Game #3856366

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-30 X
-5 TS

72% | 1401 X | 1371 TS

+17 X
-2 TS

73% | 1394 X | 1360 TS

-3 X
-2 TS

68% | 1278 X | 1426 TS

-22 X
-13 TS

42% | 1193 X | 1155 TS

+7 X
-23 TS

NEW | 1105 X | 1046 TS

-6 X
+2 TS

97% | 1838 X | 1501 TS

+20 X
+38 TS

37% | 1197 X | 1221 TS

+1 X
+3 TS

40% | 1090 X | 1314 TS

+16 X
+5 TS

28% | 1063 X | 1231 TS

+7 X
+2 TS

18% | 948 X | 1234 TS

Chat log

00:00:17slc2 ur my cap:D
00:00:192deep4u nooo
00:00:192deep4u :D
00:00:192deep4u fuck
00:00:19yeW- YE RIGHT
00:00:19Smell.this.ass yew. u still havent answered
00:00:19tba me wl
00:00:19yeW- anyone phoenix?
00:00:192deep4u what a GAY pool
00:00:19Smell.this.ass where u from ?
00:00:19yeW- what was your question?
00:00:19yeW- o
00:00:19yeW- tunisia
00:00:19Smell.this.ass ah
00:00:19Smell.this.ass okay :)
00:00:19FireMal veno for me plz
00:00:19slc2 leave am in pool
00:00:19yeW- anyone phoenix?
00:00:19Smell.this.ass thought u were more like lebanese arab :D
00:00:19slc2 ban void
00:00:19FireMal plz pick fp veno for me
00:00:19FireMal or wl
00:00:19yeW- ^^
00:00:192deep4u rly?
00:00:19slc2 yes
00:00:19yeW- wl it isi
00:00:19yeW- phoenix
00:00:19yeW- no
00:00:19yeW- ns
00:00:19slc2 there is bm and slardar
00:00:19yeW- no
00:00:192deep4u void
00:00:19yeW- make it phoenix
00:00:192deep4u which one then
00:00:19yeW- or ns
00:00:19yeW- whatever
00:00:192deep4u :D
00:00:192deep4u fuck it
00:00:192deep4u ns
00:00:19yeW- ns
00:00:19yeW- then
00:00:19yeW- lame shit
00:00:192deep4u is on the screen
00:00:19yeW- NS BANNED
00:00:23slc2 ns and oid
00:00:29FireMal ns and fag void
00:00:43FireMal yew are you muslim
00:00:44FireMal ?
00:00:45slc2 get thd to lane with me
00:00:55yeW- does it matter what i am mate? :
00:00:57yeW- :D
00:01:07slc2 tide and thrall win game
00:01:19Smell.this.ass nooo
00:01:21FireMal no but your name is rather close to jew so i was hoping you hated them ass much as i did
00:01:24FireMal muhahaha
00:01:252deep4u sd is okay too
00:01:27FireMal just kidding
00:01:28yeW- ^^
00:01:31Smell.this.ass -swap 4
00:01:31tba -swap
00:01:31yeW- ye i dont like em
00:01:34FireMal wl for me ?
00:01:36yeW- yes
00:01:37tba -swap 3
00:01:38slc2 get tide last
00:01:38yeW- get me ursa
00:01:40FireMal what you whant
00:01:412deep4u y
00:01:42slc2 and we have won the game
00:01:422deep4u tide
00:01:46FireMal -swap 1
00:01:472deep4u haha
00:01:502deep4u firemal
00:01:512deep4u ursa
00:01:51Dickless u mid yew?
00:01:56slc2 tide
00:01:57slc2 tide
00:01:59yeW- no
00:01:59tba yes hahah
00:01:59slc2 yes
00:01:59yeW- u
00:01:59FireMal -swap 1
00:02:02Dickless k
00:02:03tba free win
00:02:042deep4u :D
00:02:06yeW- -swap 5
00:02:07yeW- oops :D
00:02:082deep4u gl
00:02:11Dickless but mage is mid i think
00:02:17Smell.this.ass ill try gang mid asap :)
00:02:21faildn okay :)
