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98% | 1852 X | 1532 TS

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96% | 1745 X | 1540 TS

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94% | 1663 X | 1507 TS

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Chat log

00:00:03livingde4th -ap
00:00:03zebbelito -ap
00:00:26zebbelito wards
00:00:28KeLToS switch lanes mb
00:00:31zebbelito aa
00:00:32livingde4th check runes
00:00:32zebbelito buy
00:00:33livingde4th fast
00:00:33zebbelito ward
00:00:33mrk lanes are perfect
00:00:37mrk just faster reaction
00:00:44KeLToS u urn or me
00:00:44BoNeshaw v
00:00:48BoBo.Ftw u
00:01:03livingde4th charge?
00:01:05livingde4th nvm
00:01:07zebbelito haste
00:01:07livingde4th aura
00:01:18KeLToS well i make meka then
00:01:30BoBo.Ftw me dagon
00:01:34KeLToS venge can u make medallion
00:01:39holostoi k
00:01:45mrk SO OBVIOUS
00:01:46mrk JESUS
00:01:56KeLToS FF :D
00:02:08Momdsiw 'F
00:02:11Momdsiw FUCKING IDIOT
00:02:15zebbelito ?
00:02:16zebbelito what?
00:02:22Momdsiw we were trying mid fb
00:02:23Momdsiw and you take my dd?
00:02:38mrk 4mid
00:02:43mrk MH: On
00:02:53KeLToS ss
00:02:57holostoi ss
00:04:22holostoi bob
00:04:43holostoi pro gank 2lvl
00:04:45holostoi idiot
00:05:20mrk be ready
00:05:21mrk jesus
00:05:29mrk ss
00:05:43holostoi ss
00:05:56KeLToS bar
00:05:57KeLToS no regen
00:06:30KeLToS top gank?
00:06:34KeLToS bar
00:06:59Momdsiw blah
00:06:59KeLToS easy
00:07:00KeLToS gj
00:07:01zebbelito y
00:07:02Momdsiw was stupid idea to try save you
00:07:04Momdsiw you are blind
00:07:38livingde4th ss
00:07:52livingde4th care top
00:07:53mrk cd
00:08:00mrk oh lo
00:08:02mrk sorry
00:08:02BoBo.Ftw who controlled curier?
00:08:04BoBo.Ftw say then
00:08:05mrk i thought it was my staff
00:08:06mrk i just bought
00:08:27mrk POTM TOP
00:08:28mrk WITH RUNe
00:08:46KeLToS u saw him?
00:08:49mrk y
00:08:59mrk i can ult
00:09:06mrk bait to tomb?
00:09:12KeLToS hi potm D:
00:09:20mrk go bot
00:09:21mrk next wave
00:09:26KeLToS ss
00:09:27Momdsiw b
00:09:28mrk kill aa
00:09:34Momdsiw furi teled
00:09:47KeLToS dont
00:10:39Momdsiw lol 1 mna afor ult
00:10:46mrk ud puck push hard
00:10:51livingde4th bot twr
00:10:51mrk or buy tps and start roaming
00:11:17livingde4th stop pulling
00:11:18livingde4th ffs
00:11:20livingde4th we go twr
00:11:21livingde4th kill
00:12:14mrk i can tp
00:12:14livingde4th twr
00:12:32livingde4th ss 4
00:12:48Momdsiw why phase boots barA?
00:12:52KeLToS all
00:13:01zebbelito kuz ppl dont make them
00:13:08Momdsiw you know why?
00:13:12Momdsiw they dont stack with your bash
00:13:14zebbelito kuz they r mainstream
00:13:22Momdsiw you can bash if you use phase
00:13:23mrk always take swap
00:13:24Momdsiw cant*
00:13:29mrk gj
00:13:30mrk kill her
00:14:14mrk cd
00:14:21mrk tower
00:14:52zebbelito ytp
00:14:52zebbelito yp
00:15:13mrk bara
00:15:23mrk dunno
00:15:26mrk coulda killed them 4v2
00:15:38KeLToS up chick allrdy
00:15:52mrk i can tp
00:16:01KeLToS who meka?
00:16:29livingde4th tp bot
00:16:32mrk b
00:16:49mrk zz?
00:16:52mrk saw potm behind us
00:16:55mrk tower isnt worth the deaths
00:16:56mrk :P
00:17:01mrk gj
00:17:22mrk i can tp
00:17:23mrk in 5
00:17:50KeLToS who makes meka
00:17:54mrk wd should
00:17:58mrk or puck
00:18:16mrk i can ult
00:18:16mrk tp
00:18:39mrk warded
00:18:41mrk b
00:18:41mrk b
00:19:01mrk 4mid
00:19:11KeLToS go
00:19:14mrk swap
00:19:43mrk well
00:19:46mrk dunno wheres puck
00:19:50BoBo.Ftw regen
00:19:51mrk easy 5-0 fight with silence
00:20:14mrk def
00:20:14mrk def
00:20:45KeLToS wait
