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-42 X
-2 TS

72% | 1371 X | 1380 TS

+1 X
-2 TS

44% | 1161 X | 1292 TS

-24 X
-2 TS

48% | 1126 X | 1328 TS

+18 X
-19 TS

24% | 1073 X | 1173 TS

-17 X
-17 TS

22% | 1120 X | 1096 TS

+19 X
+2 TS

71% | 1356 X | 1390 TS

+17 X
+3 TS

41% | 1091 X | 1326 TS

-1 X
+5 TS

41% | 1110 X | 1304 TS

+41 X
+3 TS

37% | 1045 X | 1307 TS

+2 X
+3 TS

19% | 988 X | 1238 TS

Chat log

00:00:00DontGetWeary [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... FireMal with 57 seconds.
00:00:16Banana mhm
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn D::DD:
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn guys
00:00:18Banana jaaa :D
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn what u want
00:00:18Banana dont know
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn or nvm i go shredderer i think
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn so what i ban?
00:00:18Banana lyca
00:00:18Banana ban :D
00:00:18Banana disruptor
00:00:18Banana ban
00:00:18FireMal omar'
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn -thrall
00:00:18FireMal omar
00:00:18FireMal plz give me abba as fp
00:00:18FireMal omar
00:00:18Isdronningen -lycan
00:00:18FireMal plz fp abba for me
00:00:18FireMal if you whant nice gang team pick me abba
00:01:11Banana lähed midi?
00:01:43AliBaba can i mid ? or ?
00:01:48NeverbACKdOwn im mid
00:01:51AliBaba k
00:02:01Banana enigma woods?
00:02:01AliBaba lanes ?
00:02:02DontGetWeary i can woods
00:02:03Banana tree top
00:02:04DontGetWeary y
00:02:06NeverbACKdOwn bat solos
00:02:07Banana tree top
00:02:07NeverbACKdOwn bot
00:02:10Banana noo
00:02:11NeverbACKdOwn bat slo bot
00:02:13NeverbACKdOwn dk also top
00:02:16Banana lol
00:02:21NeverbACKdOwn or not
00:02:22NeverbACKdOwn dk bot
00:02:23NeverbACKdOwn solo
00:02:23Banana see oli bihga
00:02:24NeverbACKdOwn bat top
00:02:25NeverbACKdOwn go
00:02:26AliBaba y :D
00:02:26Banana 'D:
00:02:31FireMal naga let me farm top
00:02:32FireMal plz
00:02:53Rasmus.Seebach firemal pull
00:03:20Banana -ma
00:03:24Banana -clear
00:03:34AliBaba why not wardstree ?
00:03:54AliBaba lol are we startet :
00:03:56AliBaba i
00:04:08Banana pull
00:04:12DontGetWeary y
00:04:50DontGetWeary warded
00:05:04veuncent yay
00:05:08Banana mhm
00:05:14AliBaba ill go bot ?
00:05:15AliBaba or :D
00:05:18Banana noo
00:05:22AliBaba k
00:05:27AliBaba gl
00:06:02NeverbACKdOwn enigma
00:06:03NeverbACKdOwn gank mid
00:06:03NeverbACKdOwn pls
00:06:22DontGetWeary omg
00:06:24DontGetWeary lag
00:06:26DontGetWeary lol
00:06:45NeverbACKdOwn ssm id
00:06:45NeverbACKdOwn re
00:07:34NeverbACKdOwn omw bot gank
00:08:14JensDenLange ah did'nt see blue
00:08:16Isdronningen ss mid
00:08:24veuncent ss
00:08:39veuncent re
00:09:25FireMal bs
00:09:36veuncent sec
00:09:37NeverbACKdOwn ss mid
00:09:41Banana ss bot
00:09:51Banana re 1
00:09:55Banana 2
00:10:15FireMal -cs
00:10:33NeverbACKdOwn get wards pls
00:11:02Isdronningen gang bot
00:11:13veuncent oom
00:11:29veuncent ss
00:11:35LionsPride88 ss siker
00:11:39Isdronningen ss mid
00:12:20FireMal this is why william shouldnt farm
00:13:09DontGetWeary need help bat?
00:13:17AliBaba its hard
00:14:06NeverbACKdOwn enigma
00:14:08NeverbACKdOwn start ganking
00:14:10NeverbACKdOwn with black hole
00:14:12DontGetWeary i am
00:14:13NeverbACKdOwn lets get bot tower
00:14:17DontGetWeary omw
00:14:21NeverbACKdOwn and bat
00:14:22NeverbACKdOwn also
00:14:22Banana -ma
00:14:23NeverbACKdOwn join