00:02:212deep4u lol u ursa?
00:02:21yeW- okay
00:02:23yeW- let me then
00:02:25tba share
00:02:26Dickless i can
00:02:272deep4u kay
00:02:282deep4u gay
00:02:30Dickless but i need ganks
00:02:30yeW- k
00:02:31Dickless or i gank
00:02:33Dickless let me mid
00:02:35Dickless its ok
00:02:36yeW- u sure?
00:02:37tba tide share
00:02:38Dickless y
00:02:462deep4u i hope ursa wont 1v5 us
00:02:51Smell.this.ass no wards
00:02:51tba tide
00:02:53slc2 he cant
00:02:54tba tide
00:02:54Dickless share
00:02:54yeW- k
00:02:54Dickless pls
00:02:54Smell.this.ass so he kinda will
00:02:54tba tide
00:02:55Smell.this.ass :D
00:02:55tba tide
00:02:56tba tide
00:02:57yeW- cuz i can handle magina
00:02:57FireMal place ward at 52 sec
00:02:58tba tide
00:03:00tba share
00:03:01yeW- since mana burn
00:03:02yeW- is useless
00:03:04yeW- on me
00:03:06Rasmus.Seebach sutfup
00:03:12Dickless pls share
00:03:13Dickless wards
00:03:14Dickless need
00:03:19yeW- jaki got
00:03:20yeW- -ma
00:03:22Dickless i got in base
00:03:27tba shae
00:03:34yeW- ss
00:03:35FireMal sry for not early share
00:03:36yeW- re
00:03:39yeW- np
00:03:56yeW- care
00:03:57yeW- take it easy
00:03:592deep4u no need to gank mid
00:04:28Dickless KIL TOP
00:04:312deep4u ss mid
00:04:34yeW- wait
00:04:34Dickless kill top
00:04:37Dickless k
00:04:44yeW- go
00:04:49Smell.this.ass ss wl
00:04:55FireMal ss
00:04:59FireMal sd miss
00:05:01FireMal care mid
00:05:06Smell.this.ass rune top
00:05:09Smell.this.ass take it
00:05:22Dickless MISS MID
00:05:24Smell.this.ass omw mid
00:05:282deep4u kay.
00:05:44Rasmus.Seebach miss 1 bot
00:05:57yeW- dont
00:05:57yeW- slard
00:06:02Smell.this.ass gj
00:06:042deep4u u2
00:06:15Dickless ganked mid
00:06:16Smell.this.ass omw bot
00:06:17Dickless need gank
00:06:17Dickless now
00:06:29slc2 wl
00:06:58FireMal gay shit
00:07:03tba care
00:07:07tba ursa
00:07:13yeW- up courier
00:07:15FireMal gang bot asap
00:07:37Dickless am coming bot
00:07:382deep4u ss mid
00:07:42Smell.this.ass ss
00:07:43tba ss 2
00:07:45Rasmus.Seebach re boty
00:07:55tba r 1
00:07:58yeW- Up courier
00:07:58yeW- pls!
00:08:032deep4u ss
00:08:37Dickless ..
00:08:40yeW- (
00:08:57Dickless lvl 6
00:08:58FireMal ss
00:08:59tba ursa
00:09:012deep4u y
00:09:13Smell.this.ass g
00:09:14Smell.this.ass gj
00:09:21Rasmus.Seebach b
00:09:28slc2 wl
00:09:31yeW- jesus
00:09:51yeW- why didnt u run
00:09:52yeW- slard?
00:10:10acchilies i tried...
00:10:14yeW- u went back
00:10:25Smell.this.ass :D
00:10:25faildn Dickless
00:10:25tba plug
00:10:28Smell.this.ass nah
00:10:36faildn As a great man once said: STOP PORN DL
00:10:39Dickless i need 30 secs
00:10:40Dickless guys
00:10:40Dickless rly
00:10:42Smell.this.ass hahahaha
00:10:46Smell.this.ass i remember that man
00:10:50yeW- can
00:10:57yeW- we get wards?
00:11:08tba phonix
00:11:13tba b
