when he has bkb
00:29:11que2stress k go legion
00:29:13creeeeeee bkb you need+attackspeed
00:29:18RomyD82 know
00:29:21keevin w8 for his bkb
00:29:26keevin 200g...
00:29:26Strom guys, lets gang them with smokez
00:29:31que2stress farm it
00:29:33Strom gather
00:29:36que2stress we stay close
00:29:36mansikka 150 to meka
00:29:39keevin push top 1
00:29:39mansikka i farm it first?
00:29:40creeeeeee runnin
00:29:49BoBo.Ftw go
00:30:16mansikka omw
00:30:37que2stress b
00:30:37keevin b
00:30:39keevin they go rosh
00:31:14Strom b
00:31:26Strom lol
00:31:32que2stress LEIGN*Ü
00:31:32keevin Roshan
00:31:33Jouez blocked me..
00:31:33keevin we can go
00:31:35que2stress CU KYOU
00:31:35svents ei n2inud mind?:d
00:31:39Strom ei
00:31:45Strom ja ei pääsenud ligi, mingi block oli
00:31:45svents ma olin seal veel:D
00:31:46Strom dunno
00:31:48que2stress why do u leave tether?
00:32:07Strom guys, gather & gang
00:32:20que2stress go mdi?
00:32:28que2stress LEGIÜN
00:32:35Strom jesus, that basher
00:33:10keevin gg wisp and naix
00:33:18BoBo.Ftw midd
00:33:25keevin rosh
00:33:26keevin imo
00:33:26que2stress take rosh
00:33:29BoBo.Ftw k
00:33:33BoBo.Ftw well i can take him solo
00:33:37RomyD82 u couldnt ghost?
00:33:40Strom basher
00:33:41keevin do it
00:33:41keevin tjhen
00:33:42keevin :D
00:33:43RomyD82 ye
00:33:44BoBo.Ftw k
00:33:45keevin cant go mid
00:33:45keevin 2 alte.
00:33:48keevin we will guard
00:33:54RomyD82 rosh
00:33:57Strom ye
00:34:00Strom go
00:34:05creeeeeee mby oleks pidanud ikka lothar minema kohe
00:34:05creeeeeee dno
00:34:11keevin b fast.
00:34:47Strom kill them
00:34:50que2stress i suicide
00:34:52Strom sven stun
00:35:09creeeeeee wtf
00:35:10creeeeeee sven
00:35:13Jouez damn, sry
00:35:14keevin care.
00:35:16RomyD82 ?
00:35:20creeeeeee just taking 200g creep from me
00:35:23RomyD82 me?
00:35:25RomyD82 srry
00:35:26Strom misclick
00:35:28RomyD82 was buying
00:35:29creeeeeee axe
00:35:29BoBo.Ftw ahah
00:35:33Strom b
00:36:18que2stress naix
00:36:23RomyD82 30 armour 2k hp and i die in 5 secs
00:36:26Strom we need to gang
00:36:36Strom they push mid it seems
00:36:37Strom so def mid
00:36:45RomyD82 lich
00:36:58que2stress ?
00:36:59svents he tpd
00:37:07RomyD82 go?
00:37:10Strom need 5
00:37:11RomyD82 i go first
00:37:15creeeeeee i dont see even 20 armor on you sven :)
00:37:23RomyD82 in warcry
00:37:23mansikka warcry
00:37:27keevin big wave top.
00:37:29BoBo.Ftw sec
00:37:32mansikka adn frost shiel
00:38:08svents this commander sycks hardly
00:38:11que2stress y
00:38:12Jouez -.-
00:38:16BoBo.Ftw well hard game
00:38:17que2stress if u mean
00:38:20que2stress he sucks really
00:38:23keevin god
00:38:24keevin use courier
00:38:24que2stress coo
00:38:25keevin ...
00:38:25que2stress k
00:38:28svents yeah really sucks
00:38:46Strom anyone doing ac?
00:38:57RomyD82 me after bkb
00:39:00Strom good
00:39:12Jouez item 4 me ?
00:39:16RomyD82 hot
00:39:25Jouez vs naix ? :/
00:39:28Strom no, I'm not sure if hot is good choice
00:39:29RomyD82 ye shit
00:39:32BoBo.Ftw 100 to abbysal
00:39:40Strom hmm
00:39:45Strom do agha scepter
00:39:45Jouez mjo ?
00:39:56keevin legion
00:39:57que2stress we need more vision
00:39:59keevin u need to pull bkb before the fight btw
00:40:03keevin not after
00:40:04Strom if you can get two ultis in a fight, it would be brilliant
00:40:07holostoi how?
00:40:12keevin press the button
00:40:14holostoi if we dont have vision
00:40:15que2stress y
00:40:17keevin hover ur mouse to the BKB icon
00:40:19holostoi lol
00:40:21keevin and rightclick it
00:40:24keevin leftclick*
00:40:24keevin i mean
00:40:25holostoi fucku
00:40:27creeeeeee care
00:40:28RomyD82 go em?
