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Chat log

00:00:12AliBaba bara ds viper
00:00:15DotAlent nortrom sniper avernus
00:00:18FireMal qop-doom-naga
00:00:222deep4u huskar wd jugger
00:00:24AliBaba who got wisp
00:00:28SlowWaltz pl, es, wl
00:00:33DotAlent huskar imba?
00:00:35slc2 go wl
00:00:36Rasmus.Seebach dazzle cent terror blade
00:00:37FireMal wl or es me
00:00:38slc2 go wl
00:00:42slc2 wl
00:00:44LionsPride88 ??????? ?? ????????
00:00:44FireMal i whant wl
00:00:45slc2 go dazzle
00:00:452deep4u i don't play huskar.
00:00:49slc2 go dazzle and wl
00:00:50SlowWaltz me too :)
00:00:58FireMal ok you go wl
00:01:00DotAlent well i go for abbadon
00:01:12Orre trax thrall bristle
00:01:20SlowWaltz lane?
00:01:26DotAlent drow for midl?
00:01:27DraineWaker storm alcji n troll
00:01:40Orre ill go thrall prolly
00:01:45slc2 -swap 2
00:01:45AliBaba -swap 1
00:01:582deep4u take heroes.
00:01:592deep4u faggots.
00:02:002deep4u please.
00:02:04AliBaba -roll
00:02:07DotAlent get mid hero
00:02:08DotAlent draine
00:02:13FireMal -roll
00:05:22DotAlent sry
00:05:50FireMal omg
00:05:55FireMal this guy fucks my lane up
00:05:55DotAlent wp
00:05:58SlowWaltz i've no idea what are you doing
00:05:582deep4u rmk
00:06:062deep4u SO RMK
00:06:11FireMal wl you fucking noob go pub or some shit
00:06:21LionsPride88 ,
00:06:23LionsPride88 ?
00:06:26AliBaba dont lisen to him
00:06:32LionsPride88 -.-
00:06:34DraineWaker dude
00:06:35DraineWaker called me
00:06:37DraineWaker we are talking
00:06:44DraineWaker grandpha his died b4 15 mins...
00:06:44FireMal sry
00:06:49FireMal i wont touch your hero aggain
00:06:56DraineWaker can some1 take mid
00:06:57DraineWaker instad
00:07:03DraineWaker i cant hold off
00:07:11FireMal i thought it was my hero
00:07:21SlowWaltz s
00:07:22SlowWaltz s
00:07:22SlowWaltz 2
00:07:46FireMal ss
00:08:41LionsPride88 storm low player
00:08:49DotAlent yap
00:09:19LionsPride88 srsly?
00:09:31Orre ?
00:10:19DotAlent ty
00:10:54SlowWaltz just hit 6
00:12:53DotAlent can someone control me for a short time?
00:12:59DotAlent emergency here
00:13:02LionsPride88 y
00:13:05DotAlent thx
00:14:062deep4u storm
00:14:092deep4u nv
00:14:102deep4u m
00:14:19DraineWaker man im still talkin
00:14:252deep4u talkin?
00:14:31FireMal share plz
00:14:38DraineWaker read chat
00:14:42SlowWaltz you did control me TWICE
00:14:48FireMal sry
00:14:53AliBaba then dont share with hm
00:14:56FireMal ill try not to do it
00:15:412deep4u im playin aba
00:16:262deep4u im not controlling anymore
00:17:09slc2 kill thrall first befor he ultis
00:18:27slc2 tower get it
00:18:29FireMal b
00:18:31slc2 dont chase like that
00:18:392deep4u 4v5 i sfun.
00:18:50Orre -afk
00:19:07Orre -afk
00:20:10LionsPride88 def?
00:20:342deep4u b
00:20:582deep4u abba here now?
00:21:152deep4u this ufcking abba..
00:21:212deep4u we're playing with him.
00:21:282deep4u cause he's having an 'emergency'
00:24:20DraineWaker -ms
00:24:44FireMal smoek
00:24:53FireMal gather mid
00:25:062deep4u careful
00:25:07FireMal gahter
00:25:092deep4u don't scatter
00:25:102deep4u gather.
00:25:11FireMal come to me
00:25:37DraineWaker -ms
00:26:09FireMal wl wp
00:26:19DraineWaker damn :D
00:26:25DraineWaker sry
00:26:27DraineWaker im back now
00:26:28FireMal i didnt control your hero why unshar
00:26:30DraineWaker my bf called me
00:26:33SlowWaltz someone did
00:26:35FireMal share i didnt do it again
00:26:37SlowWaltz control my golem
00:26:38FireMal :
00:26:40DraineWaker hes grandpa died b4 20 mins... :S
00:26:42AliBaba dont share him
00:26:44FireMal not me i swear
00:26:52AliBaba :*
00:26:53DraineWaker coudlnt cancel a call. ;/
00:27:04FireMal i didnt touch your golems or nothing havent done any thinh
00:27:04SlowWaltz and thats kinda why he didnt kill storm
00:27:15FireMal i told you every time i did it
00:27:31FireMal not me i swear
00:27:46SlowWaltz im not taking the risk
00:27:47SlowWaltz anymore
00:28:042deep4u care
00:29:07DotAlent re
00:29:18DraineWaker b
00:29:19DraineWaker ffs
00:29:322deep4u abba
00:29:332deep4u here+
00:29:41DotAlent yap
00:29:412deep4u this is retarded.
