Game #3789003

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-13 X
-1 TS

77% | 1465 X | 1362 TS

-28 X
-2 TS

75% | 1359 X | 1449 TS

-17 X
-2 TS

67% | 1271 X | 1422 TS

+17 X
-2 TS

50% | 1166 X | 1367 TS

+34 X
-4 TS

18% | 944 X | 1237 TS

+24 X
+5 TS

94% | 1722 X | 1460 TS

-19 X
+26 TS

58% | 1328 X | 1272 TS

+6 X
+1 TS

47% | 1150 X | 1331 TS

+0 X
+2 TS

42% | 1127 X | 1298 TS

+6 X
+2 TS

34% | 1041 X | 1312 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Bct_Murder i want phx ;/
00:00:162deep4u don't hurry, im gonna wc fast.
00:00:16Arapiles if some1 play phoenix we should get it
00:00:16Rotkiv cant play him
00:00:16Arapiles me neither
00:00:16Orre phoenix sucks kinda
00:00:16PinaryB some1 phoenix?
00:00:16Rotkiv i go tuskar i think ..
00:00:16Arapiles i dont want phoenix
00:00:16PinaryB ill ban it then
00:00:16Arapiles ban it then
00:00:16Arapiles :P
00:00:16Rotkiv fucking ban him then
00:00:16PinaryB phoenix
00:00:16Bct_Murder fuck ;/
00:00:16Orre y?
00:00:16Rotkiv :)
00:00:16Orre crap hero
00:00:162deep4u b
00:00:16majava spec
00:00:18Arapiles 63% win on this server
00:00:23Bct_Murder i want tuskar ;]
00:00:24AliBaba just so you know... im going wisp
00:00:34Bct_Murder \alibaba play good with wisp ;]
00:00:47Bct_Murder wait
00:00:47Bct_Murder he wc
00:00:47Bct_Murder oh
00:00:49majava isnt
00:00:49Bct_Murder here
00:00:49PinaryB who?
00:00:51Bct_Murder :D sorry
00:00:552deep4u im here man, dont worry
00:01:06VVindoWz dazzle
00:01:09Arapiles y
00:01:10Bct_Murder dazzle or tiny?
00:01:10majava remember chick
00:01:142deep4u daz
00:01:18Bct_Murder oh tide or dazzle?
00:01:22majava tide
00:01:25Arapiles + krob maybe
00:01:342deep4u brb
00:01:45Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:46VVindoWz pick wisp or dazzle
00:01:47Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Shliapanosis [g,v,c,s]
00:01:47VVindoWz omg
00:01:48Arapiles argh orre
00:02:09PinaryB lanes are fucked up now
00:02:13Arapiles come top tuskar
00:02:20PinaryB axe tuskar y
00:02:20Arapiles krob bot
00:02:32majava shar
00:02:33Arapiles come w me
00:02:34majava e
00:02:39AliBaba i want
00:02:48Arapiles u got snowball?
00:02:49Rotkiv j
00:02:59Arapiles i try to block lane
00:03:18Arapiles fuck
00:04:34Bct_Murder medusa wtf?
00:04:35Bct_Murder he doing?
00:04:43VVindoWz ss
00:04:52PinaryB dusa mid
00:04:542deep4u i was typing, you asshole!
00:04:562deep4u medusa is lost.
00:05:55Bct_Murder help up people
00:05:562deep4u top is hard.
00:05:58Bct_Murder tis axe
00:05:59Bct_Murder horible
00:06:07majava ssmid
00:06:232deep4u he's here.
00:06:48PinaryB fuck
00:06:56PinaryB this pudge seems to be good
00:07:13Rotkiv fuck i missesd
00:07:29Rotkiv eat
00:07:39Rotkiv eat tree
00:07:49majava ssmid
00:08:16PinaryB ss mid
00:08:172deep4u VITTU D:DDD
00:08:19PinaryB re
00:08:30Rotkiv get mana boots axe
00:08:362deep4u TOP IS FUCKED.
00:08:36Arapiles nah
00:08:39Arapiles u get
00:08:53Rotkiv ss
00:09:00majava ssmid
00:09:12Bct_Murder pudge help up plz
00:09:16majava kkk
