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94% | 1692 X | 1493 TS

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86% | 1563 X | 1423 TS

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83% | 1492 X | 1439 TS

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82% | 1479 X | 1436 TS

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95% | 1692 X | 1520 TS

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81% | 1448 X | 1444 TS

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80% | 1494 X | 1376 TS

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68% | 1308 X | 1403 TS

Chat log

00:00:17extremewaari ban slark
00:00:17extremewaari or will u play it?
00:00:17Yuriko phoenix
00:00:17Yuriko i will play it
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw bala
00:00:17extremewaari good
00:00:17Yuriko no lol
00:00:17Yuriko omni
00:00:17Lynge get AM
00:00:17Vaj.CO am/slark
00:00:17Yuriko my bad
00:00:17Yuriko :)
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw slark then
00:00:17Yuriko am sucks
00:00:17Lafrenzz lol
00:00:17Yuriko especially in this pool
00:00:17Lynge lol not
00:00:17Lynge not many int
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw afk?
00:00:17creeeeeee i'd rather ban ck
00:00:17creeeeeee or ns
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw he s afk
00:00:17Soulyah no im not
00:00:17Soulyah stop lying
00:00:17Lynge stop wanking and ban 1
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw so reply faster then
00:00:17diesel lier lier, your pants
00:00:17diesel are on
00:00:17Lynge stop wanking and ban 1
00:00:17Soulyah wishes?
00:00:17Soulyah i can go meepo
00:00:17Vaj.CO ban am
00:00:17Soulyah any1 phoeniX?
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw he s banned
00:00:17Soulyah Am
00:00:17Vaj.CO i can phoe
00:00:22BoBo.Ftw ah
00:00:22BoBo.Ftw not
00:00:24Firelord0.1 roof or pit
00:00:28Soulyah v6ta sa ck
00:00:34Firelord0.1 give me roof or pit
00:00:35creeeeeee ma pole 2 pick
00:00:42Soulyah i get phoenix for the wanter
00:00:44BoBo.Ftw roof for u then
00:00:46BoBo.Ftw pick me mort
00:00:47Vaj.CO k
00:00:47Firelord0.1 ty
00:00:49creeeeeee kaotasin mänge funch pärast
00:00:49extremewaari illl take ns
00:00:50Vaj.CO what do u want?
00:00:52Soulyah :D
00:00:54Yuriko go mid then
00:00:57Soulyah sk or meepo
00:00:59Soulyah let me think
00:01:04Soulyah sk it is
00:01:10Soulyah or
00:01:12BoBo.Ftw pick me mort then
00:01:12Soulyah maybe cree
00:01:13diesel me bot?
00:01:13Yuriko ogre pitlord would be cool
00:01:13Soulyah gets sk
00:01:15Yuriko ye
00:01:15diesel or with slark?
00:01:18Soulyah ok sk for me
00:01:18Yuriko bot
00:01:19Lafrenzz ill go wisp
00:01:21Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:22Vaj.CO -swap 1
00:01:22creeeeeee i think bara would rock
00:01:23Lafrenzz with someone top
00:01:26Soulyah no
00:01:29Soulyah aoe
00:01:31Soulyah pit