00:11:14Rasmus.Seebach miss bot
00:11:28tba ss 2
00:11:30faildn Dickless, is your name by any chance Angela?
00:11:32Smell.this.ass need gang top ?
00:11:42Smell.this.ass guess no
00:11:45Smell.this.ass wl
00:11:49tba care
00:12:03Dickless no
00:12:242deep4u ss
00:12:432deep4u gogo
00:13:222deep4u OF COURSE GO B
00:13:322deep4u thrall and someone were there..
00:13:32slc2 i need to be selfish
00:13:33FireMal bot lost so hard
00:13:34slc2 srry
00:13:362deep4u andi showed u guys
00:13:36yeW- ye
00:13:37yeW- sad
00:13:372deep4u u were 3
00:13:392deep4u +me
00:13:402deep4u its 4
00:13:452deep4u they were in the forest
00:13:47acchilies come gank top...
00:13:472deep4u ward showed it
00:13:492deep4u and u guys dont come.
00:14:15slc2 to much focus
00:14:352deep4u ursa is coming mid now.
00:14:382deep4u mby more
00:14:422deep4u nvm
00:14:42tba y
00:14:442deep4u he tpd
00:14:452deep4u top
00:14:58Dickless tnx
00:15:51yeW- dont
00:15:52yeW- make
00:15:53yeW- vlads
00:15:54yeW- slard
00:16:25FireMal come
00:16:282deep4u gg
00:16:332deep4u we lose the 'free win'
00:17:41Dickless sry
00:17:482deep4u stupid??
00:17:522deep4u why did u give him.
00:17:53yeW- -ma
00:17:532deep4u the kill.
00:17:56tba hahaha
00:18:11Dickless go sd
00:18:15yeW- b
00:18:16yeW- ow
00:18:17yeW- now
00:18:17yeW- t_t
00:18:23yeW- why stay
00:18:25yeW- after tower
00:18:31tba omw
00:18:32Dickless amateur
00:18:35Dickless :)
00:18:40slc2 i come mid
00:18:45slc2 go
00:18:45yeW- good thing
00:18:46yeW- slard made
00:18:48yeW- vlads
00:18:52slc2 gosh?====
00:18:532deep4u b
00:18:58acchilies dude i need it...
00:18:592deep4u gj
00:19:08yeW- u need vnaguard
00:19:19yeW- not fuckin vlads
00:19:19faildn dd
00:19:20slc2 and remember focus egg
00:19:22yeW- which i alrdy have
00:19:23faildn vagina
00:19:25Smell.this.ass me
00:19:25faildn kom
00:19:30yeW- -ma
00:19:31slc2 dansk???
00:19:38faildn ;)
00:19:39Smell.this.ass tror du =?
00:19:42faildn ja
00:19:57yeW- b
00:19:58yeW- now
00:20:03yeW- jesus christ
00:20:12yeW- sup with this matchup teams
00:20:12yeW- srsly
00:20:12Smell.this.ass :D
00:20:12faildn damn it
00:20:12faildn hes gone
00:20:12faildn were on skype and hes gone
00:20:12Smell.this.ass er han også dansk ?
00:20:12slc2 fail er du dansk?
00:20:12slc2 fail what country
00:20:12Dickless why magina has +107
00:20:12Dickless +107
00:20:12Dickless his base dmg
00:20:12yeW- dd
00:20:12Dickless is 79-83
00:20:12Dickless + 2 branches
00:20:12yeW- dd
00:20:12Dickless and phase boots
00:20:12Dickless phase boots
00:20:12Dickless +15 or 9
00:20:12yeW- like i said
00:20:12FireMal -ii
00:20:12yeW- dd
00:20:12yeW- ^^
00:20:12faildn hvad?
00:20:12Dickless i see dd
00:20:12FireMal -es
00:20:12slc2 er du dansk
00:20:12Smell.this.ass er puck dansk ?
00:20:12Dickless but double is not
00:20:12yeW- oh u mean
00:20:12Dickless +107
00:20:12faildn ja