00:09:44PinaryB ss mid
00:09:47PinaryB nop
00:09:49Bct_Murder ss 2 up
00:09:49PinaryB re
00:09:50Bct_Murder ss 2 up
00:09:51Bct_Murder ss 2up
00:10:02Rotkiv kill top
00:10:10AliBaba care mid
00:10:112deep4u i'mscared.
00:10:18PinaryB ss mid
00:10:32Bct_Murder zeus care
00:10:32Bct_Murder ;/
00:10:33Bct_Murder gg
00:10:442deep4u why.
00:10:53Bct_Murder :D
00:11:07Bct_Murder axe manaboots
00:11:07Bct_Murder nice
00:11:09VVindoWz ss
00:11:17Rotkiv kill zeus again ..
00:11:21majava ssmid
00:11:22Orre y
00:12:022deep4u what the fuck is the matter with you.
00:13:24Bct_Murder gg
00:13:24Bct_Murder ff
00:13:27Bct_Murder this pudge fail
00:13:29Bct_Murder they gank
00:13:31Bct_Murder you farm
00:13:32Bct_Murder nice
00:13:46Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:13:51majava useless to gang when you lose tower before i am level 5
00:14:02Bct_Murder man we vs tuskar and axxe
00:14:05Bct_Murder we cant fight
00:14:07Bct_Murder axe imba
00:14:12majava zeus tide cant fight
00:14:15majava get a brak
00:14:17majava beak
00:14:19Bct_Murder zeus
00:14:19Bct_Murder gank
00:14:21Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:14:25PinaryB pudger missing
00:14:29majava you are just bad
00:14:292deep4u i dont.
00:14:48Rotkiv b
00:14:52PinaryB lol
00:15:33PinaryB pudge
00:15:43PinaryB mana
00:15:47Rotkiv cd
00:15:48Arapiles snowball me
00:16:02Bct_Murder i come mid
00:16:04Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:16:08Rotkiv k
00:16:09AliBaba zeus ? ulti ?
00:16:192deep4u mana.
00:16:37VVindoWz omg
00:16:38AliBaba tide ?
00:16:40AliBaba pussy `?
00:16:41VVindoWz lvl 11
00:16:44Bct_Murder no mana
00:16:44Bct_Murder man
00:16:46AliBaba so ?
00:16:52Bct_Murder what i can do?
00:16:53Rotkiv hes good
00:16:54Arapiles well mogi
00:16:57VVindoWz now lvl 12
00:17:01Arapiles u just asked for that hook
00:17:10Arapiles gave him freekill
00:17:382deep4u what clothes did u guys wear today?
00:17:442deep4u i have ulti
00:17:502deep4u tide ulti
00:18:04Bct_Murder i dont have
00:18:06Bct_Murder cooldown
00:18:14Rotkiv wards?
00:18:18Arapiles crow it pls
00:19:06Arapiles sry no call
00:19:12AliBaba ffs
00:19:15AliBaba zeus
00:19:16AliBaba srsly
00:19:212deep4u yeah?
00:19:272deep4u 1 hit.
00:19:282deep4u slayer.
00:19:34Bct_Murder ulti rdy
00:19:382deep4u sorry im a bit drunk
00:19:49Bct_Murder i drink beer now ;]
00:19:52majava -st
00:20:38Rotkiv go?
00:20:41PinaryB go
00:21:00Bct_Murder they warded all map
00:21:01Bct_Murder ;]
00:21:252deep4u .....
00:21:28AliBaba :D
00:21:30Bct_Murder ff
00:21:37Rotkiv see we need wards all the time ..
00:21:43Arapiles yy
00:21:53AliBaba he is invis
00:23:08Rotkiv slard make bkb ..axe get dagger
00:23:292deep4u this game is so fucked up
00:23:352deep4u i havent gotten basic shit because of axe.
00:23:50Rotkiv go bot all
00:24:022deep4u ARRRRRRRRR
00:24:02PinaryB low mana
00:24:09VVindoWz i got boots
00:24:13VVindoWz but not ready
00:24:19Arapiles care mid
00:24:202deep4u IZ HAMMERTEIM
00:24:21Arapiles b
00:24:37Rotkiv tp
