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-8 X
-5 TS

61% | 1343 X | 1291 TS

-7 X
-1 TS

60% | 1278 X | 1351 TS

-33 X
-1 TS

37% | 1065 X | 1314 TS

-39 X
-1 TS

20% | 962 X | 1236 TS

-3 X
-5 TS

1% | 810 X | 1037 TS

+18 X
+1 TS

57% | 1233 X | 1372 TS

+32 X
+3 TS

34% | 1107 X | 1238 TS

+16 X
+19 TS

30% | 1074 X | 1235 TS

+7 X
+28 TS

NEW | 1161 X | 1065 TS

+27 X
+2 TS

21% | 987 X | 1231 TS

Chat log

00:00:14diablo0897 oh thank god im not in link's team
00:00:16VVindoWz any wishes?
00:00:16slc2 are u goin mid?
00:00:162deep4u lets see what he can do! :)
00:00:16AliBaba he take all farm..
00:00:16slc2 2deep are u goin mid?
00:00:16Orre yes, meepo pls
00:00:16FireMal jamie
00:00:16VVindoWz lol
00:00:162deep4u yeah, if you don't mind?
00:00:16slc2 ja
00:00:16diablo0897 bless you guyes
00:00:16FireMal veno me plz
00:00:162deep4u thanks man.
00:00:16FireMal plz fp veno for me
00:00:16Orre god bless us all
00:00:16slc2 sure else i wanted lesh mid:)
00:00:16Orre god is black
00:00:16diablo0897 i like dk
00:00:16Orre like me
00:00:162deep4u kay slc2, u can.
00:00:16DraineWaker amte
00:00:16DraineWaker MATES
00:00:16FireMal if you whant me to own the game go veno its the hero i have played most
00:00:16slc2 k
00:00:16DraineWaker DO YOU KNOW
00:00:16DraineWaker HOW WE ARE LUCKY
00:00:162deep4u i'll get you veno.
00:00:16DraineWaker NOW?
00:00:16VVindoWz anyone es?
00:00:16DraineWaker DO YOU?
00:00:16Orre ?
00:00:16DraineWaker EITHER LINK IN OUR TAM
00:00:16DraineWaker FUCKING
00:00:16DraineWaker YES
00:00:162deep4u what should I ban?
00:00:16Orre ban today
00:00:16DraineWaker OMAJGAD
00:00:16slc2 go ban es or omni
00:00:162deep4u es rather
00:00:16VVindoWz -weaver
00:00:16slc2 i think u should go riki deep
00:00:16DraineWaker they should be banned
00:00:16DraineWaker from servers
00:00:16DraineWaker seriously
00:00:16DraineWaker forever
00:00:162deep4u es
00:00:16DraineWaker ok
00:00:18VVindoWz any wishes?
00:00:18DraineWaker lets do a game.
00:00:22DraineWaker lina :)
00:00:24diablo0897 dragon knight
00:00:33DraineWaker riki :D
00:00:332deep4u damn
00:00:34DraineWaker gj
00:00:38DraineWaker but
00:00:40VVindoWz can u lina mid?
00:00:42FireMal anti riki
00:00:43DraineWaker next answer is going to be
00:00:43slc2 i go silencer k?
00:00:462deep4u sure.
00:00:50Orre LÄXDEE
00:00:52DraineWaker i can lina mid for sure
00:00:56VVindoWz good
00:01:01FireMal you whant somethin anti ricki ?
00:01:06DraineWaker want me to pick it now?
00:01:07diablo0897 no more carry plz
00:01:07VVindoWz guys pick supporters tankers and stunners pls
00:01:092deep4u im thinking sk or kunkka.
00:01:10FireMal or something that can resist riki
00:01:10slc2 we can use sk and cent and lina.
00:01:16VVindoWz sk forexample
00:01:18slc2 we need stun stun stun stun
00:01:18FireMal i was thinking cent
00:01:20diablo0897 no sk
00:01:222deep4u i dont play cent
00:01:23diablo0897 sliencer
00:01:23slc2 stun stun stun
00:01:25FireMal what you whant
00:01:26FireMal 10
00:01:27FireMal 9
00:01:282deep4u kunkka.
00:01:28FireMal 8
00:01:29VVindoWz witch doctor and sk
00:01:30diablo0897 in their side
00:01:332deep4u -swap 4
00:01:35VVindoWz sandking someone pls
00:01:36FireMal -swap
00:01:37slc2 get sk last
00:01:39FireMal -swap 1
00:01:41AliBaba im wood ?
