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Chat log

00:00:00Pufff-Reis [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jonneblarre with 55 seconds.
00:00:05Pufff-Reis -rd
00:00:062deep4u -rd
00:00:10InstinctDota :D
00:00:21Pufff-Reis lycan
00:00:21Jonneblarre am
00:00:21Jonneblarre am
00:00:212deep4u DO NOT PICK THEM
00:00:212deep4u DO NOT.
00:00:51RomyD82 -tips
00:00:57InstinctDota 'tips?
00:00:58InstinctDota ffs
00:01:02RomyD82 ye
00:01:08RomyD82 i like to read that
00:01:14Jonneblarre get supporter
00:01:14Jonneblarre s
00:01:20RomyD82 lanes captain?
00:01:25Jonneblarre u top
00:01:27Jonneblarre me mid i think
00:01:36Countertrap me wood axe or lane?
00:01:53Jonneblarre undying would be nice
00:02:02RomyD82 pff
00:02:02InstinctDota sure?
00:02:03RomyD82 ck
00:02:07InstinctDota undying ?
00:02:09Jonneblarre y
00:02:09RomyD82 we should have got
00:02:172deep4u shittttt
00:02:20DotAlent where i go?
00:02:25Jonneblarre aa top
00:02:30Jonneblarre omni
00:02:34Jonneblarre and dirge bot
00:02:41RomyD82 2 healers lane
00:02:47Jonneblarre ok
00:02:50InstinctDota -ms
00:02:56RomyD82 not so good imo
00:03:08InstinctDota 1 healer each lane should have been
00:03:15InstinctDota nvm :)
00:03:20DotAlent rdy fb
00:03:23DotAlent got ilus
00:03:27RomyD82 yy
00:03:32RomyD82 klow hp hero
00:04:54InstinctDota ss bot
00:05:04RomyD82 u pull?
00:05:37Countertrap s
00:05:562deep4u stun??!?!?!
00:06:04KravaOdMaga oom
00:06:062deep4u lol
00:06:24InstinctDota -ms
00:06:53KravaOdMaga whats to lol about i have 200 mana
00:07:34Jonneblarre ss
00:07:35DotAlent go ck
00:07:41Jonneblarre re
00:09:162deep4u ss bala
00:09:20Countertrap RLY!
00:09:30Jonneblarre ss mid
00:09:35InstinctDota gj
00:09:352deep4u realju
00:09:41RomyD82 he tped bot
00:09:45Countertrap ss
00:09:48KravaOdMaga y
00:10:20RomyD82 go ck
00:10:22DotAlent K
00:10:252deep4u get rdy
00:11:09Countertrap ss omni
00:11:40KravaOdMaga amma jungle
00:11:46KravaOdMaga a lill bit
00:11:47Jonneblarre bate
00:11:572deep4u XD
00:12:112deep4u int treads yugo
00:12:132deep4u yugi
00:12:45KravaOdMaga ffs what is this
00:12:49InstinctDota -ms
00:12:512deep4u u new at dota?
00:12:56KravaOdMaga pretty new
00:12:57KravaOdMaga yes
00:13:002deep4u ah k
00:13:00KravaOdMaga but tis is like op
00:13:06InstinctDota -ms
00:13:11RomyD82 bane is bot
00:13:13RomyD82 b
00:13:172deep4u yes pretty
00:13:212deep4u he can attack you while inv.
00:13:37InstinctDota -ms
00:13:442deep4u slark?
00:14:06DotAlent tower
00:14:11RomyD82 def?
00:14:56DotAlent Lol?
00:14:57RomyD82 fresking ck
00:16:582deep4u wtf jugger..
00:16:592deep4u int treads.
00:17:002deep4u blink
00:17:032deep4u you're fucking puck
00:17:052deep4u not*
00:17:062deep4u :D
00:17:50DotAlent BALANAR
00:17:52DotAlent HIR HIMT
00:17:53DotAlent NAP
00:18:23RomyD82 srry man
00:18:29RomyD82 i fucke up
00:18:49DotAlent if he wirls
00:18:51DotAlent just hit him
00:18:52DotAlent normal
00:18:54DotAlent he dies fast
00:18:55RomyD82 i know
00:19:01RomyD82 but another one comes
00:19:30KravaOdMaga how did u find me ?