00:24:45AliBaba urn ?
00:24:50AliBaba -.-
00:25:12Arapiles mega lags
00:25:22AliBaba majava..
00:25:23AliBaba i hate you
00:25:25Arapiles unfucking playable
00:25:29Rotkiv get new wards ..
00:25:34majava ??
00:25:46AliBaba i ask for urn .. and you urn youself :D
00:25:53majava didnt notice
00:25:57AliBaba hmmm
00:25:58AliBaba fair
00:26:21PinaryB bot farm
00:27:14VVindoWz care
00:27:27Bct_Murder back
00:27:42VVindoWz b
00:27:42VVindoWz b
00:27:44VVindoWz ffs
00:27:56VVindoWz wait them
00:27:58VVindoWz here
00:28:29AliBaba come so i fucking teth you..
00:28:322deep4u ARI BAA BAAAAAAA
00:28:40Arapiles snowball me
00:28:47Arapiles nvm
00:28:59Arapiles b
00:29:362deep4u ZICK SEUS
00:30:072deep4u XD
00:30:10PinaryB just ult?
00:30:102deep4u THEY MAD
00:30:162deep4u ORRE MAD
00:30:292deep4u orre swe?
00:30:33Orre nej
00:30:402deep4u okej
00:30:41AliBaba dansker ?
00:30:45Rotkiv bkb and dagger slard ..
00:30:452deep4u somalia?
00:30:46Orre suomi
00:30:492deep4u suomali
00:30:502deep4u a
00:30:54AliBaba bah bah
00:31:12Orre but my friend is called bentner from den
00:31:172deep4u :D
00:31:17Rotkiv go
00:31:24AliBaba n to the ice
00:31:262deep4u he is not real
00:31:52majava y
00:32:13majava dead
00:32:152deep4u ...
00:32:162deep4u the fuck.
00:32:322deep4u FUG ITTTTTT :DDDDDD
00:32:51PinaryB b
00:32:542deep4u b
00:32:542deep4u b
00:32:542deep4u b
00:32:552deep4u b
00:32:552deep4u b
00:32:59VVindoWz all b
00:33:05VVindoWz lina ?
00:33:07Arapiles come
00:33:13VVindoWz when i eul be ready with stun
00:33:14PinaryB come her
00:33:15Arapiles b
00:33:22Arapiles omfg
00:33:26VVindoWz busted
00:33:382deep4u watch me dance.
00:33:38Arapiles stupid stupid
00:33:432deep4u DANSE CARRIBE
00:33:48VVindoWz go go mid ?
00:33:51Rotkiv when you guys gonna get dagger?
00:33:52VVindoWz got ulti and full mana
00:33:56AliBaba medusa
00:33:58AliBaba come with us
00:34:25Arapiles gj
00:34:27Arapiles suicide
00:34:40Arapiles I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:422deep4u ZUSSSSSS
00:34:48VVindoWz pinary why u go bot ?
00:34:51AliBaba oom
00:34:55Arapiles not his mistake
00:34:59Arapiles u go 3v5 rambo
00:35:03Arapiles fucking idiotic
00:35:17AliBaba gj
00:35:24VVindoWz now lets go 5 for once?
00:35:24majava -st
00:35:35Orre nah
00:35:38Orre one by one
00:35:40Rotkiv and focus week heroes
00:35:43VVindoWz y
00:35:49Bct_Murder pipe rdy :)
00:35:50VVindoWz focus zeus wisp and on
00:35:53majava good
00:35:58VVindoWz nnot pudge
00:35:58Arapiles y
00:36:02VVindoWz i will silence
00:36:11majava wisp can you place wards?
00:36:14AliBaba y
00:36:19majava one here
00:36:21majava for sure
00:36:222deep4u BLEEPS AND BLOOPS
00:36:25majava otehr here
00:36:262deep4u = ELECTRONIC MUSIC
00:36:272deep4u :D
00:36:53Rotkiv b
00:36:56Rotkiv ?
00:37:24majava i tele
00:37:282deep4u b
00:37:55Rotkiv b`?
00:37:57Arapiles y
00:38:01Rotkiv k
00:38:04Arapiles or trap?
00:38:11PinaryB try trap
00:38:18Rotkiv b
00:38:18PinaryB late
00:38:47Arapiles gj
00:38:49Arapiles team
00:38:51PinaryB good plan
