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91% | 1600 X | 1435 TS

+44 X
+69 TS

NEW | 1099 X | 1228 TS

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28% | 1044 X | 1252 TS

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+34 TS

13% | 1121 X | 1039 TS

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84% | 1428 X | 1465 TS

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-6 TS

24% | 1040 X | 1235 TS

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-42 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04BoBo.Ftw at least 10
00:00:05Chauska 10 games
00:00:09DotAlent ah ok thx
00:00:15DotAlent well now i have 5 games
00:00:19Pojetz ban ck
00:00:19Pojetz ofc
00:00:21DotAlent bobo i was doom in ur qop game :D
00:00:21zebbelito -ck
00:00:21BoBo.Ftw i know
00:00:21Pojetz bara?
00:00:21Pojetz ban bara
00:00:21DotAlent :O surprised face
00:00:21BoBo.Ftw tiny
00:00:30Pojetz i SAID BAN BARA
00:00:31Pojetz idiot
00:00:33Pojetz u ban tiny
00:00:39BoBo.Ftw idc about bara
00:01:06DotAlent we got oldschool heros
00:01:07DotAlent :)
00:01:30AliBaba are you going mid zebbo ?
00:01:39acchilies get sven... ursa... dk...
00:01:48zebbelito -swap 5
00:01:52MybrosuX -swap 1
00:01:55Chauska -swap 5
00:01:58DotAlent get dk?
00:02:00Pojetz mby wd bot?
00:02:07MybrosuX -swap 4
00:02:18DontGetWeary me top?
00:02:22zebbelito lion mid then
00:02:23Chauska ck bot
00:02:25Chauska im with dazz top
00:02:30BoBo.Ftw link u re one of worst players here, arent u?
00:02:40BoBo.Ftw why do u play carry then?
00:02:45DotAlent thats why he picks naga agy ;)
00:03:13DotAlent doc sit this naga
00:03:35DotAlent pull
00:04:56AliBaba ss
00:05:02AliBaba re
00:05:14Pojetz HBAHAHA
00:05:17Pojetz WHAT CREEp
00:06:24AliBaba ss
00:07:18AliBaba ss
00:07:33AliBaba care top
00:08:06DontGetWeary ss top
00:08:07link ss
00:08:28Pojetz gj
00:08:28MybrosuX ss witch
00:08:37DotAlent u2
00:09:20AliBaba ss
00:09:24DotAlent gang
00:09:30DotAlent ursa stun
00:10:04AliBaba ffs
00:10:13DontGetWeary ss top
00:10:15DontGetWeary 2
00:10:24DontGetWeary re dazz
00:10:25DotAlent cmon
00:10:28DotAlent u see him
00:10:31acchilies come
00:10:53AliBaba ss mid
00:11:19DotAlent ss
00:12:45DotAlent ty
00:12:52DotAlent bobo
00:12:53DotAlent come bot?
00:12:56BoBo.Ftw yy
00:13:00Pojetz no mana
00:13:38AliBaba tsk
00:13:53Chauska tinker charged
00:14:11acchilies b
00:14:17DotAlent kill
00:14:27Chauska cent
00:14:30Chauska you retarded fuick
00:14:38acchilies i told you to b...
00:14:39zebbelito nice lion
00:15:01acchilies why no ulti on tinker aaaa?? dumbfuck!
00:15:16Chauska because i dont have ulti
00:15:18Chauska im lvl 5
00:15:19Chauska you retard
00:15:26acchilies and that is my fault...
00:15:47DontGetWeary oom
00:15:54zebbelito pro lio n
00:16:03AliBaba thanks'
00:17:26DotAlent fag
00:18:22Chauska lion
00:18:23Chauska wake up
00:19:55Chauska rex
00:22:22DotAlent b
00:23:14Chauska nice ult retard
00:23:56Pojetz :DPAS
00:24:40DontGetWeary reg
00:24:46DotAlent me ?
00:25:09Pojetz stun
00:26:09zebbelito stun?
00:26:13zebbelito NICE
00:26:23Pojetz b
00:26:38DotAlent go ursa
00:27:14DotAlent :D
00:27:20DotAlent nagas farm is okey for noob
00:29:29link go
00:30:03MybrosuX I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:07DotAlent wp again bobo
00:30:14BoBo.Ftw same
00:30:18DotAlent playanother one?
00:30:46zebbelito alibaba
00:30:51zebbelito u should rly quit dotsa
00:31:53zebbelito I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:58zebbelito wp lion
00:31:59zebbelito gg
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