00:20:12yeW- phase
00:20:12yeW- +25
00:20:12tba nice nice
00:20:12Dickless WOW
00:20:12slc2 puck også?
00:20:12Dickless :)
00:20:12yeW- wow what?
00:20:12Dickless didnt knew that
00:20:12yeW- ah k
00:20:12yeW- :p
00:20:12faildn nej han er ikke
00:20:12tba så bliver der bare skrevet dansk
00:20:12Smell.this.ass who goes ?
00:20:12yeW- jaki
00:20:12Smell.this.ass K
00:20:12yeW- or i could
00:20:122deep4u gg
00:20:122deep4u helllooo
00:20:12Smell.this.ass :D
00:20:14yeW- so i'd spare myself
00:20:14Smell.this.ass lol
00:20:162deep4u hey
00:20:18yeW- ^^
00:20:212deep4u my father plugged me :)
00:20:30yeW- b
00:20:31yeW- DONT TP
00:20:33yeW- WTF
00:20:37yeW- MAN WHAT IS IT
00:20:46FireMal its epic fail
00:21:14yeW- b
00:21:21slc2 focus det fucking æg
00:21:26FireMal i can ulti on twr
00:21:42yeW- team
00:21:43yeW- BACK
00:21:50yeW- GO
00:21:51yeW- FUCKIBG
00:21:52yeW- BACK
00:22:20faildn dafuq
00:22:22slc2 gosh ham?
00:22:24faildn hotkeys are reversed
00:22:28slc2 hvor svært er det
00:22:32slc2 det er fucking g
00:22:342deep4u fucking retards.
00:22:372deep4u he's not danish.
00:22:402deep4u he's my mate
00:22:432deep4u he's fucking bad
00:22:442deep4u and stupid
00:22:44yeW- b
00:22:48slc2 yes he is
00:23:02Smell.this.ass sry
00:23:13faildn dum puck
00:23:15Smell.this.ass sry puck
00:23:182deep4u np man
00:23:38Smell.this.ass thrall
00:23:40Smell.this.ass get some wards
00:23:41Smell.this.ass pls
00:23:44Smell.this.ass and stop making urn
00:23:45Smell.this.ass when i got
00:23:46Smell.this.ass idiot
00:23:48Smell.this.ass retard
00:23:49Smell.this.ass faggot
00:23:51Smell.this.ass moron :D
00:24:04yeW- ye
00:24:08yeW- divide xp per three
00:24:20yeW- wait dont go yet
00:24:25Dickless i lagg
00:24:252deep4u gogo
00:24:26Dickless hard
00:24:49Smell.this.ass :D
00:24:50yeW- WHAT PART
00:24:50yeW- OF
00:24:52yeW- DONT GO YET
00:25:00Dickless i rly cant play
00:25:04Dickless if that helps
00:25:09tba rune
00:25:09Dickless cant see*
00:25:11tba invis
00:25:14Dickless chat properly
00:25:18Dickless either
00:25:29Smell.this.ass find ursa
00:25:31Smell.this.ass lets gang
00:25:50Smell.this.ass omw
00:26:072deep4u kay.
00:26:07Dickless gj
00:26:082deep4u that was
00:26:092deep4u BAD
00:26:142deep4u so retarded with the courier :D
00:26:152deep4u go b
00:26:17yeW- ^^
00:26:18slc2 gogo
00:26:202deep4u B
00:26:242deep4u ur gonna die
00:27:19FireMal slardar fail
00:27:26FireMal with vlads
00:27:40Dickless imo he didnt lost the game
00:27:46yeW- games not lost yet
00:27:46Dickless so lets smoke
00:27:51Dickless y
00:27:53yeW- buy me a tp pls
00:28:02FireMal sry i just spnt all cash
00:28:05acchilies a guy with 9 deaths said that to me... nice...
00:28:462deep4u FUCK SAKE
00:29:25Dickless naer me
00:29:29Dickless near*
00:29:362deep4u told u we'd lose.
00:29:412deep4u actually i didnt
