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56% | 1244 X | 1349 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00DontGetWeary [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... FireMal with 111 seconds.
00:00:05Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:11TheWhip :P
00:00:20Gevomancer legion
00:00:23Pojetz sec i go fast toilet
00:00:23Gevomancer ali baba
00:00:23Gevomancer ban
00:00:23Gevomancer ;D
00:00:23AliBaba you like venge ?
00:00:23AliBaba WT
00:00:23AliBaba WTF
00:00:23AliBaba I didnt ban him
00:00:23TheWhip ^^
00:00:23Gevomancer you can switch it
00:00:23AliBaba spec
00:00:23AliBaba -spec
00:00:23AliBaba gåkAFÅ
00:00:23AliBaba spec banned
00:00:23FireMal spectra and venge banned
00:00:23SlowWaltz write spectre :)
00:00:23Gevomancer no
00:00:23TheWhip no
00:00:23TheWhip legion and spectre banned
00:00:23FireMal ok
00:00:23AliBaba go
00:00:25AliBaba anyone aa
00:00:27FireMal pick me tiny
00:00:29FireMal tiny
00:00:30FireMal tiny
00:00:31FireMal fuck
00:00:35AliBaba ?
00:00:36Gevomancer too late 4 that
00:00:37Gevomancer :D
00:00:40AliBaba venge ?
00:00:46AliBaba bla
00:00:48LionsPride88 tiny
00:01:09TheWhip clock
00:01:13AliBaba give me bat
00:01:17Gevomancer very good
00:01:23AliBaba -swap 4
00:01:25LionsPride88 -swap 1
00:01:26AliBaba -clear
00:01:28LionsPride88 thx a lot
00:01:28AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:01:31FireMal ill go slard or tuskar
00:01:33FireMal or some shit
00:01:44AliBaba hm.
00:01:51LionsPride88 -clear
00:01:56AliBaba clock mby ?
00:01:57AliBaba or tusk
00:01:57Gevomancer wow
00:02:00Gevomancer wards
00:02:08FireMal axe woods ?
00:02:10FBI t
00:02:11FBI y
00:02:12AliBaba get chick
00:02:19AliBaba dont
00:02:21FireMal venge top ?
00:02:25AliBaba we got a chick :b
00:02:26Gevomancer vs better solo
00:02:29SlowWaltz you solo after last game?
00:02:31SlowWaltz not at all
00:02:32SlowWaltz come
00:02:33SlowWaltz ill roam
00:02:35SlowWaltz come down
00:02:39SlowWaltz if you dont mind blue
00:02:43SlowWaltz ill try to roam
00:02:43Gevomancer nop
00:02:49Gevomancer just carefull
00:02:51FireMal you whant second last pick to go solo ?
00:02:58AliBaba pull ward ?
00:02:59SlowWaltz nope
00:03:04FireMal then change lanes
00:03:12Gevomancer give him some credit
00:03:26SlowWaltz here you go
00:03:28SlowWaltz $
00:03:29FBI ss
00:03:33FBI tiny inv
00:03:35FireMal axe got call ?
00:03:39LionsPride88 b
00:03:42FBI y
00:03:48FireMal come and gang lvl 4
00:03:51FireMal 3
00:03:56FBI ahh
00:04:13TheWhip stop autoattacking
00:04:17Pojetz i eat
00:04:27TheWhip go pull
00:04:54LionsPride88 3 lvl kill venge
00:05:25AliBaba gj
00:05:30FireMal axe pull ?
00:05:34TheWhip ty
00:06:09TheWhip rdy?
00:06:26TheWhip xin?
00:06:28Pojetz y
00:06:30Gevomancer midss mid
00:06:30AliBaba care
00:06:35AliBaba venge haste
00:06:40TheWhip wow
00:06:43Gevomancer re
00:06:45TheWhip so bad dude
00:07:07LionsPride88 ss 1
00:07:35DontGetWeary ss 1
00:07:39DontGetWeary low mana
00:07:44SlowWaltz b
00:07:58TheWhip venge was top
00:08:20DontGetWeary ss 1
00:08:22AliBaba nice
00:08:24AliBaba get
00:08:26AliBaba wards
00:08:55TheWhip dude
00:08:57TheWhip I'll go soon
00:09:25FireMal ss
00:09:29LionsPride88 ss 3
00:09:43DontGetWeary ss top
00:09:43AliBaba they got wards
00:09:48AliBaba we dont have
00:09:54TheWhip -ii
00:09:58Gevomancer ss
00:10:01Gevomancer mid
00:10:14Gevomancer -ma
00:10:23AliBaba need more gangs
00:10:26LionsPride88 2
00:10:34FireMal ss
00:10:38FireMal 1 re
00:10:45AliBaba ffs
00:10:50AliBaba '
00:10:53DontGetWeary s top 2
00:10:57AliBaba aa
00:10:58FireMal ss
00:10:58AliBaba wards
00:11:04FireMal 1 re
00:11:31Gevomancer lets go 4 mid tower
00:11:45Pojetz what i build for xin?
