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Chat log

00:00:17Jerkku i could spec
00:00:17Jerkku and dazzle with me bot gg
00:00:17Orre lyca?
00:00:17Orre gl
00:00:17SamuZ me and aerwyn cant play in different teams
00:00:17Orre why?
00:00:17SamuZ our computers are next to each other
00:00:17Aerwyn why the game put us different teams? :D
00:00:17Guf go leave then
00:00:17Jerkku XD
00:00:17Orre play
00:00:17Aerwyn cause our comp are next to each other :D
00:00:17Jerkku just donw wach
00:00:17Orre turn computers
00:00:17Lynge lycan
00:00:17Guf free maphack
00:00:17Jerkku each others computers
00:00:17Strom not sure, are you guys friends at ?
00:00:17SamuZ this sucks
00:00:17prjaaanik fair play is expected
00:00:17Aerwyn ye
00:00:17Orre turn screens 45 degrees
00:00:17Jerkku just dont watch :D
00:00:17Lynge lol
00:00:17Lynge try to gang them ..........
00:00:17Aerwyn :D
00:00:17Lynge epic mini maps
00:00:17Guf Ban?
00:00:17Orre strom?
00:00:17Lynge strom
00:00:17Lynge cmon
00:00:17Strom sec
00:00:17Strom -ns
00:00:24Jerkku ok i go spec
00:00:30Strom k
00:00:34prjaaanik geo rapes weaver
00:00:352deep4u anti-breivik strom
00:00:37Jerkku get dazzle
00:00:39Jerkku with me
00:00:59Orre give me wings
00:01:05Orre and ill give you legs
00:01:062deep4u chicken wings?
00:01:07fUNCh anyone wants this ?
00:01:112deep4u nigger detected.
00:01:16Orre thats racist
00:01:18Jerkku dazzel
00:01:19Orre racist
00:01:21Orre ...
00:01:21fUNCh guf mida vittu toodad
00:01:25fUNCh anyone wants lich ?
00:01:262deep4u guilty
00:01:28Lynge guf is pure noob
00:01:39Lynge get TC/DS
00:01:51Lynge lina top
00:01:51Orre seerin on you
00:01:52Jerkku tc?
00:01:53Lynge or lich
00:01:552deep4u shit...
00:01:59fUNCh lina imo
00:01:59Lynge -clear
00:02:02Jerkku tc imo
00:02:03Strom rubick good, lion good, tc good
00:02:05fUNCh i could solo
00:02:06fUNCh ds forest
00:02:09fUNCh and some gangs
00:02:15prjaaanik rubick vs lich
00:02:19prjaaanik (y)
00:02:24Jerkku well hes doom
00:02:27Jerkku xD
00:02:40prjaaanik pretty much any of their ulties woulda raped
00:02:47Strom chicken please
00:03:05fUNCh top rune
00:03:54Jerkku lol
00:03:56Jerkku almost died
00:03:57prjaaanik might wanna kill him?
00:04:15prjaaanik feel free to throw the dagger next time
00:05:08Aerwyn ....
00:05:14Lynge yp chick
00:05:24Lynge up
00:05:28prjaaanik share
00:06:20Jerkku ty
00:06:322deep4u share courier
00:06:482deep4u b
00:06:542deep4u samuz
00:06:562deep4u upgrade
00:06:592deep4u i mean
00:07:002deep4u share
00:07:012deep4u i can upgrade.
00:07:06Jerkku xD
00:07:152deep4u ty
00:07:26Lynge ss mid
00:07:29prjaaanik gogo
00:07:33Lynge care
00:07:46Lynge Wake up
00:08:14Lynge go bot
00:08:15fUNCh let me get lvls
00:08:27Lynge GO
00:08:54Lynge go
00:09:122deep4u need help bot?
