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-18 X
-2 TS

96% | 1714 X | 1536 TS

-5 X
-3 TS

65% | 1312 X | 1373 TS

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-13 TS

52% | 1259 X | 1274 TS

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-2 TS

45% | 1147 X | 1313 TS

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-50 TS

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+3 TS

92% | 1610 X | 1508 TS

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81% | 1486 X | 1409 TS

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+5 TS

63% | 1249 X | 1409 TS

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+6 TS

25% | 1015 X | 1254 TS

+24 X
+3 TS

18% | 947 X | 1230 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Soulyah es
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove ck
00:00:28FireMal give me ud
00:00:31TakinBackMyLove anyone dirge ?
00:00:32FireMal :DDDDDDDDDDDd'
00:00:40TakinBackMyLove someone dirge ?
00:00:41FireMal i hope we will fuck justin bieber in the ass
00:00:42Rasmus.Seebach k
00:00:52Rasmus.Seebach but i dont play him that well
00:00:55Soulyah get disable
00:01:03Soulyah tiny/tide
00:01:03TakinBackMyLove jerkku why bone
00:01:06TakinBackMyLove when theres
00:01:08TakinBackMyLove bh ?
00:01:09Soulyah or just go gondar
00:01:12sandii ^
00:01:13TakinBackMyLove ¨
00:01:14sandii ^^^^
00:01:16TakinBackMyLove give me
00:01:18TakinBackMyLove invoker
00:01:27TakinBackMyLove -swap 4
00:01:29S.k.i.l.l.s. -clear
00:01:31RomyD82 -tips
00:01:31Rasmus.Seebach -swap 1
00:01:45sandii ehm
00:01:48Soulyah serious?
00:01:49S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
00:01:51FireMal yup
00:01:53S.k.i.l.l.s. RETARD PICKED MORT
00:01:54Soulyah fucking bronze game
00:01:56Soulyah why i added
00:01:57Soulyah :D
00:01:58FireMal i made 22-0 in pub
00:02:03RomyD82 lanes captain?
00:02:04S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxaxaaxxaaxaxxa
00:02:06Soulyah dont care
00:02:11Soulyah ff
00:02:12TakinBackMyLove bone
00:02:13TakinBackMyLove mid
00:02:17Wasara im fortress
00:02:17TakinBackMyLove enimga
00:02:18Soulyah havebnt played bronze for moinths
00:02:18TakinBackMyLove woods
00:02:19P3PSI what happend 2 the picks ?
00:02:20TakinBackMyLove i solo bot
00:02:23Soulyah now u rememberrd me why!
00:02:27FireMal lanes ?
00:02:30Wasara can i buy soul ring
00:02:34Wasara or need courier
00:02:34sandii u can go woods
00:02:37TakinBackMyLove you need
00:02:38S.k.i.l.l.s. firemall is total retard :D
00:02:40TakinBackMyLove chicken
00:02:41Soulyah pa top
00:02:41RomyD82 courier
00:02:42Soulyah with tide
00:02:48TakinBackMyLove but you can still buy soul ring fast
00:02:49TakinBackMyLove thoe
00:02:50Soulyah wr and gondar bot
00:02:54S.k.i.l.l.s. ok
00:03:07Jerkku reg top
00:03:08S.k.i.l.l.s. pa is pro :D
00:03:15Soulyah epic noob pick
00:03:23FireMal yah your pro to thanks for the compliment
00:03:25S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxa i cant stop lafing :D
00:06:10Jerkku ss mid
00:06:21S.k.i.l.l.s. gj
00:06:54Jerkku re
00:07:02Jerkku ok ss
00:07:15Jerkku ss
00:07:17Jerkku care
00:07:30Soulyah gg pa
00:07:31Soulyah rly
00:07:32Soulyah :D:D:D
00:07:36S.k.i.l.l.s. -2
00:07:37S.k.i.l.l.s. re1
00:07:48Soulyah best PA!
00:07:55S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:08:12Jerkku re mid
00:08:32P3PSI ss top
00:08:43Jerkku ss mid
00:08:48FireMal ff
00:08:53Soulyah y
00:08:54Soulyah coz of u
00:09:07S.k.i.l.l.s. no hes pro
00:09:12S.k.i.l.l.s. he had in pub 22-0
