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Chat log

00:00:17Kastrup any1 phonix?
00:00:172deep4u kastrupp
00:00:17three0three captain
00:00:17Orre BAN IDIOT
00:00:172deep4u yeah
00:00:17sebralane ban it
00:00:17Kastrup phoenix
00:00:17three0three ban und
00:00:17three0three and let me mid with weaver
00:00:172deep4u i don't want to play against xin.
00:00:17three0three np
00:00:172deep4u undying
00:00:28Dickless nice pool
00:00:34sebralane goddamit
00:00:36sebralane give me that
00:00:52three0three want mid?
00:00:52sebralane kastrup swap
00:00:54three0three vs bs?
00:00:55three0three or?
00:00:56Kastrup no
00:01:002deep4u yeah
00:01:012deep4u pls
00:01:04three0three u go?
00:01:062deep4u ye
00:01:08three0three k
00:01:25-HewaL- disruptor?
00:01:29Dickless lanes?
00:01:31-HewaL- erdar i take
00:01:322deep4u yeah
00:01:39Kastrup need to know lane
00:01:47Kastrup ds
00:01:49Kastrup would be okay
00:01:51Kastrup well
00:01:51Kastrup okay
00:01:53three0three bat
00:01:532deep4u gege
00:01:56three0three come top
00:01:59Kastrup mirana top
00:02:00Kastrup alone
00:02:01Kastrup rest bot
00:02:02three0three and let me farm
00:02:03sebralane Propick our last
00:02:11AliBaba davran ..
00:02:12Dickless SuckThis
00:02:14AliBaba mener du det ?
00:02:16three0three our too
00:02:17Dickless remember curier
00:02:21SuckThis ok
00:02:222deep4u ff
00:02:23Kastrup ursa
00:02:25Kastrup u go woods
00:02:27-HewaL- why?
00:02:29Kastrup ursa, sd and wisp bot
00:02:31Kastrup ursa woods
00:02:35Kastrup so wont be any problem
00:02:352deep4u shitty picks.
00:02:39three0three bat check rune
00:02:41Dickless tnx
00:02:41three0three plzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:02:43-HewaL- i know i wanted eredar
00:02:44Orre if i get 10 sticky then just go all in
00:02:48Kastrup GET WARds
00:02:50Kastrup and we're good
00:02:51three0three y
00:02:52three0three i know
00:02:59Orre n1
00:03:01Orre some dont
00:03:01Kastrup SUCKTHIS
00:03:01three0three .....
00:03:01SuckThis what?
00:03:01three0three just let me farm and its gg
00:03:01-HewaL- we will win :D
00:03:01AliBaba kom i gang
00:03:01Kastrup dont be af
00:03:01Kastrup afk
00:03:01Dickless sec
00:03:01Kastrup time started
00:03:01three0three yeeah
00:03:02SuckThis i aint afk
00:03:02-HewaL- -water red
00:03:032deep4u well sebralane is potm so we have a chance
00:03:24Kastrup URSA WOOdfs
00:03:25AliBaba gååå
00:03:26three0three pull plz
00:04:42Kastrup -1
00:04:43Kastrup mid
00:04:44Kastrup care
00:05:33-HewaL- ss
00:05:43Dickless lemme
00:05:44Dickless this ones
00:05:51Dickless b
00:05:52Dickless come
00:05:54three0three pull
00:06:40AliBaba hvad laver du ?
00:06:44sebralane ghg
00:06:45sebralane wtf
00:06:45SuckThis pool
00:07:00three0three i tp mid
00:07:032deep4u k
00:07:232deep4u THIS
00:07:272deep4u ffs..
00:07:28Kastrup miss?
00:07:29Kastrup FFS
00:07:322deep4u almost failed
00:07:332deep4u :D
00:07:47three0three dive
00:08:14sebralane bs come gank
00:08:172deep4u any rune?
00:08:21-HewaL- idk
00:08:29Dickless tnx
00:08:32AliBaba np
00:08:36-HewaL- ss2
00:08:39sebralane bs come
00:08:40sebralane iizy kills
00:08:49-HewaL- nuudel do something to
00:08:52AliBaba ss
00:08:552deep4u ss
00:09:33Dickless back
00:09:34Dickless ursa
00:09:35three0three b
00:09:35Dickless let me
00:09:36Dickless pls
00:09:36three0three bat
00:09:41Dickless i will get u creeps
00:09:48SuckThis k
00:09:51Nuudel ss 2
00:09:53Kastrup miss
00:10:03Nuudel re
00:10:39AliBaba fuck you suk¨'
00:10:40Kastrup wtf
00:10:41Kastrup are u doing?
00:10:45-HewaL- free kills ?