00:09:20Jerkku there was just many
00:09:20Lynge i use chick
00:09:22Guf ss
00:09:32SamuZ lets kilkl
00:09:352deep4u k
00:10:01Jerkku soon u can we can pull
00:10:04Lynge ss
00:10:25Strom msi mid
00:10:31Strom care top
00:10:37fUNCh 1lvl speed
00:10:38fUNCh ffs
00:10:442deep4u yeah
00:10:462deep4u thanks
00:10:47prjaaanik care
00:10:48prjaaanik im b
00:10:512deep4u back
00:10:522deep4u lucifer
00:11:052deep4u didnt u see.
00:11:082deep4u weaver was there.
00:11:30Lynge ss mid
00:11:30Lynge caer
00:11:35prjaaanik 600 hp
00:11:38prjaaanik should be easy
00:11:42Lynge care
00:11:45SamuZ yup
00:12:17Aerwyn lich?
00:12:21prjaaanik didnt quite reach for the grave
00:12:22Aerwyn freeze?
00:12:25Jerkku :D
00:12:29fUNCh just a bit drunk
00:12:36Aerwyn i can see that
00:12:39Guf OMG
00:12:42Guf Joking`?
00:12:59Jerkku oom,
00:13:052deep4u dont care
00:13:36Lynge up chiken
00:13:38Lynge s1
00:13:392deep4u dat lina
00:13:44Lynge gj
00:13:59fUNCh spec vangr
00:14:13Strom could have killed yurnero
00:14:152deep4u yeah
00:14:162deep4u sorry
00:14:292deep4u the fuck
00:14:322deep4u second time seeing
00:14:34Lynge epic dmg
00:14:342deep4u your flying bastard
00:14:432deep4u im still new to this version.
00:14:44Jerkku im stuck
00:14:46Strom :D
00:14:532deep4u he seems wild.
00:14:58Strom this hero does some serious burst damage
00:15:06Strom 1200dmg nuke with 20sec cd
00:15:23Lynge need gang mid
00:15:252deep4u holy shit.
00:15:32SamuZ let skill
00:15:32Aerwyn k
00:15:34Aerwyn omw
00:15:39prjaaanik b
00:15:48Lynge stun and direct ulti
00:15:51Lynge Wait
00:16:02Guf ss
00:16:06prjaaanik oh lol
00:16:06Lynge gj
00:16:07Lynge another time
00:16:08Aerwyn ye
00:16:09Lynge let me kill
00:16:10prjaaanik thought he cant see me
00:16:13Aerwyn sure :D
00:16:14Lynge and my toWer
00:16:14Jerkku :S
00:16:24Lynge g
00:16:28Lynge go top
00:16:29Lynge ang
00:16:34Aerwyn no mana
00:16:36Lynge k
00:16:38Lynge truy
00:16:41Guf mana
00:16:42Lynge shop
00:16:43Lynge sekl
00:16:46Jerkku lets kill lich
00:16:51SamuZ b
00:16:53Lynge rdy top
00:16:592deep4u yes sir
00:17:022deep4u weaver
00:17:06SamuZ kill
00:17:10fUNCh my tune
00:17:12fUNCh rune
00:17:132deep4u 4 top
00:17:142deep4u help
00:17:14Lynge y
00:17:152deep4u tp
00:17:212deep4u tp
00:17:23Jerkku i haunt
00:17:23prjaaanik tp cd
00:18:172deep4u XD
00:18:18Lynge lich
00:18:212deep4u hard game lol
00:18:21Aerwyn why?
00:18:22Lynge that Was fucking stupid
00:18:41Lynge tp ?
00:18:412deep4u strom miks sa nii anti-breivik oled
00:18:42Lynge all?=
00:18:51Aerwyn ?