00:29:422deep4u :D
00:29:482deep4u but i was afraid it'll ahppen.
00:30:04yeW- come on slard
00:30:182deep4u ROFL
00:31:11yeW- k b
00:31:15Dickless t
00:31:16Dickless n
00:31:16Dickless nx
00:31:45yeW- phoenix
00:31:48yeW- u ulti
00:31:48yeW- then
00:31:49yeW- wl
00:31:50yeW- 1s after
00:31:51Dickless y
00:31:51yeW- u ulti
00:31:52yeW- k?
00:31:58Dickless k
00:32:08FireMal b
00:32:09slc2 go
00:32:09acchilies ac or deso??
00:32:12yeW- ac
00:32:31FireMal b
00:32:31FireMal b
00:32:32yeW- care
00:32:47yeW- wait
00:32:48yeW- dont go
00:32:48yeW- yet
00:32:49yeW- jesus
00:32:57yeW- WHY..
00:33:11yeW- cant u follow
00:33:14yeW- a simple command?
00:33:14yeW- jesus
00:33:17FireMal sry
00:34:12Dickless danke
00:34:27Smell.this.ass gj
00:34:292deep4u gj
00:34:31slc2 mid go
00:34:31yeW- mom just came in front me
00:34:32yeW- ...
00:34:342deep4u :D
00:34:35yeW- when i daggered
00:34:36faildn right
00:34:392deep4u u sound like me
00:35:11Dickless u ulti after me
00:35:12Dickless wl
00:35:15Dickless K?
00:35:172deep4u next as well?
00:35:19yeW- wait me
00:35:20slc2 yes
00:35:212deep4u tide has ulti
00:35:40slc2 b
00:35:41yeW- go
00:35:42yeW- k go
00:35:47Dickless 2 secs
00:35:57yeW- no
00:35:58yeW- i go osh
00:36:14yeW- let tower die
00:36:14yeW- b
00:36:15FireMal who took wards
00:37:09Dickless wl
00:37:11Dickless i must say
00:37:14Dickless ffs
00:37:16Dickless man
00:37:20yeW- cancer
00:37:20yeW- team
00:37:46slc2 comon
00:37:52Dickless sense
00:37:58slc2 lucky dd
00:38:03FireMal reuse
00:38:11slc2 go spam
00:38:24yeW- back
00:38:25yeW- go ack
00:38:47yeW- -ma
00:39:01yeW- gotta love sd vs ursa
00:39:13Smell.this.ass why is that ? :D
00:40:022deep4u XD
00:40:052deep4u fucking
00:40:062deep4u retard
00:40:072deep4u faildn
00:40:082deep4u on skype
00:40:092deep4u shouting
00:40:09Smell.this.ass too early shift
00:40:11Smell.this.ass the last
00:40:142deep4u on shit
00:40:15FireMal haha
00:40:162deep4u i cant ofcus
00:40:192deep4u with this retard
00:40:212deep4u and family
00:40:252deep4u plugging me
00:40:272deep4u and tryingto kill me
00:40:37Smell.this.ass we need a good teamfight
00:40:462deep4u tide never gets a good ulti
00:40:46FireMal whanna go top guys
00:41:05yeW- b
00:41:19Dickless tnx
00:41:24Rasmus.Seebach :ÆD
00:41:252deep4u XD
00:41:29Dickless GOGO
00:41:53Smell.this.ass FU
00:41:532deep4u I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:56faildn I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:56Smell.this.ass RLY
00:41:58tba I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:24yeW- :DDD
00:42:30slc2 dont buy basher noob:D
00:42:51yeW- why ulti ^^
00:42:522deep4u i told them at the beginning, 'i hope ursa wont 1v5 this game :P'
00:42:54faildn I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:55faildn pls ff
00:42:572deep4u they told me 'no way man'
00:42:592deep4u :(((