00:09:14S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:09:15Jerkku re mid
00:09:18Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:09:22Wasara omw gank bot
00:09:25Wasara with bhole
00:09:29TakinBackMyLove kk'
00:10:01Jerkku '
00:10:07Wasara how did you die
00:10:30Soulyah triple?
00:10:31S.k.i.l.l.s. care gond
00:10:31Soulyah what
00:10:34S.k.i.l.l.s. they got dust
00:10:39sandii kk
00:10:48FireMal need gang asap
00:10:56S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxaxaxa
00:11:00S.k.i.l.l.s. u need brain asap
00:11:04FireMal pull
00:11:36FireMal go invoker
00:11:39S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxa
00:12:09TakinBackMyLove bone gang ?
00:12:28FireMal got mana for 1 slow
00:12:33Soulyah go farm
00:13:26FireMal wp
00:13:55Jerkku sunstrike
00:13:58TakinBackMyLove cd
00:13:59S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:14:02Soulyah sandi
00:14:05S.k.i.l.l.s. love ya sandi :D
00:14:05sandii ?
00:14:08Soulyah lets focus clinkz together
00:14:11sandii y
00:14:17S.k.i.l.l.s. focus down :D pls
00:14:19Soulyah PA
00:14:21Soulyah come on
00:14:22Soulyah items?
00:14:30S.k.i.l.l.s. hes pro
00:14:48FireMal try to farm with gondar in my ashole
00:14:57S.k.i.l.l.s. u are fail
00:15:24Soulyah gondar?
00:15:50Soulyah gondar
00:15:51Soulyah plz
00:16:11S.k.i.l.l.s. gj
00:16:20FireMal care top
00:16:29FireMal go clinkz ?
00:16:31FireMal ready ?
00:16:32FireMal gondar ?
00:17:01S.k.i.l.l.s. FU INV :D
00:17:05Soulyah i tp
00:17:14FireMal invoker
00:17:41sandii what
00:17:41S.k.i.l.l.s. b mort
00:17:45sandii howd u kill me
00:17:46S.k.i.l.l.s. omfg
00:17:51FireMal nice one furion
00:18:02Soulyah ?
00:18:05FireMal im figtinh wiht invoker
00:18:07Soulyah OMFg
00:18:10Soulyah stop talking to me
00:18:13S.k.i.l.l.s. u are idito
00:18:16FireMal idiot
00:18:24Soulyah not my fault u go tank tomb and ivo
00:18:26Soulyah stupid fuck
00:19:07S.k.i.l.l.s. :/
00:19:29S.k.i.l.l.s. tard mort
00:19:44S.k.i.l.l.s. furio top
00:20:19FireMal come mid plz
00:20:24S.k.i.l.l.s. SU
00:20:27FireMal go invoker
00:20:51Soulyah i tp
00:20:54Soulyah in 3
00:21:11Jerkku god
00:21:17FireMal ff
00:21:17TakinBackMyLove click
00:21:21TakinBackMyLove clinks
00:21:24Soulyah yea
00:21:25TakinBackMyLove just a sucky pick
00:21:25Jerkku ?
00:21:28Soulyah ur pick was so awesome
00:21:28Jerkku oh
00:21:42S.k.i.l.l.s. hes total idiot
00:21:42FireMal at least i got some assists
00:21:49S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxaw wiht mort
00:21:49Soulyah y
00:21:52Soulyah throw dagger
00:21:54Soulyah assist
00:21:54S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:22:05FireMal stfu
00:22:11Rasmus.Seebach take sentries sum one
00:22:13FireMal i fucked a couple of guys up and you know it
00:22:20S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxa hardnolifer
00:22:20FireMal and you stole a couple of kills 2
00:22:29FireMal gondar ome
00:22:30FireMal come
00:22:30Wasara all ss
00:22:50Soulyah i die every tp:D
00:22:50RomyD82 ill buy dust
00:22:54RomyD82 for that fuck
00:23:06S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:23:09RomyD82 plant wards pld
00:23:12RomyD82 undy
00:23:12FireMal why dont gondar come
00:23:53Wasara gj
00:23:55TakinBackMyLove push
00:23:55TakinBackMyLove mid
00:24:14Jerkku got silence soon
00:24:30FireMal any vlads ?
00:24:31FireMal in team
00:24:56RomyD82 plant wards pls
00:24:59Rasmus.Seebach y
00:25:21FireMal mine
00:25:23FireMal dont toucj