00:01:41slc2 get sk last
00:01:442deep4u lets lane, veno.
00:01:45VVindoWz and witch doctor or omniknight
00:01:46FireMal can i mid plz
00:01:48slc2 get wd last
00:01:51diablo0897 ...silencer will fuck sk for sure..
00:01:52VVindoWz orre wd
00:01:53slc2 get wd last
00:01:532deep4u wd last y!
00:01:55slc2 get last
00:01:55FireMal ill prove i can mid
00:01:57VVindoWz nice
00:02:002deep4u firemal, he asked first
00:02:05FireMal ¨who
00:02:09RomyD82 lanes??
00:02:10diablo0897 void in links hand...
00:02:10VVindoWz wd dk bot
00:02:12AliBaba :D
00:02:12diablo0897 lucky
00:02:142deep4u ur dead now.
00:02:14slc2 hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
00:02:16slc2 fsdf asdf asdf asdf
00:02:19slc2 f asdf asd
00:02:19AliBaba so fucking epic
00:02:28AliBaba im going wood
00:02:29Orre mr captain
00:02:31Orre lanes?
00:02:322deep4u kay
00:02:32FireMal nice pick void tard
00:02:352deep4u veno babysit void
00:02:39VVindoWz u bot
00:02:402deep4u lets just make the most out of this :)
00:02:41FireMal hahas
00:02:43FireMal haha
00:02:45FireMal omg
00:02:49FireMal i whant void
00:02:49RomyD82 u pull or me?
00:02:50FireMal -swap
00:02:51DraineWaker remember
00:02:54FireMal -swap 5
00:02:572deep4u just go!
00:02:58VVindoWz u pull
00:02:58DraineWaker wards and dusts win the game
00:03:02slc2 at least veno and kunkka can get good ultis in
00:03:05RomyD82 true
00:03:082deep4u yeah.
00:03:13RomyD82 and skil
00:03:14link -swap 2
00:03:17DraineWaker if no wards
00:03:18DraineWaker no win
00:03:20DraineWaker for sure +S
00:03:27VVindoWz skill stun and invis
00:03:322deep4u what are you doing guys.
00:03:332deep4u hurry.
00:03:48FireMal i got their cap in top
00:03:56FireMal void plz buy some wards
00:04:13diablo0897 let me last hit??
00:05:01VVindoWz go pull
00:06:24slc2 ss mid
00:06:35DraineWaker veno
00:06:35DraineWaker go
00:06:39DraineWaker GOGOGO
00:06:42FireMal void plz
00:06:522deep4u pro gamerz
00:07:02DraineWaker wp boys
00:07:06RomyD82 u2
00:07:18RomyD82 srry
00:07:21link loh
00:07:292deep4u get yourself together guys.
00:07:50DraineWaker help mid
00:08:03FireMal lina miss
00:08:26RomyD82 omw lin
00:08:27RomyD82 a
00:08:56DraineWaker wp man :D
00:09:02DraineWaker i love you :D
00:09:04RomyD82 reg
00:09:05slc2 miss on sk
00:09:08slc2 get wards asap
00:09:09DraineWaker can i? :D
00:09:12RomyD82 y
00:09:14DraineWaker <3
00:09:19diablo0897 b
00:09:21DraineWaker ulti rdy
00:09:21slc2 need wards at runes guys...
00:09:23DraineWaker lets rape
00:09:39FireMal nice
00:09:45FireMal fucking pro miss
00:09:49slc2 get wards.
00:10:01DraineWaker DIE
00:10:022deep4u stop feeding
00:10:12FireMal ff
00:10:14FireMal fuck this
00:10:15FireMal shit
00:10:182deep4u leave.
00:10:35FireMal ss lina
00:10:42slc2 get wards
00:10:44link Veno dibil
00:10:47DraineWaker come
00:10:48FireMal void go wards
00:10:51DraineWaker hey
00:10:59RomyD82 ty
00:11:02DraineWaker np
00:11:09diablo0897 wd is doing nothingk
00:11:10diablo0897 ?
00:11:20DraineWaker but we do all
00:11:232deep4u dis top lane :DDD
00:11:24DraineWaker what we need to.
00:11:29DraineWaker :D
00:11:312deep4u lvl 8 lina
00:11:332deep4u legit.
00:12:26DraineWaker omg
00:12:29DraineWaker wtf?
00:12:32RomyD82 wtf
00:12:35slc2 gj
00:12:36RomyD82 ghappened
00:12:382deep4u u2
00:12:412deep4u styling on you.
