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Chat log

00:00:04Jerkku -rd
00:00:09AliBaba -.-
00:00:09AliBaba åp<f
00:00:09AliBaba åpgakd
00:00:09AliBaba åonmg,
00:00:09rtg800 3rd try
00:00:09AliBaba åprg,m
00:00:09Jerkku ok it was sd
00:00:142deep4u fuck it!
00:00:16rtg800 nvm
00:00:17Saintor im Carry, believe it or not.
00:00:18rtg800 play this
00:00:18Jerkku can we just play?
00:00:18Saintor Nvm,, play
00:00:18Saintor I vote for play!
00:00:182deep4u YES
00:00:18JensDenLange STFU ALL!
00:00:18Saintor enough with rmks
00:00:18rtg800 let saintor carry
00:00:18JensDenLange u all typing is
00:00:18Banana PLAY
00:00:18Saintor PLAY
00:00:18AliBaba y he play nice
00:00:18AliBaba just let him
00:00:18VanillaThunder any wishes?
00:00:18FBI play on ffs
00:00:18Banana crix
00:00:18JensDenLange ehm, i would like a sandking
00:00:18JensDenLange or a viper?
00:00:18AliBaba ban
00:00:18JensDenLange or wr
00:00:18Banana i want sand
00:00:18Saintor go ahead, don't be rude. we play for fun
00:00:18Banana :D
00:00:18VanillaThunder -sf
00:00:18AliBaba ck ?
00:00:18Jerkku HMMMM
00:00:18Saintor ban atrops
00:00:18rtg800 ban furi
00:00:18Jerkku panda
00:00:18FBI hmm
00:00:18rtg800 panda :D
00:00:18AliBaba srsly ? :D
00:00:18AliBaba wtf :D
00:00:18Jerkku yep XD
00:00:20AliBaba ck ?
00:00:20Saintor nessaj / panda or atrops and fur
00:00:23Banana SF PANDA BANNED
00:00:26AliBaba ffs
00:00:32rtg800 panda..4
00:00:36JensDenLange get sandking and slark
00:00:402deep4u i go wr.
00:00:42Jerkku if i wouldve banned ck
00:00:46Saintor Pick me ursa, if u can
00:00:47Jerkku he wouldve pick furi
00:00:49Jerkku so
00:00:49Banana crap
00:00:54VanillaThunder take roof
00:00:55Saintor Appreicate that
00:01:09Saintor nvm, don't pick me any.
00:01:12Saintor i'll go my self.
00:01:14Saintor ww
00:01:20Jerkku roofie
00:01:20Jerkku ?
00:01:23Orre carry player
00:01:23rtg800 or aa
00:01:26Saintor no supp for me, only carry
00:01:26rtg800 or bane
00:01:28VanillaThunder slad
00:01:31JensDenLange get roof and slard
00:01:31VanillaThunder and roof
00:01:33JensDenLange get slard!
00:01:35Saintor wisp
00:01:35VanillaThunder y
00:01:37VanillaThunder plz
00:01:39VanillaThunder roof
00:01:39Saintor u could teamwork with me
00:01:42VanillaThunder n1
00:01:42JensDenLange n1
00:01:45rtg800 ursa bot
00:01:462deep4u nice saintor, you convinced your team to play around you again :D
00:01:48AliBaba no
00:01:53Saintor :P
00:01:54VanillaThunder slad top with me
00:01:55AliBaba easy kill wisp and sk
00:02:00AliBaba bot
00:02:00AliBaba k
00:02:05Jerkku ursa wisp bot
00:02:15Saintor yea
00:02:16Saintor thats right
00:02:17Jerkku sk krobe top
00:02:17rtg800 your throne awaits, your hiness
00:02:21VanillaThunder pull plz
00:02:23Saintor i like this Rtg
00:02:24Saintor guy
00:02:27JensDenLange roof
00:02:29JensDenLange buy wards!?
00:02:30Saintor he talks like spartacus time xD
00:02:30JensDenLange some one
00:02:30VanillaThunder -.-
00:02:30Jerkku GG
00:02:30JensDenLange got
00:02:30JensDenLange wards
00:02:30rtg800 for i am the one
00:02:30JensDenLange ?
00:02:30FBI yellow ffs
00:02:30rtg800 the only
00:02:30rtg800 SPARTACUS
00:02:30Saintor Banana, u pay 0.0.3$ for net?
00:02:34AliBaba :D
00:02:47Saintor cirx
00:02:49JensDenLange u payed 0.03$ for joke?
00:02:51Orre saintor believes in jesus lol
00:02:52Saintor i tought we went down 3?
00:02:52rtg800 u ward so early
00:02:57Saintor Im muslim
00:02:58rtg800 we lost 1 min of ward
00:03:01rtg800 practicly
00:03:02JensDenLange hahaha
00:03:052deep4u Saintor sucks cock for 0.03$
00:03:08Saintor xD haters
00:03:08JensDenLange religion is for dumb noobs!