00:14:26NeverbACKdOwn mby let dk farm
00:14:28veuncent ss
00:14:30NeverbACKdOwn dk go farm toop
00:14:32NeverbACKdOwn other take bot
00:14:33NeverbACKdOwn tower
00:14:37veuncent re
00:15:46FireMal where is chick
00:16:27JensDenLange wr
00:16:28JensDenLange lol
00:16:48NeverbACKdOwn b
00:17:34Isdronningen hvorfor lukkede du mig inden?
00:17:40AliBaba ty rhasta <3
00:17:41JensDenLange var ikke meningen
00:17:44JensDenLange np -.-
00:17:49Isdronningen b
00:17:55AliBaba :D
00:17:58AliBaba Dumme !
00:18:08veuncent -ms
00:18:32LionsPride88 w8
00:19:17Isdronningen def
00:19:22Isdronningen gang
00:20:00AliBaba care
00:20:00AliBaba ffs
00:20:07AliBaba bs
00:20:45NeverbACKdOwn enigma ulti and 0 dead
00:20:46NeverbACKdOwn massive
00:20:47Isdronningen push
00:20:58NeverbACKdOwn go togheter
00:21:01Isdronningen push
00:21:02AliBaba 'dont die
00:21:08NeverbACKdOwn omw bot
00:21:12NeverbACKdOwn go toghter
00:21:15Isdronningen care
00:21:29Isdronningen b
00:22:18NeverbACKdOwn we need roof and enigma ulti
00:22:20NeverbACKdOwn together
00:22:26NeverbACKdOwn push
00:22:28NeverbACKdOwn bot
00:22:33DontGetWeary ulti cd
00:23:03JensDenLange why do i try to save u again and again!
00:23:09JensDenLange u play carelessly!
00:23:15FireMal couze i thought you would go dk
00:23:19FireMal but you didnt when i came
00:23:22Isdronningen gang
00:23:24LionsPride88 care
00:23:25JensDenLange ur ult cant save u from every thing!
00:23:25AliBaba care
00:23:57NeverbACKdOwn b
00:24:22NeverbACKdOwn mana
00:25:03NeverbACKdOwn b :D
00:25:06Banana :D
00:25:07NeverbACKdOwn overextending
00:25:29veuncent reuse
00:25:30NeverbACKdOwn lets push bot back a lil bit and thne go top
00:25:31NeverbACKdOwn with ulties
00:25:33NeverbACKdOwn all togehter
00:25:39NeverbACKdOwn win fight and its gg
00:25:55FireMal let me farm top plz
00:26:01NeverbACKdOwn dk hows farm?
00:26:09Banana not good
00:26:18Banana didnt get any at the beginning :P
00:26:36Banana +11 assist juirts
00:27:01NeverbACKdOwn how the fuck can u kil lthat bs
00:27:04NeverbACKdOwn pls focus him
00:27:13NeverbACKdOwn b now
00:27:19NeverbACKdOwn b
00:27:22NeverbACKdOwn ur 2 with there
00:27:22NeverbACKdOwn ffs
00:27:23Isdronningen b
00:28:19Banana move only with five now
00:28:21Banana stop farming
00:28:22NeverbACKdOwn nshit
00:28:26NeverbACKdOwn dno where u go
00:28:38NeverbACKdOwn not very usefull
00:29:04veuncent b?
00:29:50NeverbACKdOwn tower
00:30:09Isdronningen def mid
00:30:24NeverbACKdOwn dont chase
00:30:24NeverbACKdOwn b
00:30:27Isdronningen at base
00:30:27NeverbACKdOwn b
00:30:33NeverbACKdOwn regen
00:30:34NeverbACKdOwn and go bot
00:30:42NeverbACKdOwn i go take mana and then gather
00:30:44NeverbACKdOwn lets go bot
00:30:54NeverbACKdOwn roof try to push top and then tp
00:31:00Isdronningen rhasta stop med at tage farm
00:31:05Isdronningen med mindre du skal carry holdet
00:31:18NeverbACKdOwn gahter up
00:31:22NeverbACKdOwn all ulties up sooon
00:31:26NeverbACKdOwn invi ?
00:31:28DontGetWeary 1 min
00:31:37NeverbACKdOwn tp bot roof
00:31:55veuncent tp bot\
00:32:20AliBaba b
00:32:23NeverbACKdOwn tower
00:33:09NeverbACKdOwn ok its gone
00:33:11NeverbACKdOwn now try to get top
00:33:15NeverbACKdOwn lets go all 5 with ulties
00:33:17NeverbACKdOwn eniga + roof ulties
00:33:19NeverbACKdOwn =gg
00:33:27NeverbACKdOwn we win if enigma and roof catch alteast 3
00:33:48FireMal b
00:34:31AliBaba and uoisay dont chase
00:34:32AliBaba fuxcking
00:34:34AliBaba idiot
