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-12 X
-1 TS

76% | 1371 X | 1450 TS

-24 X
-8 TS

61% | 1352 X | 1280 TS

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-2 TS

50% | 1191 X | 1326 TS

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-11 TS

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77% | 1460 X | 1361 TS

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15% | 917 X | 1234 TS

Chat log

00:00:032deep4u good evening.
00:00:06Saintor americano
00:00:17Arapiles any wishes?
00:00:17Saintor ban ember and blood
00:00:17Jonneblarre spec
00:00:17Saintor :D
00:00:17Arapiles btw.. saintor is good
00:00:17PinaryB ill take ember
00:00:17Arapiles so careful
00:00:17RomyD82 ban jugg
00:00:17coolass i can play lina spectre apparation ....
00:00:17Orre take emb
00:00:17Orre y
00:00:17coolass a
00:00:17Saintor warlock then
00:00:17Orre and ban am
00:00:17Jonneblarre i want spectre
00:00:17coolass b
00:00:17coolass c
00:00:17Saintor hate that pick
00:00:17Arapiles kk
00:00:17Saintor or specter
00:00:17Saintor go aheaD?
00:00:17coolass i can play puck also ^^
00:00:17Orre ban am
00:00:17Saintor we dont have all day, quick!
00:00:17PinaryB invo wlock or am?
00:00:172deep4u im an excellent puck aswell.
00:00:17Saintor go specter
00:00:17Arapiles he bans first
00:00:17Saintor invok no problem
00:00:17coolass i am not
00:00:17coolass hi 2deep4u
00:00:17Arapiles a puck would be nice
00:00:17Orre am
00:00:172deep4u hey
00:00:17PinaryB warlock
00:00:17Saintor k
00:00:17Saintor then
00:00:17Saintor go
00:00:17Saintor :P
00:00:17coolass ban am
00:00:17Arapiles antimage
00:00:17Saintor specter will be picked
00:00:17coolass c0000l
00:00:30Arapiles u want spec?
00:00:32Jonneblarre yy
00:00:41Jonneblarre what do u want?
00:00:45coolass apparation or lina?
00:00:46Arapiles guys get some good supports
00:00:48coolass i play?
00:00:492deep4u what does xin do?
00:00:49Arapiles aa
00:00:51coolass ye ok
00:00:532deep4u I've been on a huge break of dota.
00:00:59Arapiles give me invoker
00:00:59coolass me t00
00:01:02coolass playing poker
00:01:05Jonneblarre k
00:01:062deep4u cool
00:01:09Orre -afk
00:01:092deep4u im making music
00:01:13coolass n1
00:01:14Arapiles nice
00:01:16coolass what kind of
00:01:18Arapiles i play piano :)
00:01:21Saintor ember u or me mid?
00:01:22Jonneblarre -swap 1
00:01:22Arapiles invoker
00:01:24Arapiles -swap 3
00:01:35Arapiles get support or jungle
00:01:35Jonneblarre ty
00:01:36PinaryB go mid if you want
00:01:38Saintor k
00:01:38PinaryB ill go top
00:01:572deep4u mostly expressive piano ballads, also some electronic tracks, ethereal experimental stuff. not mainstream shit :)
00:01:58coolass where i go?
00:02:02Orre lanes?
00:02:03Jonneblarre bot
00:02:04PinaryB lol these picks
00:02:04Arapiles puck solo top
00:02:07coolass o
00:02:082deep4u great.
00:02:08Arapiles trilane bot
00:02:10coolass k
00:02:16AliBaba hm
00:02:17Arapiles make spectre fat
00:02:17kingofthehill tiny come bott
00:02:20Jonneblarre let me ge teh creepkills
00:02:21Saintor for what?
00:02:22coolass veno can u pull
00:02:24PinaryB no
00:02:27RomyD82 y
00:02:28Arapiles veno+ aa u gank
00:02:29coolass ty
00:02:31Saintor I'll gank
00:02:32coolass ye
00:02:33Saintor on lv 6
00:02:34Arapiles chase them away from lane
00:02:342deep4u they have shitty picks.
