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Chat log

00:00:04lumo jesjes
00:00:06lumo :P
00:00:24Arapiles i could wl or tide
00:00:24extremewaari ban spec so they will ban naix and we get wl
00:00:24extremewaari :D
00:00:24zebbelito aha?
00:00:24Arapiles or ban invo
00:00:24zebbelito me?
00:00:24valiante ne1 wants wl?
00:00:24valiante check 1 2
00:00:24zebbelito naix
00:00:24lumo dont ban invo
00:00:24lumo i play it
00:00:24valiante no one wants wl?
00:00:24zebbelito wl any1?
00:00:24Arapiles yy
00:00:24valiante wl
00:00:28zebbelito oger?
00:00:29Arapiles tide then?
00:00:32extremewaari spex
00:00:39lumo SPEX SAVERS
00:00:45lumo linssiKAUPPA
00:00:45extremewaari xD
00:00:52extremewaari i told u
00:00:55lumo pelaaks enigma
00:01:02lumo voisin soloo top ja voittaa
00:01:09najk so wl and naix is banned?
00:01:10Arapiles me tide?
00:01:26Arapiles or wd
00:01:31zebbelito puck tide
00:01:35najk <puck
00:01:50najk great pix
00:01:56extremewaari take obs
00:01:58extremewaari for bot
00:02:01valiante wd
00:02:05Arapiles i got obs
00:02:06extremewaari take
00:02:07valiante or akasha
00:02:08valiante top
00:02:15valiante ok u solo top
00:02:17valiante with akasha
00:02:26zebbelito meet
00:02:26Arapiles they prolly wait for me in woods
00:02:36najk -ma
00:02:48Arapiles care puck
00:02:58Kastrup blog dude
00:02:59Nickless come fast
00:03:03Kastrup ...
00:03:03Nickless ward
00:03:09Kastrup well u should block
00:03:10Arapiles i still got obs then
00:03:10Kastrup i ward
00:03:15Nickless y
00:03:15najk oh
00:03:16najk ye
00:03:16Nickless .D
00:03:17najk keep em
00:03:19najk for a while
00:04:30Arapiles ss yelow
00:05:21Kastrup b
00:05:36zebbelito share
00:05:51najk sry
00:06:05najk tide
00:06:06najk kill
00:06:26najk good
00:06:35Lafrenzz ss
00:06:48Lafrenzz re
00:06:48Lynge u got no mana
00:06:49Lynge piss off
00:07:24najk tide
00:07:27najk why?
00:08:22valiante re
00:08:24Nickless go
00:08:37Nickless b
00:09:08Kastrup :D
00:09:11Nickless ;D
00:10:00Lafrenzz ss
00:10:29Kastrup -2
00:10:38Nickless got arcane
00:10:38extremewaari NIGMA
00:10:38valiante christ u try hard
00:10:39Arapiles omw
00:10:40extremewaari caps
00:11:00Nickless gank?
00:11:00Arapiles im b
00:11:04valiante who
00:11:06valiante we all get owned
00:11:29Kastrup mana boots?
00:11:40Lafrenzz ss
00:11:40Nickless relax
00:11:42lumo ganki tardi
00:11:44Nickless can disassemble
00:13:03zebbelito resue
00:13:25Kastrup rune bot
00:13:27Kastrup pudge might ave
00:13:57Nickless pudge ogre
00:14:45Nickless go
00:14:47najk öaksndöaskd
00:14:49valiante no
00:14:54zebbelito ffs
00:14:58zebbelito feeder
00:15:21valiante try hard arapiles
00:15:23valiante du er så lol
00:15:32Arapiles kan ikke lade dig farme..
00:15:44valiante så hellere bare røv kede dig de næste 50 min af dit liv
00:15:45Lafrenzz såaa lad mig
00:15:48valiante du taber alligevel
00:15:53Arapiles hehe
00:15:53extremewaari i buy gem
00:15:55Arapiles maybe
00:15:58extremewaari hate weaver
00:16:39lumo sry
00:16:39valiante nickless?
00:16:40lumo :D
00:16:44valiante u have two hands yes?
00:16:48valiante blink click spell?
00:16:51Nickless fuck it wrong hkey
00:16:56Nickless for last one
00:17:11zebbelito got dust
00:17:23extremewaari i have gem
00:17:36najk lol pudge
00:17:37najk gj
00:18:00zebbelito -ma
00:18:11lumo :D
00:18:30valiante slags
00:18:41zebbelito ?
00:18:43najk fuck it...
00:18:44valiante die
00:18:46valiante u fucking hoes
00:18:50valiante u loose this because of ur focus
00:18:55zebbelito :D:D:Dd
00:19:02najk uuh
00:19:04zebbelito lets gang whit 5 and push
00:19:17zebbelito take twerrs
00:19:22Lynge -cs
00:20:39Nickless spec ulti
00:20:46Kastrup used.
00:21:06Arapiles i go janggo?
00:21:19extremewaari top tower
00:21:23zebbelito whot took gem?
00:21:27extremewaari weaver
00:21:28Nickless pushing 4
00:22:35Nickless no more 3v5
00:22:39valiante just dont go
00:22:40valiante u moron
00:22:46valiante 2 v 5
00:22:49valiante u go ahead of tower
00:22:59Nickless invo was dead
00:23:01Nickless cuz i went
00:23:13Nickless so its a tie
00:23:23najk wards
00:23:31extremewaari use
00:23:33extremewaari earlier
00:23:35najk didnt see
00:24:34Lafrenzz i def mid
00:24:38Lafrenzz 300 fo linken
00:24:54Arapiles i go dagger?
