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82% | 1442 X | 1460 TS

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69% | 1341 X | 1384 TS

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68% | 1322 X | 1391 TS

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NEW | 1120 X | 1279 TS

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96% | 1771 X | 1492 TS

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62% | 1326 X | 1316 TS

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57% | 1325 X | 1265 TS

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43% | 1183 X | 1242 TS

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-3 TS

24% | 1035 X | 1219 TS

Chat log

00:00:00yeW- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 82 seconds.
00:00:21DotAlent Jester
00:00:24VanillaThunder y?
00:00:24DotAlent ur girlfriend is naked or not?
00:00:24VanillaThunder haha :D
00:00:24yeW- anyone wl?
00:00:24Nickless zebbe take wl?
00:00:24zebbelito how?
00:00:24zebbelito they r first
00:00:24VanillaThunder 3rd time no^^
00:00:24yeW- wlwlwlwlw?!!
00:00:24Nickless fuck
00:00:24DotAlent damnit, you shoud slap her for that !!
00:00:24yeW- weaver
00:00:24Nickless then ban
00:00:24Nickless or we lose
00:00:24zebbelito we give wl or bs`?
00:00:24zebbelito to him?
00:00:24VanillaThunder :D
00:00:24Nickless rather bs
00:00:24yeW- WL?
00:00:24zebbelito WL
00:00:24Nickless wl lose 100%
00:00:24yeW- wishes?
00:00:25DotAlent is she playing too?
00:00:25yeW- es?
00:00:26Aerwyn earth
00:00:28Aerwyn for me
00:00:40zebbelito bs any1?
00:00:44zebbelito dotalent?
00:00:45VanillaThunder sometimes she tries^^
00:00:53VanillaThunder wr
00:00:55Aerwyn u want?
00:00:58yeW- :(
00:01:01DotAlent hehe ok my girlfriend just playing sims
00:01:02Aerwyn me and samuz bot!!!!
00:01:03yeW- get me lion
00:01:05Orre zebbe
00:01:07Nickless take rhasta
00:01:08VanillaThunder haha :D
00:01:12Aerwyn i eamtn top :D
00:01:13DotAlent but she hates dota
00:01:13Orre are you playing today yourself? :P
00:01:14zebbelito -hhn
00:01:14DotAlent :3
00:01:18zebbelito ?
00:01:19Aerwyn -swap 1
00:01:20DotAlent i wanna veno :D
00:01:21Nickless rhasta centaur
00:01:28DotAlent me veno:3
00:01:29Orre yesterday someone played ur acc with sven :D
00:01:30zebbelito i get russians on my team
00:01:31Aerwyn swap?
00:01:32yeW- -swap 2
00:01:33zebbelito i lost fucking
00:01:38VanillaThunder woods
00:01:39zebbelito 150/200
00:01:42zebbelito last mounths
00:01:44DotAlent me bot solo`?
00:01:47yeW- sven
00:01:472deep4u u mid?
00:01:52yeW- yeh
00:02:002deep4u es & mate top y? :P
00:02:01VanillaThunder thats not good :D
00:02:04Aerwyn ye
00:02:05Aerwyn :D
00:02:07Nickless rhasta better
00:02:10yeW- wards
00:02:11yeW- jaki
00:02:14yeW- nv
00:02:15yeW- m
00:02:20zebbelito -ma
00:02:262deep4u achilles u with me again :P
00:02:27DotAlent jester u could come on lkane with me
00:02:32VanillaThunder omw
00:02:34DotAlent dual slow and helix
00:02:35Orre lanes ok mr captain?
00:02:36yeW- -ma
00:02:37VanillaThunder i skill hunger so go lvl 3
00:02:39acchilies yes... 2 games in a row...
00:02:462deep4u did we lose?
00:02:47DotAlent if good rune
00:02:49DotAlent go on lvl 1
00:02:52VanillaThunder y
00:02:53DotAlent i get passiv slows
00:02:54DotAlent just hunger
00:03:03DotAlent invi
00:03:04acchilies first one was rmk, and we lost a minute ago...
00:03:05DotAlent kk
00:03:15DotAlent i get strike
00:03:20Nickless just go shiled lvl 1
00:03:22Nickless no more
00:03:24DotAlent bether with lvl 1
00:03:34VanillaThunder wr?
00:03:36DotAlent y
00:04:03VanillaThunder fail^^
00:04:08DotAlent damn that beer
00:04:22VanillaThunder :S
00:04:25DotAlent just come agian
00:04:57VanillaThunder i come at lvl 3
00:05:21Nickless eat
00:06:01DotAlent come after pull
00:06:03VanillaThunder y
