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Chat log

00:00:16three0three can i furi?.
00:00:16three0three ....
00:00:16Kastrup Balanar
00:00:16Dickless -clear
00:00:16three0three ^^
00:00:16Kastrup i go mid
00:00:162deep4u hey kastrup
00:00:162deep4u again you!
00:00:16Kastrup hey.
00:00:16three0three why...............................
00:00:16Kastrup ..
00:00:16three0three let me furi midd
00:00:16Kastrup because i say so..
00:00:16Kastrup nope
00:00:16Smell.this.ass lyca
00:00:16three0three arogant caps
00:00:16Dickless :)
00:00:16Dickless arogant peon*
00:00:16Dickless imo
00:00:392deep4u i don't like this pool
00:00:47Kastrup damn this is going to be hard.. :}
00:01:03Kastrup ench
00:01:04Kastrup any1?
00:01:052deep4u I haven't played this
00:01:07Kastrup that wld be perfect
00:01:09Kastrup well max
00:01:092deep4u in a thousand years
00:01:10Kastrup stun
00:01:112deep4u but i'll try.
00:01:12Kastrup and explosions
00:01:17Kastrup get ench
00:01:26VVindoWz abba
00:01:292deep4u and what shall I build?
00:01:30Smell.this.ass -swap 3
00:01:31Orre cap
00:01:32Kastrup and we might be forced to go necrobook
00:01:33AliBaba -swap 1
00:01:36Orre what hero?
00:01:36Kastrup for taking SK
00:01:40Smell.this.ass idc
00:01:42VVindoWz orre abba
00:01:42AliBaba -swap 2
00:01:43Kastrup for mana burn
00:01:44Smell.this.ass phonix
00:01:45Kastrup and eat him up
00:01:46Smell.this.ass if u can
00:01:46slc2 -swap 3
00:01:49Kastrup else this is going to be living hell
00:01:49Orre nope
00:01:50Orre cant
00:01:53Dickless true
00:01:54Smell.this.ass abba
00:01:58Orre k
00:01:59Kastrup sould have played morpg
00:02:00Kastrup :/
00:02:05Kastrup god damn a gay lineup
00:02:06Kastrup they go
00:02:07Dickless tc come down
00:02:09Kastrup hphphp
00:02:122deep4u tryhards.
00:02:16Kastrup true that
00:02:17Dickless or i can solo down
00:02:22Kastrup furi
00:02:23Kastrup u woodS?
00:02:26Kastrup or lane?
00:02:27three0three yep
00:02:29Smell.this.ass share mate
00:02:30three0three here
00:02:34Kastrup ?
00:02:37three0three i can pull a bit
00:02:39three0three if u want
00:02:40three0three lesh
00:02:412deep4u yeah
00:02:44Kastrup if i have wings? why im i always walking?
00:02:45VVindoWz 2 range bot 2 melee top ?
00:02:46three0three want first?
00:02:492deep4u sure :)
00:02:55slc2 because ur redbull is not working
00:02:572deep4u tc up??
00:03:002deep4u the f
00:03:06Orre swap lanes
00:03:08Orre one range up
00:03:27three0three let tc top
00:03:28three0three imo
00:03:33three0three pull
00:04:26Kastrup miss
00:04:34Kastrup re
00:04:42Dickless NEED ONE DOWN
00:04:52Dickless I MEAN IT
00:04:53Kastrup tc
00:05:10three0three tc
00:05:11three0three go btm
00:05:11three0three tp
00:05:22three0three tc
00:05:23three0three go btm
00:05:42Dickless I NEED ON DOWN
00:05:44Dickless ONE
00:06:01Kastrup miss
00:06:14Kastrup care
00:06:17Dickless NEED ONE DOWN
00:06:19three0three care top
00:06:22three0three and cap
00:06:25three0three say to tc to go btm
00:06:28three0three bb needs help
00:06:41Smell.this.ass ff
00:07:10Orre ss
00:07:40Dickless NEED ONE DOWN
00:07:43Kastrup TC
00:07:44Smell.this.ass ss
00:07:45Kastrup TP down
00:07:45Kastrup srsly
00:07:52Dickless tnx
00:08:34Dickless ONE DOWN?
00:08:36Smell.this.ass ss
00:08:48Kastrup Tc
00:09:00Smell.this.ass ss
00:09:29slc2 mid??
00:09:31Smell.this.ass y
00:09:57Dickless dont need no more...
00:09:58Dickless one down
00:10:00Dickless so donw come
00:10:16Kastrup furi me mid
00:10:22Kastrup and plz call mis bot :)
00:10:31Kastrup gdflgjkldfgdf
00:10:382deep4u miss SK
00:11:02VVindoWz top easy kill
00:11:05Kastrup take r
00:11:49Dickless tc
00:11:56Dickless i will remeber you today
00:12:02slc2 get wards
00:12:10Dickless are u on drugs
00:12:10Smell.this.ass ss
00:12:17three0three stun
00:12:19Rasmus.Seebach omm
00:12:35Dickless go sk in sec
00:13:152deep4u BRIESLT
00:13:202deep4u bristle WTF
00:13:222deep4u why do you ignore.
00:13:232deep4u them
00:13:342deep4u gg
00:13:462deep4u im useless
00:14:512deep4u FUCK SAKE
00:15:002deep4u gg
00:15:59VVindoWz jamie kom
00:16:01slc2 share chick
00:16:09slc2 iongen ulti
00:16:34slc2 share the
00:16:42Orre u moved me
00:16:47Orre so...