00:10:45AliBaba suck
00:11:06-HewaL- ?
00:11:46-HewaL- no ss on bs?
00:11:542deep4u killed him top
00:11:55three0three was dead
00:12:44three0three kill all
00:13:08-HewaL- fuckin no
00:13:10-HewaL- kib
00:13:11-HewaL- ob
00:13:35Dickless suck
00:13:50Dickless i suggest u to farm and kill roshan as soon as possible
00:13:56Dickless thats best option
00:14:01Dickless will help us a lot
00:14:08Dickless k
00:15:08-HewaL- no mana
00:15:23Kastrup FFS?
00:15:23SuckThis !
00:15:24Kastrup wtf?
00:15:52-HewaL- dead
00:16:17Kastrup b
00:16:21sebralane ursa
00:16:22sebralane lvl 4
00:16:24sebralane wadap
00:16:25Kastrup URSA
00:16:27Kastrup GO FUCFKIGN WOODs
00:16:27AliBaba dunno why
00:16:40-HewaL- cant stand in fights
00:16:562deep4u FUCKING USELESS TEAM
00:17:16Kastrup ursa
00:17:20Kastrup bare gå woods
00:17:21Kastrup ikke andet
00:17:24Kastrup de næste 10 min
00:17:542deep4u back
00:18:39-HewaL- b?
00:19:16-HewaL- ??!?
00:19:26-HewaL- told you stay back
00:22:10three0three relic
00:22:182deep4u gj
00:23:422deep4u thrall braindead
00:23:52AliBaba ursa braindead :D
00:23:54sebralane wips lets gop there
00:24:05AliBaba cd :b
00:24:09AliBaba didnt se
00:24:12AliBaba se
00:24:30AliBaba top =
00:24:41sebralane öink
00:24:49Kastrup just prolong
00:24:50AliBaba relax :b
00:25:01AliBaba care
00:25:30sebralane sick i get stunned on leap...nice
00:25:352deep4u :ÖD
00:26:03Dickless gj
00:26:03sebralane lll
00:26:04sebralane nice
00:26:122deep4u wtf weaver.
00:26:162deep4u u cant 1v1
00:26:17three0three gay bs
00:26:19three0three i can
00:26:232deep4u then why did u die.
00:26:27three0three coz bs is gay
00:26:36sebralane bs
00:26:37sebralane tp
00:26:56Kastrup b
00:26:57Kastrup bb
00:26:582deep4u b
00:27:00Kastrup u need me
00:27:32sebralane go mid
00:27:34sebralane get them
00:27:36Kastrup no
00:27:37Kastrup let them come to us
00:27:432deep4u lets push.
00:28:03sebralane -st
00:28:03three0three let me
00:28:04three0three 200 g
00:28:06three0three radi
00:28:07sebralane 50 ll
00:28:25-HewaL- lol
00:28:42Kastrup b
00:28:50Kastrup just b
00:29:34Kastrup they might roshan
00:29:37sebralane bs silence weaver
00:29:39sebralane i kill him
00:29:44Kastrup we need tiny first
00:29:46Dickless i have smoke
00:29:47Dickless stop
00:29:502deep4u got radi?
00:29:52three0three yep
00:29:54three0three go push
00:29:56Kastrup ill
00:29:57sebralane illu
00:30:00Kastrup smoke
00:30:08Kastrup NOT
00:30:262deep4u theyre roshing
00:30:52three0three y tiny
00:31:022deep4u go heal
00:31:34SuckThis lol
00:31:37three0three tiny
00:31:38three0three dude
00:31:38SuckThis i was invis
00:31:41Kastrup so?
00:31:45three0three skill ulti
00:31:48Kastrup 1,2 sec fadetime
00:31:53Kastrup or 0,8
00:31:55three0three its imba....
00:31:56three0three omfg
00:32:11Kastrup b
00:32:12Kastrup heall
00:32:14Kastrup ffs
00:32:24Kastrup dead
00:32:32Dickless why u write things like that?
00:32:35Dickless dead
00:32:42Dickless ?
00:33:13Dickless bs
00:33:34Dickless dont chase will weaver is attacking mirana and wisp
00:33:37Kastrup shh
00:33:38Dickless kills like that means nothing
00:33:59sebralane they rosh
00:34:01sebralane most likely
00:34:08three0three they come
00:34:102deep4u b
00:34:112deep4u razor
00:34:26-HewaL- thanks
00:34:30-HewaL- sorry to
00:34:332deep4u you were supposed to wait for me :P
00:35:26-HewaL- end it man?
00:35:26AliBaba dont farm
00:35:432deep4u rax
00:36:12AliBaba wp sd
00:36:32Kastrup tiny
00:36:452deep4u razor late much
00:36:572deep4u ur using ur spells so randomly.