00:25:25S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxa
00:25:55S.k.i.l.l.s. FU TINY
00:25:57Soulyah gg
00:25:59Soulyah well picked
00:26:00Soulyah ff
00:26:21Soulyah jerkku
00:26:22Soulyah wins
00:26:24Soulyah shows bronze lvl
00:26:29Soulyah below 0
00:26:36S.k.i.l.l.s. mort is great :D
00:27:00sandii -st
00:27:05sandii 3.3k
00:27:07FireMal -st
00:27:27S.k.i.l.l.s. -st
00:27:34FireMal why dominator for pa
00:28:13FireMal fags
00:28:17FireMal why bnot go clinzk
00:28:17TakinBackMyLove eniomga
00:28:18TakinBackMyLove get
00:28:19TakinBackMyLove tat
00:28:20TakinBackMyLove dagger
00:28:20FireMal clinkz
00:28:32RomyD82 b
00:28:33Wasara b
00:28:37TakinBackMyLove then never gonna let you get a good ulti
00:28:44TakinBackMyLove they
00:28:55Wasara i didnt got good ult because we were not 5
00:28:59Wasara at first
00:29:14RomyD82 bine
00:29:16RomyD82 bone
00:29:23RomyD82 wtf u do man
00:29:34sandii -st
00:29:37sandii 5.95 ^^
00:29:41S.k.i.l.l.s. ?
00:29:43S.k.i.l.l.s. -st
00:29:48sandii bounty
00:29:53S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:30:01FireMal -s
00:30:02FireMal -st
00:30:14FireMal omw
00:31:13FireMal fucking stealer
00:31:32TakinBackMyLove tiny
00:31:33TakinBackMyLove dont
00:31:33TakinBackMyLove get
00:31:35TakinBackMyLove agha!
00:31:39Wasara im infvis with ultimat
00:31:40FireMal stealer asshole
00:32:00RomyD82 god enigma ulti faster
00:32:01RomyD82 ffs
00:32:54TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:08Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:09sandii hmm
00:33:13sandii what shall i buy
00:33:20Soulyah jango?
00:33:29sandii nah
00:33:32TakinBackMyLove gogogogog
00:33:32TakinBackMyLove bone
00:33:36RomyD82 can we fucking gather
00:33:41sandii hmm
00:33:41FireMal mid mine
00:33:44FireMal dont touch plz
00:33:46TakinBackMyLove blink
00:33:46FireMal i need 500
00:33:47TakinBackMyLove tiny
00:33:47TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:33:48sandii maybe just basher ::D:D
00:33:54Soulyah basher could work
00:34:00RomyD82 wtf for?
00:34:02RomyD82 im alone
00:34:07TakinBackMyLove to jump him ?
00:34:14Wasara im dagger
00:34:15RomyD82 hell just tp
00:34:31TakinBackMyLove fu jerkku
00:34:33Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:34Jerkku what ?
00:34:38TakinBackMyLove you sucjk
00:34:43Jerkku you suck too
00:34:53Jerkku never seen you playing good
00:34:53TakinBackMyLove you had
00:34:54FireMal wow nice ulti
00:34:55TakinBackMyLove freefam
00:34:57TakinBackMyLove and i jhave
00:34:59TakinBackMyLove so much more
00:35:02TakinBackMyLove gold tahn you
00:35:06FireMal why didnt it come earlier
00:35:13Jerkku yea and still u suck ?
00:35:13RomyD82 we are never all
00:35:18RomyD82 so enigma can ultui and win
00:35:24TakinBackMyLove just shut it
00:35:25TakinBackMyLove you lost this
00:35:26TakinBackMyLove game
00:35:27TakinBackMyLove newb
00:35:29Wasara we can win
00:35:30RomyD82 ?
00:35:30Jerkku u too
00:35:35Jerkku u cant pkay voker
00:35:37S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:35:37Jerkku play*
00:35:38TakinBackMyLove rly ?
00:35:42Jerkku dontp lay with it
00:35:45Jerkku ever again
00:35:56Jerkku i've seen only 2 spells
00:35:59TakinBackMyLove jerkku say i cant play invoker -.-
00:35:59Jerkku that u use
00:36:06TakinBackMyLove cuz your newb
00:36:09Soulyah he cant play clinkz
00:36:10RomyD82 gather all 5
00:36:10Jerkku he has used only sunstrike and meteor
00:36:12RomyD82 that easy
00:36:13TakinBackMyLove have allready usen ´6
00:36:13Jerkku tells a lot imo
