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-5 X
-12 TS

83% | 1529 X | 1411 TS

-39 X
-3 TS

70% | 1342 X | 1391 TS

-50 X
-7 TS

35% | 1041 X | 1323 TS

-15 X
-23 TS

23% | 1064 X | 1175 TS

-10 X
-3 TS

21% | 980 X | 1237 TS

+2 X
+2 TS

85% | 1539 X | 1434 TS

+14 X
+6 TS

52% | 1207 X | 1337 TS

+15 X
+3 TS

40% | 1099 X | 1305 TS

+57 X
+21 TS

28% | 1117 X | 1176 TS

+44 X
+7 TS

24% | 1041 X | 1220 TS

Chat log

00:00:082deep4u shit
00:00:112deep4u here we go again
00:00:162deep4u uhmmmm
00:00:162deep4u naix
00:00:16FireMal me lich plz
00:00:16marsbar2k am
00:00:16marsbar2k any one ud ?
00:00:162deep4u alrighty.
00:00:20FireMal no
00:00:21FireMal go ns
00:00:23FireMal lol
00:00:262deep4u fuck it :D
00:00:36FireMal fuck ns owns and you know it
00:00:432deep4u yes i do :(
00:00:48FireMal dam slark is good 2
00:00:532deep4u 2nd pick can get NS as well.
00:01:08FireMal ns ud phoenix and lich good pick cap ?
00:01:202deep4u why mort? :P
00:01:23VanillaThunder phoenix and ns
00:01:31FireMal no ud ?
00:01:41FireMal cao i go ud ok ?
00:01:45VanillaThunder yy
00:01:472deep4u yeah
00:02:02marsbar2k ff :D
00:02:02VanillaThunder lich bot with me
00:02:08marsbar2k u guys are idiots :D
00:02:18Jouez random :S
00:02:202deep4u fucking silencers.
00:02:242deep4u =D
00:02:28FireMal haha nice lastpick whent ns
00:02:362deep4u good luck to them
00:02:402deep4u actually no
00:02:422deep4u good luck to us
00:02:45marsbar2k np 4 carrys
00:02:472deep4u :D
00:02:49FireMal they got good heroes
00:02:51marsbar2k :P
00:02:552deep4u 12 win streak? :)))
00:03:20Jouez slar invis top
00:05:23FBI ??
00:05:23LionsPride88 b
00:05:26FBI ss
00:05:33Jouez :P
00:05:47FireMal fuck justin beiber
00:05:48LionsPride88 ???
00:06:11VanillaThunder w8 man
00:07:06FireMal ¨fucking lich
00:08:13FBI b
00:08:40FBI uselles wards
00:09:30VanillaThunder guys?
00:09:312deep4u fffs....
00:09:352deep4u why are you feeding bs so much.
00:09:372deep4u this is instalose.
00:09:402deep4u if bs gets fat.
00:09:45Orre gang mid
00:09:57FBI ss
00:10:02marsbar2k nice gang
00:10:492deep4u lets kill bs.
00:10:50marsbar2k ss
00:10:50Jouez we dont need ya
00:10:552deep4u if that's even possible.
00:11:012deep4u or ns first.
00:11:20FireMal strafe
00:11:222deep4u THIS
00:11:252deep4u SLARD
00:11:302deep4u FSF
00:11:392deep4u why
00:11:412deep4u did u block me
00:11:46Orre kill mid
00:11:47FBI ss
00:12:31Orre mort
00:12:392deep4u jester cs?
00:12:49VanillaThunder 50
00:12:512deep4u good.
00:13:18Rasmus.Seebach w8
00:13:312deep4u go
00:13:582deep4u HOW
00:13:592deep4u BAD
00:14:342deep4u GO
00:14:372deep4u NO
00:14:382deep4u ffs
00:14:45Orre coming top
00:14:462deep4u when u had the chance to stun.
00:16:19LionsPride88 ???
00:16:31Jouez whre s chick ?
00:16:522deep4u FFS
00:17:002deep4u bad ulti fbi.
00:17:00Jouez gone <3
00:17:14FireMal today i played dota and got a 1-7-5 FML
00:17:332deep4u now get urself together man.
00:17:512deep4u nuke bs
00:17:532deep4u and we'll be fine.
00:17:562deep4u go
00:18:042deep4u need slard.
00:19:02FireMal omg what a crazy damage gyro gives
00:19:16FireMal if he gets the staff where done
00:19:222deep4u no
00:19:252deep4u he's a shitty playe.r
00:19:38FireMal omg mort ?
00:19:43Jouez -cs
00:19:57FireMal why no dagger an blink on ns
00:20:17VanillaThunder k
00:20:202deep4u sec
00:20:24FireMal need some wards
00:20:40VanillaThunder b
