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-13 X
-2 TS

98% | 1788 X | 1543 TS

-37 X
-1 TS

90% | 1624 X | 1449 TS

+13 X
-2 TS

86% | 1544 X | 1438 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

58% | 1271 X | 1341 TS

-24 X
-1 TS

55% | 1221 X | 1359 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

97% | 1825 X | 1485 TS

+2 X
+1 TS

91% | 1574 X | 1519 TS

+28 X
+1 TS

76% | 1392 X | 1412 TS

+6 X
+1 TS

64% | 1282 X | 1385 TS

+45 X
+15 TS

57% | 1324 X | 1276 TS

Chat log

00:00:00TakinBackMyLove [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... coolass with 82 seconds.
00:00:11Laier SUP NIGGAZ
00:00:16holostoi es plz
00:00:17mamyka plz me lina or potmn guys
00:00:17majava naix
00:00:17coolass hi guys
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove anyone slark ?
00:00:17coolass i can play pugna/thrall /lina
00:00:17Laier you cant play shit
00:00:17holostoi bukake
00:00:17Laier stfu!
00:00:17marsbar2k :D
00:00:17PeterLars haha
00:00:17coolass mmmm
00:00:17Laier :D
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove slark
00:00:17marsbar2k bukake on bieber
00:00:23Laier larspetterson
00:00:28PeterLars y
00:00:30mamyka plz me potm or lina
00:00:31Laier go die irl
00:00:35PeterLars laier dickface
00:00:37PeterLars oka
00:00:37Laier :D
00:00:38Laier i know
00:00:38coolass laier what is your problem
00:00:41PeterLars u come and look at that then
00:00:43mamyka creeeswap?
00:00:43Laier YOU!!!
00:00:47PeterLars anyone eS !!!
00:00:48creeeeeee play ns justin?
00:00:50coolass pffft
00:00:51PeterLars or phonix
00:00:53coolass age?
00:00:53Laier any1 clinkz?
00:00:56TakinBackMyLove nah
00:00:57Laier 24 :<
00:01:00majava someone phonix
00:01:00PeterLars es or phoniex
00:01:01PeterLars any!!
00:01:03creeeeeee i play it
00:01:05coolass still acting like a child
00:01:08marsbar2k wierd u dont get es
00:01:10marsbar2k on team
00:01:11mamyka kk then i go bh
00:01:20PeterLars haha
00:01:34PeterLars get roof
00:01:36PeterLars and trall
00:01:45PeterLars rooof
00:01:47PeterLars roooof
00:01:49PeterLars rooooof
00:01:57TakinBackMyLove get
00:01:58TakinBackMyLove qop
00:01:59TakinBackMyLove last
00:02:01Laier we got no "carry"
00:02:02Laier nice
00:02:05majava np
00:02:06PeterLars i go carry
00:02:06Nickless invo?
00:02:07PeterLars :D
00:02:21Laier y but they got wr etc :/
00:02:21PeterLars i just need some attack speed
00:02:24PeterLars then i am carry
00:02:29Laier go ac mjoll
00:02:30coolass yes
00:02:30Laier :DD
00:02:33PeterLars y
00:02:40coolass but u need bkb to
00:02:43PeterLars no
00:02:49marsbar2k got arrow ?
00:02:54marsbar2k cree
00:02:55creeeeeee if he comes up
00:02:57creeeeeee i use it
00:03:06PeterLars slow bitchs
00:03:16Laier dead
00:03:16Laier !
00:03:18PeterLars what
00:03:18PeterLars i like it
00:03:18TakinBackMyLove GOD
00:03:18PeterLars to be dead
00:03:18marsbar2k YES SON ?
00:03:29Laier pull
00:03:47Laier es?
00:03:50Laier pullllllll?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
00:03:51PeterLars wjat
00:03:58PeterLars they warded i can pull 1 time
00:04:11Laier its more than 0
00:04:30Laier if we lose to mamyka and holostoi
00:04:34Laier i stop playing
00:05:32Laier stun
00:06:10Nickless ss
00:06:22Laier nice..
00:06:22PeterLars :s
00:06:47TakinBackMyLove share
00:06:48TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:06:53TakinBackMyLove now