00:01:37extremewaari wisp+slark= <3
00:01:40Lafrenzz y
00:01:42extremewaari pit
00:01:42Firelord0.1 i take pit ?
00:01:44Yuriko pitlord would be cool
00:01:46BoBo.Ftw no
00:01:46Firelord0.1 for roof
00:01:47BoBo.Ftw mort
00:01:48Firelord0.1 ok
00:01:49BoBo.Ftw for me
00:01:49Soulyah take him carry
00:01:58BoBo.Ftw -swap 5
00:02:00Firelord0.1 -swap 2
00:02:01Vaj.CO me bobo bot
00:02:04Soulyah so
00:02:06Soulyah yea
00:02:09Soulyah BOBOBOBOB
00:02:12Yuriko well
00:02:14Vaj.CO pod skype
00:02:14Yuriko you got no chance
00:02:17BoBo.Ftw k
00:02:50Yuriko share your cock please
00:02:54Firelord0.1 letz own them
00:02:55Lynge <3
00:02:56Yuriko ty
00:02:59Yuriko :)
00:03:01creeeeeee no
00:03:02creeeeeee i want to feed
00:03:07Firelord0.1 ok
00:03:10Firelord0.1 lets feed them
00:03:14Soulyah just
00:03:16Soulyah care
00:03:19Soulyah we rock 5v5
00:03:53creeeeeee take invis
00:03:55creeeeeee early
00:03:56creeeeeee lvl 2
00:04:52Lafrenzz first time this hero btw
00:04:53Lafrenzz :p
00:04:57diesel no stun?
00:05:00diesel why didnt u stun?
00:05:06diesel I hate to lane with noobs
00:05:08diesel cant count on them
00:05:10diesel like EVER
00:05:16Soulyah no fun towerr
00:05:25extremewaari mid ss
00:05:45extremewaari re
00:05:50Firelord0.1 go on wisp ?
00:05:53Lafrenzz ill go urn
00:06:18Lynge ss molrt
00:06:19Lynge mort
00:06:27extremewaari mid ss
00:07:14Lynge can stun noW
00:07:18Soulyah xD
00:07:27extremewaari mid ss
00:07:32extremewaari care top
00:07:54Soulyah 1
00:08:00Soulyah "ty"
00:08:00Soulyah for
00:08:03Soulyah giving
00:08:05Soulyah that one creep
00:08:07Soulyah i needed
00:08:12Lafrenzz ss
00:08:15creeeeeee .D
00:08:31diesel gank m,ort
00:08:34Soulyah osta tp
00:08:35Soulyah mlke
00:08:41extremewaari waity night
00:09:02Lynge ss 2
00:09:03Lynge re 1
00:09:08Lynge ss phoen
00:09:22extremewaari mid ss 2
00:09:48Lynge stun ffs
00:09:49extremewaari dive
00:09:55Soulyah ssmid
00:10:03creeeeeee sstop2
00:10:46Lafrenzz ss
00:11:01creeeeeee try slark
00:11:03creeeeeee he is lvl 5
00:11:04creeeeeee atm
00:11:04BoBo.Ftw y
00:11:28extremewaari care bot
00:11:31Lynge im b
00:11:39Soulyah jst farm mort
00:11:41BoBo.Ftw yy
00:11:48creeeeeee mkay have manaboots
00:11:50creeeeeee lets rock
00:12:07Yuriko take me
00:12:09Vaj.CO omw
00:12:20creeeeeee care top
00:12:29Soulyah i tp top
00:12:34Firelord0.1 shop
00:12:47extremewaari stun
00:13:04creeeeeee go top
00:13:20Lafrenzz well
00:13:23Lafrenzz they went on me
00:13:24Lafrenzz np
00:13:28Yuriko yep
00:13:53Soulyah rape
00:14:03extremewaari cant go topå
00:14:07extremewaari that tower is gone
00:14:11extremewaari lets gang mort
00:14:17Lynge nessaj
00:14:27extremewaari now mid
00:14:42Soulyah go more
00:14:45Soulyah we have ultis
00:14:52extremewaari pit top
00:14:52Yuriko they gonna keep going
00:15:00creeeeeee i sure have
00:15:04Vaj.CO :D
00:15:06Lafrenzz go
00:15:26Firelord0.1 balnar silece
00:15:29Firelord0.1 fuck