00:29:432deep4u oh
00:29:432deep4u :D
00:29:472deep4u fINALLY
00:31:34SlowWaltz he doesnt have ult
00:31:34LionsPride88 care friends
00:31:36SlowWaltz wasted on me
00:31:36DotAlent how does it goes?
00:31:38DraineWaker go
00:31:39DraineWaker dazzle
00:31:43SlowWaltz viper?
00:31:44SlowWaltz o_O
00:31:56DotAlent ty for contrl
00:31:58SlowWaltz b
00:32:372deep4u im farming top for a bit.
00:33:00DotAlent i farm difu
00:33:23DotAlent jugi come
00:33:302deep4u kay
00:33:36DraineWaker dont
00:33:44DraineWaker we need jug
00:33:462deep4u omw
00:34:122deep4u FFS
00:34:152deep4u TARGET WARLOCK FIRST
00:34:212deep4u we died otherwise.
00:34:312deep4u fuck the panda.
00:35:01LionsPride88 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:01DraineWaker ...
00:35:04LionsPride88 oh this abba
00:35:15slc2 comon
00:35:16AliBaba FIX
00:35:20AliBaba fag
00:35:202deep4u sweet
00:35:23AliBaba gsdf¨g'sdfbhik
00:35:23AliBaba ÅNSD
00:35:23FireMal omg
00:35:23AliBaba åsdm¨p
00:35:23AliBaba bø'-
00:35:23DraineWaker stop it
00:35:23LionsPride88 viper
00:35:23DraineWaker seriously
00:35:23LionsPride88 kill
00:35:23DraineWaker im omw
00:35:23DraineWaker viper
00:35:23DraineWaker kill
00:35:37AliBaba heall
00:35:37AliBaba ffs
00:35:38Orre FUCK
00:35:39Orre FIX IT
00:35:39DraineWaker omw
00:35:39DraineWaker juger
00:35:39AliBaba wtf
00:35:43DotAlent its me?
00:35:44slc2 go ff it
00:35:582deep4u ff urself
00:36:00DraineWaker gio
00:36:00SlowWaltz b
00:36:00DraineWaker luci
00:36:002deep4u :D
00:36:00DraineWaker go
00:36:00AliBaba abba
00:36:00SlowWaltz just run dazzle
00:36:00DraineWaker luci
00:36:00DraineWaker go
00:36:00DraineWaker i wind him
00:36:00DraineWaker u have 4 secs
00:36:00DraineWaker k?
00:36:00DraineWaker hes noob
00:36:00SlowWaltz you're running into three
00:36:02LionsPride88 abba wtf?
00:36:03DraineWaker hes winded
00:36:54DotAlent sry fixed the lag
00:36:59Orre n1
00:37:00LionsPride88 gj
00:37:00DraineWaker gayporn
00:37:02DraineWaker download
00:37:23LionsPride88 good for u
00:37:30AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:31FireMal gather plz
00:37:33DraineWaker he does
00:37:34DraineWaker gayporn
00:37:35DraineWaker D
00:37:36DraineWaker ;D
00:37:44LionsPride88 Xd
00:37:47DraineWaker ffs
00:37:48DraineWaker abba
00:37:50DraineWaker seriously
00:37:53DraineWaker b
00:37:53DraineWaker all
00:37:562deep4u y
00:37:572deep4u all b
00:38:00DraineWaker abba tard
00:38:12LionsPride88 he was good on line
00:38:21slc2 top go
00:38:38DotAlent b
00:38:49DraineWaker b
00:38:50DraineWaker b
00:38:502deep4u b
00:38:502deep4u b
00:38:532deep4u incv
00:38:53DraineWaker b all
00:38:582deep4u to base
00:38:59DraineWaker BACK
00:39:00DraineWaker FFS
00:39:002deep4u B
00:39:00DraineWaker BASE
00:39:04DraineWaker ABBA
00:39:10LionsPride88 hg
00:39:11DraineWaker STAY
00:39:12DraineWaker BACK
00:39:12DraineWaker FOR
00:39:14DraineWaker FUCK SKAE
00:39:16DraineWaker UNTIL WERE
00:39:16DraineWaker 5
00:39:33DraineWaker GET FIVE
00:39:39SlowWaltz b
00:39:43SlowWaltz we are 3
00:40:112deep4u def
00:40:20DotAlent jugi i go difu
00:40:23DotAlent /time
00:40:252deep4u alright.
