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Chat log

00:00:10Laier get me wl leshrac pic for me pls. pick*
00:00:16TarzanQ wank good player?
00:00:16TarzanQ ;D
00:00:16Kastrup :P
00:00:16WANKmaster :D
00:00:16Laier wank
00:00:16Laier ban smart
00:00:16WANKmaster here we go again
00:00:16Laier so you get wl
00:00:16Laier ban like void
00:00:16Laier so he bans slark
00:00:16WANKmaster -void
00:00:16Laier and gimme my wl
00:00:16Laier :))
00:00:16WANKmaster what u going
00:00:16WantedZip WL
00:00:16WANKmaster for
00:00:16WANKmaster tarzan
00:00:16Laier bitch
00:00:16WantedZip LOVE
00:00:22WANKmaster tarzan
00:00:25TarzanQ mb wd mid
00:00:25WANKmaster u good player
00:00:26WANKmaster ?
00:00:28TarzanQ kinda 2many own
00:00:32TarzanQ 2much*
00:00:38TarzanQ you go farm
00:00:42TarzanQ i take 72kills
00:00:45mansikka me enigma
00:00:46WANKmaster :D
00:00:47mansikka pls
00:01:03PeterLars who wanted lesh
00:01:07mansikka what u want
00:01:09WANKmaster lets lane skywrath me
00:01:12Laier no i wanted it
00:01:15Laier you lane with me
00:01:17Laier i take atro
00:01:18WantedZip wr
00:01:22mansikka -swap 1
00:01:24WantedZip -swap 4
00:01:29TarzanQ i hate spiritbreaker
00:01:29TarzanQ a
00:01:30TarzanQ . what u want?
00:01:37PeterLars dunno
00:01:40KeLToS a life
00:01:47Laier skywrath bot Keltos you sure do need one
00:01:49Laier im top with wank
00:01:56Laier say it wank
00:01:57Kastrup he just said we should lane?
00:01:57Laier ...
00:01:58WANKmaster ok lars fast
00:02:01PeterLars luna
00:02:03PeterLars luna
00:02:07PeterLars -swap 5
00:02:07WANKmaster is it better for me -swap 2
00:02:11WANKmaster to be with atro
00:02:12Kastrup then i would have fucking bought wards
00:02:12KeLToS what do u know about me
00:02:12TarzanQ btw
00:02:14TarzanQ never
00:02:15KeLToS somebody guy
00:02:15TarzanQ but NEVER
00:02:18TarzanQ but recipepe
00:02:18TarzanQ first
00:02:21WantedZip enigma woods ?
00:02:22TarzanQ recipe*
00:02:24mansikka ys
00:02:31WantedZip lesh og bara top
00:02:31Laier suck my huge dick+
00:02:36TarzanQ w/e
00:02:36Kastrup .... Your retarded comments make you the person you are in my eyes
00:02:38KeLToS i know peter irl
00:02:47KeLToS why are u jalous In my eyes, ur a guy who wants to be badass in dota
00:02:58KeLToS i know them zip and peter irl So it means in your weak in irl, you need a change so
00:03:04KeLToS wow You know my answer
00:03:15KeLToS ? If you didint understand what i said check replay and ask ur mates
00:03:31KeLToS usy
00:03:33KeLToS b
00:03:45KeLToS ..
00:04:20Laier can kill lesh
00:04:21Laier i think
00:04:30Laier i sleep
00:04:33Laier go next to him with nuke
00:05:08Laier nvm
00:05:09Laier i pull
00:05:59PeterLars gank sky maybe?
00:06:11mansikka OK
00:06:14mansikka GO
00:06:15Kastrup need gank mid?
00:06:19TarzanQ cant kill
00:06:19TarzanQ anyway
00:07:29WantedZip ss lets try
00:08:08TarzanQ coem try gang
00:08:15KeLToS b
00:08:18KeLToS im going mid
00:08:23Kastrup omw now
00:08:37Laier :DDD
00:08:42Laier sick gang
00:08:46WANKmaster :d wp at mid
00:09:07Kastrup there u go :) why not try top`?
