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Chat log

00:00:03DraineWaker hi william
00:00:13Nuudel hy strom:D
00:00:15BoBo.Ftw lycan
00:00:16DraineWaker how are you
00:00:18DraineWaker william? :)
00:00:182deep4u hey assholes
00:00:18DraineWaker lol
00:00:18DraineWaker hey douche
00:00:182deep4u have you tasted many cocks lately?
00:00:18Nuudel 2deep4u lovly boy
00:00:18DraineWaker u did
00:00:18DraineWaker 2deep4u likes it from behind
00:00:18BoBo.Ftw :D
00:00:18Strom doom
00:00:29DraineWaker take lc :)
00:00:33three0three may i potm?
00:00:39three0three cappppppppppppppp
00:00:44BoBo.Ftw hmm
00:00:45DraineWaker many badass picks
00:00:55BoBo.Ftw wont u fail?
00:00:58three0three nope
00:01:02three0three i wont :)
00:01:02Rasmus.Seebach what you want?
00:01:13three0three cent
00:01:15FireMal pit or cent
00:01:16three0three imo
00:01:20BoBo.Ftw okay
00:01:22Strom both good
00:01:262deep4u I hate every single one of you.
00:01:33BoBo.Ftw pick me venge
00:01:37three0three now?
00:01:39FireMal can i legion ?
00:01:42three0three cent? ^^
00:01:45BoBo.Ftw cent
00:01:47BoBo.Ftw y
00:01:47DraineWaker lol no
00:01:52three0three -swap 1
00:01:52BoBo.Ftw -swap 4
00:02:00FireMal what to pick ?
00:02:05Strom pit thrall lina
00:02:07DraineWaker lina
00:02:09FireMal i whant storm
00:02:102deep4u go lycan
00:02:11DraineWaker or nerub
00:02:112deep4u firemal
00:02:122deep4u go lycan
00:02:15DraineWaker lycan go lycan
00:02:16DraineWaker xD
00:02:23three0three u mid?
00:02:23BoBo.Ftw potm bot
00:02:26DraineWaker strom
00:02:28three0three strane
00:02:29FireMal oh yeah lycan is a good hero but sry he is banned
00:02:29DraineWaker u wanna take mid?
00:02:30three0three strange
00:02:31three0three ....
00:02:32DraineWaker or should i?
00:02:42Strom I take
00:02:50DraineWaker hf
00:02:552deep4u don't have fun
00:02:562deep4u just win
00:03:00DraineWaker xD
00:03:022deep4u cause it's a stat-based system
00:03:02FireMal y fuck having fun lol
00:03:12FireMal just be try hards
00:03:19three0three try mid
00:03:21FireMal cunts and stuff like that
00:03:24DraineWaker strom
00:03:26DraineWaker can u pause
00:03:27Vaj.CO get pulls
00:03:29DraineWaker after
00:03:31DraineWaker i tell u?
00:03:35DraineWaker its elections here
00:03:36acchilies warded
00:03:45DraineWaker i need to answer and dictate few numbers, will take few mins
00:03:48DraineWaker than im totaly free
00:03:51three0three hmm
00:03:52BoBo.Ftw got aura :/
00:03:53three0three no stun
00:03:55three0three :S
00:03:56three0three say it
00:03:59DraineWaker mas
00:04:04DraineWaker max 3 mins
00:04:40FireMal b
00:05:19FireMal i need treads
00:05:25FireMal or mana boots
00:05:28DraineWaker brain is not bad too
00:05:33Strom pit, do mana boots
00:05:36FireMal k
00:05:58DraineWaker damn
00:05:59DraineWaker shit
00:06:432deep4u sick creep blokc.
00:07:29FireMal this legion
00:07:39FireMal i didnt go for luna couze i counted youd go kill the bitch
00:07:54FireMal kill luna
00:08:00FireMal dont block
00:08:06FireMal fcuk
00:08:17FireMal wp strom
00:08:18DraineWaker ;D
00:08:24Strom mid mis cent
00:08:28DraineWaker hes pro
00:08:28DraineWaker ;)
00:08:32FireMal care bot
00:08:33FireMal ss
00:08:342deep4u why is everyone sucking strom's cock?
00:08:39three0three ss
00:08:49FireMal imba shit
00:08:50DraineWaker HI
00:09:03three0three gj
00:09:092deep4u bot is fun
00:09:16Strom I come visit
00:09:24FireMal lesh come bot
00:10:04FireMal sry
00:10:05FireMal my fould
00:10:07FireMal foult
00:10:19FireMal twr ?=
00:10:23Strom sure
00:10:45acchilies ss top
00:11:00FireMal mid ?
00:11:02three0three ss
00:11:19FireMal nice
00:11:32FireMal exept cent free farm mid
00:11:34FireMal need mid twr
00:11:41Strom yue should kill cent
00:12:02Strom care top
00:12:13Vaj.CO heal pls
00:12:14FireMal fuck luna so low
00:12:53FireMal legion ulti
00:13:18Strom too risky
00:13:18Nuudel help btm
00:13:28FireMal this legion count
00:13:43FireMal mid twr plz
00:14:27FireMal ff
00:14:282deep4u täiesti PUTSIS mäng.