00:37:062deep4u also str treads.
00:37:072deep4u man
00:37:092deep4u u need survive.
00:37:09-HewaL- who?
00:37:112deep4u vanguard.
00:37:112deep4u you.
00:37:142deep4u and just link up
00:37:172deep4u and survive.
00:37:192deep4u and attack.
00:37:26Kastrup ursa
00:37:28Kastrup get VLAD
00:37:29Kastrup okay?
00:37:29SuckThis y?
00:37:31Kastrup vlademirs
00:37:38SuckThis k
00:37:40-HewaL- idk we cant even kill them .
00:37:41Kastrup supportive shop
00:37:54three0three we cant what?
00:38:00-HewaL- kill them
00:38:26Dickless warded
00:38:33three0three go mid
00:38:53Kastrup mirana
00:39:12Dickless sec
00:40:11-HewaL- se?
00:40:122deep4u you guys suck.
00:40:23-HewaL- ali din bums spiller for sygt
00:40:32AliBaba mig ?
00:40:37-HewaL- hvem?
00:40:43AliBaba ik noget
00:41:582deep4u razor wtf..
00:42:012deep4u you have SO shitty dmg.
00:42:132deep4u it's cause u don't use ur dmg spell - link.
00:42:192deep4u it gives you sick dmg.
00:42:42three0three FFS
00:44:02three0three ac tiny
00:44:04-HewaL- b
00:44:28Dickless DONT CHASE
00:44:29Dickless BS
00:44:35Dickless stick to us
00:44:43three0three go rosh
00:44:47Kastrup b
00:44:48Kastrup ffs
00:45:06AliBaba wtf
00:45:22three0three b
00:45:26three0three enough
00:45:26three0three b
00:45:31three0three b
00:45:55three0three attack
00:45:56three0three tiny
00:46:00three0three u can kill him auto
00:46:23three0three nap....
00:46:27-HewaL- noob
00:46:32AliBaba sd..
00:46:35Dickless y
00:46:35Dickless ?
00:46:44Dickless cant attack raroz with spells
00:46:47three0three razor dont make vanguard after 20 minute
00:46:49three0three never
00:46:49Dickless zor
00:46:56AliBaba you can see we fight .. why just stay and farm ?
00:46:56Kastrup ofc u can
00:46:57Dickless but soon we rape
00:46:59Dickless cant
00:47:01-HewaL- you told me to
00:47:03sebralane bs u need bkb
00:47:04three0three tiny did
00:47:05Kastrup ofc u can
00:47:05three0three generally
00:47:08Dickless cant
00:47:08-HewaL- yes
00:47:09Kastrup well
00:47:11three0three make it
00:47:12three0three its nice
00:47:13three0three but
00:47:13Dickless with 100 hp
00:47:14Kastrup whuy the fuck can't u?
00:47:15three0three in early game
00:47:19Kastrup well then tiny?
00:47:19three0three coz it blocks 20 dmg
00:47:21Kastrup he was there aswell
00:47:23Kastrup then go BACK
00:47:24three0three which means a lot early
00:47:24Kastrup and heal
00:47:262deep4u for weaver
00:47:26Kastrup isntead of stand there
00:47:28three0three late sux though
00:47:33Kastrup because we think youre helping us
00:47:39Dickless mby i could get tiny or someone so i waited
00:47:42Kastrup u had time to go back and foward
00:47:46Dickless if i go back and heal i waste 40 secs
00:47:55Kastrup well u spelled creeps
00:47:58Kastrup not him
00:48:05Kastrup which is the only fucking thing u should
00:48:39three0three tower
00:48:53three0three where the fuck are you
00:48:54three0three ffs
00:49:01-HewaL- ?
00:49:08-HewaL- kill BS
00:49:192deep4u fucking retards.
00:49:23Kastrup push bot
00:49:24Kastrup fast
00:49:262deep4u why did u suicide weaver.
00:49:40three0three coz i had aegis
00:49:432deep4u so.
00:49:44Dickless pls urn
00:49:442deep4u that doesnt mean
00:49:472deep4u you have to lose it instantly.
00:49:53-HewaL- we cant end?
00:49:54three0three if u follow me in there
00:49:57Dickless tnx
00:50:00three0three i dont lose it instantly
00:50:01sebralane push push they dead
00:50:03three0three or if i do
00:50:06three0three i got teamates
00:50:08three0three arround me
00:50:18-HewaL- my tower gets killed now
00:50:272deep4u well u gave them the advantage by going in.