00:19:34KravaOdMaga aaaaahhh.
00:20:28InstinctDota -ms
00:20:322deep4u tp cd.
00:20:322deep4u ftw.
00:20:43DotAlent silsence
00:20:44DotAlent on juger
00:20:46DotAlent only he can play
00:20:51RomyD82 ye ye
00:21:29InstinctDota ok
00:21:55DotAlent he cant win alone
00:21:57DotAlent so go in team
00:22:04InstinctDota coming mid
00:22:46RomyD82 fucking shit
00:22:56RomyD82 cast ur spells right
00:23:12InstinctDota guys u gonna help ?
00:23:58Jonneblarre b
00:24:22DotAlent ulti when im death
00:25:04KravaOdMaga this is not fair
00:25:05KravaOdMaga ......
00:25:10KravaOdMaga they are op.
00:25:19Countertrap dont cry and play
00:25:22Countertrap ck op too
00:25:24RomyD82 lothar
00:25:42DotAlent who?
00:25:48RomyD82 blue
00:25:57RomyD82 jugg
00:26:052deep4u trust me your hero can be very op as well.
00:26:08DotAlent going hex
00:26:33DotAlent we got omni
00:26:34DotAlent good ulti
00:26:37DotAlent and juger is ulses
00:26:50Jonneblarre bot or mid?=
00:26:54DotAlent bot
00:27:02KravaOdMaga they have dust
00:28:06DotAlent push?
00:28:18Jonneblarre tp
00:28:22Jonneblarre b
00:28:23DotAlent b
00:28:34DotAlent got hex for that jguer
00:28:43RomyD82 gj
00:29:222deep4u b
00:29:22DotAlent hex juger
00:29:34RomyD82 its day
00:29:38RomyD82 :D
00:29:43DotAlent some one
00:29:44DotAlent buy ward
00:29:47DotAlent s
00:30:57DotAlent xD
00:31:06DotAlent to much chase
00:31:11RomyD82 ye
00:31:13DotAlent and omni b
00:31:13RomyD82 my bad
00:31:14DotAlent full hop
00:31:15DotAlent mana
00:31:16DotAlent tt
00:31:22RomyD82 he died
00:31:35DotAlent def
00:31:40InstinctDota ill go
00:32:13RomyD82 hate dautime
00:32:15RomyD82 :D
00:33:17RomyD82 dont push
00:33:32RomyD82 dont
00:33:36Jonneblarre go top
00:34:17Countertrap -ff
00:34:19DotAlent mid
00:34:22Countertrap I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:28RomyD82 wp aa
00:34:32DotAlent u2
00:34:38Rasmus.Seebach y
00:36:09RomyD82 greed
00:36:15RomyD82 wtf undy
00:36:19Rasmus.Seebach greed is fun
00:36:20InstinctDota :D
00:36:22RomyD82 what items u get?
00:36:24DotAlent dirge imba items .d
00:36:27InstinctDota having fun
00:36:30Jonneblarre -ii
00:36:51RomyD82 dont think ull have so much fun
00:37:00InstinctDota :D
00:37:12InstinctDota i willif there's no YUrnero behind me always
00:38:11RomyD82 wtyf
00:38:32DotAlent TOP
00:40:47InstinctDota -ms
00:41:00Pufff-Reis gg
00:41:01Pufff-Reis I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:40InstinctDota gj
00:41:42Jonneblarre 'heal omni?
00:42:37DotAlent WHERE is chick?
00:42:41InstinctDota dead
00:42:44DotAlent noooooooooooooooooooooo
00:45:01Jonneblarre what are we doing...?
00:45:06RomyD82 :D
00:45:11RomyD82 dont know
00:45:28Jonneblarre i tierd lets just go and finish
00:45:32Rasmus.Seebach y
00:45:32RomyD82 kk
00:45:35RomyD82 go all mid
00:45:54RomyD82 its perma night
00:46:01Jonneblarre AHHAH
00:46:41Orre I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
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