00:14:49FireMal guys go
00:14:50DraineWaker sry
00:14:50FireMal ogre
00:14:51DraineWaker was
00:14:52DraineWaker number
00:14:54DraineWaker dictating
00:15:46DraineWaker stun
00:15:46DraineWaker !
00:16:07DraineWaker do something
00:16:08DraineWaker omg
00:16:22DraineWaker mega noob pit
00:16:32FireMal cap am i a noob ?
00:16:38FireMal ok im noob but not mega
00:16:43DraineWaker ;OP
00:16:46DraineWaker :P
00:16:57DraineWaker ur our william :)
00:17:00DraineWaker we love u
00:17:09Rasmus.Seebach omm
00:17:13FireMal who is william
00:17:15FireMal dude
00:17:22FireMal im ugur not william
00:17:28FireMal lesh i ulti
00:17:31FireMal where you whant
00:17:332deep4u leave me
00:17:33FireMal top ?
00:17:49FireMal lesh bot ?
00:17:51FireMal whant tp bot ?
00:19:03Strom b
00:19:19three0three farm
00:19:45Vaj.CO tp top
00:19:48three0three top
00:19:58three0three focus
00:19:58three0three lesh
00:20:27FireMal oom
00:20:40Strom b
00:21:22FireMal cap next item ?
00:21:30Strom hmm
00:21:37FireMal sheep ?
00:21:37Strom do pipe if you can
00:21:442deep4u gank
00:21:47FireMal ok i will try going pipe
00:21:56three0three y
00:21:59Strom smells warded
00:22:02FireMal y
00:22:07three0three luna go find em?
00:22:14Vaj.CO no ty
00:22:15Vaj.CO :D
00:22:17three0three wait
00:22:21three0three go
00:22:44three0three gj bobo
00:22:52Strom venge, please save me next time
00:22:53Strom with swap
00:23:04Nuudel maybe
00:23:07Strom if you see I'm with 10% hp next to hero who can kill me
00:23:29BoBo.Ftw sa dohodli :D
00:23:37three0three go
00:23:512deep4u sorry
00:23:522deep4u pit
00:23:532deep4u i misclicked
00:23:552deep4u number one
00:23:572deep4u on your hero
00:23:59Strom 4 bot
00:24:002deep4u so u used arcane :D
00:24:29FireMal y
00:24:34FireMal piotm
00:24:492deep4u tp'd
00:25:42Vaj.CO base
00:26:00three0three ,,,
00:26:172deep4u gogo
00:26:20DraineWaker no1?
00:26:21FireMal omw
00:26:252deep4u ARE U BLIND
00:26:26DraineWaker too late
00:26:282deep4u commander cunt.
00:26:37FireMal get top
00:26:46Vaj.CO gj
00:26:47FireMal ff
00:26:54Strom ff?
00:26:56Strom wtf
00:27:17three0three gj
00:27:18three0three all
00:27:25acchilies i didnt do shit... :)
00:27:29three0three gj for you
00:27:29three0three too
00:27:32acchilies i just run arround... :D
00:27:34DraineWaker this was epic
00:27:36DraineWaker we go 4v5
00:27:37three0three tower mid
00:27:562deep4u firemal
00:27:572deep4u what the fuck
00:28:03three0three b
00:28:16FireMal omg
00:28:21FireMal why no one help lesh
00:28:27DraineWaker ...
00:28:32DraineWaker no1 can come to me
00:28:43acchilies lucky...
00:28:46BoBo.Ftw xD
00:28:50BoBo.Ftw anyway i d have gone b
00:29:00FireMal come top plz
00:29:27Strom we have some weak picks, and even weaker farm
00:29:29Strom but we need to push
00:29:44Strom go mid 5
00:30:06three0three mid
00:30:14DraineWaker ur 3
00:30:15DraineWaker care.
00:30:18Strom ye b
00:30:39DraineWaker xd
00:30:40FireMal wait for mana boots
00:30:41Strom ok go fight now
00:30:42FireMal to activate
00:30:43FireMal cd
00:30:55FireMal give ring back
00:31:01Vaj.CO b
00:31:072deep4u bait
00:31:31FireMal gather top top
00:31:35Strom no
00:31:38Strom mid tower
00:31:38FireMal tp top ?