00:40:56DraineWaker hex in 900
00:40:582deep4u good.
00:41:00slc2 end this shit now please
00:41:11DraineWaker u could win this for us
00:41:11DraineWaker mat
00:41:15DraineWaker mate :)
00:41:26slc2 go bot alll
00:41:27DraineWaker and u still can :)
00:41:35Orre can or cunt?
00:41:42DraineWaker ;)
00:41:46DraineWaker gather
00:41:47DraineWaker five.
00:41:48DraineWaker gank
00:41:49DraineWaker bot.
00:41:56DraineWaker they obviously push bot
00:42:02DraineWaker 5 bot...
00:42:24SlowWaltz we are 4
00:42:25SlowWaltz guys
00:42:29DotAlent fast
00:42:302deep4u gather again
00:42:37DraineWaker tards
00:42:39DraineWaker i told
00:42:40DraineWaker u
00:42:40slc2 w8 for doom
00:42:41DraineWaker 10 times
00:43:02DraineWaker FOCUS WARLOCK
00:43:59DraineWaker hex
00:44:00DraineWaker ready.
00:44:00DraineWaker D
00:44:17FireMal can you se that you dont have share on me and im not controling your golems
00:44:46SlowWaltz care dazzle bought gem
00:45:00slc2 go gank then end
00:45:08FireMal go smoke
00:45:18DotAlent k
00:45:19DotAlent difu
00:45:20LionsPride88 dd
00:45:36slc2 share the chick with all or get banned
00:45:45SlowWaltz he is lol
00:45:45DotAlent k push?
00:45:48SlowWaltz just reshared him
00:45:53slc2 fuck thrall first ok===
00:46:12slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:372deep4u GEWM
00:46:38Orre gem
00:46:432deep4u gut
00:46:472deep4u take twr
00:46:55SlowWaltz btw why we hunt abbadon the unkillable?
00:46:55DraineWaker ty
00:47:07slc2 he saw me
00:47:09DraineWaker go
00:47:11DraineWaker 1 more
00:47:21slc2 watch the screen or shut up
00:47:33LionsPride88 regen
00:47:332deep4u back
00:47:342deep4u back
00:47:37Orre rosh
00:47:412deep4u don't lose gem please :(
00:48:092deep4u beautiful
00:48:102deep4u now rax
00:48:14DraineWaker b
00:48:15DraineWaker b
00:48:192deep4u omw
00:48:37DraineWaker b
00:48:38DraineWaker b
00:48:39DraineWaker b
00:48:39DraineWaker b
00:48:492deep4u my bad.
00:48:55AliBaba il def
00:48:59AliBaba just go
00:49:062deep4u im out for another minute.
00:49:09DraineWaker why u didnt ulti first? :D
00:49:202deep4u didnt think :)
00:49:282deep4u defensive.
00:49:402deep4u back
00:49:402deep4u ABA
00:49:412deep4u please.
00:49:432deep4u heal up
00:49:56DraineWaker gj jug
00:49:58DraineWaker seriously
00:50:00DraineWaker we lost rax now
00:50:032deep4u i know.
00:50:462deep4u wards
00:50:562deep4u aba
00:50:562deep4u ffs
00:50:572deep4u move
00:51:002deep4u here for a sec.
00:51:46slc2 come alll
00:52:172deep4u b
00:52:232deep4u aba com
00:52:272deep4u gather.
00:53:30FireMal william made a happy meal cry you know that right ?
00:55:38FireMal b
00:55:41FireMal wait for smoke
00:56:11DraineWaker ...
00:56:16DraineWaker so bad.
00:56:49AliBaba wtf :D
00:56:51AliBaba n1
00:58:36DotAlent stay
00:58:37DotAlent top
00:58:37DotAlent juger
00:58:43LionsPride88 I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:58:44slc2 go bot all
00:58:48slc2 go bot all
00:58:52FireMal -cs
00:58:59DraineWaker its gg :)
00:58:59slc2 go bot all
00:59:09AliBaba again ?
00:59:10DraineWaker bot
00:59:22LionsPride88 laast battle
00:59:23DraineWaker got eos
00:59:29DotAlent go
01:00:23DotAlent i def
01:00:252deep4u k
01:00:322deep4u tp
01:00:38FireMal I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:00SlowWaltz rapier
01:01:01SlowWaltz lol
01:01:21slc2 go ff????
01:01:30DotAlent go bot
01:01:30DotAlent juger
01:01:312deep4u you?
01:02:00SlowWaltz golems on their way
01:02:032deep4u need to defend.
01:02:132deep4u gg
01:02:15AliBaba gg ? :)
01:02:17DraineWaker no tps
01:02:222deep4u shitty abadon lol.
01:02:312deep4u :)
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