00:15:55Soulyah that didnt go as it should have gone
00:15:55Soulyah :D
00:16:25Yuriko you here?
00:16:29Yuriko -afk
00:16:34Lynge ?
00:16:39Yuriko wisp is afk
00:16:49Vaj.CO omw
00:16:50Lynge he rolling smoke :D
00:17:25Soulyah invi slark
00:18:37Soulyah :D
00:18:41Lynge SLARK
00:18:49Yuriko what
00:19:16Lynge Waky Waky
00:20:31Vaj.CO fuck
00:20:51Lynge def
00:20:53Yuriko how
00:20:57Lynge i fire'
00:20:58Lynge ffs
00:21:01Yuriko ...
00:21:05Yuriko u get daggered and stunned
00:21:14Lynge no dagger
00:21:23Yuriko mort dagger
00:21:23extremewaari maybe def bot?
00:21:27extremewaari ck
00:23:02Lynge lol
00:24:08Soulyah om,w
00:24:50Soulyah towa
00:25:50Soulyah phoenix bait them to kill ur ulti
00:25:51Vaj.CO gogo
00:26:09Vaj.CO faster
00:26:10Vaj.CO :/
00:27:07Soulyah we need
00:27:10Soulyah ogre to bait then
00:27:50Soulyah gem
00:27:50Soulyah taje
00:28:02Vaj.CO gem?
00:28:03Soulyah gem tpk?
00:28:05diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:05Vaj.CO where is?
00:28:11Soulyah diesd there
00:28:13Soulyah ok they took
00:28:14Soulyah or killed
00:28:26Vaj.CO pink has it
00:28:49Lafrenzz def
00:28:55Vaj.CO b
00:29:27creeeeeee -st
00:29:33creeeeeee horrible
00:29:36creeeeeee 14% mc
00:29:38extremewaari wisp
00:29:40Lynge Wanna tp?
00:29:47creeeeeee 0 times 3x multi
00:29:53Soulyah ASD:SADS
00:29:56Lafrenzz xd
00:30:34Soulyah well
00:30:37Soulyah lets make our aoe count
00:30:41Soulyah next top, roshan
00:30:48Soulyah gem on slark
00:31:08Lynge rape
00:31:11extremewaari obs
00:31:23creeeeeee 4 mid
00:31:24creeeeeee kill em
00:31:38Lynge b
00:32:23Yuriko or run away from it
00:32:37Soulyah need
00:32:37Soulyah pa
00:32:46creeeeeee happens only lanefarming...2xcrit pa :)
00:32:49creeeeeee never in fight :D
00:32:49Lafrenzz slark
00:32:50Lafrenzz kill
00:32:51Lafrenzz come
00:32:52BoBo.Ftw :D
00:33:01Lafrenzz cd
00:33:03Lafrenzz fuck :s
00:33:13Soulyah come
00:33:13Soulyah all
00:33:16Lynge What should i buy ?
00:33:21Lynge pipe Would be nice ?
00:33:22Soulyah i can guard with invi
00:33:30Soulyah nvm
00:33:32Soulyah we cant take
00:33:35Lafrenzz omfg
00:33:36Firelord0.1 pa dead
00:33:40Soulyah y
00:33:40Lynge pipe ?
00:34:49Lafrenzz push mid
00:34:55Soulyah if we can go with 5
00:34:56Yuriko mid and rosh
00:34:59Soulyah without mort soloing
00:35:03Lynge rax ?
00:35:07Yuriko ye
00:35:07Yuriko go rax
00:35:18Yuriko back after 20 sec
00:35:21Yuriko and rosh
00:35:49Lynge ROSH
00:35:51Yuriko yes
00:36:00Yuriko not warded
00:36:04Soulyah now w8 for mort
00:36:11Vaj.CO check
00:36:13Soulyah check rosh ye
00:36:48diesel LOL
00:37:00Lafrenzz why was u not there nessaj
00:37:00Soulyah lolled
00:37:01Yuriko gem is gone :(
00:37:05diesel that was just sad
00:37:06Soulyah ty
00:37:06Yuriko she was dead
00:37:09Soulyah weisp
00:37:11Soulyah wisp
00:37:11Soulyah :D
00:37:14Yuriko -_-
00:37:17BoBo.Ftw ye gg :D
00:37:19diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:45Lynge GO