00:02:36coolass shadow strike + stun
00:02:43AliBaba nice one
00:02:53AliBaba :D
00:02:58Arapiles get fb bot
00:02:59PinaryB bs you pull
00:03:01Arapiles from behind
00:03:02Orre k
00:03:28AliBaba don t block me
00:03:31AliBaba :D
00:03:58kingofthehill nice
00:03:58kingofthehill ..
00:04:08AliBaba ffs
00:04:10kingofthehill 3 bott,,
00:04:13AliBaba lucky
00:04:14kingofthehill say miss
00:04:14coolass ty
00:04:25Jonneblarre gj
00:04:572deep4u i have no idea what your hero does.
00:05:07RomyD82 rune top
00:05:09Orre so oldschool guy
00:05:142deep4u yea
00:05:23Saintor 2 mid
00:05:23Arapiles ss
00:05:26Saintor no ss?
00:05:30Saintor ss venom
00:05:54Jonneblarre stop ruining farm
00:05:55RomyD82 coming bot
00:05:58coolass sry
00:06:15RomyD82 let em
00:07:18AliBaba care mid
00:07:30Saintor FUCK
00:07:30Saintor THIS
00:07:31Saintor GAME
00:07:32Saintor U SAY
00:07:33Saintor CAREN OW!
00:07:35Saintor WHEN HE KILSL ME
00:07:42AliBaba he roam !
00:07:44Saintor VENOM
00:07:44Saintor TOP
00:07:50Saintor GGG
00:07:58Arapiles ss
00:08:01Saintor fucked up nobs down
00:08:07Saintor or
00:08:12Saintor venom top fucker?
00:08:16Saintor !ignoreall
00:08:19PinaryB :D
00:08:19Saintor wards ..
00:08:19Saintor need
00:08:39Arapiles was on chick
00:08:42kingofthehill omnfg
00:08:44Arapiles my hero just ran out
00:08:46Arapiles :(
00:08:57kingofthehill i go mid
00:08:57AliBaba su
00:08:58coolass brb
00:09:25RomyD82 get bot rune
00:09:37Arapiles b veno
00:09:44Arapiles b bot
00:09:45Arapiles b
00:09:46Arapiles b
00:09:46RomyD82 he was oom
00:10:34Jonneblarre oom
00:10:54kingofthehill ss mid
00:11:082deep4u great im against doublesilencing lane.
00:11:092deep4u !
00:11:42PinaryB bs you are 6 go gank
00:11:51Orre y
00:12:49Saintor ss
00:12:50Saintor all
00:12:59Saintor kill
00:12:59PinaryB oom
00:12:59Saintor go
00:13:00Arapiles ss
00:13:01PinaryB cant
00:13:28coolass phone
00:13:30coolass ))))))
00:13:31coolass fuckin hell
00:13:38kingofthehill mana
00:13:45Saintor cd
00:14:10kingofthehill ulti
00:14:16Saintor yea
00:14:30Arapiles great
00:14:33Arapiles we need wards
00:14:55Arapiles its horrible spec is lvl 6 only
00:15:00Arapiles must protect him more
00:15:10Saintor me
00:15:11Saintor cmong
00:15:26Arapiles b spec
00:15:26AliBaba mana
00:15:27Saintor dont let
00:15:27Saintor him
00:15:28Saintor farm
00:15:29Saintor cd
00:15:40RomyD82 b
00:15:54RomyD82 he was inviz
00:15:55Saintor finish
00:15:55Saintor mid
00:15:58Saintor push em hard
00:16:01Saintor we lose late :D
00:16:252deep4u blink etc...
00:16:302deep4u how is he so fucking fat?
00:16:53Saintor u guys
00:16:54Saintor suck
00:16:55Saintor terrible
00:17:04Saintor just run ^-
00:17:09Saintor he has no mana
00:17:10Saintor dont top
00:17:29Saintor retard
00:17:30AliBaba :D
00:17:33Saintor !rmk
00:17:33Arapiles aa
00:17:33AliBaba balance
00:17:33PinaryB not rmk
00:17:33AliBaba no
00:17:33AliBaba not rmk
00:17:33Arapiles no
00:17:33coolass i leave?