00:12:41slc2 easy shit..
00:12:50RomyD82 u were lucky
00:12:50DraineWaker -ms
00:12:54RomyD82 ,y stun mised
00:12:552deep4u stylin'.
00:12:582deep4u stylin bro.
00:12:59slc2 nah calculated shit.
00:13:00RomyD82 dont know how
00:13:01FireMal ss
00:13:04FireMal ricki and dk
00:13:04DraineWaker top
00:13:05DraineWaker lets rape
00:13:06DraineWaker they are
00:13:08DraineWaker both
00:13:09DraineWaker EPIC NOOBS
00:13:16AliBaba wtf
00:13:19DraineWaker :D:D:
00:13:20AliBaba link
00:13:22DraineWaker they are so bad
00:13:252deep4u use time walk
00:13:27DraineWaker when i stun
00:13:28DraineWaker veno
00:13:31DraineWaker go after him riki
00:13:32DraineWaker with n
00:13:33FireMal he couldnt
00:13:33DraineWaker np
00:13:35FireMal silenced
00:13:37DraineWaker hes dead already after stun
00:13:38FireMal and he stood ther
00:13:422deep4u he was out of the silence
00:13:442deep4u for 0.5 sec tho
00:13:45link ????? ?? ??? ?????
00:13:48VVindoWz ss top
00:14:01VVindoWz someone upg chick
00:14:17DraineWaker wd stun him
00:14:27AliBaba help
00:14:28DraineWaker if invi me
00:14:29AliBaba ff
00:14:30AliBaba ss
00:14:332deep4u abck
00:14:45AliBaba -
00:14:47AliBaba -cs
00:15:08AliBaba tp
00:15:132deep4u nice :)
00:15:14slc2 bitchers
00:15:212deep4u mad stylin on you
00:15:26DraineWaker tbh
00:15:29DraineWaker WP SILENCER
00:15:34DraineWaker u were better
00:15:372deep4u omw
00:15:39diablo0897 b
00:15:422deep4u gogogo
00:16:172deep4u cent.
00:16:222deep4u it's not your fault.
00:16:252deep4u don't blame yourself.
00:16:282deep4u i love you.
00:16:30DraineWaker wp <3
00:16:33AliBaba srsly
00:16:332deep4u let's all blame link.
00:16:36AliBaba sorry
00:16:402deep4u happens
00:16:42AliBaba :s
00:16:45DraineWaker come
00:16:47DraineWaker riki
00:16:49AliBaba what about fire ?
00:16:51diablo0897 do you feel what i felt?
00:16:592deep4u no
00:17:002deep4u i don't care
00:17:032deep4u enough
00:17:05diablo0897 ok
00:17:062deep4u about this game .)
00:17:162deep4u back man
00:17:22DraineWaker hahahaha
00:17:272deep4u he just doesnt listen.
00:17:38diablo0897 bc he doesnt understand english
00:17:43slc2 kill
00:17:46DraineWaker go tower
00:17:47diablo0897 i already told you
00:17:47DraineWaker ulti ready
00:17:482deep4u that's against the rules.
00:17:55diablo0897 so what
00:17:58diablo0897 report him
00:17:582deep4u def top
00:17:59AliBaba :D
00:18:08link ???? ????? ????? ?????? ???? ?????
00:18:10FireMal who dont understand english ?
00:18:16FireMal got ulti now
00:18:21DraineWaker so easy
00:18:33slc2 def
00:18:57AliBaba ¨låp
00:18:57AliBaba ´åpgkoå
00:18:582deep4u ra
00:19:002deep4u rofl
00:19:28VVindoWz fail
00:19:37VVindoWz why sk ulti turned off?
00:19:45RomyD82 dont know
00:20:05diablo0897 no problem just kill link for money and we win
00:20:10AliBaba how can you die so much with void ? :D
00:20:25slc2 got gem
00:20:26FireMal im to slow
00:20:27link ??? ? ???? ?????
00:20:30slc2 protect me
00:20:312deep4u go
00:20:31RomyD82 sile is mean
00:20:35AliBaba english ? :D
00:20:43diablo0897 ya i told you when you chose sk
00:20:452deep4u b
00:20:452deep4u b
00:20:462deep4u b
00:20:48RomyD82 ye
00:20:492deep4u back
00:20:51DraineWaker HAHAHAHA
00:20:53FireMal sry
00:20:562deep4u shit happens
00:21:092deep4u nice
00:21:09FireMal i realy tried to hit