00:38:53Arapiles this is epic
00:39:00Rotkiv evryone left ..
00:39:082deep4u DEAL WITH IT
00:39:09Arapiles y orange and yellow
00:39:12majava -st
00:39:12Arapiles just..
00:39:27Rotkiv get pipe someone
00:39:36AliBaba shhhh
00:39:40PinaryB krobe ou should get pipe
00:39:41Rotkiv no team items at all ? :S
00:39:58Rotkiv i go vlad
00:40:252deep4u make so much thunder nikola tesla wanna find me
00:40:40Arapiles wards
00:40:43AliBaba -.-
00:40:492deep4u get it?
00:40:51AliBaba who more make shivas ? :D
00:40:55majava i
00:40:56Rotkiv get them then ..
00:40:58AliBaba hm
00:41:05AliBaba its okay with 2 ?
00:41:06VVindoWz lets try 5 not 3-1-1
00:41:09majava meh
00:41:10Rotkiv wards first
00:41:12AliBaba :D
00:41:13majava make guinsoo
00:41:15Rotkiv cmoon all you got money
00:41:162deep4u BY THE POWER OF THOR
00:41:21AliBaba i got plate mail :(
00:41:252deep4u THOR THE WHORE
00:41:32AliBaba then i make ac
00:41:33Bct_Murder 200 and i have dagger
00:41:33majava cuirass then
00:41:33AliBaba :D
00:41:44majava gogogoogog
00:41:49Arapiles b top
00:41:592deep4u THIS WAS THE WARNING SHOT.
00:42:02PinaryB b
00:42:09Rotkiv b
00:42:122deep4u SAVE THE CREEP
00:42:15VVindoWz arapiles?
00:42:15AliBaba you love the creeps :D
00:42:222deep4u no man left behind.
00:42:22VVindoWz du var ikke med
00:42:26Arapiles idc
00:42:32Arapiles jeg farmer nu
00:42:42Bct_Murder dagger rdy
00:42:46VVindoWz kan jeg godt forstå
00:42:50AliBaba 40 min :D
00:42:56Arapiles du bliver ved med at abandon
00:42:57AliBaba tide
00:42:57AliBaba take
00:43:09Rotkiv this is lost game .. no bkb slard ..
00:43:10Bct_Murder invisible
00:43:18AliBaba got ulti ?
00:43:21Bct_Murder yes
00:43:23AliBaba take
00:43:24VVindoWz jeg abander kun hvis den er umulig
00:43:31AliBaba mid all ?
00:43:44VVindoWz lets go rosh ?
00:43:47PinaryB mana
00:43:49VVindoWz got ulti
00:43:51AliBaba mid
00:43:53Arapiles no rosh
00:43:56Arapiles dont be stupid
00:44:07PinaryB lets try kill them?
00:44:10Arapiles yy
00:44:12Arapiles come orre
00:44:17Rotkiv go to slard
00:44:21PinaryB sloard get bkb ffirst
00:45:18Arapiles b
00:45:19Rotkiv def topp
00:45:22PinaryB go farm bot and top
00:45:25PinaryB go b
00:45:26Arapiles b
00:45:26PinaryB go b
00:45:28Arapiles ffs
00:45:35VVindoWz what went wrong ?
00:45:39VVindoWz i got silence on tide
00:45:47Orre wards someone?
00:45:48Arapiles tusk got hooked
00:45:52majava -st
00:46:22Arapiles 200 to dagger
00:46:23PinaryB get tps pleas
00:46:27Bct_Murder i buy ward
00:46:28Bct_Murder take it
00:46:38Bct_Murder take ward
00:47:34AliBaba relaz
00:47:35AliBaba x
00:47:412deep4u im so fuckign pumped my nigga.
00:47:53Rotkiv b
00:47:572deep4u the
00:47:582deep4u f
00:48:15Rotkiv b
00:48:17VVindoWz just b
00:48:22Bct_Murder omg
00:48:232deep4u XD
00:48:23Bct_Murder laggg
00:48:24Arapiles v
00:48:24Arapiles b
00:48:32majava ...
00:48:39majava b
00:48:40Bct_Murder i have delay sorry team
00:48:43majava tide wasted ult
00:48:472deep4u npp
00:48:47PinaryB no pudge you could fight
00:48:492deep4u we bros.
00:49:23Arapiles go
