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-34 X
-2 TS

97% | 1825 X | 1466 TS

-22 X
-1 TS

76% | 1430 X | 1389 TS

-34 X
-1 TS

32% | 1078 X | 1253 TS

-16 X
-6 TS

6% | 930 X | 1104 TS

-39 X
-11 TS

NEW | 909 X | 983 TS

-1 X
+6 TS

85% | 1603 X | 1367 TS

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+1 TS

50% | 1181 X | 1336 TS

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43% | 1110 X | 1318 TS

+44 X
+46 TS

NEW | 1107 X | 1116 TS

+49 X
+24 TS

NEW | 1140 X | 1081 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Nuudel [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 63 seconds.
00:00:16majava ud
00:00:16keevin am
00:00:23keevin ...
00:00:38keevin me mid
00:00:39keevin -clear
00:01:08keevin need some disables now
00:01:44RomyD82 tide
00:01:45RomyD82 ?
00:01:47RomyD82 or?
00:01:49keevin Sure
00:01:55RomyD82 k
00:01:56keevin u have to buy a courier btw
00:02:00Pojetz nice carry team
00:02:07majava ....
00:02:09keevin hmm
00:02:12majava why do you pick carries?
00:02:15RomyD82 i know babe
00:02:16majava when we have lyca
00:02:17keevin they've got no antipush at all
00:02:22keevin but a terrific lategame
00:02:23keevin ;D
00:02:24majava you trying not to win?
00:02:25Pojetz and dawrf
00:02:34RomyD82 where
00:02:38RomyD82 i lane?
00:02:39mby_next_time dwarf wasnt needed
00:02:40mby_next_time already.
00:02:41majava enjoy your riki bb lane
00:02:42AliBaba bot ? :D
00:02:43mby_next_time lyuca can solo
00:02:44mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:45mby_next_time -don
00:02:47mby_next_time -water red
00:02:48mby_next_time -clear
00:02:57mby_next_time share courier
00:02:59Jouez rexxar pull pls
00:03:03RomyD82 we need to gang lycan
00:03:06mby_next_time SHARE
00:03:07mby_next_time CHIKEN
00:03:23majava wake8up
00:03:28majava and share
00:03:34mby_next_time SHARE
00:06:18AliBaba gj
00:06:19RomyD82 gj
00:06:44mby_next_time ss mid
00:07:00keevin coming to
00:07:02keevin p
00:07:08mby_next_time re
00:07:10AliBaba ss
00:07:11AliBaba re
00:07:54Pojetz gg
00:07:57RomyD82 gg
00:07:58majava no shit
00:08:00mby_next_time kk nice luck
00:08:02AliBaba no
00:08:03majava thank your picks
00:08:08Pojetz ye
00:08:08keevin QQ
00:08:09AliBaba lycan need gang !
00:08:15mby_next_time armor didnt work
00:08:17mby_next_time it's luck
00:08:17keevin need rune
00:08:18keevin QQ
00:08:18mby_next_time ss mid
00:08:28RomyD82 oom
00:08:43AliBaba why
00:08:48AliBaba idiot
00:09:11RomyD82 go sniper
00:09:25keevin SS MID
00:09:33keevin care
00:09:33keevin TOP
00:09:34keevin CARE
00:09:39keevin nerub
00:09:40keevin top
00:09:41keevin with ruen
00:09:51keevin ill tp
00:09:51keevin top
00:10:00RomyD82 go him
00:10:07RomyD82 go go
00:10:09mby_next_time FF
00:10:10mby_next_time NOOBS
00:10:14keevin scout
00:10:15keevin clinkz
00:10:23majava ff
00:10:32RomyD82 gj
00:10:37AliBaba u2
00:10:44keevin jesus
00:10:44keevin guys
00:11:13AliBaba dagger first item right tide ?
00:11:22keevin manaboots would be better
00:11:33AliBaba after that ..
00:11:34AliBaba sry
00:11:36keevin ss mid
00:11:37keevin care all
00:11:39Pojetz ss sd
00:11:40RomyD82 i wont get boots
00:11:46mby_next_time ff
00:11:52mby_next_time mid tinker with invis
00:11:55keevin come
00:11:56keevin sd/tide
00:11:59keevin lycan
00:12:03Pojetz CAN SOME1 GANG BOT?
00:12:05Pojetz pLEASE
00:12:06majava :D
00:12:09majava with these heroes
00:12:10mby_next_time you better plug
00:12:11majava gang?
00:12:12majava :D
00:12:28Pojetz jee, we need to try ....
00:12:32Pojetz this game is shit
00:12:33majava :D
00:12:34RomyD82 i come for sniper
00:12:34Pojetz put je
00:12:39keevin mid missing
00:12:39keevin so care