00:06:57TakinBackMyLove sjharw
00:06:58TakinBackMyLove qop
00:06:59TakinBackMyLove now!
00:07:04majava ?
00:07:05marsbar2k got a arrow :d ?
00:07:05TakinBackMyLove share
00:07:06TakinBackMyLove that
00:07:07TakinBackMyLove fucking
00:07:08TakinBackMyLove bird
00:07:12TakinBackMyLove fucking tard
00:07:26mamyka fogot
00:07:28creeeeeee not enough mana
00:07:31creeeeeee after arrow :/
00:07:55TakinBackMyLove ss
00:07:57Laier top ss2
00:08:01PeterLars dont lie :D
00:08:12Nickless ss
00:08:17majava mis ss
00:08:19majava care top
00:09:43creeeeeee 2ss
00:09:44creeeeeee care mid
00:09:58majava ssmid
00:10:53majava ssmid
00:11:13creeeeeee low mana
00:11:55Laier lol
00:11:58Laier didnt notice
00:11:58TakinBackMyLove dont
00:11:59majava ss
00:12:04majava care top
00:12:13TakinBackMyLove they
00:12:14TakinBackMyLove know
00:12:25TakinBackMyLove ss
00:12:29Nickless care btm
00:13:09creeeeeee ss2
00:13:11creeeeeee long time
00:13:22TakinBackMyLove haha why so much focuz newbs ?
00:13:24Laier es top
00:13:30TakinBackMyLove not like im carry
00:14:28mamyka nice job potm farm more
00:14:36creeeeeee yeye
00:14:38creeeeeee blame me now
00:14:41creeeeeee if you die
00:14:46marsbar2k haha
00:14:51creeeeeee a
00:14:53creeeeeee gj
00:14:55TakinBackMyLove potm
00:15:01TakinBackMyLove play im hard carry
00:15:49Laier sick stun es
00:16:45Laier need mana
00:16:54coolass i get manabvoots
00:16:54coolass sec
00:17:17TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:17:19TakinBackMyLove punga
00:18:11coolass :D
00:18:11TakinBackMyLove wtrf
00:18:12TakinBackMyLove shot
00:18:13TakinBackMyLove it
00:18:14TakinBackMyLove fucking newbs
00:18:18creeeeeee with lina looking
00:18:22TakinBackMyLove y
00:18:22TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:18:29mamyka potm suck imho
00:18:29creeeeeee as you saw
00:18:31creeeeeee 1 spam and 2 died
00:18:43mamyka run like noob away and dont atack eag
00:18:45TakinBackMyLove just spread
00:18:46TakinBackMyLove out and
00:19:08Laier thrall too slow :/
00:19:46TakinBackMyLove potm
00:19:46majava use
00:19:46TakinBackMyLove dont
00:19:47TakinBackMyLove go
00:19:50TakinBackMyLove fucking sange
00:19:52TakinBackMyLove and yasha
00:19:52TakinBackMyLove plz
00:19:55TakinBackMyLove we loose if you do it
00:20:03creeeeeee you said you go insane carry?
00:20:09TakinBackMyLove snage
00:20:12TakinBackMyLove is probly
00:20:14TakinBackMyLove the worst item
00:20:17TakinBackMyLove for him
00:20:36creeeeeee fast as to kill ball
00:20:39creeeeeee + hp
00:20:43majava dagger axe
00:20:44creeeeeee i dont see it to be so bad
00:20:54marsbar2k b
00:21:54coolass watttt
00:22:00coolass lina
00:22:01coolass can you plant
00:22:03coolass :/
00:22:54creeeeeee kill top
00:23:12PeterLars go
00:25:12marsbar2k ROFL
00:25:13marsbar2k NOOBS
00:25:30mamyka go farm
00:25:34mamyka why you comwe?
00:25:43mamyka better go farm more
00:25:47TakinBackMyLove i wil
00:25:50TakinBackMyLove will
00:25:50TakinBackMyLove cuz
00:25:52TakinBackMyLove potm
00:25:55TakinBackMyLove go sange and yasha
00:25:58TakinBackMyLove and we need a carry
00:26:00TakinBackMyLove and potm
00:26:04mamyka potm suck like i said
00:26:05TakinBackMyLove not gonna carry it
00:26:53marsbar2k gg
00:27:15Laier hittoku ollu ?ltia tos
00:27:22coolass ootko suomest
00:27:52TakinBackMyLove imba stun
00:27:58mamyka imba pick
00:28:04TakinBackMyLove qop
