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+6 X
-3 TS

98% | 1782 X | 1546 TS

-20 X
-3 TS

95% | 1637 X | 1584 TS

+32 X
-3 TS

90% | 1584 X | 1478 TS

+39 X
-3 TS

78% | 1355 X | 1486 TS

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-3 TS

68% | 1311 X | 1402 TS

-29 X
+4 TS

98% | 1866 X | 1550 TS

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+3 TS

95% | 1712 X | 1509 TS

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+4 TS

89% | 1598 X | 1435 TS

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+3 TS

76% | 1389 X | 1422 TS

-20 X
+4 TS

66% | 1354 X | 1339 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Tough [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... c-yanker with 151 seconds.
00:00:03WantedZip OMG
00:00:15KeLToS de har lukket for min internet
00:00:15KeLToS wtf
00:00:15WantedZip HAR DU BETALT ?
00:00:15KeLToS brugt for meget??
00:00:15WantedZip ahahahaha
00:00:15WantedZip ikk dl porno
00:00:15KeLToS hvorfor er de begyndt på det pis
00:00:15TakinBackMyLove pugna
00:00:15KeLToS har jeg ikke fri internet
00:00:15WantedZip jeg fikser mere til dig imorgen
00:00:15WantedZip 20gb
00:00:15KeLToS jeg har ændret den til 50???
00:00:15TakinBackMyLove anyone es or sk ?
00:00:15WantedZip jeg går tc
00:00:15c-yanker -lyca
00:00:15KeLToS es
00:00:17rtg800 ye sure
00:00:18WantedZip kk
00:00:19rtg800 give me
00:00:20Yuriko anyone wants anything?
00:00:22KeLToS i es
00:00:25Yuriko rex tc crix?
00:00:27Yuriko panda
00:00:29Yuriko roof
00:00:29Firelord0.1 hmm
00:00:30Yuriko anyone?
00:00:36Firelord0.1 tc
00:00:37WantedZip some1 wants sk ?
00:00:38Yuriko ok
00:00:38KeLToS jeg havde 20 eller 30
00:00:39Tough yuriko
00:00:41WantedZip 20
00:00:43c-yanker sk any7?
00:00:44Tough nice game with sk :D
00:00:44WantedZip omg
00:00:44KeLToS så lukkede den midt på måneden
00:00:45WantedZip i go sk
00:00:46poskus gime crix
00:00:47rtg800 sk, sure
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove xin
00:00:52KeLToS så ændrede jeg den og nu er den lukket igen
00:00:52Yuriko lol
00:00:52WantedZip omg
00:00:54KeLToS -clear
00:00:56Yuriko what a shitty game that was!
00:00:58KeLToS what u want
00:00:58TakinBackMyLove xin
00:01:03Tough i pissed myself
00:01:06KeLToS -swap 1
00:01:07Yuriko xD
00:01:07Tough while im laughing
00:01:08Tough trust me
00:01:10TakinBackMyLove -swap 3
00:01:10Yuriko lol
00:01:11KeLToS -clear
00:01:14Tough never seen something like this
00:01:16Tough before
00:01:21Yuriko give sniper
00:01:25WantedZip VENT
00:01:28Yuriko -swap 4
00:01:29c-yanker im playing crix
00:01:30Firelord0.1 -swap 2
00:01:33poskus ok
00:01:42c-yanker we need range
00:01:45Firelord0.1 oo brisl shitpick
00:01:52Firelord0.1 hmm
00:01:54Yuriko seriously
00:02:00Yuriko you were what, 30 min with just one rax?
00:02:01poskus rex?
00:02:02KeLToS LANES
00:02:04KeLToS CAPTAIN
00:02:05c-yanker get roof
00:02:07KeLToS FAGGOT
00:02:09Firelord0.1 y
00:02:09Tough :D
00:02:10TakinBackMyLove es
00:02:12TakinBackMyLove potm bot
00:02:15Firelord0.1 there is no range
00:02:15Tough trust me
00:02:18Tough 72 min game
00:02:25Tough 40 min all 3 raxxes down
00:02:29Yuriko yeah