00:17:33Arapiles y
00:17:40coolass will i get ban?
00:17:40AliBaba aa leave
00:17:40coolass ok
00:17:402deep4u bye
00:17:40Arapiles no u wont
00:17:49RomyD82 why did he leave?
00:18:02Arapiles veno
00:18:05Arapiles why u go b?
00:18:09RomyD82 oom
00:18:13Arapiles and?
00:18:14Jonneblarre sell his items?
00:18:21Arapiles take
00:19:31Saintor fucking g
00:19:32Saintor game
00:20:36Arapiles great
00:20:51Saintor we must
00:20:52AliBaba chick ?
00:20:52Saintor finish
00:20:52Saintor now
00:21:07Saintor gather
00:21:08Saintor we push
00:21:26Jonneblarre need dust
00:21:52Saintor kill
00:22:592deep4u hahah
00:24:282deep4u ?
00:24:31RomyD82 y
00:24:34Saintor push
00:24:362deep4u care for blink tiny
00:24:36Saintor we lose late
00:24:37Saintor simoply
00:24:38PinaryB ill rege
00:25:012deep4u not sure if I have delay.
00:25:10Saintor mid
00:25:11Saintor push
00:25:11Saintor dont b
00:25:152deep4u or just failing.
00:26:28AliBaba :
00:26:29AliBaba ¨'
00:26:48Arapiles omfg
00:28:28PinaryB mana
00:28:32RomyD82 omg what lag
00:28:35Arapiles y
00:28:50Saintor finsh
00:28:51Saintor dont b
00:28:552deep4u how can they win us with those heroes lol.
00:29:282deep4u INVOKER FFS
00:29:382deep4u you're so fucking useless.
00:29:41Arapiles was dead
00:29:412deep4u im sorry.
00:29:442deep4u oh.
00:29:482deep4u fuck
00:29:512deep4u this game is making me mad.
00:30:02Arapiles i see
00:30:112deep4u always need someone to blame.
00:30:29RomyD82 lets gather all
00:30:30Saintor blood
00:30:32Saintor u have
00:30:33Saintor nothingm ore?
00:30:352deep4u is it allowed to use leavers?
00:30:40Orre 1,8k
00:30:44Saintor pf..
00:30:45Arapiles yy
00:30:45Saintor game 27
00:30:50Saintor we lsoe this one
00:30:58Saintor i have no carry hero
00:31:08Jonneblarre need dust
00:31:092deep4u inc.
00:31:09Saintor dont
00:31:10Saintor def
00:31:11Saintor let it die
00:31:21Saintor sucide
00:31:25Arapiles b
00:31:29Saintor w8
00:31:30Saintor for me
00:31:392deep4u turtle & farm spec up?
00:32:03Saintor b
00:32:06Saintor go rosh
00:32:19RomyD82 we need to initiate
00:32:24RomyD82 with spec ulti
00:32:27RomyD82 and mine
00:32:33RomyD82 or mine plus specs
00:32:33Jonneblarre clinkz first
00:32:46RomyD82 go fast
00:32:54RomyD82 go go
00:32:57Arapiles b
00:32:57PinaryB tiny
00:33:03Arapiles b
00:33:04Arapiles b
00:33:28Saintor how did that happen
00:33:31RomyD82 ffs
00:33:32Saintor b
00:33:32Saintor b
00:33:34Saintor -.-
00:33:34AliBaba idiot
00:33:38Saintor u ahven o items dude
00:33:45RomyD82 nice engage puck
00:33:46RomyD82 wp
00:33:48Saintor we have
00:33:482deep4u thanks
00:33:49Saintor 5 min
00:33:50Saintor to finsih
00:33:51Saintor or else
00:33:52Saintor GG
00:33:53PinaryB tiny why dint you take aegis?