00:36:18Soulyah coldsnap
00:36:19Soulyah icewall
00:36:21Soulyah tornado
00:36:25TakinBackMyLove his newb
00:36:26RomyD82 come mid all
00:36:26Soulyah blind?
00:36:31sandii yeah :d
00:36:42Wasara go mid
00:36:43RomyD82 come the fuck mid
00:36:48Jerkku just ff
00:36:49Wasara tt
00:36:55RomyD82 u fucking noob
00:36:56RomyD82 come mid
00:36:59RomyD82 with team
00:37:00Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:03RomyD82 then
00:37:10S.k.i.l.l.s. def mort
00:37:46RomyD82 he got so farmed
00:38:01sandii !
00:38:04TakinBackMyLove wp eniga
00:38:08S.k.i.l.l.s. bkb couldnt cyclone :/
00:38:16RomyD82 they are playing 4
00:38:19RomyD82 and they win
00:38:20TakinBackMyLove just sad we got bone
00:38:26RomyD82 cuz we cant gather all
00:38:28S.k.i.l.l.s. ccc tide u are tard
00:38:30RomyD82 just gather all 5
00:38:32RomyD82 ffs
00:38:36RomyD82 is it that hard?
00:38:40sandii heh tide lvl 11 :D
00:38:43Jerkku we need enigma ult
00:38:44TakinBackMyLove without gem
00:38:44S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:38:46TakinBackMyLove we cant do shit
00:38:46sandii me n soulyah 22
00:38:52RomyD82 i got dust
00:38:56RomyD82 dust is enough
00:39:00TakinBackMyLove fuck
00:39:01TakinBackMyLove dust
00:39:01RomyD82 come all 5
00:39:02TakinBackMyLove we need
00:39:04TakinBackMyLove to get bh
00:39:05RomyD82 fuck u
00:39:07RomyD82 nab
00:39:07Jerkku ok lets try smoke then ?
00:39:15TakinBackMyLove we need to get bh when he dont know we got gem
00:39:18TakinBackMyLove then we can push
00:39:19TakinBackMyLove easty
00:39:34RomyD82 all 5 mid pls
00:39:34Jerkku wait
00:39:36Jerkku come
00:39:37Jerkku smoke
00:39:41TakinBackMyLove fuck
00:39:42TakinBackMyLove smoek
00:40:11sandii i need 6 gold
00:40:14S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:40:15Wasara ult not rdy
00:40:18S.k.i.l.l.s. close :D
00:40:22Wasara 30 s
00:40:23RomyD82 wait
00:40:31RomyD82 dont
00:40:33Jerkku bad that we have only 1 stun
00:40:37Jerkku and enigmas sstuns
00:41:10RomyD82 wtf did u do?
00:41:40S.k.i.l.l.s. ccc
00:41:40sandii NOO
00:41:45S.k.i.l.l.s. bad luck :D
00:41:49sandii but it wasnt lvl 3 was it?
00:41:52S.k.i.l.l.s. u love u furi :D
00:41:59Soulyah :)
00:42:29Wasara push top last tower when 5 alive
00:42:40RomyD82 if we are all we win fights
00:42:41TakinBackMyLove y
00:42:50RomyD82 wait enigmas ulti
00:42:52RomyD82 and go again
00:42:56FireMal -cs
00:43:03Wasara bot must be pushed
00:43:49Soulyah ah he has gem
00:44:01RomyD82 push mif
00:44:24S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:44:28S.k.i.l.l.s. i died u go live
00:44:35RomyD82 they push
00:44:45S.k.i.l.l.s. nice u can defend :D
00:45:03S.k.i.l.l.s. this mort
00:45:19Soulyah ?
00:45:27S.k.i.l.l.s. tried to be an idiot
00:45:28RomyD82 go all 5 mid?
00:45:31TakinBackMyLove y
00:45:34TakinBackMyLove go
00:45:36TakinBackMyLove top
00:45:40FireMal tried to fuck him up
00:45:44S.k.i.l.l.s. did u
00:45:46RomyD82 get somke hp
00:45:50Jerkku i come as fast i can
00:45:56FireMal no your mom did
00:45:57Soulyah ultui
00:45:59TakinBackMyLove b
00:46:23RomyD82 its gg
00:46:47Wasara i tp there
00:46:47RomyD82 come enigma
00:46:48RomyD82 ffs
00:47:21S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:48:10TakinBackMyLove haha
00:48:11Jerkku god
00:48:12Soulyah :D
00:48:13TakinBackMyLove LOL
00:48:13Jerkku :D
00:48:13Soulyah rly:D+
00:48:15S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:48:20TakinBackMyLove ff3
00:48:22Jerkku there comes his bitches