00:02:31Yuriko and throne towers gone
00:02:34Tough yeah
00:02:36KeLToS our captain had a surgery on his nose 2 remove a pimple
00:02:38KeLToS OMG
00:02:40Tough throne was half hp
00:02:40Tough :D
00:02:43Yuriko xD
00:02:45Yuriko what a fail
00:02:49Tough yeah :D
00:02:51poskus get wards
00:02:52mansikka what a faggot
00:02:53Tough i saved the replay
00:02:56Yuriko lol
00:02:57KeLToS yes hes so ugly
00:02:58c-yanker jjust dont feed potm es bot please
00:02:58Tough and made a screen
00:02:58mansikka oh its bieber
00:02:59KeLToS atm
00:03:13KeLToS flame bieber
00:03:21KeLToS ward
00:03:23KeLToS rune
00:03:27KeLToS fuck en spasser
00:03:37KeLToS ss
00:03:37KeLToS 2
00:03:37Tough i go pull
00:03:38c-yanker go pull
00:03:47KeLToS re 1
00:03:55WantedZip jeg lagger
00:04:09KeLToS pf
00:04:34c-yanker 9 stick
00:04:35c-yanker allrdy :D
00:04:56poskus retard
00:05:40poskus ff thjis tc
00:05:40c-yanker please
00:05:44poskus fireshit
00:05:52KeLToS what an arrow
00:06:20TakinBackMyLove es
00:06:22TakinBackMyLove sec
00:06:25TakinBackMyLove bootl
00:06:27c-yanker seriusly?
00:06:28c-yanker hahahA
00:06:29c-yanker u stop my pot :D
00:06:34poskus ss
00:07:06KeLToS omw
00:07:18Yuriko ..
00:07:21Tough BBB
00:07:24KeLToS go
00:08:28KeLToS tower
00:08:56rtg800 nice
00:08:58poskus b
00:09:01poskus idiots
00:09:50Yuriko ss panda
00:09:52Firelord0.1 ssmirana
00:10:26poskus ff idiots
00:10:55Tough god guys
00:10:58Tough are u really so slow?
00:11:18Tough i go fuck myself boit
00:11:27Yuriko ROOF
00:11:28Yuriko go
00:11:55Yuriko care bot
00:11:57Yuriko panda rune
00:12:08Yuriko b
00:12:28Firelord0.1 som1 go top
00:12:56KeLToS i tp first
00:13:03KeLToS ..
00:13:16Yuriko b
00:13:17Yuriko bot
00:13:24c-yanker otw
00:13:37c-yanker u got ulti?
00:14:09Yuriko we need wards
00:14:35c-yanker seriusly
00:14:36c-yanker u suck
00:14:36Tough ZEUS ULTI
00:14:48KeLToS ZOMBIE
00:14:51Tough wut?
00:14:59KeLToS dis song?
00:15:17poskus be here
00:15:46poskus 4bot twr
00:15:47Yuriko no wards no flying
00:15:48Yuriko go ff
00:16:07Yuriko go
00:16:37KeLToS tc roof no ulti
00:16:48poskus ff
00:16:55poskus sniper wtrf?
00:16:57poskus u back so faR?
00:17:07c-yanker coming bot
00:17:08c-yanker dwarfen
00:17:10Firelord0.1 u go sofar
00:17:47poskus stun crix noob
00:18:05poskus bot twr go
00:18:24c-yanker make pipe first item
00:18:25c-yanker bristle
00:18:30Yuriko go
00:18:31Yuriko turn
00:18:32Yuriko ffs
00:18:42Tough just bot owert
00:18:44rtg800 def bot
00:18:54rtg800 tps?
00:19:12poskus ff idiot
00:19:17poskus idiots attrack noobs
00:19:31KeLToS die for me bitches
00:19:33Yuriko ff
00:19:40KeLToS where is ur tc?????
00:20:05rtg800 push mid
00:20:08Yuriko well
00:20:10Yuriko they dont have a carry
00:20:18WantedZip jeg lagger ekstremt
00:20:21Firelord0.1 mirana ?
00:20:25Yuriko oh
00:20:27Yuriko yeah
00:20:27Yuriko go ff
00:20:28KeLToS 3 internet?
00:20:28Yuriko xD
00:20:38WantedZip yousee
00:20:41KeLToS :D
00:20:43KeLToS liar
00:20:50WantedZip jeg mener det
00:21:21KeLToS illu rune
00:21:34Tough i def top
00:21:35Tough go id
00:21:39KeLToS dagger now bitches
00:21:42KeLToS lets rollllllllllll
00:21:57KeLToS get dust for sniper
00:23:49Yuriko gone