00:33:54Saintor i swear to god
00:33:57Saintor nno space
00:34:04PinaryB no tp?
00:34:09Saintor full
00:34:11Saintor inventory
00:34:11RomyD82 get b now
00:34:16Jonneblarre i take top farm
00:34:18Saintor gank mid
00:34:20Saintor push all way
00:34:21Saintor or else....
00:34:24Jonneblarre invis top
00:34:302deep4u omw
00:34:49RomyD82 who got argis?
00:34:52RomyD82 aegis?
00:34:532deep4u bs
00:34:572deep4u but he lost it already.
00:34:592deep4u :)
00:35:17Arapiles b mid
00:35:19Saintor come mid
00:35:342deep4u i can initiate
00:35:42Saintor fs
00:35:43Saintor if u just hit
00:36:25Arapiles b
00:36:302deep4u nice one
00:36:31Saintor !ff
00:36:33Saintor im done
00:36:35Saintor u can go finsih
00:36:372deep4u okay
00:36:42Saintor no defending
00:36:442deep4u kk
00:37:01Saintor bone, never carry
00:37:02Saintor again
00:37:03Saintor ok?
00:37:07Saintor i have seen ur gameplay on support
00:37:14Saintor much better supporting
00:37:142deep4u why didnt u pick carry?
00:37:152deep4u saintor.
00:37:23Saintor tought team could play
00:37:282deep4u think again!
00:38:24Arapiles b
00:38:25Arapiles b
00:38:29Jonneblarre -ii
00:38:49PinaryB :)
00:38:49RomyD82 nice
00:38:53RomyD82 :D
00:39:56Arapiles need wards
00:40:112deep4u do u have room to plant
00:40:16Arapiles yy
00:40:252deep4u take em
00:40:36Arapiles b top
00:40:49Saintor bone u suck :P
00:41:01Saintor gather
00:41:01Saintor mid
00:41:02Arapiles go as team
00:41:03Saintor including bone
00:41:09Arapiles plant etc
00:41:12Saintor and set focus on puck
00:41:45Saintor goodjob
00:41:46Saintor bone
00:41:51Saintor u had tripple kill there
00:41:52Saintor u go farm
00:41:55AliBaba what ? why you go ?
00:41:562deep4u good time to plant.
00:41:58Arapiles go mid
00:41:58Saintor why?
00:41:59Saintor cuse
00:42:01Saintor we cant win late
00:42:03Saintor vs scepter
00:42:05Saintor spec*
00:42:06Saintor !ff
00:42:08Saintor !surronder
00:42:17Saintor u have no brain
00:42:22RomyD82 go go
00:42:30Saintor u can see clearcly that we have stupid carrys
00:42:40Saintor u cant even solo puck
00:42:46RomyD82 cd ulti
00:44:262deep4u str treads
00:44:312deep4u lag
00:44:322deep4u lag
00:44:332deep4u lag
00:44:362deep4u spiked
00:44:47Arapiles lag is horrible in this game
00:45:01Orre sry
00:45:06Orre my lagswitch was on
00:45:10Orre XDXDXD
00:45:32RomyD82 come rosh fast
00:45:35RomyD82 pls
00:45:38Saintor u go on drub puck?
00:45:40Saintor Drug*
00:45:41Jonneblarre shall i go heart?
00:45:432deep4u sometimes
00:45:492deep4u only when i make music.
00:45:55RomyD82 rosh
00:45:562deep4u shit's deep.
00:46:142deep4u 2 silences one puck
00:46:162deep4u GROSS MAN
00:46:23AliBaba dunno why he did it
00:46:342deep4u rape scene
00:46:382deep4u I love rape.
00:46:46Saintor mid
00:46:47Saintor finsh
00:46:48Saintor bone
00:46:49Saintor come u too
00:47:02Saintor silence
00:47:03Saintor pUCK
00:47:04Saintor K?
00:47:18RomyD82 go
00:47:372deep4u fuck your silences lol
00:48:00Saintor bone bone
00:48:032deep4u kamikaze puck is working.