00:40:28keevin ?
00:40:44keevin b
00:40:45keevin b
00:40:45keevin b
00:40:57que2stress team
00:41:02Jouez so close
00:41:02keevin we cant really help
00:41:04keevin if u tp like that.
00:41:06keevin other side of the map
00:41:08Strom he was stupid to come out
00:41:09Jouez nvm
00:41:12RomyD82 ye
00:41:13Jouez trax needs kills
00:41:13creeeeeee y
00:41:14keevin only zeus can throw ulti
00:41:14BoBo.Ftw try going in 3
00:41:16BoBo.Ftw will be better
00:41:18keevin yea
00:41:21creeeeeee i failed with silence also
00:41:22keevin or, when we are close.
00:41:24creeeeeee a bit too late
00:41:28creeeeeee to even let him to use ult
00:41:28svents just get smoke and gank
00:42:02Strom kill bot wr?
00:42:04que2stress gather
00:42:06keevin we need
00:42:06svents gather
00:42:07keevin mapcontrol
00:42:09keevin either by
00:42:09Strom nvm, he b
00:42:10keevin pushing lanes
00:42:11keevin or obs.
00:42:16keevin we dont have any vision atm
00:42:18keevin can zeus ward maybe?
00:42:19RomyD82 all miss
00:42:21keevin or wsip
00:42:25que2stress i can
00:42:26que2stress but not all
00:42:43svents come here gyts
00:42:45svents i smoke
00:42:55Strom b mid
00:43:02RomyD82 gather
00:43:05keevin god
00:43:14keevin Press it BEFORE
00:43:16keevin not after
00:43:25Jouez ...
00:43:48Strom bad positioning
00:43:49keevin gj
00:43:53RomyD82 ye really bad
00:43:55Jouez and splitting..
00:44:07Strom don't buy out, don't go def
00:44:08Strom mid is gone
00:44:09keevin no sidelanes pushed
00:44:10keevin shame
00:44:25creeeeeee i'm not even sure where I lost my 60% first hp
00:44:26keevin one bot
00:44:28keevin and rosh
00:44:30BoBo.Ftw problem? :D :D :D
00:44:48Strom rosh alive
00:45:00keevin Go roshan
00:45:01keevin fast
00:45:02RomyD82 go?
00:45:03keevin before they come..
00:45:05Strom y
00:45:07keevin nvm
00:45:11RomyD82 we need all
00:45:11Strom go rosh guys, lets atke it
00:45:15keevin b wisp and legion
00:45:24RomyD82 dudes?
00:45:36Strom go
00:45:40keevin Go
00:45:42keevin they are in
00:45:49keevin ult zeus
00:45:53Strom drow, võta
00:45:56Strom anna mingi item mulle
00:45:57RomyD82 yy
00:46:00svents no mana
00:46:03BoBo.Ftw wr go
00:46:04Strom drow takes guys
00:46:40creeeeeee 4 jäävad ellu
00:46:42creeeeeee kuidas
00:46:43keevin PUSH BNOT
00:46:44que2stress come
00:46:47Strom 3
00:46:51svents i go push bot
00:46:54keevin y
00:46:55keevin why u go
00:46:56keevin back
00:47:02RomyD82 pipe vs lich ulti
00:47:05Strom that was a bad ward for rosh btw
00:47:07RomyD82 sucks
00:47:12Strom you put ward there if you kill rosh as scourge
00:47:14Strom not as sentinel
00:47:25keevin tower
00:47:26keevin get it.
00:47:31keevin if they come
00:47:32keevin I rax tyop
00:47:33keevin toip
00:47:53RomyD82 naix is focusing me
00:48:21keevin its ok
00:48:24keevin top tower is half hp
00:48:46Strom panin su tpd baasi
00:49:10que2stress legion come
00:49:10creeeeeee silence ka mööda
00:49:11creeeeeee :/
00:49:29keevin keep pressure..
00:49:30que2stress dont
00:49:32Strom care guys
00:49:34que2stress wait a bit
00:50:10keevin dont do that imo
00:50:28Strom try mid tower
00:50:54svents leave it
00:50:56svents stay base
00:50:57creeeeeee halbred we could use
00:51:02Strom I got hex now
00:51:06Strom onward
00:51:15RomyD82 lets b imo
00:51:40que2stress taht
00:51:40Strom or not b
00:51:40que2stress was
00:51:42que2stress shit D
00:51:47svents well look :D
00:51:51Strom naix alone
00:51:52svents commandr was 3 hits:DDDd
00:51:53Strom I got hex & stun
00:51:53Strom :D
00:51:54svents hahahaa
00:52:03que2stress i thought wr comes
00:52:04que2stress ...