00:21:11KeLToS gather pls
00:21:39zebbelito :S:S:S:S
00:22:01mrk ZZZ
00:22:02mrk MUY FAULST
00:23:56mrk tower
00:25:24KeLToS go for rax i got pipe
00:26:22zebbelito chaos
00:26:23zebbelito :D
00:26:44livingde4th always escape when tombed
00:26:45livingde4th ....
00:26:51zebbelito y
00:27:01mrk b
00:27:01mrk b
00:27:04mrk b
00:27:04mrk b
00:27:04mrk b
00:27:05mrk b
00:27:06mrk RUN
00:27:06mrk b
00:27:51mrk jesusssss
00:27:53mrk so bad fucking game
00:28:01KeLToS dont pussy on me venge we could manhandle them
00:28:04Momdsiw go with 5 bara also
00:28:36mrk ?
00:29:10KeLToS can we try all
00:29:37KeLToS come on all mid
00:30:04mrk come
00:30:04mrk mid
00:30:06KeLToS dude im starting 2 say fuck this game
00:30:07mrk free tower
00:30:08mrk then b
00:30:11KeLToS tired of ppl going on there own
00:30:16livingde4th bara get bkb?
00:30:18livingde4th and b?
00:30:50mrk VENGE
00:30:52mrk JESUS
00:30:57mrk WHY U RUN
00:31:03KeLToS I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:13KeLToS fuck this shit
00:31:16KeLToS if phoenix ulti
00:31:17mrk u coulda got 2 hits on egg
00:31:18mrk egg dies
00:31:18KeLToS all go on him
00:31:19mrk they all die
00:31:27mrk not rocket science
00:31:28KeLToS grow some balls
00:31:29mrk dota is easy
00:31:35mrk should be atleast
00:31:46mrk they have 0 items
00:31:50mrk venge u have better farm than their mid
00:31:55mrk why the fuck are we playing so stupid
00:31:58mrk like we want to lose
00:32:03BoBo.Ftw fuck phone
00:32:22livingde4th -st
00:33:07KeLToS noo
00:33:09KeLToS they can see u
00:33:11KeLToS when u ulti
00:33:25Momdsiw push with 5
00:33:27Momdsiw have ultis up
00:33:27mrk we cant
00:33:29mrk bara comes in
00:33:30mrk sven bkb blink
00:33:31KeLToS then go ff
00:33:33mrk need entry
00:33:36Momdsiw why not tp barA?
00:33:37KeLToS stop wasting time
00:33:38mrk jump on them
00:33:42KeLToS fuck furion go all
00:33:42Momdsiw need you
00:34:19mrk WHERE U GOING
00:34:30mrk why u run
00:34:48zebbelito we all lvl 18 :D
00:34:57KeLToS ff and move on
00:35:23mrk get smoke
00:35:26mrk go their woods 5
00:35:29Momdsiw 5 mid?
00:35:29mrk entry
00:35:35Momdsiw they lost aegis and all
00:35:40mrk come 5
00:35:41Momdsiw BARA COME
00:35:43Momdsiw -.-
00:36:04Momdsiw BARA
00:36:05mrk venge wd ahead
00:36:05Momdsiw come
00:36:06KeLToS ..
00:36:06Momdsiw to
00:36:07Momdsiw push
00:36:13zebbelito im whit ut
00:36:14zebbelito ffs
00:36:30mrk focus phoenix down
00:36:31mrk so he cant ult
00:36:48mrk WTF
00:36:55mrk jesus fucking christ
00:36:58mrk how bad can people be
00:36:59mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:00mrk gg wp
00:37:09holostoi I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:11BoBo.Ftw I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:14mrk never go on them
00:37:15mrk like that
00:37:17mrk when he has a BKB
00:37:21mrk and ur so far from ur teammates
00:37:22mrk no followup
00:37:26mrk that was suicide
00:37:33mrk just killed us all
00:37:34KeLToS can u ff and move on
00:37:35KeLToS rly
00:37:38mrk i did
00:37:40KeLToS we have nothing vs them
00:37:42mrk just saying what went wrong
00:37:46mrk so people can learn
00:38:15mrk u guys run too much aswell
00:38:22mrk if u have any mana
00:38:26mrk theres 0 reason to run
00:38:31mrk 1 stun/silence
00:38:34mrk = dont run
00:38:41mrk lost 2 teamfights cos of that
00:39:08KeLToS fuck everything else at that moment
00:39:13KeLToS swap
00:39:45Pufff-Reis I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:39:46KeLToS now can u ff?
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