00:48:03Saintor i wish i had ur hero
00:48:06Saintor i'd have godlikesn ow
00:48:10Saintor u truely dont think XXD
00:48:18Saintor dont tank, dont run stay in a side
00:48:22Saintor and hit the weakest
00:48:25RomyD82 we got to rosh guys
00:48:31Arapiles ok gogo
00:48:43Orre -ms
00:48:51Arapiles rosh
00:49:10Jonneblarre i take?
00:49:13RomyD82 y
00:49:20Arapiles y
00:49:24Orre steal
00:49:25Saintor steal
00:49:322deep4u XD
00:49:332deep4u XD
00:49:332deep4u XD
00:49:35Saintor fucking fail
00:49:39AliBaba :D
00:49:39Arapiles mid
00:49:40AliBaba faag
00:49:432deep4u fun game.
00:49:46Saintor this guy cant play carry XD
00:49:50AliBaba :(
00:49:58AliBaba try to destroy it :(
00:50:392deep4u i live!
00:50:522deep4u oh yeah poison me
00:51:06Saintor sad game
00:51:11Saintor i see not a single pro players
00:51:14Saintor on this server
00:51:15PinaryB wtf
00:51:22PinaryB u only play bronze
00:51:232deep4u there have been though
00:51:24Saintor every game goes about 50 mins
00:51:34Saintor go eurobattle
00:51:36Saintor game ends in 16
00:51:38Saintor Pro moves
00:51:402deep4u :D
00:51:432deep4u eurobattle.
00:51:57Saintor my stats their is nr 6 of 150000 players
00:52:04RomyD82 what is euro battle
00:52:17Saintor server with 6000 dota players
00:52:28RomyD82 like dota leagur?
00:52:32Saintor better
00:52:56RomyD82 so how can i play there
00:53:02Saintor visit
00:53:08RomyD82 kk
00:53:09RomyD82 ty
00:53:10Saintor u learn quick
00:53:11Saintor np
00:53:22Saintor u never need wait for games
00:53:31RomyD82 nice
00:53:46RomyD82 u play really good btw
00:53:52RomyD82 played 4 games with u so far
00:53:54RomyD82 al vs
00:53:56Saintor still losing
00:53:59RomyD82 but every time
00:54:01RomyD82 u did good
00:54:052deep4u dota is a teamgame after all.
00:54:18RomyD82 u cannot win with tyny alone
00:54:182deep4u individual skill isnt everything.
00:54:24Saintor i can
00:54:26Saintor belive me
00:54:28Saintor if i had agi
00:54:43Saintor we can win this
00:54:45RomyD82 go em
00:54:582deep4u I know 3 guys who play eurobattle and they're the worst players I've EVER seen in my life.
00:55:11Saintor there are noobs, and pros
00:55:12Saintor ofc
00:55:182deep4u oh
00:55:232deep4u so why should anyone play there not here
00:55:26Saintor cuse
00:55:29Saintor here are m ore noobs
00:55:31Saintor than pros
00:55:58Arapiles b
00:55:58Arapiles b
00:56:56Arapiles wtf
00:56:59Saintor bone
00:57:03Saintor u can hide and rape bae
00:57:04Saintor of them
00:57:05Arapiles wagons
00:57:27Jonneblarre shall i go mkb?
00:57:37Arapiles y
00:57:38RomyD82 stay behind a little bit
00:57:482deep4u LADIES
00:58:23RomyD82 lets go to[p
00:58:32Arapiles def
00:59:04RomyD82 guys lets push
00:59:10Arapiles ok topp
00:59:12Jonneblarre need to gang first
00:59:23RomyD82 no gang we win
00:59:26RomyD82 without
00:59:35Saintor kill
00:59:35Saintor fast
00:59:36Saintor dont b
00:59:43Saintor come
00:59:44Saintor all
00:59:45Saintor i got smoke
00:59:50Saintor w8 for smoke
00:59:57PinaryB get rosh?
01:00:16Arapiles gj
01:00:48RomyD82 how?