00:52:11que2stress naix dont
00:52:14Strom rax
00:52:14que2stress we must push after directly
00:52:15keevin i failed tehre
00:52:15Strom ignore naix
00:52:23Strom go throne tower nwo
00:52:32keevin but
00:52:33keevin really
00:52:34keevin naix and LC
00:52:37keevin shouldnt have died there
00:52:38keevin in mid
00:52:47que2stress WAIT
00:52:47keevin go
00:52:59keevin End it
00:52:59keevin now
00:53:01keevin 60sec
00:53:01creeeeeee sain teise toweri ka
00:53:02creeeeeee xD
00:53:03RomyD82 rebuy?
00:53:04keevin they may have rebuys tho
00:53:06que2stress i tele come
00:53:06Strom good enough
00:53:09Strom I can rebuy if needed
00:53:09BoBo.Ftw we dont deserve to loose
00:53:12RomyD82 me too
00:53:12creeeeeee same
00:53:16RomyD82 lets rebuy
00:53:19Strom not yet
00:53:20RomyD82 they come top
00:53:21mansikka wait
00:53:23Strom let them commit to push
00:53:27que2stress go topü
00:53:43que2stress wr lc
00:53:45RomyD82 i got 4 k
00:53:47keevin we need mapcontrol
00:53:47RomyD82 :D
00:53:48keevin go
00:53:49keevin wisp
00:53:50keevin tp me.
00:53:51que2stress cd
00:53:54creeeeeee 1 rebuy
00:53:55creeeeeee or 2
00:53:56Strom sve, don't rebuy
00:53:57creeeeeee do it
00:54:02RomyD82 go
00:54:03Strom axe?
00:54:03que2stress well go bot
00:54:08keevin get rax
00:54:09keevin and b
00:54:10keevin b now
00:54:17svents gone
00:54:20keevin tp
00:54:59que2stress B
00:55:04svents guys
00:55:05svents cmon
00:55:12BoBo.Ftw inc
00:55:13RomyD82 we should have reboughtr
00:55:14keevin keep pressure
00:55:15svents axe and sven had 300 hps
00:55:15RomyD82 imo
00:55:16svents lol
00:55:16Strom yes
00:55:17keevin top rax will die automatically.
00:55:21Strom I thought axe woukd def
00:55:23que2stress wont they def
00:55:24que2stress we need all
00:55:25Strom but he valued his life over rax life
00:55:27Jouez solo vs naix ? :S
00:55:29RomyD82 go mid again
00:55:31RomyD82 all 5
00:55:31svents i got refu
00:55:34Strom so we don't have to rebuy
00:55:34svents so go jsut push
00:55:39svents i will 2 ulties
00:55:49keevin shouldnt go
00:55:49Strom too advanced tactic I see
00:55:51keevin with 3
00:55:51RomyD82 def
00:55:51que2stress dont go to far
00:55:58Strom def bot guys
00:55:59que2stress i tele lc here
00:56:01svents jsut back
00:56:04svents w8 for us
00:56:04que2stress just wait y
00:56:10Strom rosh alive
00:56:16BoBo.Ftw i ll take aegis
00:56:19keevin y
00:56:20keevin ofc
00:56:21keevin fast..
00:56:23keevin wisp guard us
00:56:23Strom we need to go fight at rosh
00:56:24keevin check
00:56:25keevin scout
00:56:26RomyD82 go
00:56:30Jouez ...
00:56:31svents cheeese
00:56:31RomyD82 omg no
00:56:31Strom too late
00:56:32que2stress get cheese
00:56:39RomyD82 come all?
00:56:44RomyD82 gang mid
00:56:48que2stress k gather
00:56:49mansikka -apm
00:56:51Strom wait all then
00:56:54keevin push sidelanes first
00:56:56RomyD82 wait man
00:56:57keevin and we could use obs..
00:57:04keevin need mapcontrol
00:57:05Strom jump
00:57:12RomyD82 push
00:57:14RomyD82 just push
00:57:37Strom holy moly that naix is fat
00:57:43Strom I got killed with like 3 hits
00:57:47creeeeeee bad ide to go imo :/
00:57:52creeeeeee had 100 from butter
00:58:00svents gg
00:58:00creeeeeee could of deffed base...but too late to say that :(
00:58:11Strom buy
00:58:13RomyD82 i miss 200 gold for rebuy
00:58:23svents omfg
00:58:26svents this commander:D
00:58:28svents cant use bkb
00:58:31svents D:DED:DD::SD:D:D:D
00:58:41RomyD82 shit
00:58:43que2stress np
00:58:44Strom oh well
00:58:46creeeeeee terve aeg bashed
00:58:47Jouez manta too late :(
00:58:52BoBo.Ftw gg wp
00:58:53creeeeeee how could i use it?
00:58:56creeeeeee bashed whole time
00:59:01svents gg
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