00:21:10FireMal but
00:21:122deep4u back
00:21:142deep4u yeah
00:21:162deep4u i saw
00:21:17FireMal b
00:21:17VVindoWz we need wards guys
00:21:172deep4u u didnt reach
00:21:20RomyD82 sile has gem,
00:21:24DraineWaker omw
00:21:25DraineWaker dk
00:21:25DraineWaker go
00:21:30FireMal oom
00:21:47VVindoWz focus silencer
00:21:49DraineWaker SFK
00:21:59VVindoWz he got gem
00:22:08diablo0897 get ward plz wd
00:22:38RomyD82 focus sile
00:22:40RomyD82 ricky
00:22:46RomyD82 u kill him instant
00:23:01slc2 link make threads to strengt
00:23:10VVindoWz focus silence
00:23:292deep4u dont lose gem
00:23:302deep4u back
00:23:31FireMal nice fucking hoe put me in ulti
00:23:34RomyD82 focus sile man
00:23:37FireMal and let me die fucking noob link
00:23:432deep4u shhh
00:23:452deep4u relax
00:23:502deep4u flaming isnt goign to do anything good
00:23:592deep4u i can boat.
00:24:18FireMal i go pipe and lets se if it helps
00:25:06RomyD82 go
00:25:10VVindoWz b
00:25:362deep4u back
00:25:392deep4u dont lose gem!
00:25:40VVindoWz remember gem
00:25:49Orre gem
00:25:50VVindoWz gem
00:25:50slc2 gem
00:25:502deep4u GEM
00:25:51slc2 gem
00:25:51Orre gem
00:25:582deep4u THIS FUCKING
00:25:592deep4u GUY
00:26:01slc2 how fucking bad are u???????
00:26:012deep4u OK IM MAD NOW
00:26:042deep4u HOW FUCKING BAD
00:26:062deep4u CAN ONE BE
00:26:072deep4u HOW
00:26:082deep4u BAD
00:26:092deep4u HE KILLED ME
00:26:11DraineWaker :D:D:D:D:D
00:26:122deep4u THEN LEFT GEM
00:26:152deep4u AND WENT BACK FOR IT
00:26:162deep4u AND DIED
00:26:21FireMal gem still ther ?
00:26:232deep4u WHY DO I EVEN TRY
00:26:242deep4u no
00:26:34AliBaba d
00:26:36AliBaba deny
00:26:392deep4u y
00:26:57FireMal come gang lina plz
00:27:112deep4u back guys.
00:27:152deep4u too dangerous
00:27:39slc2 need gem
00:27:47AliBaba sec
00:27:492deep4u care veno
00:27:53DraineWaker heal plz
00:27:55DraineWaker i res ur mana
00:28:182deep4u chill
00:28:26slc2 w8 on gem
00:28:312deep4u link
00:28:322deep4u back
00:28:32FireMal im b for mana
00:28:47DraineWaker let
00:28:47DraineWaker him
00:28:48DraineWaker to
00:28:48DraineWaker me.
00:28:49DraineWaker plz
00:28:49DraineWaker :D
00:28:512deep4u baCK
00:28:52FireMal we need to go 5
00:28:532deep4u LINK
00:28:53DraineWaker plz ;D
00:28:56AliBaba cunt
00:28:57AliBaba link
00:29:112deep4u back guys.
00:29:12DraineWaker my wish has furefilled :D
00:29:122deep4u dont fight
00:29:16VVindoWz focus cent
00:29:30AliBaba w8
00:29:43slc2 tower
00:29:56RomyD82 we shoud push
00:29:58VVindoWz b
00:30:162deep4u tp back
00:30:19DraineWaker go b
00:30:20DraineWaker voljin
00:30:21DraineWaker let him
00:30:21DraineWaker to me
00:30:22VVindoWz all come plss
00:30:25VVindoWz we are loosing
00:30:25DraineWaker stun
00:30:32diablo0897 b
00:30:35diablo0897 they have gem
00:30:56RomyD82 lets gather guys
00:31:09DraineWaker :D::D:D
00:31:13DraineWaker WHEREU GO?
00:31:25slc2 i come
00:31:31AliBaba go
00:31:42RomyD82 lets gather?
00:31:43DraineWaker we need to rape sile
00:31:44FireMal 4 inc bot
00:31:512deep4u defend
00:31:53slc2 come
00:31:532deep4u lanes
00:32:26VVindoWz b guys
00:32:30RomyD82 can we gather
00:32:54FireMal void come plz
00:32:562deep4u gather
00:33:03slc2 smoke?
00:33:08DraineWaker ?
00:33:26diablo0897 b
00:33:40VVindoWz dont go 4
00:33:44VVindoWz go 5