00:24:58Arapiles or direct refr
00:25:05extremewaari both
00:25:10extremewaari dagger first
00:26:16zebbelito need gem
00:26:49extremewaari -st
00:27:09valiante i cant wait for this turnaround
00:27:53Arapiles tryhard
00:28:02valiante im still convinced u loose
00:28:16Arapiles tja..
00:28:24valiante akasha
00:28:25valiante dont die
00:28:33Nickless wanna bite?
00:29:06zebbelito wait me
00:29:08zebbelito weaver
00:29:08najk want me to buy gem for someone?
00:29:08zebbelito kill
00:29:26Lynge fucking hater
00:31:12Arapiles 'b
00:31:16lumo warded
00:31:45Arapiles why not b?????????
00:31:46zebbelito get gem
00:31:48zebbelito wtf
00:31:50Nickless fuck yea
00:31:52zebbelito its this noob
00:31:53Arapiles u loose on purpose?
00:31:53valiante try hard?
00:31:53zebbelito fucking
00:31:54valiante yeah
00:31:54zebbelito noob
00:31:58zebbelito invoker
00:32:01valiante all for spec with no items
00:32:04valiante so wp guys
00:32:16zebbelito bnet
00:32:18lumo y
00:32:25Arapiles invo
00:32:26zebbelito ban him
00:32:30Arapiles start play w brain
00:32:38Nickless b?
00:33:25Arapiles gather
00:33:44Arapiles invo stay a bit behind
00:33:47Arapiles w cyclone
00:33:57Arapiles to cancel engima
00:34:25Lynge let toWer die
00:34:30lumo go
00:34:46zebbelito b
00:35:20Arapiles invo
00:35:25Arapiles play man
00:35:27lumo ?
00:35:31Arapiles dont run when u got most hp
00:37:25zebbelito les go
00:37:26zebbelito 5
00:37:29extremewaari :D
00:37:29lumo normal
00:37:29lumo :D
00:37:29Lafrenzz xD
00:37:29zebbelito lumo goes?
00:37:29Lafrenzz standard
00:37:29lumo what ever
00:37:29najk y
00:37:29najk :D
00:37:29Kastrup well.. pc crash
00:37:33extremewaari i take stygi
00:37:35extremewaari ?
00:37:41zebbelito y sure
00:38:25najk we need to own weaver now
00:38:27extremewaari wait my agha
00:40:42Lafrenzz all ross
00:40:56Nickless rosh?
00:41:09Lafrenzz y
00:41:12Lafrenzz fast
00:41:13Lafrenzz gogogo
00:41:14Lafrenzz come
00:41:30Lafrenzz kasha tank
00:41:46extremewaari SUN SRTIKLE
00:42:02Lafrenzz go
00:42:45Arapiles we rosh?
00:42:52extremewaari come
00:42:57zebbelito wait
00:42:57zebbelito I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:42:58zebbelito ss
00:43:40Arapiles so bad there EW
00:43:43Arapiles dont go alone
00:44:03extremewaari rthey are there
00:45:03extremewaari hmm
00:45:07extremewaari what i should make
00:45:19Arapiles ac
00:45:30extremewaari what i sell? .D
00:45:38Arapiles nothing
00:45:41Arapiles buback gold then
00:45:44Arapiles and wards
00:45:46extremewaari y
00:45:53extremewaari i dont need manaboots
00:45:56zebbelito lets go 4 top
00:46:08najk k
00:46:22extremewaari -ms
00:46:48Arapiles we need to end
00:47:13zebbelito lust me
00:48:18Arapiles ^^
00:48:39Nickless push i have boots of travel
00:49:56Lafrenzz b
00:51:41extremewaari b
00:51:56zebbelito b
00:51:57zebbelito oger
00:52:05Kastrup Qop
00:52:06Kastrup tp top
00:52:11Kastrup orn ot
00:52:13Kastrup pudge
00:52:14Kastrup dont
00:52:14Kastrup puge
00:52:28Lynge QOP stay top
00:52:30Arapiles i bb?
00:52:37zebbelito y
00:53:03zebbelito nice
00:53:04zebbelito played
00:53:21zebbelito guckng naab
00:53:26Lynge top
00:53:27Lynge top
00:53:32Arapiles cant do shit
00:53:45zebbelito najk dont ven use items
00:53:50najk ?
00:54:11zebbelito lets push lanes
00:54:13zebbelito and go mid
00:54:35Arapiles its kinda lost
00:54:41zebbelito still try once
00:54:45Arapiles y
00:54:52zebbelito ogre should have made hex
00:54:58Arapiles oooh ye
00:55:01najk rosh alive
00:55:16extremewaari lets push top
00:56:05zebbelito ogre farmin?
00:56:10extremewaari not
00:56:12Arapiles nah
00:56:20Arapiles we got caught by bad enigma ulti
00:56:22extremewaari i try to kill weaver
00:56:38zebbelito useles items
00:56:40zebbelito lost this
00:56:56Lafrenzz SES ARAPILES
00:57:20Arapiles ^^
00:57:24Arapiles leaver win
00:57:27najk I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:57:27Arapiles og du ved det
00:57:38najk not rly true tide
00:57:42Arapiles disconnect op min bare...
00:58:51Nickless W T F
00:58:56Nickless why are u usingmy hero
00:58:59najk wtf happened?
00:59:01Arapiles lol
00:59:06najk uhm
00:59:07najk what now
00:59:10najk they will rosh
00:59:11najk ;/
01:01:44zebbelito aa
01:01:46zebbelito kill aa
01:02:09Kastrup just push
01:02:10Kastrup dont lasthit
01:02:34zebbelito sec
01:02:35zebbelito wait
01:02:51zebbelito kill minions
01:02:53zebbelito first
01:02:59Nickless got hex
01:04:23Lynge hahahah
01:04:24Lynge pro
01:04:36zebbelito vbg
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