00:16:542deep4u FUCK SAKE
00:17:182deep4u furi help us pls.
00:17:18Dickless care
00:17:19Dickless tiny
00:17:57Orre -ms
00:18:01Orre -ms
00:18:03Kastrup let me farm that mid plz
00:18:11Kastrup all come
00:18:12Kastrup furio
00:18:13Kastrup aswell
00:18:32Smell.this.ass dagger
00:18:562deep4u furi?
00:19:01three0three i was there
00:19:03three0three whats the prob
00:19:05Kastrup no u fucking wasnøt
00:19:05three0three ?
00:19:07three0three i was
00:19:08three0three dude
00:19:10Kastrup why can't u help us?!
00:19:10three0three be 4
00:19:10three0three u do
00:19:13three0three i did
00:19:152deep4u u killed forest creeps.
00:19:21Kastrup u lose this game like that
00:19:32three0three u fail
00:19:33three0three mid
00:19:34three0three and top
00:19:37three0three and i lose game
00:19:37Kastrup i failed top
00:19:39Kastrup not mid
00:19:42Kastrup but u didn't gank ONCe
00:19:43Kastrup with fucking ufiron
00:19:45Kastrup furion
00:20:36Kastrup all mid
00:20:38Kastrup pleae come help
00:20:39slc2 shield me
00:20:39Kastrup soneone!?
00:20:39Kastrup someone
00:21:05Kastrup furuion
00:21:12three0three i oush towers dude
00:21:27Kastrup firstclass idiot
00:21:30three0three what can i do
00:21:33Dickless i agree
00:21:34AliBaba abba can you fix wards ?
00:21:35Dickless !
00:21:42Orre fix?
00:22:52Dickless sf
00:22:53Dickless cs
00:22:56Dickless pls
00:22:56Kastrup 80
00:22:59Dickless k
00:23:01Kastrup but i been ganked 89083901 times
00:23:05Dickless i know
00:23:09Kastrup and furion push my lane
00:23:10Dickless lets try up
00:23:10Kastrup can't do shot
00:24:12Kastrup really?
00:24:39three0three ffs
00:24:532deep4u okay im a horrible leshrac.
00:25:01Dickless just to know
00:25:04Dickless huskar was bot
00:28:10Smell.this.ass abba
00:28:16Smell.this.ass get the ward at secret shop
00:28:17Smell.this.ass pls
00:28:23Smell.this.ass there is wards
00:29:01Kastrup gather mid now
00:29:02Kastrup plz
00:29:07Kastrup i ulti
00:29:09Kastrup and we go?
00:29:092deep4u furion just wants to farm X i think.
00:29:15Dickless :)
00:29:16Smell.this.ass mine
00:29:22Smell.this.ass drink
00:29:24Dickless pathetic imo
00:29:30Smell.this.ass give me
00:29:31Dickless but he will learn
00:29:332deep4u also if tiny blinks im dead instantly.
00:30:362deep4u i thought the explosions would kill you
00:30:402deep4u i suck so bad with this :D
00:31:08slc2 hehe. i
00:33:20Kastrup my
00:33:21Kastrup rune
00:33:312deep4u tiny please no more instakills
00:33:47Smell.this.ass okay mate
00:34:06Smell.this.ass all mid
00:34:07Smell.this.ass now
00:34:08Smell.this.ass and end
00:34:20Smell.this.ass abba
00:34:23Smell.this.ass share chick with huska
00:34:24Smell.this.ass r
00:34:38Smell.this.ass i can ban u if u dont
00:34:40Smell.this.ass and i will
00:34:41slc2 mid go
00:34:44Smell.this.ass share with him
00:34:45slc2 go mid all we win
00:34:55slc2 just fuck up the lesh fast
00:36:54slc2 what do u want with ur return cunt?
00:37:41three0three b
00:37:45Smell.this.ass b
00:38:10slc2 let me take agies
00:38:19Dickless I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:242deep4u I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:33Smell.this.ass bot
00:38:33Smell.this.ass bot
00:39:08Kastrup b
00:40:13three0three xD
00:41:06three0three 47-15
00:41:19slc2 gogo top
00:41:222deep4u hah
00:41:352deep4u 1-13
00:41:362deep4u swag
00:42:21Kastrup go?
00:42:22Kastrup or not?
00:42:59Dickless lets go in all
00:43:03Dickless at the same time
00:43:13three0three go
00:43:14Dickless sk down
00:43:15Dickless 1
00:43:22Dickless i go irst
00:43:26Kastrup just tree them
00:43:27Kastrup then i can ulti
00:43:41Dickless dont def
00:43:44Dickless FURION
00:44:07Smell.this.ass :D
00:44:09three0three sure
00:44:52three0three f
00:44:53three0three I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:57Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:592deep4u I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:012deep4u !ff
00:45:032deep4u forfeit
00:45:052deep4u how the fuck
00:45:082deep4u do i ff
00:45:09three0three I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:10three0three just
00:45:12three0three type ff
00:45:142deep4u I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:15three0three it appears to us
00:45:16three0three as
00:45:18three0three i surrender
00:45:192deep4u oh
00:45:222deep4u did u see it?
00:45:24three0three y
00:45:262deep4u kay
00:45:292deep4u im new at forfeiting!
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