00:20:422deep4u they have wards
00:20:552deep4u get rdy to tp somewhere.
00:20:592deep4u prob inc bot.
00:21:012deep4u caer
00:21:402deep4u HOPELESS
00:21:422deep4u FUCKING HOPELESS
00:21:472deep4u BACK U RETRARD
00:21:51marsbar2k why do u whine that much :D
00:21:542deep4u Cause
00:22:022deep4u I have the biggest win streak in gc atm :D
00:22:072deep4u i dont usually care
00:23:172deep4u lich
00:23:212deep4u can u put down a ward or two
00:25:29LionsPride88 firemal go play on garena
00:25:38FireMal y
00:25:39LionsPride88 u always ruined game
00:25:39FireMal i will
00:26:17FireMal ns and gyro bot
00:26:492deep4u pro gamers.
00:26:51LionsPride88 useless
00:26:52VanillaThunder :D
00:27:012deep4u jester keep farming.
00:27:07VanillaThunder yea i try
00:27:122deep4u lets get bkb
00:27:122deep4u and
00:27:13FireMal -ii
00:27:182deep4u we can take most of them out.
00:27:32marsbar2k jouez why didnt u go radiance
00:27:34marsbar2k u had alot gold in start
00:27:45Jouez fast bm is much more imba :P
00:28:552deep4u DONT RUN
00:28:562deep4u FFS
00:29:002deep4u the dmg
00:29:012deep4u grows.
00:29:042deep4u with length.
00:29:06LionsPride88 i know
00:29:10VanillaThunder he got aghas? :D:D: how much i feed them top?
00:29:132deep4u k
00:29:15VanillaThunder u*
00:29:212deep4u the funny thing is
00:29:242deep4u gyro and bala suck cock
00:30:502deep4u go for him
00:31:152deep4u bs inc
00:31:31marsbar2k this remind me of your sf game
00:31:33marsbar2k deep
00:31:422deep4u :D
00:32:532deep4u inc
00:32:562deep4u gogo
00:32:582deep4u together
00:33:05FireMal no ward here
00:34:052deep4u care
00:34:072deep4u dude..
00:34:102deep4u dangerous :D
00:34:35FireMal ionc
00:34:36FireMal b
00:34:372deep4u care mid
00:34:382deep4u inc
00:34:41FireMal b
00:35:022deep4u HOW HARD
00:35:05FireMal iomg who fucked chick uop
00:35:052deep4u IS IT TO B
00:35:06FireMal omg
00:35:092deep4u FUCKING BRAINDEADS.
00:35:27FireMal plz next time dont play with chick when its in use
00:35:38FireMal it cofuses me and fucks the game up
00:36:54VanillaThunder not dust we need wards
00:36:54LionsPride88 thx
00:37:08LionsPride88 -ii
00:38:002deep4u care mid
00:38:022deep4u b
00:38:05VanillaThunder dont push
00:38:09VanillaThunder keep farming
00:38:112deep4u i told you.
00:38:222deep4u b
00:38:25FireMal sry didnt se
00:38:292deep4u you should have a tp.
00:38:50FireMal finish bkb
00:38:53FireMal nice
00:39:08FireMal omw bot
00:39:16FireMal -100x onw
00:39:24VanillaThunder b
00:39:37LionsPride88 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:512deep4u come klich
00:40:02VanillaThunder go
00:40:522deep4u how bad....
00:40:57FBI I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:06marsbar2k what a gay hero
00:41:09VanillaThunder yea i mean watch our stats
00:41:122deep4u i do not accept defeat.
00:41:172deep4u smart player.s
00:41:172deep4u just.
00:41:172deep4u WHY
00:41:172deep4u WHY
00:41:172deep4u WHTY
00:41:172deep4u great.
00:41:172deep4u balanar balance
00:41:172deep4u shithead
00:41:17Orre nope
00:41:27VanillaThunder 1:17...lich got manaoots to win this
00:42:37Jouez diie
00:43:51Orre -ms
00:43:51VanillaThunder well top made it...
00:44:18marsbar2k :DDD
00:44:202deep4u rofl
00:44:24marsbar2k FUN FUN FUN
00:44:242deep4u gg
00:44:262deep4u yeah :)
00:45:012deep4u im just sad now
00:45:022deep4u not even mad
00:45:07marsbar2k :D
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