00:24:06WantedZip GOTHCA
00:24:08Yuriko lol
00:24:17Yuriko I'm sure that was worth it xD
00:24:24WantedZip i know :D
00:25:02poskus cerix wjy no tp?
00:25:09poskus mana
00:25:11c-yanker canceed it
00:25:26Yuriko still no wards?
00:25:28poskus mana
00:25:33c-yanker just gave u
00:25:35c-yanker i need dagger
00:25:38c-yanker before any wards
00:25:43c-yanker imposible to get ulti in
00:25:43Yuriko others?
00:25:52poskus possible if i do ulti
00:25:55poskus we have such apoe
00:26:34poskus ff
00:26:35Firelord0.1 shakerulti so hard
00:26:48poskus ff
00:27:10Yuriko I wish roof would use ulti in a teamfight
00:27:11Yuriko -_-
00:27:16poskus now i instadied
00:27:18Yuriko or at least get wards
00:27:18Yuriko -_-
00:27:39poskus ff
00:28:00poskus ff
00:28:05Tough I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:18Firelord0.1 roof gethim
00:30:44Yuriko ..
00:30:46poskus ulti wasted
00:30:54Firelord0.1 u used mana to farm
00:31:25Firelord0.1 roof ulti him first
00:31:49Yuriko thats lame tbh
00:31:53TakinBackMyLove yup
00:32:03c-yanker please let me farm dagger
00:32:15Yuriko :D:D:D
00:32:16Yuriko :D
00:32:18rtg800 nice
00:32:33Yuriko I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:35Yuriko gg wp
00:32:47poskus crix dfor fuck sakes
00:32:51Firelord0.1 why u goed in
00:32:57Firelord0.1 sniper
00:33:05Yuriko I ran into an arrow
00:33:08Firelord0.1 )
00:33:31Firelord0.1 shaker agahim
00:33:34poskus dont
00:33:41Firelord0.1 stay split
00:33:59c-yanker u need bkb dwarfen
00:34:00c-yanker -.-
00:34:24poskus \fefe
00:35:00Firelord0.1 wtf dmg
00:35:16c-yanker man u blind
00:35:17c-yanker hes gone
00:36:07Yuriko buriza..
00:37:40c-yanker u hate me all game cause u got so owned top clock?
00:37:49mansikka i dont hate anyone
00:38:36WantedZip Wp potmest
00:38:54c-yanker use pipe just onces ?
00:39:00WantedZip Wards and dust supporter bitch :D
00:39:05Tough just fight one time with all 5?
00:39:12Yuriko they engage us anyway
00:39:15Yuriko and we die in es ulti
00:39:19Yuriko true story
00:39:58Firelord0.1 sstop
00:39:59Firelord0.1 car
00:40:00Firelord0.1 e
00:40:25poskus sniper will carry it
00:40:32Firelord0.1 not jet
00:40:35Firelord0.1 we need towers
00:40:37Firelord0.1 for gold
00:40:44Yuriko we need WARDS
00:40:58Firelord0.1 u got most farm
00:41:08Yuriko I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:20Yuriko firelord have you ever bought a single wards in your life?
00:41:26Firelord0.1 yes
00:41:38Firelord0.1 but i dont play support
00:41:41Firelord0.1 so
00:41:53c-yanker hes looking at my screan
00:41:56c-yanker screen
00:42:00Yuriko ...
00:42:08TakinBackMyLove lets go mid ?
00:42:10Firelord0.1 ?
00:42:38Yuriko ..
00:42:41c-yanker u fucking kidding me
00:42:43rtg800 they smoked
00:42:48mansikka roof no ulti
00:43:05poskus wp tc
00:43:15Firelord0.1 i have a tp
00:43:18Firelord0.1 and u suck
00:44:20Yuriko kill
00:44:36Yuriko gj
00:44:41Tough bb for win
00:44:56TakinBackMyLove i buy gem
00:44:57TakinBackMyLove ?
00:45:02Yuriko if we win this
00:45:05Yuriko i'll pee on myself
00:45:20Yuriko and then i'll pee on all of you!
00:45:24Tough :D
00:45:25c-yanker i allrdy got jango
00:45:26c-yanker roof