00:49:39majava -st
00:49:57AliBaba :(
00:50:09majava all base
00:50:11VVindoWz ban
00:50:27PinaryB dusa no tp
00:50:49Rotkiv tower
00:51:13Arapiles diasshow
00:51:42Rotkiv we need to get entry now and get that one rax atlest ..
00:51:48Arapiles y
00:51:53Rotkiv just focus rax when we are getting in ..
00:52:04PinaryB we still need pipe
00:52:05Bct_Murder i make helberd vs axe tuskar and slardar
00:52:10PinaryB ill get it then
00:52:12Rotkiv and slard cant do shit without bkb ..
00:52:18Arapiles bkb on slardar and its over
00:52:36Bct_Murder need ward?
00:52:37Rotkiv push lanes and then we go top'
00:52:45AliBaba always
00:52:582deep4u b
00:52:592deep4u bb
00:53:00VVindoWz im going guinsoo
00:53:132deep4u FOOLISH MEDUSA
00:53:16Bct_Murder meduza meybe meyke lothar?
00:53:19Rotkiv go top
00:53:202deep4u no
00:53:24Rasmus.Seebach you guys dont push???
00:53:252deep4u slardar's amp can see.
00:53:30Rotkiv focus rax
00:53:36majava go base
00:54:02Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:54:06PinaryB focus rax krobe
00:54:51Arapiles we need better entry
00:54:54majava damn im awesome
00:54:55VVindoWz y
00:55:01Arapiles pudge or tide
00:55:02Rotkiv we need not get hooked
00:55:05majava -st
00:55:06Orre this game is racist
00:55:11Orre BLACK king bar
00:55:122deep4u stfu nigger!"
00:55:14Orre srsly
00:55:21majava also monkey king bar
00:55:22Orre i hear names like that all the time
00:55:26majava black = monkey
00:55:292deep4u i heard ur mom likes black cocks
00:55:30majava coincidence?
00:55:31Arapiles it should be Nigger King Bar
00:55:38Orre dont hate me cause im black
00:55:382deep4u yeap
00:55:41Orre fucking racists
00:55:452deep4u i hate you cause you're blue
00:56:002deep4u u know like
00:56:022deep4u feeling blue
00:56:02Orre inside were all the same
00:56:032deep4u as in sad
00:56:092deep4u we're just like you
00:56:122deep4u except were black.
00:56:28Rotkiv top?
00:56:32Arapiles y
00:56:33Rotkiv def
00:56:36PinaryB gather up
00:56:38majava b top
00:56:45PinaryB too weak split up
00:56:49VVindoWz inded
00:57:05VVindoWz come
00:57:07VVindoWz lets charge at once
00:57:10VVindoWz one
00:57:192deep4u i see.
00:57:25Rotkiv pipe?
00:57:25PinaryB i get pipe
00:57:27VVindoWz go jungle ?
00:57:272deep4u i see what you're trying to do!
00:57:28VVindoWz all together
00:57:38VVindoWz i keep them silenced as good i cna
00:57:442deep4u filthy blacks.
00:57:51VVindoWz u want me to focus pudge or keep him out of combat ?
00:58:06Rotkiv focus tide zeus wisp
00:58:202deep4u ...
00:58:21Rotkiv thats entry
00:58:242deep4u the f
00:58:31majava base
00:58:32majava alll
00:58:422deep4u how did tide die.
00:59:08Arapiles no time
00:59:17majava take it
00:59:24Arapiles rosh
00:59:32Rotkiv jep rosh fast all
00:59:36Arapiles orange???
00:59:37VVindoWz so why is noone moving ?
00:59:392deep4u medusa take.
00:59:42PinaryB slard is top
00:59:43PinaryB cant go
00:59:46VVindoWz slardar
00:59:47Arapiles b
00:59:47Arapiles b
00:59:49VVindoWz come
00:59:59PinaryB mana
01:00:06majava go