00:11:50TheWhip -.-
00:11:54AliBaba -.-
00:11:55LionsPride88 w8
00:11:58AliBaba why you take him?
00:11:59TheWhip got snowball soon
00:12:01Pojetz first time xin
00:12:06Pojetz i wanted tru
00:12:07AliBaba dont take me
00:12:10Pojetz try it
00:12:12AliBaba just you asnd tiny
00:12:21Gevomancer wow
00:12:26Gevomancer that was imba
00:12:33Gevomancer mastergank
00:12:33LionsPride88 w8
00:12:36FireMal ss
00:13:03SlowWaltz b
00:13:03SlowWaltz b
00:13:04SlowWaltz b
00:13:04SlowWaltz b
00:13:13SlowWaltz slad why
00:13:28FireMal ahh i dont know
00:13:53FBI gg
00:13:58SlowWaltz what
00:13:59SlowWaltz why
00:14:00SlowWaltz you stand?
00:14:07SlowWaltz zeus
00:14:09SlowWaltz JOIN team
00:14:11LionsPride88 thx
00:14:35TheWhip wow
00:15:19LionsPride88 def
00:16:30SlowWaltz care
00:16:31SlowWaltz 4
00:17:33SlowWaltz illu
00:18:21SlowWaltz wow wtf guys
00:18:23Gevomancer oh boy
00:18:24SlowWaltz how we could loose
00:18:25SlowWaltz this
00:18:34Gevomancer just care and stay back
00:18:34FireMal couze of the fag alibaba
00:19:06AliBaba g
00:19:07AliBaba gogo
00:19:30FireMal fucking nice
00:19:33SlowWaltz finally
00:19:35FireMal y
00:19:38FireMal you dont say
00:19:46FireMal finaly some one who can help
00:20:01Gevomancer holy shi
00:20:02Gevomancer t
00:20:04SlowWaltz place the wards zeus?
00:20:09DontGetWeary y
00:20:38FireMal vg for slard or ?
00:20:54Gevomancer top and bot towers are neede
00:21:00Gevomancer d
00:21:14SlowWaltz COME
00:21:24Gevomancer b
00:21:24Gevomancer b
00:21:25Gevomancer b
00:21:25SlowWaltz k b
00:21:25Gevomancer b
00:21:25Gevomancer b
00:22:11AliBaba they smoke
00:22:37FireMal stfu
00:22:49SlowWaltz sniper stay back
00:22:53FireMal b
00:22:58FireMal im b for mana
00:23:05FireMal then we can go smoke when i come back
00:23:20FireMal in woods
00:23:22TheWhip b
00:23:24AliBaba y
00:23:26AliBaba just b
00:24:00AliBaba haters
00:24:10TheWhip b
00:24:23AliBaba wtf
00:24:30TheWhip why didn't u go back?
00:24:32FireMal owned by smoke
00:24:40FireMal go top
00:24:54SlowWaltz let him farm
00:25:18FireMal fag wards
00:25:24FireMal go smoke venge
00:25:28FireMal i got cd on smoke
00:25:36SlowWaltz RUN
00:25:37SlowWaltz run
00:25:37SlowWaltz b
00:25:37SlowWaltz b
00:25:38SlowWaltz b
00:25:39SlowWaltz wards
00:25:40DontGetWeary yy
00:26:28LionsPride88 ff
00:26:42LionsPride88 -ii
00:26:50FBI 1
00:27:07Pojetz ff after 25 all
00:27:44FireMal ff
00:27:48AliBaba dont ff
00:27:48FBI ?
00:27:55LionsPride88 ff 100%
00:27:59AliBaba wh´y ?
00:28:03SlowWaltz all we need is sniper with decent farm
00:28:04SlowWaltz and
00:28:04AliBaba just go all gather..
00:28:07SlowWaltz with bkb
00:28:09AliBaba push gather..