00:45:34KeLToS bitch
00:45:42c-yanker stay b
00:45:45c-yanker we only 3
00:45:49c-yanker b roof
00:45:51c-yanker why even stand there
00:46:02Firelord0.1 they 3 too
00:46:05Firelord0.1 so
00:46:18TakinBackMyLove coem
00:46:19TakinBackMyLove top
00:46:20TakinBackMyLove everyone
00:46:21Yuriko ..........
00:46:22Firelord0.1 nice
00:46:22c-yanker are u fucking kidding me
00:46:22poskus atwrack?
00:46:24poskus oidiot
00:46:31TakinBackMyLove everyone
00:46:32TakinBackMyLove come
00:46:35Tough crix
00:46:39c-yanker cant u se its a fucking illou
00:46:39Tough ur friend has a hem
00:46:45Tough gem
00:46:52Yuriko who
00:46:55poskus panda
00:47:45Yuriko FUCK
00:48:01Tough COME ON
00:48:10poskus omg worst teamfgights ever
00:48:17Tough I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:03Yuriko rosh up?
00:49:06c-yanker nope
00:50:20TakinBackMyLove potm you need manta or deso
00:50:26Yuriko es inc
00:50:31Firelord0.1 he did ulti ?
00:50:31c-yanker nope
00:50:34c-yanker hes going to rune
00:51:24Yuriko back
00:51:25Yuriko es there
00:51:36c-yanker b
00:51:45Yuriko whatver
00:51:48Firelord0.1 yes
00:51:52Firelord0.1 whatever
00:52:13Yuriko sentry ward?
00:52:16c-yanker nice guys
00:52:18Yuriko I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:52:18poskus y good idea
00:52:20c-yanker now we lost
00:52:53poskus es qwon it
00:53:05poskus txc lost
00:54:40Yuriko no one dust or sentry for potm ulti?
00:54:50c-yanker nope
00:54:52c-yanker gem instead
00:54:53Yuriko :D
00:54:55Yuriko <3
00:55:11c-yanker please no stupid deaths now
00:56:11poskus go mid?
00:56:14c-yanker y
00:56:34Firelord0.1 w8
00:57:48c-yanker safe for buyback
00:57:55Yuriko thats pesimistic
00:58:03Yuriko well
00:58:04KeLToS 1 rocket at rosh pls
00:58:05Yuriko go with 5
00:58:12KeLToS so i can see next spawn
00:59:07Firelord0.1 roof u just ignore 1 hp mina
00:59:13poskus she jumped
00:59:20Firelord0.1 maybe use urn
00:59:21TakinBackMyLove ham
00:59:51Yuriko go mid
00:59:52Yuriko 90 sec
01:00:06Tough keltos
01:00:08Tough really
01:00:09KeLToS :SD
01:00:09Tough ?
01:00:12KeLToS yea
01:00:13Tough every fucking time
01:00:24Tough its like u killed me 10 fucking time
01:00:25Yuriko CAN U GO MID
01:00:26Yuriko ALL
01:00:27poskus ff this fireshit
01:00:33KeLToS soz
01:00:35KeLToS but u came
01:00:36Yuriko get tower at least
01:00:37Yuriko 60 sec
01:00:38KeLToS and i had ulti
01:00:56Firelord0.1 rosh
01:01:03Yuriko sk tp back
01:01:05poskus me no ulti
01:01:11Firelord0.1 no shaker
01:01:11Firelord0.1 so
01:01:17Yuriko potm will come
01:01:18Yuriko sk tp fast
01:01:32Yuriko take cheese
01:01:33Yuriko me aegis
01:01:36Firelord0.1 sk have slot ?
01:01:36c-yanker y
01:01:36poskus should i go radiance?
01:01:36Firelord0.1 nah
01:01:36poskus ac?
01:01:36c-yanker ac
01:01:36Yuriko ac
01:01:36c-yanker but
01:01:36c-yanker u gonna balance
01:01:36Firelord0.1 maybe i go ax
01:01:36c-yanker if hes out
01:01:36poskus shit
01:01:36Yuriko we're all
01:01:36Yuriko rich
01:01:36Yuriko ?xD
01:01:36poskus i have some stuff and 3k
01:01:36poskus if u loose
01:01:36poskus with my earned money
01:01:36poskus i wont play dc anymore :)
01:01:36KeLToS GG LADS
01:01:36KeLToS WP ME