00:09:25KeLToS :D
00:09:27Laier rofl
00:09:27Laier :D
00:09:33Laier klinda gay looking charge
00:09:37Laier go again
00:09:41Kastrup ready bb?
00:09:47KeLToS cd charge
00:09:55WantedZip ss
00:09:56TarzanQ i come top
00:09:57KeLToS ok rdy
00:09:58TarzanQ ss mid
00:09:59TarzanQ re
00:10:15TarzanQ g
00:10:31WANKmaster i need 6
00:10:34WANKmaster im insta dead
00:10:58PeterLars got ulti enigmia
00:11:00TarzanQ ss
00:11:06Laier kill lesh
00:11:11diesel fail :S
00:11:17TarzanQ ss
00:11:23diesel let me farm
00:11:24diesel my item
00:11:24WANKmaster b
00:11:28diesel then lets be agressive
00:12:15Laier :DDDD
00:12:18KeLToS funny
00:12:18Laier thats so gay
00:12:22Kastrup 3 bot
00:12:26Kastrup lesh
00:12:40TarzanQ fail
00:12:41TarzanQ .
00:12:41Kastrup cmon ?
00:12:43diesel FUCKING KASTRUP
00:12:45diesel I TOLD YOU
00:12:46diesel let me farm
00:12:50Kastrup WHAT!?
00:12:55Kastrup what the fuck does that have to do with me
00:12:55diesel dont be agressive
00:12:57Kastrup you fuck tad
00:12:58KeLToS mini stun
00:12:59Kastrup they came from side
00:13:00Kastrup lesh
00:13:01Kastrup enigma
00:13:07diesel I had to come and save ur ass
00:13:17TarzanQ how you come
00:13:18TarzanQ from top
00:13:19TarzanQ O_O
00:13:26KeLToS i was at ur base
00:13:30TarzanQ seems legit
00:13:54WANKmaster :D
00:13:57WANKmaster nice shackle
00:14:02Laier wd come top with me
00:14:07TarzanQ need 100g
00:15:16Laier free kill with my ult
00:15:29TarzanQ care
00:15:30TarzanQ ss
00:15:31TarzanQ wr
00:15:34TarzanQ going top
00:15:36TarzanQ probably for rune
00:15:46TarzanQ go wr
00:16:29PeterLars get some wards
00:17:12Laier go
00:17:30TarzanQ ok ;D
00:18:52Laier dead
00:19:01Laier why you canceled charge? :D
00:19:04Laier he would beendead :/
00:19:15KeLToS no
00:19:18KeLToS me enigma would die
00:19:34TarzanQ go for luna
00:20:45PeterLars ^^
00:20:50Laier tp
00:21:35KeLToS def
00:22:28TarzanQ imba
00:22:29TarzanQ .
00:22:33WANKmaster why we are so agressive ?:d
00:22:35Kastrup not much help from that slark
00:22:37TarzanQ cuz twr
00:22:42WANKmaster insta dead
00:22:44WANKmaster why should
00:22:44TarzanQ he couldn't do anything
00:22:45WANKmaster i come?
00:22:51Kastrup i could have taken one out
00:22:52Kastrup easy
00:22:56TarzanQ should go for eni
00:22:57Kastrup if not for this stupid ulti
00:22:58TarzanQ first
00:22:59TarzanQ then go twr
00:24:19Laier jump mby? :/
00:25:46WANKmaster wtf ? :d
00:25:57TarzanQ b
00:26:01Kastrup wait here?
00:26:01Laier got ulti rdy
00:26:10Laier ok nmo then
00:26:30TarzanQ twr on 200
00:26:42Kastrup i think luna used ulti on my illu :df
00:26:45KeLToS cunt
00:26:46TarzanQ ;D
00:27:00Laier care now
00:27:01Laier all miss
00:27:08Laier coming
00:27:09Laier kill top
00:27:10Kastrup this way
00:27:16Laier go
00:27:16Laier now
00:27:30Kastrup two towers
00:27:52Kastrup care for egnam ulti
00:27:58TarzanQ b
00:29:33Laier would been both dead
00:29:39Laier if this idiout wouldnt ulti bara
00:29:48Kastrup me?