00:34:09RomyD82 so gather now before we lose?
00:34:18RomyD82 or?
00:34:18DraineWaker ofc
00:34:19DraineWaker w8
00:34:21DraineWaker can i smoke
00:34:22DraineWaker a joint?
00:34:24VVindoWz all mid
00:34:25DraineWaker got half one
00:34:33DraineWaker and then we can go action :D
00:34:492deep4u back
00:34:502deep4u CENT
00:34:512deep4u CENT
00:34:522deep4u BACK
00:34:542deep4u U FUCKIUN GRETARDF
00:34:55slc2 kunkka go crit.
00:35:162deep4u def mid
00:35:29DraineWaker go
00:35:30DraineWaker just go
00:35:56RomyD82 i dont get it really
00:36:26FireMal ok we got them now
00:36:26RomyD82 seems this is lost
00:36:30AliBaba no
00:36:46AliBaba wtf link
00:36:47AliBaba fuck off
00:36:48AliBaba you cunt
00:36:59slc2 we can take some towers now
00:37:02VVindoWz gather mid all ?
00:37:10RomyD82 get sile ricky
00:37:112deep4u i take rune fast
00:37:12VVindoWz dk come
00:37:292deep4u comin
00:37:312deep4u im rdy
00:37:322deep4u with ulti
00:37:33VVindoWz omg
00:37:35VVindoWz plss come
00:37:352deep4u bait them
00:37:36AliBaba cunt void
00:37:37AliBaba come
00:37:41VVindoWz we got afk
00:37:412deep4u warn
00:37:41Orre -afk
00:37:41RomyD82 go sile ricky
00:37:41diablo0897 -afj
00:37:41Orre fuck afk
00:37:412deep4u who?=
00:37:41RomyD82 i ulti and go now
00:37:41VVindoWz lina
00:37:41Orre -afk
00:37:41VVindoWz u back ?
00:37:41Orre -afk
00:37:412deep4u fuck it?
00:37:41diablo0897 -afk
00:37:41AliBaba just kick him
00:37:41AliBaba when you can
00:37:41VVindoWz 3
00:37:41VVindoWz 8
00:37:412deep4u 578758
00:37:41FireMal 21876465749+87
00:37:41DraineWaker re
00:37:41VVindoWz 321
00:37:41FireMal 2313
00:37:42FireMal 321
00:37:422deep4u gogo
00:37:42Orre 15487
00:37:43FireMal 123
00:38:17VVindoWz go push
00:38:23DraineWaker DIE
00:38:432deep4u do i have to bo?
00:38:44VVindoWz get the raxx NOW
00:38:48VVindoWz die for it
00:38:512deep4u we cant lose rax
00:38:51VVindoWz i dont care
00:38:532deep4u DONT USE
00:38:552deep4u YET
00:38:562deep4u admn.
00:39:042deep4u fuck
00:39:082deep4u now we might lose trax
00:39:102deep4u rax*
00:39:26VVindoWz gem
00:39:32AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:34VVindoWz raxx now
00:39:59VVindoWz omg
00:40:22RomyD82 b maybe
00:40:25RomyD82 ?
00:40:26diablo0897 b
00:40:26slc2 ulti him
00:40:30RomyD82 or come push
00:40:34DraineWaker my ulti does now
00:40:37DraineWaker enormous dmg
00:40:38diablo0897 b
00:40:39diablo0897 b
00:40:42DraineWaker will be hard for kunkka
00:40:50diablo0897 b
00:40:55diablo0897 b
00:40:55diablo0897 b
00:40:55diablo0897 b
00:40:56diablo0897 b
00:40:57slc2 gio fuck him i got gem
00:40:59DraineWaker omw mid
00:41:00DraineWaker wait
00:41:022deep4u k
00:41:09slc2 gather
00:41:15VVindoWz no
00:41:192deep4u they b'd
00:41:24VVindoWz come
00:41:24DraineWaker no1 smoke?
00:41:24slc2 me bo
00:41:27VVindoWz follow me
00:41:32VVindoWz y
00:41:342deep4u BACK
00:41:452deep4u omw
00:42:09slc2 if we hade some more wards.........
00:43:13VVindoWz we need to take mid instead
00:43:41RomyD82 cmon lina play
00:43:47VVindoWz lina ffs
00:43:48FireMal mid plz
00:43:53VVindoWz u playing or u jerking cock
00:44:002deep4u i'll base fast then gathear
00:44:022deep4u gather
00:44:032deep4u don't die
00:44:10DraineWaker im smoking
00:44:11DraineWaker joint...
00:44:21DraineWaker any problems? :D
00:44:31RomyD82 lets go mid