00:28:12LionsPride88 no dd
00:28:23FireMal couze they got all tier1 and we only have 2 of their tier 1 twrs
00:28:50FBI new wards [zl
00:28:57FireMal we need more wards and smoe
00:28:58FireMal smoke
00:29:02FireMal plz come bot
00:29:38SlowWaltz nvm
00:29:38FireMal ilu
00:29:44Gevomancer i take top
00:29:48Gevomancer a bit b
00:29:58FireMal y
00:30:02FireMal but it was ok bait
00:30:09FireMal call
00:30:23SlowWaltz we'd get all
00:30:31FireMal if ?
00:30:35FireMal i didnt die or ?
00:30:38SlowWaltz nah
00:30:41SlowWaltz not whining on you ;)
00:30:52FireMal no its not wining maybe a fact
00:30:57FireMal or some shit
00:31:00SlowWaltz you are doing a great job compared to your doom
00:31:12TheWhip smokegang bot
00:31:12FireMal dude i sucked with doom
00:31:21FireMal long time ago since i played doom
00:31:25LionsPride88 bad ward
00:31:33DontGetWeary b
00:32:12Gevomancer b
00:32:12Gevomancer b
00:32:13Gevomancer b
00:32:35FireMal wp z
00:32:36SlowWaltz AXE
00:32:44SlowWaltz why no jump in?
00:32:48FBI why
00:32:52TheWhip first time playing xin?
00:32:52FBI suicide ffs
00:32:53Gevomancer aa ulti mby
00:32:56FireMal lol
00:32:58AliBaba y
00:33:02FireMal we fucked them like with 8 ppl
00:33:03Pojetz y
00:33:03FireMal 2
00:33:04FBI slard just odiot
00:33:13FireMal if you where there axe whole team dead
00:33:16FireMal couze z ulti
00:33:17SlowWaltz nope
00:33:24Gevomancer smoke and go
00:33:29Pojetz I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:32AliBaba dont
00:33:33Gevomancer venge come
00:33:53TheWhip smoke
00:34:00FireMal mid
00:34:11DontGetWeary no ulti
00:34:20TheWhip care
00:34:26TheWhip lolz
00:34:29AliBaba are you so fucking blind ?
00:34:39LionsPride88 i have delay
00:34:47LionsPride88 ff thera
00:34:52LionsPride88 i always say
00:34:55AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:55SlowWaltz care
00:34:55LionsPride88 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:55SlowWaltz in us
00:34:56Rasmus.Seebach !ff
00:35:00LionsPride88 !ff
00:35:00DontGetWeary laaag
00:35:06Pojetz I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:06SlowWaltz gj
00:35:06Pojetz ALL
00:35:08Pojetz ffs
00:35:08AliBaba just "ff"
00:35:11Pojetz type just ff
00:35:14Pojetz and we win
00:35:15TheWhip fu
00:35:16SlowWaltz ty axe for jumping in
00:35:18SlowWaltz thats the way :)
00:35:18FireMal omg
00:35:22Pojetz pleas
00:35:25Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:27SlowWaltz slad
00:35:28Pojetz tuskar
00:35:29Pojetz please
00:35:29SlowWaltz care aa ult
00:35:31TheWhip l2p
00:35:34AliBaba we can take last fight
00:35:35Pojetz dont waste my time
00:35:36Pojetz mate
00:35:37AliBaba and ff
00:35:39TheWhip u wasted mine... ..mate
00:35:40FireMal go bot after this twer
00:36:00FireMal axe cal
00:36:00SlowWaltz let him
00:36:03DontGetWeary laaaagh
00:36:07FireMal b
00:36:07FireMal b
00:36:08FireMal b
00:36:08FireMal b
00:36:09FireMal b
00:36:14FireMal omg
00:36:20Gevomancer was dead anyway
00:36:52FireMal go mid
00:37:02Gevomancer nice
00:37:09AliBaba why fucking always me !
00:37:13Pojetz tuskar
00:37:14Pojetz just ff
00:37:16Pojetz omg
00:37:17AliBaba no
00:37:18AliBaba no
00:37:40AliBaba help ffs
00:37:44AliBaba noob
00:37:51SlowWaltz 4 for 2
00:37:53SlowWaltz decent :)
00:38:20DontGetWeary snip bot
00:38:24Gevomancer going
00:38:45LionsPride88 ping
00:38:48LionsPride88 !ping
00:38:51LionsPride88 /ping
00:38:52SlowWaltz zeus
00:39:00SlowWaltz too late
00:39:11LionsPride88 w8
00:40:04LionsPride88 all b
00:40:07LionsPride88 regen
00:40:24TheWhip stop suiciding!!