01:00:49RomyD82 we lost
01:00:57Arapiles tiny
01:01:27Saintor we can win
01:01:28Saintor :D
01:01:30Arapiles dont rosh w/o wards
01:01:35Arapiles veno put wards
01:01:38Arapiles veno wards
01:01:43Arapiles when we push
01:01:50RomyD82 yy
01:01:53Jonneblarre shall i ulti when i spawn and kil ltiny?
01:01:552deep4u they came with smoke though.
01:02:102deep4u dno spec.
01:02:152deep4u go for it.
01:02:21Arapiles kk
01:02:28Saintor b
01:02:332deep4u all top?
01:02:45Arapiles y
01:02:54RomyD82 wait me
01:03:04Saintor all top
01:03:05Saintor def
01:03:08Saintor go b
01:03:09Saintor w8 for us
01:03:20PinaryB realy=?
01:03:29PinaryB rofl
01:03:31RomyD82 go
01:03:32PinaryB wp
01:03:32Orre ty
01:03:35Orre gj
01:03:35Arapiles misclikc
01:03:35Saintor yalla
01:03:35Saintor play
01:03:41Saintor puck
01:03:41Saintor first
01:04:13Saintor gj
01:04:17Saintor def
01:04:182deep4u they always take me first.
01:04:242deep4u cant do shit against the silences.
01:04:25Arapiles i lag so hard
01:04:292deep4u :/
01:04:35Saintor ill make
01:04:36Saintor hex
01:04:37Arapiles i lag so hard i keep invoking wrong spells
01:04:49Saintor ember
01:04:52Jonneblarre kill to kill pink fast
01:04:54Saintor will u finish that mjlonir
01:04:54Saintor :D
01:04:56Saintor imba
01:05:02Saintor u ahve the money
01:05:04Saintor but it fully
01:05:10PinaryB i need to keep rebuy
01:05:13RomyD82 focus that new hero
01:05:14Saintor yea
01:05:16RomyD82 hes mean now
01:05:16Saintor smart
01:05:23Saintor kill quick
01:05:232deep4u i dont understand shit he's doing
01:05:24RomyD82 rest after
01:05:282deep4u permanent juggernaut ulti or smth :D
01:05:43Saintor get him
01:06:00RomyD82 go em mid
01:06:20RomyD82 hes just pushing
01:06:39Saintor go mid alll?
01:06:53Saintor focus puck in batlte
01:07:022deep4u stop focusing me now pls.
01:07:032deep4u :)
01:07:07PinaryB :D
01:07:08Saintor xaxa
01:07:112deep4u :((
01:07:19RomyD82 ulti after me spectre
01:07:25Jonneblarre who first?
01:07:26AliBaba sec
01:07:27RomyD82 me
01:07:312deep4u perma omnislash guy inc!
01:08:05Saintor go back
01:08:05Saintor heal
01:08:41Saintor hex
01:08:42Saintor ready
01:08:47PinaryB nice
01:08:54Saintor gank mid
01:08:59Saintor specter
01:08:59Jonneblarre shall i sell vanguard
01:09:00Saintor no ulti
01:09:04Jonneblarre and get demon edge
01:09:04Orre -cs
01:09:06RomyD82 and do what?
01:09:09Arapiles no
01:09:12Arapiles no
01:09:19Arapiles save buyback gold
01:09:29Jonneblarre wont have enoughj if i die
01:09:332deep4u fucking ninja.
01:10:342deep4u :D
01:10:362deep4u XD
01:10:37Saintor rax
01:10:39Saintor ember
01:10:48PinaryB wtf
01:10:51PinaryB 'dasdfaskldjfasäkdfjöalskjdgalsdjg
01:10:54Saintor mid raxed
01:10:55Saintor :D
01:10:58Saintor HAHA
01:10:59Saintor gg
01:10:59PinaryB that was so fucking idiotic
01:11:01Jonneblarre FUCK IM STUCK
01:11:062deep4u gg~!
01:11:08Arapiles gg
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