00:50:28sebralane now b
00:50:30three0three y
00:50:31three0three my bad
00:50:31sebralane tiny our
00:50:33sebralane out
00:50:36-HewaL- yoy to
00:50:41Dickless reuse chicken
00:50:50sebralane -st
00:50:55three0three can we focus bs?
00:51:012deep4u we need dust then
00:51:02-HewaL- yes
00:51:14-HewaL- buyin gem ?
00:51:192deep4u i had cd
00:51:202deep4u on stun
00:51:27-HewaL- who wants GEM?
00:51:322deep4u me
00:51:38-HewaL- chicken at?
00:51:432deep4u dno
00:51:46-HewaL- take gem home
00:51:47Kastrup u kidding me rifght?
00:51:48Kastrup lothars?
00:51:50Kastrup for sd?
00:51:52Dickless y
00:52:212deep4u wait
00:52:242deep4u where's the courier.
00:52:272deep4u i can bring gem.
00:52:30-HewaL- idk
00:53:07Dickless gather
00:53:08sebralane rosh
00:53:18Dickless gather here
00:53:262deep4u lets kill bs
00:53:292deep4u come weaver
00:53:302deep4u i got inv
00:53:322deep4u and gem
00:53:32three0three omw
00:53:37Dickless bs lead
00:53:542deep4u BS
00:54:092deep4u gg
00:54:11-HewaL- lol
00:54:132deep4u WTF
00:54:16-HewaL- focus alibaba and bs
00:54:202deep4u they got gem now.
00:54:242deep4u i focused b
00:54:252deep4u bs
00:54:272deep4u cuz ihad gm
00:54:312deep4u so we could've killed him
00:54:372deep4u and then everyone cause he's a one man army
00:54:402deep4u but you guys are too retarded
00:54:412deep4u for that
00:54:482deep4u we would've won after the fight.
00:55:03-HewaL- they are to strong . killed me fast to
00:55:04three0three why didnt u kill bs?
00:55:05Dickless urn pls
00:55:06Dickless .=)
00:55:072deep4u i tried.
00:55:10three0three the rest?
00:55:112deep4u I attacked him the whole time.
00:55:12AliBaba just go b and heal
00:55:17Dickless ??????????????????????????????
00:55:23Kastrup wards now please
00:55:23Dickless 12 URNS
00:55:26AliBaba so ?
00:55:30Dickless SO GIVE ONE
00:55:32Dickless PLS
00:55:41Dickless so we can defend
00:56:11three0three razor
00:56:14three0three give shield to tiny
00:56:32three0three care
00:56:51Kastrup come
00:57:00Kastrup come n ow
00:57:00Kastrup fast
00:57:01Kastrup now
00:57:01Kastrup fast
00:57:02Kastrup fast
00:57:05Dickless MIRANA
00:57:10Kastrup COME TO ME
00:57:102deep4u 0 vision
00:57:10Kastrup FAST
00:57:15Dickless bullshit
00:57:18Dickless MON
00:57:33Kastrup i check
00:57:35-HewaL- care
00:57:47-HewaL- they ros near
00:57:51three0three who has gem?
00:57:55Nuudel sd
00:58:14-HewaL- didnt do shit dmg
00:58:32Kastrup omw
00:58:32-HewaL- f
00:58:35-HewaL- f
00:58:39Kastrup def
00:58:532deep4u b
00:59:18three0three rosh tiny
00:59:36-HewaL- tiny dead
00:59:50Kastrup rosh
00:59:52Kastrup someone
00:59:54Kastrup get smoke
01:00:51-HewaL- we didnt get ags+
01:00:52three0three base
01:00:54three0three we did
01:00:55three0three i used
01:01:142deep4u razor care
01:01:172deep4u dont die.
01:01:22Dickless tp me back
01:01:25Dickless wisp
01:01:40Dickless tnx
01:01:53three0three b
01:02:14three0three b
01:02:18three0three pyush bat
01:02:20three0three bat
01:02:22three0three push
01:02:31-HewaL- cant do shit
01:02:33Kastrup someone
01:02:33Kastrup tp
01:02:36Kastrup sd
01:02:37Kastrup got it
01:03:51three0three b
01:03:52three0three thrall
01:03:59three0three gg
01:04:01three0three we lose like tards
01:04:14three0three i am the tard in here
01:04:15three0three tbh
01:04:18three0three i thought we won
01:04:20-HewaL- 61mins
01:04:24-HewaL- me t
01:04:25-HewaL- to
01:04:25three0three underestimated them
01:04:39Dickless gj
01:05:28Dickless reuse
01:05:29Dickless curier
01:06:32three0three gg
01:06:32three0three I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:06:35Kastrup gg
01:06:35-HewaL- I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:06:372deep4u I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:06:392deep4u !ff
01:06:46Nuudel I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
01:06:46three0three type ff
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