00:03:08AliBaba banana !
00:03:08Jerkku omg
00:03:08AliBaba Srsly !
00:03:082deep4u BA
00:03:082deep4u NA
00:03:08VanillaThunder slad try top gp
00:03:082deep4u NA
00:03:08AliBaba fix your net !
00:03:17Saintor Wisp, lv 3
00:03:20Saintor kill instantly.
00:03:21Banana pc problems
00:03:232deep4u nah its more cooler if we think 10 secs
00:03:25AliBaba y
00:03:46Saintor ill pull
00:03:46Saintor once
00:03:50FBI wpow
00:04:16Banana oo8
00:04:20Banana ffs
00:04:35rtg800 WTF
00:04:35FBI tt
00:04:38rtg800 just happened
00:04:41rtg800 it didnt stun
00:04:57Saintor w8 w8 :D
00:04:58Saintor lv 3
00:05:00Saintor viper dies
00:05:05rtg800 easy fb :(
00:05:22Saintor care
00:05:27Saintor don't harras yet.
00:05:34Saintor NOW
00:05:34Saintor GO
00:05:342deep4u LAGFEST
00:05:34Banana lol
00:05:34Saintor viper dead
00:05:34Banana yep
00:05:34Saintor wisp prepare
00:05:34Jerkku so hard
00:05:34AliBaba y
00:05:34Jerkku to play game
00:05:34Jerkku today
00:05:34rtg800 it is
00:05:34AliBaba JENS DIN fisse
00:05:35Banana weird lag for me also
00:05:44JensDenLange gay!
00:05:55Saintor lost control
00:05:55JensDenLange net drops me! i die!! so gay!
00:06:11Banana unplayable
00:06:332deep4u ss
00:06:38JensDenLange blue bot!
00:06:432deep4u yes he tpd.
00:06:51JensDenLange call it pls
00:06:532deep4u i said.
00:06:552deep4u when i saw him tping.
00:07:10JensDenLange tjeck chat
00:07:13JensDenLange u did'nt say shit!
00:07:222deep4u i said ss.
00:07:26Jerkku ss mid
00:07:27Jerkku re
00:07:32Banana i think i am gonna plug
00:08:01Saintor kill tiem
00:08:04Saintor viper :D
00:08:08JensDenLange ss bot
00:08:222deep4u ss mid
00:08:27VanillaThunder omg
00:08:27JensDenLange cant do anything aginst those 2 bot
00:08:28Jerkku <3
00:08:29VanillaThunder guys
00:08:302deep4u re
00:08:32Jerkku some1 plugs soon
00:08:34Jerkku i think
00:08:38Saintor for sure
00:08:48Saintor lets not kill ppl till min 10
00:08:49Saintor passes
00:08:52Jerkku y
00:08:53rtg800 :D
00:08:55Banana just be near trees
00:09:01AliBaba k :D
00:09:03Saintor :d
00:09:06JensDenLange what a master pla!N
00:09:08AliBaba dd
00:09:10Saintor aa
00:09:242deep4u ss
00:09:25JensDenLange ss bot
00:09:30Saintor wind needs to die?
00:09:30rtg800 ss top
00:09:32FBI ss
00:09:38Jerkku y
00:09:392deep4u ss
00:09:412deep4u re
00:09:462deep4u okay.
00:09:542deep4u inc top.
00:09:59rtg800 tango plz?
00:10:01rtg800 you have so many
00:10:022deep4u nessaj.
00:10:062deep4u careful.
00:10:11rtg800 thx
00:10:28Jerkku ssm id
00:10:31rtg800 ss top
00:10:32rtg800 2
00:10:38AliBaba gj ursa
00:10:46Saintor u 2 baba
00:10:48AliBaba :D
00:10:54AliBaba are you muslim
00:10:56Saintor yea
00:10:57Saintor mashallah
00:10:58AliBaba or it was a joke ?
00:10:59rtg800 thx
00:11:00AliBaba y
00:11:04rtg800 i have
00:11:07rtg800 arcane boots soon
00:11:13Saintor i live in usa
00:11:26FBI dhit
00:11:31Saintor 2 min left
00:11:33Saintor for rapes
00:11:48JensDenLange gank bot
00:11:53JensDenLange pretty pls with sugar on top
00:12:04Jerkku wards
00:12:05FBI ss
00:12:06Jerkku guys
00:12:07Jerkku on runes
00:12:10JensDenLange ss bot
00:12:16Jerkku ty
00:12:18Saintor 40 secs
00:12:22rtg800 wr top
00:12:40Saintor we can kill
00:12:55Saintor go
00:13:06JensDenLange GAYNESS1
00:13:06AliBaba lol
00:13:07AliBaba :D
00:13:15JensDenLange kiggede lige væk bot!! how did u know?
00:13:26rtg800 gj
00:13:27AliBaba mh
00:13:32Jerkku plug time is over!!!
00:13:372deep4u the fuck is going on with bottom.