01:00:11Bct_Murder medusa
01:00:11VVindoWz axe u hide
01:00:12Bct_Murder go push
01:00:14Bct_Murder stop farm
01:00:15VVindoWz lets have a nasty call
01:00:23PinaryB who took?
01:00:24majava and off he goes
01:00:26Arapiles wards pls
01:00:28VVindoWz dusa
01:01:13VVindoWz for real slardar
01:01:14Rotkiv this slard lost this game for us
01:01:14majava go mid
01:01:24Arapiles y
01:01:29VVindoWz and axe lets have u call more than 1 hero
01:01:342deep4u wp
01:01:40VVindoWz slarda
01:01:44VVindoWz why u leave fight before it even starts
01:01:44Arapiles called 2
01:01:59VVindoWz and lina just one big question ?
01:02:05Arapiles krob stop
01:02:06Rotkiv I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:11Arapiles you and slard lost this
01:02:18Arapiles by stupid actions midgame
01:02:22VVindoWz what i do wrong ? silencing all ? making kills ?
01:02:29Arapiles u dont go w team
01:02:30VVindoWz right now i did nothing wrong. slardar missed
01:02:322deep4u do you know what it feels like
01:02:33Rotkiv its slard ..
01:02:342deep4u to be hated
01:02:39Rotkiv no one else
01:02:49Bct_Murder back
01:03:012deep4u :((
01:03:13PinaryB I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:19VVindoWz as soon slardar get bkb.. we should just call and stun and focus zeus and pudge
01:03:34Bct_Murder i have ulti
01:03:34Orre i have
01:03:38Arapiles try last gank
01:03:44Bct_Murder push last line or to miod
01:03:462deep4u MOM
01:03:482deep4u WATCH ME NOW
01:03:55Arapiles go bot
01:03:56Rotkiv go bot
01:04:132deep4u TIDE
01:04:132deep4u FFS
01:04:23majava def base
01:04:242deep4u LOCO
01:04:30VVindoWz push fast
01:04:32VVindoWz bot or bot
01:04:34VVindoWz mid/
01:05:35VVindoWz what happened to focus zeus ?
01:05:382deep4u LASTHIT MASTER
01:05:49VVindoWz why is so many on pudge before zeus with refresher is dead ?
01:05:53Rotkiv why chase gordon .. we where pushing lane ..
01:05:562deep4u I feel so.. Refreshed. WINK IWNK
01:05:56VVindoWz ¨
01:05:59VVindoWz chase ?
01:06:02VVindoWz i gave ya free dusa
01:06:05VVindoWz and then u go pudge
01:06:13VVindoWz blame urself only
01:06:17Arapiles lol
01:06:19Arapiles mogi
01:06:20VVindoWz u came into fight full hp when 2 peeps allready were dead
01:06:22Rotkiv I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:24Arapiles du løb for langt
01:06:322deep4u they said i could be anything
01:06:33VVindoWz jeg gav jer medusa.. blockede hende
01:06:34Rotkiv i was pushing lane ..
01:06:362deep4u so i became the god of thunder
01:06:36VVindoWz så går folk på åudge
01:06:38majava 5k healt up in this bitch
01:06:39VVindoWz helt færdige
01:06:412deep4u swag.
01:06:45Orre i didnt want to be black
01:06:47Rotkiv I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:07:22Arapiles diasshow in all fights
01:07:25Arapiles gg
01:07:26Arapiles I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:07:51Rotkiv gg
01:08:00majava gg
01:08:00AliBaba wp guys
01:08:03AliBaba really gg
01:08:372deep4u gg
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