00:06:05DotAlent focus kunka
00:06:362deep4u lhe
00:06:492deep4u FUCK SAKE
00:06:54yeW- ss bs
00:06:59VanillaThunder wp
00:07:00yeW- ss bs
00:07:05DotAlent u2
00:07:10yeW- re
00:07:21Orre ty
00:07:24yeW- ss bs
00:07:27yeW- mid
00:07:29zebbelito ss mid
00:07:47Orre oom
00:07:48zebbelito care
00:07:49zebbelito lion
00:07:50zebbelito rune
00:07:55yeW- up courier pls
00:08:07DotAlent are u using chick for bracer
00:08:08DotAlent LOL
00:08:14Orre ?
00:09:07yeW- need a gang mid
00:09:09Nickless ss
00:09:41yeW- ss bs
00:10:01yeW- bobs strike again
00:10:42yeW- -ma
00:10:47zebbelito ss mid
00:10:59yeW- stun
00:10:59yeW- go
00:11:09DotAlent ehw
00:11:17DotAlent 3 bot
00:11:20zebbelito i said
00:11:40yeW- gang mid
00:11:48Aerwyn omw
00:11:57zebbelito tide ulti?
00:11:59Nickless y
00:12:07zebbelito nice
00:12:09zebbelito 0 wards
00:12:23DotAlent ds
00:12:24DotAlent wards
00:12:24DotAlent pls
00:12:30zebbelito y u have farm
00:12:31zebbelito ds
00:12:43yeW- get tps
00:12:45yeW- for bs ulti
00:12:48Nickless basi on
00:13:15yeW- meh..
00:13:19DotAlent gj
00:13:21Nickless same
00:13:51Nickless push
00:13:54yeW- -ma
00:14:09acchilies 4 bot
00:14:452deep4u b
00:14:532deep4u they'rre comgin.
00:14:542deep4u back
00:14:57Nickless got ulti go
00:14:57DotAlent how works mid bs
00:15:042deep4u are you retarded man?
00:15:122deep4u they all went missing from bot.
00:15:12yeW- nearly got bs
00:15:202deep4u nearly doesnt count :)
00:16:08zebbelito n1
00:16:26DotAlent gay
00:16:30DotAlent axe
00:16:39VanillaThunder oom
00:16:44DotAlent just follow
00:17:22Nickless beon why b so soon
00:17:24yeW- wards
00:17:252deep4u we need to push this shit fast eh?
00:17:25Nickless veno'
00:17:27yeW- jaki
00:17:32DotAlent ehm
00:17:36DotAlent u see replay?
00:17:40DotAlent i left axe regen rune
00:17:53SamuZ -ms
00:18:49zebbelito go mid
00:19:01yeW- wards
00:19:582deep4u jakiro
00:20:022deep4u buy wards
00:20:032deep4u palnt wards
00:20:04DotAlent try
00:20:05DotAlent push
00:20:062deep4u or we keep losing teamfights.
00:20:11Nickless no ulti
00:20:14Nickless we die soon
00:20:53zebbelito u focus 2 much
00:20:56zebbelito u will lose :D
00:21:16zebbelito 1by 1
00:21:17zebbelito gj
00:22:02Nickless go lion
00:22:04yeW- plant
00:22:062deep4u y
00:22:20Nickless def
00:22:25zebbelito WARDS
00:22:47acchilies b
00:22:472deep4u kunkka
00:22:472deep4u the fuck
00:22:492deep4u are you doing
00:22:512deep4u magic boots.
00:22:53DotAlent they got obs
00:22:542deep4u arcane*
00:22:56yeW- ^^
00:22:582deep4u ur not a fucking wizard
00:22:592deep4u lion is
00:23:022deep4u ur a carry.
00:23:06zebbelito ds wards
00:23:12Orre y
00:23:14Nickless take bs
00:23:18Orre when i get to base
00:23:25Aerwyn gj
00:24:02DotAlent that was dump
00:24:03zebbelito damn y'all suck
00:24:04VanillaThunder y
00:24:07Nickless fuck ii didnt get to cast ulti
00:24:142deep4u wp wr
00:24:162deep4u oh wait
00:24:17VanillaThunder just w8 me next time
00:24:172deep4u thats me
00:24:19yeW- hardly
00:24:202deep4u wp guys :)
00:24:23Aerwyn ? :D
00:24:382deep4u I initiated
00:24:402deep4u with shackle
00:24:45yeW- that musta bin hard
00:24:452deep4u opener.
00:24:472deep4u yeah
00:24:502deep4u i had to click
00:24:522deep4u on a hero
00:24:53zebbelito 3 hoods
00:25:01Nickless lets push
00:25:06DotAlent just go in team
00:25:07DotAlent with tide ult
00:25:38zebbelito now u go 3 v6
00:25:41yeW- es
00:25:43yeW- pls stay behind
00:25:45yeW- dont get silenced
00:25:52Aerwyn need that blink :)
00:25:57Aerwyn 600 more
00:26:29SamuZ -ms
00:26:38Nickless silence that es
00:27:05DotAlent tide
00:27:05DotAlent GO
00:28:07Nickless gogo rosh
00:28:08DotAlent k
00:28:10DotAlent i come for rosh
00:28:22yeW- wards
00:28:22yeW- more
00:28:30VanillaThunder need wards
00:28:35Nickless b?
00:28:46zebbelito unplayable