00:44:33VVindoWz go rosh
00:44:42VVindoWz i take
00:44:43AliBaba mby ?
00:44:452deep4u no
00:44:462deep4u no vision
00:44:47VVindoWz stop
00:44:48VVindoWz dont
00:44:552deep4u all
00:44:57VVindoWz gather
00:45:02DraineWaker GATHER
00:45:332deep4u how can one guy
00:45:342deep4u just ruin
00:45:362deep4u so much.
00:45:442deep4u BACK
00:45:46FireMal i donno
00:45:462deep4u FOR FUCKS SAKE
00:45:50FireMal maybe we should ban re7
00:45:58DraineWaker :)
00:46:07slc2 mayby should void not have been picked.
00:46:08VVindoWz bot after
00:46:132deep4u no SHIT
00:46:142deep4u we told him
00:46:172deep4u but he doesnt speak
00:46:17DraineWaker get down sparky :)
00:46:302deep4u USE WARDS
00:46:332deep4u STOP STANDING
00:46:342deep4u VENO
00:46:372deep4u WHAT IS UR PROBLEM
00:47:27Orre 2mad5me
00:47:31FireMal drop my items plz
00:47:53FireMal link plz drop items
00:47:54link hui vam
00:47:572deep4u link
00:47:57AliBaba english
00:47:59AliBaba yo fucking cunt
00:48:06FireMal link plz drop my items on chick
00:48:212deep4u stick tofuckinggether
00:48:37FireMal you call that togethert
00:48:392deep4u they have gem?
00:48:43slc2 yes
00:48:44FireMal plzz all gather mid
00:48:48VVindoWz go rosh
00:48:52slc2 one last try and then ff
00:48:52VVindoWz all come
00:48:532deep4u VENO
00:48:552deep4u STAY BACK
00:49:122deep4u go
00:49:28VVindoWz come all
00:49:58FireMal whant ff now
00:49:59AliBaba :D
00:50:00AliBaba :D
00:50:01AliBaba :D
00:50:02AliBaba :D
00:50:03AliBaba :D
00:50:03AliBaba :D
00:50:04AliBaba :D
00:50:05AliBaba :D
00:50:08AliBaba this link
00:50:25FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:262deep4u this fucking retarded team
00:50:27VVindoWz go bot and take top raxx
00:50:33slc2 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:35AliBaba dunno why link is so bad
00:50:36link I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:38AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:392deep4u surrendering all
00:50:41RomyD82 im really low
00:50:412deep4u like fucking pussies.
00:50:472deep4u what is ur fucking
00:50:492deep4u problem
00:50:522deep4u this is an EASY
00:50:532deep4u game
00:50:562deep4u they are BAD
00:50:56AliBaba link is my problom
00:51:09slc2 yes it is, but when u have a void there is total pussy u cant win
00:52:202deep4u just dont get caught like idiots
00:52:212deep4u and we win
00:52:222deep4u :)
00:52:26DraineWaker me
00:52:27DraineWaker plz.
00:52:27DraineWaker ;D
00:52:282deep4u like me now.
00:52:32AliBaba :D
00:52:372deep4u what did i tell you man.
00:52:442deep4u what did i JUST tell .
00:52:51DraineWaker we were like
00:52:53DraineWaker who will?
00:52:53DraineWaker :D
00:53:00DraineWaker me or riki :D
00:53:102deep4u IN BASE ALL
00:53:26DraineWaker 10
00:53:27DraineWaker secs
00:53:40DraineWaker go :D
00:53:47AliBaba dead
00:53:482deep4u dat link.
00:53:50AliBaba link
00:54:07DraineWaker epic
00:54:082deep4u just defend.
00:54:112deep4u he's pretty cool
00:54:12AliBaba :D
00:54:19DraineWaker Justin bieber like
00:54:20diablo0897 w8?
00:54:242deep4u lets defend this.
00:54:30RomyD82 go man
00:55:04slc2 kunkka ur a pussy
00:55:112deep4u shut the fuck up.
00:55:172deep4u i was defending A DIFFERNTY LANE
00:55:252deep4u !ff
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