00:29:51Laier y
00:29:54Kastrup lol
00:31:14Kastrup charged
00:31:21WANKmaster omg ....
00:31:26TarzanQ was about to say "like he can die"
00:31:27TarzanQ ;D
00:31:54WANKmaster second time im not watching ..
00:33:11Kastrup lothars
00:33:12TarzanQ luna lothar
00:33:44Laier b
00:33:45Laier idiots
00:34:01TarzanQ b
00:34:02TarzanQ wtf
00:34:04Laier fucking idiot
00:34:05Laier go b?
00:34:22KeLToS sup slark?
00:34:28KeLToS what u dping there
00:34:34TarzanQ you weren't supposed to see him >.>
00:34:39TarzanQ that was the plan
00:34:50Kastrup go together?
00:34:57TarzanQ gem/wards
00:35:05Kastrup or just hope slark out carry them all?
00:35:17KeLToS son of a whore
00:35:18KeLToS lesh
00:35:23diesel gj
00:35:25TarzanQ you die? :(
00:35:29TarzanQ yeeeeeees )
00:35:34KeLToS i had a lesh in woods I had u on lane three deaths because of u
00:35:56KeLToS y great succes u and me
00:36:05KeLToS but ok, we can play dis way
00:36:09Kastrup wd
00:36:33Kastrup WD!
00:36:34Kastrup ffs
00:36:37TarzanQ need
00:36:37TarzanQ 300
00:36:45Laier yeye keep farming
00:36:54TarzanQ 100
00:37:04Kastrup well this is so stupid
00:37:19Laier dno why you fight 3v5
00:37:21Laier when wd is farming
00:37:27TarzanQ +1
00:37:28Kastrup and why the fuck is wd farming
00:37:31Kastrup thats fucking stupid
00:37:38TarzanQ needed bkb
00:37:38Laier i was warding
00:37:40TarzanQ was 3 secs so unlucky casks
00:39:02Kastrup go mid?
00:39:03Kastrup now?
00:39:32TarzanQ get blademail
00:39:33TarzanQ bb
00:40:05Laier tower 10hp
00:40:12TarzanQ go bd
00:40:22TarzanQ b
00:40:25TarzanQ ?
00:40:50TarzanQ alone push?
00:40:50Kastrup or what?
00:40:51TarzanQ kk
00:40:52TarzanQ D
00:41:07Laier b
00:41:11Laier b bot
00:41:12Laier all there
00:41:23Kastrup charged
00:41:31diesel radi or blademale or pipe?
00:41:32TarzanQ b
00:41:33TarzanQ no mana
00:41:35Laier go
00:41:39TarzanQ b
00:41:47TarzanQ w/e
00:42:15TarzanQ or just go radi
00:42:18WANKmaster imo radi sounds better
00:42:29Laier mby def base?
00:42:46TarzanQ go
00:43:03TarzanQ dunno
00:43:04TarzanQ why you go
00:43:05TarzanQ 2v5
00:43:07TarzanQ but w/e
00:43:12diesel why go 1 by 1 by 1 at bot?
00:43:13Laier dno wh you farm
00:43:17Laier when every1 else is pushing
00:43:23diesel bot was cd
00:43:24TarzanQ i told my reasons
00:43:27TarzanQ idc if you aprove it
00:43:28diesel and u didnt push
00:43:28TarzanQ or not
00:43:30Laier dont give a shit
00:43:31diesel u died one by one
00:43:37diesel and then another one went to help
00:43:39diesel and died
00:43:47Laier b
00:43:48Laier b
00:43:49TarzanQ xD
00:44:02WANKmaster HEL NO
00:44:03WANKmaster *:D:D:d
00:44:03Laier told you
00:44:05PeterLars ^^^
00:44:16TarzanQ b retarded 2x 1 hp ofc
00:46:07TarzanQ b
00:46:16KeLToS def base man
00:46:26Laier dd top
00:46:39TarzanQ we need
00:46:40TarzanQ one good action
00:46:44TarzanQ to win
00:46:54Kastrup unfortunately..