00:43:062deep4u 'not with this lineup
00:43:06yeW- well its true
00:43:06yeW- u shud win
00:43:062deep4u why didnt we
00:43:062deep4u cuz we suck
00:43:06yeW- nahhh
00:43:06yeW- simple
00:43:06yeW- actually
00:43:06yeW- had top warded
00:43:062deep4u mm
00:43:06yeW- i wudda had 15 mins vlads
00:43:06yeW- :p
00:43:062deep4u ur right.
00:43:06yeW- i roshed at level 6
00:43:062deep4u even if we ganked you.
00:43:062deep4u it doesnt matter
00:43:06yeW- it would have
00:43:062deep4u i killed you once
00:43:062deep4u u were 5
00:43:06yeW- ye but
00:43:06yeW- i'd just bought mask
00:43:06yeW- had 0
00:43:06yeW- :p
00:43:062deep4u :D
00:43:062deep4u dota makes me sick
00:43:062deep4u especially losing
00:43:06Dickless :D
00:43:06yeW- well
00:43:06yeW- game aint over yet
00:43:06yeW- especially now with a leaver :D
00:43:06yeW- let am get the items n shit
00:43:06yeW- get him manta and
00:43:062deep4u :P
00:43:06yeW- hot
00:43:06yeW- and gg
00:43:06FireMal who balances
00:43:06yeW- he might not be out
00:43:06FireMal he is he pluged
00:43:06FireMal he is in same netcafe as i am
00:43:06yeW- oh
00:43:06yeW- lol
00:43:06yeW- meh
00:43:06yeW- slap him
00:43:06yeW- for me
00:43:06FireMal he didnt whant to play any more
00:43:06FireMal plz ban request him habibi
00:43:06yeW- nah
00:43:06yeW- i'll just
00:43:06yeW- plug
00:43:07yeW- when i'm bs him
00:43:09yeW- vs
00:43:252deep4u wtf
00:43:272deep4u i was tabbed
00:43:462deep4u ursa left???
00:43:49Dickless y
00:43:52Dickless y
00:44:252deep4u im playing 2 heroes aswell
00:44:54Dickless i play him
00:44:552deep4u faildn himself is afk.
00:45:06slc2 we can win now:D
00:45:092deep4u that faggot.
00:45:12Dickless dont paly HIM
00:45:14slc2 no one of theme can play it
00:45:182deep4u :D
00:45:252deep4u FAILDN
00:45:282deep4u TÜRA TAUAFF
00:45:292deep4u MÄNGI
00:45:32FireMal let me heal ursa
00:45:382deep4u kasutu tont
00:45:38FireMal i got 2 golems
00:45:412deep4u tegin su heroga killi
00:45:41FireMal go bot
00:45:502deep4u i hear him in skype
00:45:512deep4u playing fifa
00:45:532deep4u with a friend
00:45:59slc2 i take top
00:45:59FireMal dont sell ursa stuff
00:46:03FireMal come bot
00:46:11slc2 me top
00:46:302deep4u XD
00:46:402deep4u bkb wasted guys
00:46:42Dickless go down
00:46:422deep4u lts kill them
00:46:502deep4u such bad ursa
00:46:522deep4u now.
00:47:442deep4u he's a fucking asshole
00:47:44slc2 tide thrall wtf
00:47:442deep4u tide isnt here man
00:47:442deep4u inm playing
00:47:442deep4u im playing
00:47:442deep4u trying...
00:47:442deep4u he's playing
00:47:442deep4u fifa
00:47:442deep4u irl
00:47:44Dickless faildn should
00:47:44Dickless get banned
00:47:442deep4u that asshole
00:47:44Dickless but
00:47:472deep4u is gameruining
00:47:47Dickless :)
00:47:502deep4u wtf.,
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