00:12:41majava if you pick shit
00:12:44majava game will be shit
00:12:44keevin for quite a while
00:13:15Jouez -.-
00:13:24AliBaba :*
00:13:29AliBaba mad ?
00:13:35RomyD82 go him
00:14:07RomyD82 go
00:14:22RomyD82 meh
00:14:24keevin mana and ulti
00:14:25keevin ?
00:14:32AliBaba why ulti ?
00:14:35keevin rex
00:14:35ehhfande cd
00:14:36keevin i mean
00:14:39AliBaba its only sniper :s
00:14:40RomyD82 feared tower
00:14:42keevin Go now
00:14:43keevin rex?
00:14:46RomyD82 would fuck us
00:14:52AliBaba hm
00:14:56AliBaba sry for dis
00:15:05Pojetz ss tide
00:15:05Pojetz sd
00:15:20keevin b
00:15:23keevin riki nerub
00:15:24keevin can be invis
00:15:31RomyD82 we need gem
00:15:33keevin I got BoT
00:15:36AliBaba ss
00:15:41keevin so will rape now
00:15:52ehhfande ¨fuck
00:16:07AliBaba go
00:16:20Pojetz :D:D:D:D
00:16:31keevin tower
00:16:33keevin 150hp
00:16:52majava stun!!!
00:16:55majava wtf
00:17:00mby_next_time so say you want to go not to just deny.
00:17:05majava ....
00:17:09keevin ulti riki
00:17:11keevin when possible.
00:17:13ehhfande y
00:19:02AliBaba you go book rex?
00:19:03mby_next_time riki with vlad
00:19:07majava ...
00:19:08mby_next_time so much win
00:19:28keevin gush?
00:19:31keevin ah ook
00:19:33keevin oom
00:20:00Pojetz wtf u do riki
00:20:01Pojetz fagf
00:20:05Pojetz u cant SMOKE+
00:20:09Pojetz AND KILL HIM=?
00:20:13AliBaba need to end fast right ?
00:20:17AliBaba they win late
00:20:17Pojetz krdi pederast
00:20:18Nuudel okei feeder
00:20:18RomyD82 ye
00:20:22Pojetz mul pohhui
00:20:28Nuudel opi m2ngima enne taun
00:20:32Nuudel mida sa feedid
00:20:39Pojetz hahaha ma tahaks n2ha mida sa teeed SD JA TIDE VASTU
00:20:40Pojetz rott
00:20:40keevin invis
00:20:47keevin mid
00:20:47keevin nvm
00:20:50Nuudel konn
00:20:55Pojetz pede v22rakas
00:20:56Pojetz lits
00:21:01Nuudel nii ull
00:21:05AliBaba 2 vlad ? :D
00:21:27RomyD82 puish?
00:21:49mby_next_time rofl
00:21:51keevin XDD
00:21:57keevin nice try
00:21:59mby_next_time that hill
00:22:11keevin have a nice day.
00:22:13mby_next_time wild hill appears.
00:22:17keevin hehe
00:22:51Pojetz banned
00:22:58Jouez wp
00:23:00mby_next_time da faq
00:23:04mby_next_time i was looking
00:23:07mby_next_time at your wp items
00:23:08mby_next_time :DDDD
00:23:20mby_next_time you know
00:23:23RomyD82 push
00:23:24mby_next_time bone is going hex
00:23:27mby_next_time vs you :d
00:23:42RomyD82 push guys
00:23:43mby_next_time loki nudel pojetz
00:23:46mby_next_time why the fuck you play dota
00:23:47keevin omw
00:23:48keevin i tp
00:23:48keevin bot
00:24:07Pojetz why the fuck you alive?
00:24:28majava -cs
00:24:49keevin clinkz 500 hex
00:24:50keevin ;O
00:24:50keevin nice
00:25:41keevin got shivas in a sec.
00:25:49keevin 150g
00:25:50RomyD82 what shall i go?
00:25:58RomyD82 shiva refresh
00:25:59keevin janggo
00:26:02RomyD82 or tank
00:26:05keevin i got shiva
00:26:07keevin no need for 2
00:26:11keevin go tank/refresher
00:26:13keevin or utility stuff
00:26:15AliBaba refresher
00:26:19keevin dont need pipe here
00:26:25RomyD82 ye
00:27:15keevin or get a gem
00:27:20keevin whoever has enough gold
00:27:32keevin tide could carry.
00:27:55AliBaba :*
00:27:58keevin mn1
00:28:00mby_next_time seriously
00:28:01mby_next_time i love
00:28:07mby_next_time my team
00:28:13AliBaba i love my !
00:28:13Nuudel me too
00:28:15RomyD82 guys lets push
00:28:31Nuudel so sweet
00:28:36Nuudel he loves me
00:28:42mby_next_time why the fuck
00:28:45mby_next_time you do play dota
00:29:02mby_next_time bone with hex
00:29:09keevin lycan
00:29:09keevin bkb
00:29:10keevin ..
00:29:11Jouez <3
00:29:28keevin gem
00:29:28RomyD82 push go
00:29:28keevin any..
