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-16 X
-2 TS

89% | 1552 X | 1499 TS

-15 X
-6 TS

62% | 1326 X | 1322 TS

-10 X
-20 TS

59% | 1325 X | 1285 TS

-46 X
-22 TS

44% | 1183 X | 1264 TS

-23 X
-7 TS

24% | 1035 X | 1226 TS

+16 X
+3 TS

83% | 1487 X | 1436 TS

+21 X
+4 TS

69% | 1323 X | 1397 TS

+43 X
+6 TS

66% | 1336 X | 1350 TS

+12 X
+7 TS

38% | 1139 X | 1236 TS

+28 X
+3 TS

34% | 1054 X | 1288 TS

Chat log

00:00:09Jonnija mode?
00:00:09Orre write rd
00:00:092deep4u RD
00:00:09Jonnija -rd
00:00:092deep4u JUST KIDDING
00:00:16Banana i am so sorry guys
00:00:16Orre for what?
00:00:16Banana give me something easy to play
00:00:16Jonnija slark
00:00:16Aerwyn me and samuz bot...
00:00:16Orre drunk?
00:00:16rtg800 you better be
00:00:16Banana i am drunk
00:00:16Banana yes
00:00:16rtg800 that is so awesome
00:00:16Orre ...
00:00:16Banana give me cm
00:00:16Vaj.CO naix
00:00:16rtg800 come home drunk, play dota
00:00:16Jonnija anyone wants
00:00:16Jonneblarre why get drunk and play dota?
00:00:16rtg800 the fuck is wrong with you
00:00:16Jonnija wl?
00:00:16Banana why not?
00:00:16Jonnija or phoenx?
00:00:17Jonnija or am?
00:00:212deep4u am sure.
00:00:28Aerwyn so what were bans?
00:00:32Aerwyn slar and naix?
00:00:34Jonnija slark and naix
00:00:34Jonnija y
00:00:38Banana i have to wait 2hrs
00:00:40Jonnija purple invoker for me
00:00:432deep4u sure.
00:00:48Banana then i can go to sleep
00:00:56Jonnija -swap 3
00:01:00Jonnija -swap 3
00:01:00Jonneblarre so u get drunk and go to bed
00:01:002deep4u -swap 1
00:01:03Jonneblarre awesome
00:01:04Banana nah
00:01:05Jonnija am bot
00:01:082deep4u y
00:01:20Banana plating a web based strategy game
00:01:22Aerwyn me and samuz top
00:01:24Banana 7my turns in 2 hrs
00:01:29Banana army*
00:01:30rtg800 get wl
00:01:32rtg800 nice
00:01:34rtg800 this is won
00:01:37rtg800 good picks
00:01:45Jonnija s1 get that
00:01:45Jonnija wl
00:01:49Banana ah crap
00:01:54Orre mr captain?
00:01:54Banana oh lol
00:01:55Orre lanes
00:01:58rtg800 wl picked last
00:01:58rtg800 wtf
00:02:04rtg800 get omni
00:02:07rtg800 or panda
00:02:09Vaj.CO slard go bot
00:02:10Banana this sucks
00:02:12Orre mr captain what lanes?
00:02:13Orre ok
00:02:16Banana build for omni?
00:02:21Vaj.CO meka
00:02:22Jonnija cm top with ur friend
00:02:23Jonnija wl bot
00:02:24SamuZ i top
00:02:27Banana start items?
00:02:27Jonnija and dont take farm from am
00:02:31acchilies np...
00:02:37Jonneblarre i wont get farm if tiny has quelling
00:02:38acchilies you pull??
00:02:492deep4u umm
00:02:492deep4u nah
00:02:512deep4u i'll lane farm
00:02:52Jonnija you will be vs omni and bone
00:02:53Vaj.CO 1 of u pull
00:02:53rtg800 i didnt assume that someone was gonna pick such shit
00:02:562deep4u u sure?
00:03:01Jonnija about 90%
00:03:02Jonnija sure
00:03:052deep4u k
00:03:182deep4u if ur wrong
00:03:212deep4u 10 bucks
00:03:232deep4u :
00:03:252deep4u D
00:03:25Jonnija nah
00:03:26Banana ffs
00:03:28Banana ??
00:03:37Jonnija omni is 100% donw