00:37:45Lynge GO
00:38:16diesel its over
00:38:17diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:18Yuriko whatever
00:38:18Yuriko I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:26creeeeeee oom
00:38:35extremewaari I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:46Firelord0.1 b
00:40:05creeeeeee why are you still there? :D
00:40:17Lafrenzz nessaj S/Y only ?
00:40:17Lafrenzz wtf
00:40:26Soulyah xD
00:40:29extremewaari :D
00:40:30Firelord0.1 new gem
00:40:39Soulyah gosuuublade
00:40:43diesel I have 12 deaths
00:40:45diesel what do u expect
00:40:46Lafrenzz wp
00:41:06Soulyah wops:D
00:41:07Vaj.CO ...
00:41:07BoBo.Ftw it should be called morph´s blade
00:41:34Yuriko anyone dust
00:41:36Yuriko to kill crix?
00:41:38extremewaari i have
00:41:48Yuriko go kill him
00:41:51Yuriko take his gem
00:41:53Yuriko and end
00:42:10creeeeeee just tahtsin öelda, et sa oled busted seal
00:42:11Soulyah go top all
00:42:11creeeeeee :D
00:42:11Yuriko rage rebuy
00:42:15Soulyah yea
00:42:16Soulyah fucking
00:42:18Soulyah dust
00:42:20Soulyah dude
00:42:23Lynge :D
00:42:33Soulyah just go top
00:42:35Soulyah dont solo
00:42:38Soulyah end this shit
00:42:48Lafrenzz woods
00:42:49Lafrenzz come
00:42:59extremewaari wips
00:43:18Firelord0.1 pa wtf
00:43:23Lynge i tp
00:43:23Yuriko ye
00:43:24Yuriko go top
00:43:43Yuriko ffs
00:43:44Yuriko no bash?
00:44:02Soulyah urn pl0x
00:44:12Soulyah WHAT THE FLYING FUCK
00:45:03Soulyah sk is fun hero when no dusts
00:45:05Yuriko where is gem
00:45:10Lynge Phoenix got it
00:45:14diesel no
00:45:16diesel tree got it
00:45:17Soulyah can we
00:45:19Soulyah go together
00:45:22Soulyah from one lane+
00:45:37Firelord0.1 seems not
00:45:47Firelord0.1 top
00:45:48Yuriko need dust
00:45:49Yuriko now
00:45:51Lynge i got
00:45:52Yuriko i need 150 for bkb
00:45:54Lynge i got
00:45:59Lynge go mid ?
00:45:59creeeeeee random lothar and run up the lane yuriko?
00:46:03Lynge tp top ?
00:46:06Yuriko yeah that
00:46:10creeeeeee or was there vision
00:46:12Lafrenzz re use chick
00:46:21Yuriko ofc there was a vision
00:46:25Yuriko we cant push
00:46:27Yuriko thats for sure
00:46:28BoBo.Ftw go?
00:46:37Yuriko wait bkb
00:46:37Lafrenzz hm maybe wait for rosh re
00:46:56Lafrenzz rosh is re
00:47:02Yuriko yup
00:47:03creeeeeee -st
00:48:45Soulyah :D:D:
00:48:47Vaj.CO :D
00:48:49Vaj.CO wp
00:48:54Vaj.CO nice action :D
00:48:56Soulyah xD
00:49:26Vaj.CO go ff guys D:
00:49:40Yuriko ??
00:49:47Yuriko are u trolling
00:50:01creeeeeee use mjoll also
00:50:26extremewaari ty
00:50:27extremewaari :P
00:50:30Lafrenzz np :p
00:50:53Soulyah xD
00:51:02Yuriko stupid dust
00:51:07Soulyah i agree
00:51:32Lynge I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:51:32Soulyah gg!
00:51:36Yuriko g
00:51:36Lafrenzz f
00:51:37Yuriko g
00:51:37Lafrenzz I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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