00:40:25SlowWaltz me
00:40:26SlowWaltz haste please
00:40:28AliBaba pojetz..
00:40:29TheWhip why do u go 5v1 all the fucking itm
00:40:30AliBaba stop that
00:40:43Gevomancer damn
00:40:45Gevomancer cd
00:41:21FireMal someone fucked my vlads up
00:41:32SlowWaltz and axe pushes mid
00:41:34SlowWaltz alone
00:41:46Gevomancer go away
00:41:48Gevomancer WARDED
00:41:55Gevomancer -.-
00:42:06FBI shit
00:42:09Pojetz I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:10Pojetz cant play
00:42:12Pojetz mouse crashed
00:42:15Gevomancer ok
00:42:20AliBaba then leave
00:42:27Pojetz and i m banned
00:42:30FBI wards
00:42:31AliBaba y
00:42:40Pojetz then no
00:42:40Pojetz I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:41Pojetz tuskar
00:42:44AliBaba dont
00:42:45AliBaba tuskar
00:43:28SlowWaltz ok warded too
00:43:32SlowWaltz care
00:43:33SlowWaltz b
00:43:33SlowWaltz b
00:43:33SlowWaltz b
00:43:34SlowWaltz b
00:43:42SlowWaltz they are all in our forest
00:43:47SlowWaltz if you go down ill join you soon
00:44:02AliBaba balanc
00:44:02AliBaba e
00:44:02SlowWaltz what?
00:44:02Gevomancer zeus
00:44:02Gevomancer sorry
00:44:02LionsPride88 rmk
00:44:02AliBaba who leave
00:44:02AliBaba no
00:44:02Gevomancer no
00:44:02AliBaba no rmk
00:44:02Gevomancer zeus
00:44:02Gevomancer goes
00:44:02FireMal no zeus balance
00:44:02FireMal no rmk
00:44:02TheWhip rly=
00:44:02AliBaba go zeus..
00:44:02TheWhip Zeus?
00:44:02FireMal zeues is balance
00:44:02AliBaba you dont be banned
00:44:02TheWhip venge is balance
00:44:02LionsPride88 +
00:44:02FireMal no
00:44:02FireMal zeus
00:44:02Gevomancer ZEUS
00:44:02Gevomancer goes
00:44:02TheWhip lol
00:44:03FireMal come mid
00:44:11AliBaba ill take items
00:44:15LionsPride88 zeus banned now?
00:44:23AliBaba no
00:44:24LionsPride88 ?
00:44:27LionsPride88 k
00:44:28FireMal wtf where is this cock sucker axe
00:44:35FBI lol
00:44:53FBI ur rly idiot
00:44:53AliBaba dont
00:45:09TheWhip sell?
00:45:12SlowWaltz what do we do with the items
00:45:13AliBaba w8
00:45:24Gevomancer teamsell
00:45:24Gevomancer imo
00:45:24AliBaba -.-
00:45:24FireMal no imo i sell
00:45:24SlowWaltz or you could
00:45:24SlowWaltz sell
00:45:24AliBaba tusk
00:45:24FireMal or sniper sell
00:45:24SlowWaltz yea
00:45:24SlowWaltz i dont need
00:45:24FireMal sniper or me sell
00:45:24Gevomancer i will
00:45:24FireMal slard needs cash
00:45:24FireMal for blink
00:45:24Gevomancer just take hes blink
00:45:24Gevomancer :D
00:45:24Gevomancer and i take
00:45:24FireMal game canceled ?
00:45:24Gevomancer ather ite,ms
00:45:28TheWhip yah?
00:45:33AliBaba why you lag ?
00:45:37TheWhip cus I'm awesome :D
00:45:40AliBaba :D
00:46:25SlowWaltz slad
00:46:35SlowWaltz play:
00:47:05TheWhip b
00:47:05AliBaba dont
00:47:29TheWhip wtf tiny?
00:47:31AliBaba wp tiny
00:47:32TheWhip WTF?!
00:48:30FireMal y
00:48:30FireMal y
00:48:31FireMal y
00:48:31FireMal y
00:48:31FireMal y
00:48:31TheWhip !ff
00:48:32FireMal y
00:48:32FireMal y
00:48:33TheWhip I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:48:34AliBaba wp tide
00:48:35FireMal fucking rack
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