01:01:36poskus wp keltos
01:01:36KeLToS i recognize myself
01:01:36Yuriko tactical plug
01:01:36KeLToS why?
01:01:36KeLToS only 1 drop?
01:01:36Yuriko yeah
01:01:36Yuriko tactical!
01:01:36KeLToS so how come tactical?
01:01:36poskus or pc crash
01:01:36Yuriko hes lvl 22 -_-
01:01:36Yuriko anyway
01:01:37Yuriko i'm not serious
01:01:38KeLToS actualy, he whined about lag hardcore
01:01:48Firelord0.1 crix
01:01:50Firelord0.1 take chees
01:01:53KeLToS he had bad lag in the beginning he told me
01:02:27c-yanker are u fucking kidding me
01:02:28c-yanker roof
01:02:29mansikka :d
01:02:30poskus tanky mother fucker
01:02:32poskus ewhat
01:02:37Yuriko ok
01:02:38Yuriko tough
01:02:40Yuriko how do we win this
01:02:46Tough :D
01:02:48c-yanker he tanks
01:02:49Yuriko ur expert in super turtle 80 min games xD
01:02:54Tough .D
01:02:55Tough kk
01:03:04Tough i tank everything
01:03:09Tough while u kill everything
01:03:12Tough deal?
01:03:15Yuriko ok
01:03:23poskus mid gogo?
01:03:30Tough its my 3rd game in a row
01:03:33c-yanker push mid
01:03:35Tough with over 60 mins
01:03:38Yuriko lol
01:03:42Tough but yuriko
01:03:46Firelord0.1 they push side
01:03:47Tough here is a problem
01:03:51Tough only one lane pushed
01:03:54Yuriko ah
01:03:56rtg800 what the plan?
01:03:56Yuriko not enough
01:03:57Tough :D
01:04:00rtg800 whats*
01:04:04KeLToS push all lanes
01:04:42Yuriko def top..
01:05:12c-yanker tp
01:05:12Firelord0.1 200 hp
01:05:13c-yanker top
01:05:14Firelord0.1 comno
01:05:19Firelord0.1 lol
01:05:22Firelord0.1 haha
01:05:47Tough yuriko
01:05:48Firelord0.1 gogo end
01:05:49Tough see? :D
01:05:51Yuriko lol
01:05:54KeLToS hvad siger du til ham muta
01:05:56KeLToS han døde til tower
01:05:57KeLToS 1on1
01:06:00WantedZip ahahja
01:06:02WantedZip så jeg ikk
01:06:04WantedZip men nice nok
01:06:05WantedZip hahaha
01:06:06WantedZip newb
01:06:08WantedZip cake
01:06:10Yuriko damn this is funny
01:06:12Tough :DS
01:06:13WantedZip sig til ham han ska gå pub
01:06:17c-yanker bot after
01:06:17Tough now how i felt? :D
01:06:19TakinBackMyLove du skal gå
01:06:19Tough know*
01:06:20TakinBackMyLove pub
01:06:21Yuriko :D:D
01:06:22WantedZip k :D
01:06:23TakinBackMyLove med dine itmes
01:06:25WantedZip jeg går pub
01:06:28WantedZip uden mine items
01:06:28Yuriko well that was even more epic
01:06:29Tough LET ME TANK
01:06:31TakinBackMyLove du køber helt forkert til pomt
01:06:33TakinBackMyLove potm
01:06:34WantedZip naked pub
01:06:34TakinBackMyLove aldrig
01:06:35WantedZip gogo
01:06:40TakinBackMyLove køb sange and yasha
01:06:43c-yanker b
01:06:43c-yanker now
01:06:47TakinBackMyLove til potm
01:06:48WantedZip k mr pro (:
01:06:50WantedZip sorry
01:06:51KeLToS wait
01:06:54poskus wep everyone
01:06:54TakinBackMyLove så litd
01:06:58Yuriko back
01:06:59Yuriko back
01:06:59Yuriko gogo
01:07:01poskus b
01:07:02poskus b
01:07:02poskus b
01:07:03poskus b
01:07:08Tough let me die
01:07:22c-yanker why dint u b
01:07:29Tough was shopping
01:07:40c-yanker that doesnt explane anything
01:07:45Tough WTF!
01:07:59Tough which lincens recipe is that in chick?
01:08:04Tough fuck
01:08:08Tough FWEIFPOFEW
01:08:09Tough its mine