00:19:00Lynge gogoog
00:19:34Jerkku fffuuu
00:19:38Jerkku well got imba farm
00:20:15Lynge illu
00:20:182deep4u DONT KILL HIM
00:20:192deep4u :(/((
00:20:29Lynge BOT
00:20:31Lynge lich
00:20:32Lynge DS
00:20:33Lynge come
00:20:39Lynge need Wards
00:20:42Lynge lina
00:20:43Lynge lich
00:20:44Lynge ds
00:20:47Orre ill buy
00:20:492deep4u see
00:20:50Strom care bot
00:20:542deep4u 5 bot
00:20:58Strom def bot
00:21:04fUNCh warded
00:21:08Jerkku TP BOT
00:21:09Jerkku all
00:21:10Strom doom buy tp
00:21:12Strom get bot
00:21:14prjaaanik doom
00:21:15prjaaanik get a tp
00:21:23Jerkku just cover me and its fine
00:21:262deep4u kay
00:21:27prjaaanik not a single fuck is giv3en
00:21:58Lynge b
00:21:58Lynge b
00:22:07Lynge reg
00:22:10Lynge and def bot toWer
00:22:59Lynge BOT
00:23:02Strom moar heal
00:23:43Strom heal
00:23:52Strom why don't you have heal on with full mana :d
00:24:062deep4u good question.
00:24:192deep4u laziness
00:24:302deep4u why tp.
00:24:312deep4u bot
00:24:322deep4u lol
00:24:362deep4u wildcat jerkuu
00:24:36Lynge b
00:24:44Jerkku well no one tps
00:24:492deep4u was dead and shit.
00:25:53Jerkku so much hate
00:26:022deep4u so much bait
00:26:18Lynge WARDS
00:26:32Jerkku ok now i only move with dazzle :D
00:26:36Jerkku when i get that radi
00:27:40Aerwyn botytle
00:27:41Aerwyn lich
00:27:43Aerwyn BOTTLE
00:27:44Aerwyn LICH
00:28:58Lynge b
00:28:58Lynge b
00:29:10Orre srsly liuch
00:29:122deep4u why did you grave weaver..
00:29:182deep4u ROFL
00:29:21Lynge lich
00:29:23Lynge u are just bad
00:29:24prjaaanik thats what i call outplay
00:29:27Lynge 2 fail moves
00:29:29Lynge y
00:29:30Lynge congrats
00:29:312deep4u that was awesome man.
00:29:32Lynge ur first time=
00:29:34Lynge noob
00:29:35Lynge stfu
00:29:442deep4u oh wow ur mad
00:29:47Lynge ofc
00:30:13Lynge Quiet
00:30:20Lynge 2v1
00:30:20Lynge Rape
00:30:252deep4u quiet like a storm
00:30:41Jerkku soon radi
00:30:47Strom good
00:31:11prjaaanik oh god this chick
00:31:23prjaaanik wise choise sir
00:31:26prjaaanik go for the harpy
00:31:47fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:54Lynge dont play rambo cus u got ulti idiot
00:33:072deep4u brb need to put on something more shaman
00:33:082deep4u music i mean
00:33:102deep4u shpongle perhaps.
00:33:12Jerkku some1 buy gem for me ?
00:33:14prjaaanik luci get the geomancer, wolf or big centaur
00:33:19prjaaanik for the best skills
00:33:43Lynge gather
00:33:56Lynge gather
00:34:04Strom b doom
00:34:31Lynge gj again
00:34:46Orre oom
00:34:47Strom b
00:34:532deep4u POWER RANGERS - SCATTER
00:35:06Lynge care lina
00:35:07Lynge care
00:35:24Lynge no
00:35:24Lynge b
00:35:28Jerkku got gem
00:35:352deep4u swag
00:35:49Lynge gather
00:36:56Aerwyn I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:09Lynge he doomed u ?
00:38:15Aerwyn no
00:38:24prjaaanik we could go rosh
00:40:11fUNCh -afk
00:40:48Guf I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:55Jerkku 25 assists
00:41:18Lynge 16 deaths
00:41:19Lynge epic
00:41:21prjaaanik top
00:41:22prjaaanik ?
00:41:22Lynge 16 death
00:42:14Jerkku gg
00:43:58Lynge I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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