00:06:13Jonnija Omfg
00:06:14Banana need gank asap
00:06:19Jonnija hgad inventory keys off :D
00:07:19Orre super omni
00:07:23Banana lol?
00:07:26Banana u suck
00:07:31Orre heal me when i stun? so they get dmg?
00:07:46Jonnija gg ff
00:08:032deep4u heal
00:08:22Jonnija FFF
00:08:36Aerwyn jonnija, shut up and play
00:08:42Jonnija its over :D
00:08:472deep4u no..
00:09:022deep4u only your lane is failing :D
00:09:21Banana :D:D:D
00:09:242deep4u rofl.
00:09:25Orre gj
00:09:38rtg800 ss
00:09:44Banana i tihnk my record with omni is like 0-10
00:10:15Jonnija ss
00:10:44Jonneblarre kill now
00:10:482deep4u stoyp lh
00:10:55Orre gank bot pls
00:11:12Jonnija ss
00:12:16Vaj.CO nooo
00:12:26Jonnija deals so much fucking dmg
00:12:35Vaj.CO y
00:12:45Jonnija havent seen phoenix played in month :D
00:12:58rtg800 ss
00:13:11Orre ty
00:13:26Banana ah lol
00:13:34Banana haters
00:13:36Banana was buying
00:15:02Jonnija top care
00:15:50Vaj.CO i am so retard
00:16:14Jonnija its over
00:16:16Jonnija go ff
00:17:01Banana phase or treads?
00:17:07Banana wards
00:17:09rtg800 travel
00:17:16Banana lol
00:17:22Banana i will never get that farm
00:17:422deep4u ulti
00:17:53Vaj.CO omg
00:18:24acchilies my infernal is doing all the killing... i dont have to be alive at all...
00:18:25Banana oh tiny is on our side
00:18:31Banana he played like enemy
00:18:34Banana :D
00:19:45Jonnija :D
00:19:45Jonnija :D
00:19:46Vaj.CO wtf
00:19:52Jonnija piggie lasthitted u
00:19:52Vaj.CO what a useless team
00:19:542deep4u XD
00:20:022deep4u cm what :D
00:20:03Vaj.CO we can ff
00:20:08Vaj.CO no chance
00:20:102deep4u our captain says the same rofl
00:20:132deep4u "OMG OVER, FF
00:20:22Jonnija I say that every game :D
00:20:27Banana at bronze ignore captains plz
00:20:48Jonnija lol
00:21:21rtg800 kill
00:21:29Jonneblarre inc
00:21:41rtg800 bird
00:22:48Orre -ms
00:23:12SamuZ taking rosh
00:23:14Jonnija nah
00:23:17Jonnija he just gets
00:23:18Jonnija mystic
00:23:42Vaj.CO ulti on em
00:23:47Vaj.CO b
00:23:492deep4u i read you like
00:23:502deep4u fucking books
00:23:522deep4u ALL
00:23:522deep4u DAY
00:23:532deep4u LONG
00:24:02Aerwyn b
00:24:03Aerwyn b
00:24:22rtg800 bird
00:24:28Aerwyn care
00:24:31rtg800 we need more wards
00:25:24Aerwyn b
00:25:27Aerwyn lol??
00:26:08Vaj.CO bitch please :D
00:26:12Jonnija :D
00:26:15Jonnija that was some faceroll
00:26:49Vaj.CO pls
00:26:50Vaj.CO bone
00:26:52Vaj.CO go farm
00:27:02Vaj.CO u should have orchid yet
00:28:06Vaj.CO :////
00:28:12Jonnija :D
00:28:52Aerwyn tower
00:28:53Aerwyn push
00:28:54Banana antifag
00:28:54Aerwyn now
00:28:592deep4u Y
00:29:01Banana :D
00:29:042deep4u i am anti-faggot
00:29:07Banana :D
00:29:082deep4u I kill all faggots
00:29:082deep4u :D
00:29:122deep4u HOMOPHOBE
00:29:23Banana then pick someone else plz
00:29:27Vaj.CO wtf
00:29:34Aerwyn pushä
00:29:38Vaj.CO gg
00:30:30Vaj.CO bone???
00:30:36Jonneblarre yy?
00:30:45Vaj.CO why u need third oblivion stuff?
00:30:56Vaj.CO ??
00:30:57Banana triple x