00:31:572deep4u FUCK YOU PITLORD
00:31:582deep4u WHY
00:31:592deep4u DO
00:31:59Strom blah
00:31:592deep4u YOU
00:32:002deep4u BLOCK ME
00:32:04FireMal cunts
00:32:19BoBo.Ftw go midd
00:32:20BoBo.Ftw i deff
00:32:26BoBo.Ftw xD
00:32:28BoBo.Ftw new curier
00:32:52DraineWaker rofl
00:33:01Vaj.CO b
00:33:02three0three b
00:33:03three0three b
00:33:51FireMal care
00:34:01three0three sell
00:34:02three0three courier
00:34:04three0three nort
00:34:06three0three the new one
00:34:14Rasmus.Seebach y
00:34:39FireMal ss mid
00:35:04Strom we're so underfarmed, we won't be able to push
00:35:06Strom we need to turtle
00:35:08BoBo.Ftw together midd
00:35:12three0three sec
00:35:13three0three 450
00:35:17three0three for buriza
00:35:22three0three b
00:35:23BoBo.Ftw illu
00:35:24BoBo.Ftw pit
00:35:41DraineWaker and cent
00:35:42DraineWaker so
00:35:44DraineWaker overfarmed
00:36:01acchilies b
00:36:01FireMal b
00:36:02FireMal come mid
00:36:22three0three rosh it?
00:36:38DraineWaker venge
00:36:38DraineWaker let me
00:36:55Strom I feel a entry incoming
00:36:55three0three cent?
00:37:09Strom that or rosh
00:37:13BoBo.Ftw luna aegis
00:37:152deep4u 0 wards
00:37:17DraineWaker rosh probably
00:37:22DraineWaker not my fault
00:37:27DraineWaker i bought
00:37:27DraineWaker 2
00:37:27Vaj.CO go mid
00:37:302deep4u mkay.
00:37:41FireMal entry and rosh lol
00:37:43Strom def base
00:37:47three0three wait ogre
00:37:502deep4u well im super-useless as well. 0 farm
00:38:02FireMal if their only 2 mid go
00:38:082deep4u theyre not
00:38:36DraineWaker i heal
00:38:41three0three FFS
00:38:42three0three lAG
00:38:58DraineWaker damn
00:39:082deep4u tra vitune venge
00:39:24three0three cent should aegis
00:39:26three0three or me
00:40:04Strom b
00:40:50three0three go mid?
00:41:01BoBo.Ftw thought it was illu :D
00:41:032deep4u :D
00:41:04three0three xd
00:41:06DraineWaker b
00:41:06DraineWaker b
00:41:06DraineWaker b
00:41:24Strom def base
00:42:28Strom what are you blinking?
00:42:37FireMal so i can fast change screen
00:42:39FireMal with space
00:42:44three0three cent hex?
00:42:46Strom well don't
00:42:49BoBo.Ftw bf :D
00:42:51Strom I look at every blink
00:42:53three0three go hex
00:43:01three0three u need no fountain
00:43:02three0three after
00:43:13DraineWaker come
00:43:14DraineWaker venge
00:43:15three0three not that it matters now
00:43:15DraineWaker !
00:43:38Strom kasulik tüüp oled
00:43:412deep4u tean
00:43:53DraineWaker push
00:43:53DraineWaker mid
00:43:55DraineWaker ?
00:43:59Strom we can't push
00:44:01Strom we need to turtle
00:44:07FireMal ok why is that ?
00:44:13Strom we have0 items
00:44:25DraineWaker get
00:44:26DraineWaker tower
00:44:26DraineWaker and
00:44:27DraineWaker b
00:44:27FireMal b
00:44:33acchilies base
00:44:39three0three xD
00:44:47DraineWaker B
00:44:49DraineWaker ffs
00:44:50DraineWaker b
00:44:56DraineWaker take rosh
00:44:57DraineWaker or something
00:45:03three0three luna
00:45:04three0three wrtf
00:45:13Strom firemal b
00:45:442deep4u HAhAH
00:45:462deep4u MAIKEN
00:45:472deep4u XDDDD
00:45:50Strom b top
00:45:51Strom b top
00:45:55Strom firemal b
00:46:33acchilies there was like 15 of them... :)
00:47:00DraineWaker no help?
00:47:02DraineWaker at all?
00:47:45DraineWaker ...
00:47:54FireMal next item for pit
00:47:59Strom hex
00:48:02Strom or
00:48:03Strom hmm
00:48:10Strom do shiva instead
00:48:20Strom or, hmm
00:48:25DraineWaker g
00:48:25DraineWaker g
00:48:29Strom yea do shiva
00:48:34BoBo.Ftw all bot
00:48:37DraineWaker b
00:48:37DraineWaker b
00:48:42three0three nort
00:48:43three0three ty for wards
00:48:45DraineWaker wasnt it
00:48:46three0three at start
00:48:47three0three and now
00:48:47DraineWaker so obvious
00:48:49three0three rly helped
00:48:50Strom ofcourse it was
00:48:55Strom not like we can do anything about it
00:48:56BoBo.Ftw yy rly wp
00:49:02Strom we need to turtle, hope that they fail fights
00:49:04Strom and get items
00:49:09DraineWaker true
00:49:33Strom oh boy
00:49:39Strom they're way too fat
00:49:41Strom I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:45DraineWaker !ff
00:49:522deep4u XD
00:49:542deep4u !ff
00:49:55FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:03FireMal just ff no !
00:50:05FireMal in front
00:50:082deep4u I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:12three0three ogre powah
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