00:28:05TakinBackMyLove is fine
00:28:06TakinBackMyLove pick
00:28:09TakinBackMyLove if you know how to play it
00:28:24Laier rax vaa
00:28:25mamyka wr
00:28:31mamyka u think
00:28:35TakinBackMyLove wr is imba pick
00:28:37TakinBackMyLove vs
00:28:40mamyka wr and potm > pheonix and es?
00:28:41TakinBackMyLove phoe
00:28:44TakinBackMyLove fine
00:30:02marsbar2k .lol
00:30:07Nickless jeez
00:30:19marsbar2k decent nickless move
00:30:25marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:29holostoi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:23TakinBackMyLove care
00:31:24TakinBackMyLove es
00:31:39Laier nah
00:31:39Laier mid
00:31:40PeterLars fuck him
00:31:42Nickless omw
00:31:50Nickless rune check
00:31:50Laier care for axe btw
00:31:54coolass slow es
00:31:58marsbar2k wth
00:32:00marsbar2k was that
00:32:09mamyka trall cast
00:32:18Laier i dive and ulti
00:32:19Laier es stun
00:32:36mamyka potm fuckin noob
00:32:43creeeeeee as always
00:32:44creeeeeee lastpick
00:32:47creeeeeee biggest mouth
00:32:50mamyka this elem come kill ward and u run like fuckin noob
00:33:00creeeeeee you just died alone?
00:33:31creeeeeee that was quite sick qop
00:33:42Laier toimiiks radi jos oon ultis
00:33:47mamyka go and farm s&y
00:33:50mamyka on wood
00:34:01mamyka best iteam here
00:34:05creeeeeee if somebody is teaching me...I atleast assume he is better then me
00:34:08creeeeeee but you
00:34:09creeeeeee aint
00:34:10creeeeeee for sure
00:34:21mamyka biber told you dont go
00:34:23mamyka s&y
00:34:36creeeeeee is he your idol or sth?
00:34:48mamyka he > than you
00:34:54creeeeeee and I explained
00:34:58creeeeeee why I do
00:34:59creeeeeee that
00:35:41marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:46marsbar2k useless pricks
00:36:33Laier ou
00:36:36TakinBackMyLove WP
00:36:41majava :D
00:37:05Laier voitko ny vittu tulla
00:37:07TakinBackMyLove care
00:37:07Laier ni voitas endaa
00:37:08TakinBackMyLove mid
00:37:08Laier :s
00:38:16mamyka ill report you
00:38:21coolass Who
00:38:22Laier who?
00:38:50mamyka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:09mamyka wp potm
00:39:22creeeeeee what is your problem
00:39:26creeeeeee commenting everything?
00:39:27mamyka you my prob
00:39:30marsbar2k holostoi please go play some bronze after
00:39:42creeeeeee you are like 2:11
00:39:46creeeeeee wajning whole game
00:39:48creeeeeee teaching
00:39:50creeeeeee and lastpick
00:39:51TakinBackMyLove qop how can you die so many times with blink hero ?
00:39:57creeeeeee yea
00:39:57coolass go botom?
00:40:00majava sure
00:40:01Laier rosh and end?
00:40:04creeeeeee and rly TALKING SO FCIN MUCH
00:40:09creeeeeee like superpro
00:40:54mamyka potm ur -st =0%?
00:41:02creeeeeee shut up already?
00:41:22mamyka up
00:41:46Laier cant go in
00:41:48Laier bd
00:42:03TakinBackMyLove creee
00:42:07TakinBackMyLove if you plays potm
00:42:12TakinBackMyLove never go sange
00:42:14TakinBackMyLove and yasha
00:42:16TakinBackMyLove it sucks
00:42:23creeeeeee depends actually
00:42:28TakinBackMyLove nope
00:42:38TakinBackMyLove it sucks
00:42:39TakinBackMyLove manta
00:42:43TakinBackMyLove diff so much better
00:42:48Laier zzz
00:42:50Laier can you guys COME?
00:43:23TakinBackMyLove arrow
00:44:38Laier np
00:44:39Laier es farms woods
00:44:44PeterLars wr is jhere
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