00:46:58Kastrup we dont do many good actions
00:47:08TarzanQ we dont have any;D
00:47:21TarzanQ we just chase
00:47:23TarzanQ likoe modafakasre
00:47:29Laier dead probably
00:47:33Laier they rosh?
00:47:37TarzanQ no mana
00:47:38TarzanQ cant go
00:47:54TarzanQ let's try
00:47:56TarzanQ 5v5 fight?
00:48:00TarzanQ or?
00:48:08Kastrup with you bkb
00:48:09Kastrup and ulti
00:48:11Kastrup we should win
00:48:12TarzanQ go mid
00:48:12TarzanQ all
00:48:15Kastrup if bara dont focus u
00:48:29KeLToS b
00:48:42Laier top goes
00:48:53Laier got wards
00:48:55WANKmaster we got no gem
00:48:56TarzanQ i get
00:48:57TarzanQ gem
00:49:20TarzanQ need ghost scepter
00:49:20TarzanQ .
00:49:22Laier me first
00:49:24Laier so i can sleep
00:49:31Kastrup we need engange
00:49:32Kastrup and no daggers
00:49:34TarzanQ y
00:49:35Kastrup = hard to
00:49:52Laier got dagger now
00:49:59Kastrup enfable himn
00:50:02Kastrup and then why not force me?
00:50:41TarzanQ gem
00:50:49WANKmaster no luna
00:50:49TarzanQ without luna
00:50:51WANKmaster and still
00:50:51Laier wd stay back next time
00:50:52WANKmaster :D
00:50:54KeLToS -afk
00:50:58Laier so enigma wond get ulti
00:51:06Laier ye well enigma did all the job
00:52:25TarzanQ wy dust
00:52:27KeLToS -ms
00:52:31Kastrup wasn't sure
00:52:33TarzanQ give gem
00:52:50Kastrup rios?
00:52:52TarzanQ give it
00:52:52Kastrup or ?
00:52:53TarzanQ i go check
00:52:55TarzanQ for wards
00:53:12mansikka wd has gem
00:53:24Laier we need to psuh
00:53:26Laier wont win late
00:53:29Laier vs wr bara luna
00:53:32WantedZip SOLO!
00:53:33TarzanQ we wotn win
00:53:36TarzanQ even if wwep ush now
00:53:38TarzanQ no joke?
00:53:41Laier so why we play?
00:53:41KeLToS np
00:53:41WantedZip :D
00:53:43KeLToS i fix
00:53:47KeLToS double orb
00:54:02TarzanQ ajde
00:54:04TarzanQ try split push
00:54:05TarzanQ ftw
00:54:06TarzanQ ;D
00:54:14diesel I push bot
00:54:17Laier slark is too weak
00:54:22KeLToS reuse
00:54:25TarzanQ slark pro
00:54:27TarzanQ ;*
00:54:30WANKmaster :d
00:54:35Laier to weak tbh :/
00:54:41mansikka lets push?
00:54:45TarzanQ seriously luna?
00:55:03TarzanQ this is not possible
00:55:06TarzanQ so low farm
00:55:09TarzanQ farming all the time
00:55:18Laier gg
00:55:34Laier I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:55:53Laier y chase
00:55:55KeLToS ?
00:55:57Laier base lost meanwhile
00:56:02TarzanQ it's over
00:56:03TarzanQ anyway
00:56:05Kastrup I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:12Laier thanks to your needed farm
00:56:15Laier and useless skywrath
00:56:16Laier :D
00:56:16TarzanQ ;*
00:56:23Kastrup well i got charged all game
00:56:30TarzanQ almost move
00:56:36TarzanQ wont even push him
00:56:37TarzanQ ;D
00:57:04TarzanQ die
00:57:21KeLToS np :)
00:57:29TarzanQ gg wp
00:57:32KeLToS well it was fun
00:57:35TarzanQ all - luna
00:57:47KeLToS luna sux dick
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