00:48:22TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:23Soulyah cant understand i bait u
00:48:24RomyD82 b man
00:48:25TakinBackMyLove what
00:48:26RomyD82 b
00:48:30Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:30TakinBackMyLove did you expect
00:48:57RomyD82 guys just kill gondar
00:49:02RomyD82 rest dont matter much
00:49:02Jerkku hes so fat
00:49:07Jerkku hard to killhim
00:49:11RomyD82 focus him
00:49:15RomyD82 we have disable
00:49:43RomyD82 wait bone
00:49:46RomyD82 wait
00:49:56RomyD82 wait ffs
00:50:00TakinBackMyLove bomne
00:50:00TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:50:25Jerkku tiny...
00:50:27S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:50:28S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:50:29S.k.i.l.l.s. bb
00:50:35S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxaxa
00:51:17FireMal -cs
00:51:20S.k.i.l.l.s. i go to base
00:51:31TakinBackMyLove ¨
00:51:31Soulyah fhken enigma
00:51:33TakinBackMyLove WTF
00:51:33Soulyah imba
00:51:33sandii :D
00:51:34TakinBackMyLove THIS
00:51:35S.k.i.l.l.s. thats bad
00:51:35TakinBackMyLove TINY
00:51:40RomyD82 was afk man
00:51:46TakinBackMyLove HE SAY I WAS AFK MAN
00:51:50TakinBackMyLove WHAT A JOKE PLAYER
00:51:55S.k.i.l.l.s. ffs get that bkb
00:51:55RomyD82 fu man
00:51:58RomyD82 just stfu
00:52:04Soulyah rebuy gondar
00:52:05Soulyah n1
00:52:09TakinBackMyLove first he goes afk secound he cant hit with
00:52:10TakinBackMyLove stu
00:52:13TakinBackMyLove STUN AND HE GOES AGHA
00:52:24RomyD82 pls wait more man
00:52:28sandii cmon lads
00:52:46RomyD82 stui him enigma ffs
00:52:52RomyD82 bone will kill him
00:52:57Wasara dont control me....
00:53:14RomyD82 always ulti after one dies
00:53:15TakinBackMyLove ff guys
00:53:16RomyD82 although
00:53:19TakinBackMyLove we dont got lategame
00:53:19RomyD82 he has dagger
00:53:25RomyD82 lol
00:53:26RomyD82 mate
00:53:29RomyD82 we got bone
00:53:31RomyD82 and u
00:53:33RomyD82 but ur bad
00:53:35TakinBackMyLove they got morted ?
00:53:40Jerkku yep
00:53:40RomyD82 theyr mort
00:53:42RomyD82 is shit
00:53:45Jerkku we can try
00:53:47TakinBackMyLove so what
00:53:51TakinBackMyLove b
00:53:54TakinBackMyLove bh outcarry
00:53:56TakinBackMyLove bh
00:53:56TakinBackMyLove easy
00:53:59Wasara problem of the game: furion + gondar were fed early game
00:53:59TakinBackMyLove and
00:54:02TakinBackMyLove furion
00:54:07TakinBackMyLove imba late aswell
00:54:07RomyD82 problem is
00:54:12RomyD82 u dont get a good ulti
00:54:19TakinBackMyLove thyey are fine
00:54:22Jerkku they rosh
00:54:23TakinBackMyLove your fucking
00:54:24TakinBackMyLove tard
00:54:25TakinBackMyLove tiny
00:54:28TakinBackMyLove with your agha!
00:54:30RomyD82 kk pro
00:54:34sandii gtfo
00:54:35TakinBackMyLove hexd
00:54:36RomyD82 look ur shit items
00:54:39TakinBackMyLove hex 10x better ?
00:54:50TakinBackMyLove mine is shit tell me one bad item ?
00:54:53TakinBackMyLove come tell me ?
00:54:53P3PSI rosh ?
00:54:58S.k.i.l.l.s. dead
00:55:01Soulyah gather
00:55:01Soulyah all
00:55:02TakinBackMyLove oh you cant ?= so stfu
00:55:04RomyD82 ur whole build is shiot
00:55:15TakinBackMyLove my build is shit ? tiny says
00:55:16TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:22Wasara !ff
00:55:22RomyD82 ur useless now
00:55:26RomyD82 when u should own
00:55:28Wasara I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:29TakinBackMyLove book for bounty and furion
00:55:30S.k.i.l.l.s. gg
00:55:31RomyD82 late game
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