00:31:01Jonneblarre wtf
00:31:01Banana he gets
00:31:06Vaj.CO wtf
00:31:06Jonneblarre when did they change that?
00:31:12Vaj.CO lol
00:31:12Vaj.CO :D
00:31:20Jonneblarre just started again
00:31:24Jonneblarre after 4 months break
00:31:26Vaj.CO from 73
00:31:30Banana go quit nub
00:31:31Banana :D
00:31:36Banana joking
00:31:37Banana .P
00:31:39Jonneblarre :P
00:31:472deep4u use
00:32:29Jonnija zzz
00:32:29Jonnija bone
00:32:35Aerwyn buy gem :)
00:32:42Jonnija just ff
00:32:43Banana why the fuck did u nlink=?
00:32:44Jonnija this is boring
00:32:45Jonnija I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:02Jonneblarre what can i get for the third staff?
00:33:03Aerwyn anti-mage,... buy basher
00:33:04Aerwyn now...
00:33:08rtg800 REFRESHER
00:33:12rtg800 its a must
00:33:12Jonneblarre totally worth it
00:34:07Jonnija sup
00:34:07Jonnija ?
00:34:092deep4u why.
00:34:142deep4u did u initiate :P
00:34:21Vaj.CO gogo
00:35:15Aerwyn base
00:35:41Aerwyn def
00:35:42Aerwyn at base
00:35:43Aerwyn base
00:35:44Aerwyn base
00:35:57Vaj.CO b
00:36:06Aerwyn dont go
00:36:07Aerwyn out
00:36:09Aerwyn we die
00:36:13Jonnija they b
00:37:10Aerwyn b
00:37:21Vaj.CO gather guys
00:37:29Banana sec treads
00:37:54rtg800 no birdy
00:38:03Jonneblarre i take
00:38:06Vaj.CO y
00:38:112deep4u b
00:38:13Vaj.CO go mid
00:39:34Aerwyn let's def just in base :D
00:39:43Jonnija we cant win
00:39:44Jonnija vs repel
00:39:51Aerwyn not true :)
00:40:14rtg800 b
00:41:07Aerwyn rax
00:41:08Aerwyn gogog
00:41:16Orre clinkz eat
00:41:17Vaj.CO carry tps
00:41:19Vaj.CO guys
00:41:40Aerwyn b
00:41:40Aerwyn bd
00:41:41Aerwyn b
00:41:41Aerwyn b
00:41:41Aerwyn b
00:41:432deep4u ARE U
00:41:442deep4u BLIND
00:41:482deep4u FUCKING BLIND TEAM
00:41:50Vaj.CO ....
00:42:07Aerwyn b
00:42:16SamuZ g.g.
00:42:212deep4u cm u failed
00:42:25SamuZ yup
00:43:31rtg800 oom
00:43:51Banana fo shizzle my niggers
00:44:012deep4u FIUCKG
00:44:042deep4u HOW
00:44:052deep4u STUPID
00:44:062deep4u TEAM
00:44:09Banana :D
00:44:152deep4u ez phoenix kill.
00:44:162deep4u warlock 2 hits
00:44:192deep4u or anyone.
00:45:27acchilies b
00:45:28acchilies def
00:45:52Aerwyn b
00:45:53Aerwyn to base
00:46:33Orre b
00:47:16Banana who should i repel?
00:47:20Banana in battles
00:47:20rtg800 clinkz
00:47:25Jonneblarre got bkb
00:47:27Orre tiny or me
00:47:29rtg800 still clinkz
00:47:31Orre for stun
00:47:35Orre he has bkb
00:47:42rtg800 double trouble
00:47:50Jonnija no idea how bone hasnt won this
00:47:52Jonnija 0 detection
00:47:56Jonnija whole game
00:48:172deep4u rosh?
00:48:20Aerwyn kill
00:48:31Aerwyn b
00:48:33Aerwyn :/
00:48:39Aerwyn b
00:48:41Aerwyn stay at base
00:48:43acchilies def
00:48:44Jonneblarre all mid now?
00:48:44Vaj.CO go mid
00:48:45Vaj.CO all
00:49:01Jonnija bkb butter bone :D
00:50:192deep4u WHY
00:50:37Vaj.CO gg
00:50:57Jonnija omni won :D
00:51:08Vaj.CO :D
00:51:14Banana drunk omni wtd
00:51:16Banana ftw
00:52:012deep4u gg
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