00:29:31keevin riki was there
00:29:31keevin 2
00:29:59keevin Finish
00:30:05keevin lycan is roshing
00:30:06keevin I guess
00:30:09keevin so push on
00:30:20keevin ok nice
00:30:41keevin ty sd
00:30:45majava I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:46majava plz
00:30:52keevin wasnt enough tho :P
00:30:59mby_next_time one of worst games i have ever seen
00:31:10majava true
00:31:31keevin push bot
00:31:32keevin aswell
00:31:36keevin dont give him rosh
00:31:58Jouez gem to me ß
00:31:59Jouez ?
00:32:04keevin sure
00:32:17mby_next_time dont care had sex.
00:32:19Jouez hex <3
00:32:30Jouez well, hex is much metter :P
00:32:32AliBaba sec with me ?
00:32:35AliBaba Sex ?
00:32:38keevin give gem
00:32:39keevin to rex
00:32:40keevin imo
00:32:43keevin hes unkillable now
00:32:44keevin with HoT
00:33:00Nuudel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:01AliBaba go book rex ? :D
00:33:02Nuudel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:07ehhfande haha:P
00:33:21ehhfande :D
00:33:31keevin tjhats why
00:33:32keevin gem to rex
00:33:32keevin :D
00:33:33RomyD82 what fucking lag
00:33:38RomyD82 i couldnt ul;ti
00:34:05AliBaba dont be rambo
00:34:06AliBaba rez
00:34:15ehhfande :O
00:34:17keevin Cmon guys..
00:34:18AliBaba why ?
00:34:20keevin we can still lose it
00:34:23keevin lycan getting fairly fat..
00:34:28mby_next_time ali got more kills then whole team
00:34:28RomyD82 yes i dont get why we didnt push
00:34:31RomyD82 top lane
00:34:32mby_next_time ":DDDDD
00:34:38Pojetz all my kills
00:34:40AliBaba :D
00:35:09AliBaba gatherf
00:35:09RomyD82 lets gather and push
00:35:12RomyD82 we need another lane
00:35:16keevin ye
00:35:18keevin go top
00:35:19keevin easiest imo
00:35:20keevin but push
00:35:21keevin other lanes
00:35:22keevin first.
00:35:25keevin lock em up
00:36:05Pojetz b
00:36:35mby_next_time why the fuck bone is there
00:36:38keevin foinish
00:36:38keevin pls
00:36:56AliBaba gather now
00:36:59keevin TOP
00:37:00keevin come
00:37:13AliBaba guys
00:37:19keevin TOP
00:37:21keevin srsly
00:37:21keevin guys
00:37:22AliBaba ffs
00:37:22keevin jhurry up
00:37:30AliBaba we loose
00:37:43RomyD82 go go
00:38:00keevin courier died
00:38:01Jouez chick :D
00:38:01keevin PUSH TOP
00:38:02keevin now
00:38:02RomyD82 lost
00:38:05keevin no riki
00:38:07AliBaba omfg
00:38:10AliBaba i fuckign hate you.
00:38:18AliBaba why so much hate on me !
00:38:21AliBaba '
00:38:26AliBaba :(
00:38:27mby_next_time look my whole team
00:38:28majava can you just ff?
00:38:29keevin PUSH
00:38:31mby_next_time want to tak more
00:38:34AliBaba blaaaa
00:38:36mby_next_time wan t to talk more
00:38:56mby_next_time LOL
00:38:57mby_next_time owned
00:39:17keevin BoT tower
00:39:18keevin gone.
00:39:51keevin rosh up?
00:39:53Nuudel suckers:D 3 vs 1:D
00:39:57keevin u nab
00:39:58ehhfande cute :)
00:40:00AliBaba hunt more
00:40:04mby_next_time ya rly tinker
00:40:27RomyD82 go em?
00:40:35AliBaba im ready
00:40:36RomyD82 cmon man
00:41:13mby_next_time going lothar
00:41:16keevin GO ON
00:41:17keevin i tp
00:41:18mby_next_time with na / riki in team
00:41:19mby_next_time epic
00:41:20Pojetz bot
00:41:36majava meh
00:41:38majava let em finish
00:41:49Pojetz no
00:41:49mby_next_time whatever i cant stop them
00:42:03keevin XDD
00:42:05keevin gtfo
00:42:22mby_next_time so retarted ppl here
00:42:29mby_next_time snipergoing lothar with na / riki team
00:42:36mby_next_time riki going vlad
00:42:48mby_next_time bb 40 minut got pt
00:43:06RomyD82 stop controling ffs
00:43:10keevin not me
00:43:17mby_next_time totally outplayed/owned
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