00:13:42Saintor courier looks dead
00:13:42Saintor to me
00:13:46FBI whewre is chick
00:13:52JensDenLange getting super owned
00:13:53rtg800 dead
00:13:55JensDenLange not getting any help!
00:13:58Saintor soon
00:13:59Saintor we rape
00:14:00JensDenLange is what's going on bottom!
00:14:012deep4u you should handle it on your own.
00:14:02FBI wards in
00:14:03Saintor sladar
00:14:06JensDenLange we cant!
00:14:16JensDenLange or, we could towerhug all game
00:14:16Saintor risky
00:14:26rtg800 lol ursa
00:14:342deep4u feeding the fucking ursa.
00:14:35FBI ss
00:14:38JensDenLange ehm
00:14:39JensDenLange y
00:14:44Saintor it could be worse
00:14:46Saintor if they wouldnt plugg
00:14:50Saintor i'd have 12 kills now xD
00:14:50JensDenLange captain obvious
00:14:51rtg800 omw top4
00:14:54JensDenLange that is what's going on
00:14:58JensDenLange what should we do about it?
00:14:59FBI 10 swc
00:15:102deep4u stop fucking feeding you noob.
00:15:132deep4u why do you tp there.
00:15:182deep4u y give them more.
00:15:33VanillaThunder just stay gahter now
00:15:36Jerkku wisp ursa is mby best combo
00:15:362deep4u its lost.
00:15:39VanillaThunder no
00:15:44JensDenLange ofc
00:15:51JensDenLange it's lost!! i wann give up with grey
00:15:55JensDenLange that's how u win games!
00:16:07Saintor what am i doing
00:16:08Saintor -.-
00:16:12AliBaba :D
00:16:15Saintor was afraind of stunz :D
00:16:22Orre b
00:16:22AliBaba i disable
00:16:24Orre idiot
00:16:24AliBaba just go
00:16:43JensDenLange nooob
00:16:512deep4u fucking faggots feeding.
00:16:51Banana 1 sec
00:16:52FBI gj
00:17:02JensDenLange manner ur language!
00:17:072deep4u yes sir.
00:17:08Banana :D:D:D
00:17:11JensDenLange thank you
00:17:162deep4u but look at your scores.
00:17:192deep4u you're destroying us.
00:17:19JensDenLange i know
00:17:22JensDenLange what should i do?
00:17:24JensDenLange leave?
00:17:292deep4u too late for that
00:17:32Saintor upgrade
00:17:32Saintor chicken
00:17:40JensDenLange pls stfu with ur fucking retard stateing the fucking obvious all the time!
00:17:42JensDenLange i cant focus!
00:17:502deep4u then dont play dota.
00:17:55JensDenLange again
00:18:00JensDenLange a retard comment
00:18:01JensDenLange pls
00:18:04JensDenLange step it up!
00:18:15Saintor go
00:19:02Banana troll
00:19:022deep4u gg.
00:19:092deep4u 5v2
00:19:16Banana lol
00:19:19Banana can even ulti
00:19:222deep4u neanderthals tree and viper.
00:19:322deep4u homo erectus
00:19:352deep4u homo habilis
00:19:35JensDenLange y.. play shitty atm!
00:19:42JensDenLange its so pro of grey to notice!
00:19:442deep4u africanus austrolithecus.
00:19:47VanillaThunder deff??
00:20:01JensDenLange ur dumber than it seems wr
00:20:03JensDenLange pls stfu
00:20:09JensDenLange and learn reotrics!
00:20:34AliBaba wtf
00:20:57JensDenLange ff
00:21:012deep4u wp viper and tree.
00:21:05JensDenLange wp wr
00:21:052deep4u nicely done.
00:21:07AliBaba stramt :D
00:21:07Saintor no
00:21:10JensDenLange nicely done wr
00:21:13Saintor we would done same to u wind
00:21:16Saintor if u were on this line
00:21:17AliBaba evil compo
00:21:182deep4u nope
00:21:19Orre gj viper and tree
00:21:22Saintor sure we had
00:21:242deep4u im not retarded and i dont lag the whole game.
00:21:25Banana lol
00:21:252deep4u no lol.
00:21:51JensDenLange zzzZZZzz
00:22:13JensDenLange allways some who takes the blaim!! fine by me11 we lost bot and we called for help!! it's a team game imho!
00:22:37Saintor we even waited till min 10 passed
00:22:41Saintor to kill so nobody left
00:22:43Jerkku XD
00:22:482deep4u rofl.
00:23:01Saintor wisp
00:23:04Saintor feeling for killing?
00:23:09AliBaba sure
00:24:55JensDenLange gg wp whisp ursa!!
00:25:00Jerkku y
00:26:22Banana giogogo
00:26:24Banana end this
00:26:25Banana massive x
00:26:29Jerkku end it before 25
00:26:30Jerkku mas x
00:26:35JensDenLange phase and windwalk!! no wonder grey whines like a litle bitch!
00:27:26Saintor sladaru doing fine?
00:27:26Saintor xD
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