01:08:33KeLToS regroup
01:08:50Tough 30 assist
01:08:52Tough work
01:09:25poskus fuck
01:09:25Yuriko ...
01:09:30c-yanker seriusly eroof
01:09:36poskus thought real
01:09:37KeLToS lets go
01:09:38c-yanker -.-
01:09:39KeLToS bieber u cunt
01:09:41KeLToS come
01:09:43c-yanker did u see the damage my stun gave
01:09:44c-yanker -.-
01:09:44Tough second time now?:DD
01:09:45TakinBackMyLove to sec
01:09:45poskus next item?
01:09:45Firelord0.1 u did that like 5 times
01:09:47TakinBackMyLove got crit
01:09:48c-yanker third time
01:09:51Tough refresher
01:09:55Yuriko dead
01:10:01c-yanker no its not
01:10:04Yuriko sec need base
01:10:07Yuriko i have aegis
01:10:08Yuriko :D:D
01:10:09c-yanker its getting re
01:10:10c-yanker in sec
01:10:10Firelord0.1 go smoke ?
01:10:16rtg800 2 buriza
01:10:20Yuriko yeah improving my boots
01:10:22Tough i tank now everything
01:10:29KeLToS here
01:10:30KeLToS smoke
01:10:49poskus dont be near crees
01:11:03Yuriko wait aegis
01:11:05Tough SMOKE CARE
01:11:11Firelord0.1 #
01:11:16Firelord0.1 pause
01:11:18Yuriko LOL
01:11:18WantedZip WF?
01:11:18Yuriko i'm dead
01:11:18KeLToS HEY?=
01:11:18Yuriko btw
01:11:18Yuriko ..
01:11:18KeLToS WTF
01:11:18mansikka Xddddddddddddddddddd
01:11:18Tough mouseproblems
01:11:18Tough wait
01:11:18c-yanker haha kk
01:11:18c-yanker this fucking noiob bibeber
01:11:18KeLToS WTF DUDE
01:11:18c-yanker looking at me
01:11:18Yuriko panda is 300hp
01:11:18Firelord0.1 ok
01:11:18Tough crix ulti?
01:11:18c-yanker jumping in to me dark
01:11:18Yuriko i'm 300hp
01:11:18Firelord0.1 321
01:11:25Yuriko yeah ty
01:11:46Yuriko but I do have to say
01:11:47Yuriko wp es
01:11:51Yuriko and that I hate u!
01:12:06poskus ew
01:12:07Tough go top
01:12:08Tough i tanke
01:12:09poskus wp
01:12:11KeLToS why u hate me :(
01:12:17poskus tanks won it
01:12:27Yuriko you keep humping me with your dagger and ulti
01:12:36KeLToS ur dmg dealer
01:12:38Firelord0.1 i cant
01:12:46Yuriko I got 17th century rifle
01:12:47Yuriko ...
01:12:57KeLToS i just want to crit with enchant totem
01:13:06poskus wp
01:13:11Tough WP
01:13:17Tough yuriko
01:13:18Tough saw? :D
01:13:21Yuriko :D:D
01:13:44Yuriko well
01:13:47Yuriko they have 1 rax
01:13:50Yuriko means they win?
01:13:52Yuriko knowing my luck
01:14:04Yuriko oh well
01:14:05c-yanker haha safed u
01:14:06c-yanker said
01:14:08c-yanker ulti inc
01:14:18Yuriko but
01:14:21Yuriko get better boots? :D
01:14:25c-yanker go rosh
01:14:26KeLToS did u see crit
01:14:26KeLToS :D
01:14:27Tough me? :D
01:14:31Yuriko yeah lol
01:14:34KeLToS i sold my mana boots
01:14:36KeLToS 2 get crit
01:14:37Firelord0.1 take ur travel
01:14:38Yuriko i tp rosh in 30 sec
01:15:02Tough second hot
01:15:02Yuriko wait
01:15:03Yuriko for me
01:15:04Tough incoming!
01:15:05Yuriko tping
01:15:22Tough wait
01:15:22Tough wait
01:16:01Yuriko FFS
01:16:05Yuriko gg
01:16:08Yuriko tp
01:16:10Yuriko yanker
01:16:16Yuriko rebuy and tp
01:16:16Yuriko throen
01:16:29rtg800 I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:16:39Tough gogo
01:17:08Tough COME AT ME BRO
01:17:19Yuriko hit the rax
01:17:37KeLToS gg
01:17:38Tough GG
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