00:28:49zebbelito b
00:28:50VanillaThunder b
00:29:05Orre oom
00:29:16Aerwyn 200 to blink
00:29:19Aerwyn i farm it now
00:29:27yeW- go rosh?
00:29:382deep4u kill someone
00:29:41yeW- with ultiwr
00:29:412deep4u first
00:29:42Orre one bad ward
00:29:43Orre sry
00:30:112deep4u go
00:30:21Aerwyn he got bkb
00:30:52DotAlent where is this team
00:31:222deep4u bs did the powershot hit you?
00:31:252deep4u while u tpd
00:31:29zebbelito eh dno
00:31:33yeW- nah it didnt
00:31:34zebbelito prob noyt
00:31:36zebbelito was low
00:31:382deep4u k
00:31:502deep4u i wasnt sure cuz it gave vision of him
00:32:302deep4u b
00:32:37Aerwyn b
00:32:46acchilies b
00:32:50Aerwyn b
00:32:50Aerwyn b
00:33:02DotAlent fuk
00:33:11zebbelito go 5
00:33:31VanillaThunder all gather
00:33:32Nickless finish rosh?
00:33:33DotAlent i need base
00:33:34DotAlent sek
00:33:36Nickless then push?
00:33:402deep4u -ms
00:33:53Nickless 300 to blink
00:33:55Nickless mayb w8?
00:33:56acchilies def base
00:34:00Aerwyn k
00:34:00DotAlent care es got blink now
00:34:002deep4u b
00:34:01Aerwyn base
00:34:14DotAlent rosh
00:34:15DotAlent ?
00:34:24DotAlent omw
00:34:32zebbelito CALL
00:34:32DotAlent b
00:34:32DotAlent es
00:34:33DotAlent blink
00:34:35Aerwyn i stay b
00:34:37zebbelito FFS
00:34:39VanillaThunder w8 all
00:34:44zebbelito u had them
00:34:58Aerwyn gogo
00:35:00DotAlent axe
00:35:292deep4u WP JAKIRO
00:35:31Aerwyn hmmm.... why we went?
00:35:51VanillaThunder tower
00:37:02DotAlent end? this?
00:37:08Nickless got blink
00:37:13yeW- b
00:37:19Orre n1
00:37:26Orre now lets see those good ultis
00:37:31Orre mby after my vacuum
00:37:35zebbelito go heal tide
00:37:44Nickless healed
00:37:45Nickless go
00:37:47DotAlent lets go end this
00:38:01DotAlent just care for that es
00:38:12Aerwyn ye
00:38:18yeW- just need synched uties
00:38:31Aerwyn just wait at base
00:38:33Aerwyn dont go out
00:38:342deep4u like they need vacuum ravage
00:38:482deep4u it's all about the boat
00:38:56Nickless mid
00:38:56Nickless 2
00:38:56Nickless lets take em
00:38:562deep4u .......
00:38:56Aerwyn ?
00:38:56DotAlent k
00:38:56DotAlent mid
00:38:56DotAlent bs u come mid?
00:38:56Aerwyn seriously
00:38:56DotAlent LOL DROP?
00:38:56DotAlent PLSSS?
00:39:20DotAlent axe
00:39:20zebbelito ?
00:39:20DotAlent go
00:39:20DotAlent axe also got dager
00:39:20VanillaThunder y w8
00:39:20yeW- soz
00:39:20yeW- re
00:39:20DotAlent bot lane is mega pushed
00:39:20yeW- re
00:39:20Nickless omw up
00:39:21VanillaThunder tide dagger
00:39:232deep4u 2 daggers care
00:39:242deep4u axe tide
00:39:272deep4u back
00:39:282deep4u back
00:39:322deep4u dont get initiated
00:40:24VanillaThunder rax
00:40:26VanillaThunder dont hunt
00:40:432deep4u gg
00:40:50VanillaThunder b now
00:40:562deep4u lost cuz jakiro cant understand B
00:40:582deep4u and kunkka
00:41:09yeW- right
00:41:10yeW- right
00:42:06Orre wizard kunk
00:42:092deep4u ....
00:42:13Orre christian?
00:42:172deep4u uncarry kunkka
00:42:26zebbelito care
00:42:26Orre prolly christian then
00:42:40zebbelito gp
00:42:59yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:04yeW- got no carry
00:43:05DotAlent gj axe
00:43:05yeW- anyways
00:43:17VanillaThunder b
00:43:19Nickless push omw
00:43:24DotAlent 2 death
00:43:25DotAlent go push
00:43:52DotAlent tower
00:44:12DotAlent replica
00:45:16Nickless ill go refresher
00:45:22DotAlent lets end this
00:46:16DotAlent come all
00:46:17DotAlent end
00:46:312deep4u careful.
00:47:06acchilies I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:10zebbelito dont skip
00:47:122deep4u kunkka...
00:47:142deep4u why do you pick it
00:47:33DotAlent Wp
00:47:442deep4u u2
00:47:58yeW- lol
00:48:52yeW- sup with this bss luck :D
00:49:112deep4u siht team.
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