00:35:15NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:35:52JensDenLange wr
00:35:55JensDenLange u only need 2
00:36:03JensDenLange oblivions
00:36:08NeverbACKdOwn focus bs
00:36:09NeverbACKdOwn all the time
00:36:13veuncent oh thanks :D
00:36:15veuncent didnt know
00:36:20Isdronningen we need to gang
00:36:23Isdronningen come
00:36:25NeverbACKdOwn go otp
00:36:32JensDenLange gather bot
00:37:15Isdronningen care bot
00:37:17Isdronningen b
00:37:18DontGetWeary no ulti
00:37:28Isdronningen lets gether mid
00:37:32NeverbACKdOwn b
00:37:33NeverbACKdOwn def base
00:37:35NeverbACKdOwn go with 5 onkly
00:37:36NeverbACKdOwn guys dont go
00:38:05NeverbACKdOwn bs
00:38:47JensDenLange rememberurmale
00:39:07Banana k
00:39:11Banana lvl 3 ulti
00:39:17NeverbACKdOwn ward rosh
00:39:44NeverbACKdOwn go with 5 only
00:39:45veuncent warded
00:39:46NeverbACKdOwn and focus bs
00:39:59NeverbACKdOwn if we get him down its easy
00:40:13FireMal i cant take mid solo
00:40:26NeverbACKdOwn im oom
00:40:27FireMal their all coming mid
00:40:29Banana regen
00:40:30NeverbACKdOwn give mana
00:40:30AliBaba take i
00:40:30FireMal or not
00:40:33NeverbACKdOwn i take
00:40:34NeverbACKdOwn i need
00:40:34AliBaba reg
00:40:36AliBaba y
00:40:37JensDenLange mb they bait u
00:40:49Isdronningen we need wards in the woods
00:41:02NeverbACKdOwn ffs
00:41:07NeverbACKdOwn i told u to focus bs
00:41:15NeverbACKdOwn dont ulti fucking abba and dno who
00:41:20NeverbACKdOwn jesus fucking crhis
00:41:23NeverbACKdOwn told u to focus bs
00:41:29NeverbACKdOwn SO FOCUS BS !!!!!!!!!!!
00:41:34NeverbACKdOwn dont focus dusa or abba
00:41:36NeverbACKdOwn wtf they are tanks
00:41:40NeverbACKdOwn they will tank ur shit all
00:41:42NeverbACKdOwn ffs so stupid
00:41:48NeverbACKdOwn 0 game sense
00:41:50LionsPride88 !silence
00:41:56NeverbACKdOwn sad
00:42:01Isdronningen raxs and b
00:42:53Isdronningen cop,e
00:42:55Isdronningen come
00:43:45veuncent dd
00:43:48NeverbACKdOwn if u guys focus bs down
00:43:49NeverbACKdOwn we win easily
00:43:55Banana mhm
00:44:01Banana mis teen dk-le nüüd??
00:44:02NeverbACKdOwn dk cous bs and enigma
00:44:04NeverbACKdOwn try to get bs in ulti
00:44:07NeverbACKdOwn tee lifestea
00:44:10NeverbACKdOwn helm of dominator
00:44:16Banana 3.4k
00:44:22NeverbACKdOwn või siis tee buriza?
00:44:24NeverbACKdOwn või sy
00:44:29NeverbACKdOwn tank ja dmg
00:44:31NeverbACKdOwn midagi et imba oleks
00:44:37DontGetWeary farm top
00:44:40NeverbACKdOwn i take
00:45:02FireMal fucking ashole
00:45:05LionsPride88 -ii
00:45:10LionsPride88 -weather snow
00:45:14FireMal they got wards there ?
00:45:17veuncent y
00:45:20veuncent told you before
00:45:22FireMal try anti ward
00:45:42NeverbACKdOwn def base
00:45:45FireMal ill take bot now
00:45:47FireMal gather plz
00:45:50FireMal for smoke
00:46:01NeverbACKdOwn coeme
00:46:02NeverbACKdOwn go kill
00:46:05NeverbACKdOwn them before base
00:46:06NeverbACKdOwn and focus
00:46:07NeverbACKdOwn bs
00:46:09Isdronningen gather
00:46:13Isdronningen dont go alone
00:46:44NeverbACKdOwn gg
00:46:51Isdronningen gg
00:46:52Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:53veuncent gg
00:46:55LionsPride88 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:59AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:01DontGetWeary I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:03DontGetWeary I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:05NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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