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Chat log

00:00:07Maxy wank good player? :*
00:00:12c-yanker not
00:00:18Maxy Random hero with Boots of Travel, Dagon 5, Ethereal Blade, Vladmir's Offering, Monkey King Bar and Daedalus.
00:00:19c-yanker zZZzz
00:00:19Usires wank btw who were u old gc?
00:00:19Maxy he was and he still is - good player
00:00:19Soulyah back then he was 50%
00:00:19Usires didnt ask that zzzzzzz
00:00:19c-yanker ban brood
00:00:19c-yanker mate
00:00:19Soulyah or 60 even
00:00:19Soulyah with me
00:00:19Soulyah :D
00:00:19c-yanker bieber
00:00:19c-yanker got a anoying brood
00:00:19Maxy Random hero with Boots of Travel, Dagon 5, Ethereal Blade, Vladmir's Offering, Monkey King Bar and Daedalus.
00:00:19Soulyah but thats rly long way back
00:00:19mrk brood
00:00:19mrk that woulda actually work
00:00:19mrk maxy
00:00:19Usires i was good 2006
00:00:19Usires in xpam
00:00:19Usires ebnet
00:00:19Maxy y
00:00:19Maxy just i hope
00:00:19Usires or 2005
00:00:19Maxy i dotn random
00:00:19Maxy banned hero
00:00:19Maxy ;D
00:00:19Soulyah stop lying
00:00:19Usires cant remember anymoar
00:00:19mrk its not random
00:00:19mrk u get pit i think
00:00:19mrk or lina
00:00:19c-yanker u going for lyca?
00:00:19Maxy oke
00:00:19Soulyah bieber wany anything specific?
00:00:19Buttons you're all fucking shit
00:00:19Soulyah or anyone else?
00:00:19Maxy i pick it
00:00:19Buttons all the time
00:00:19c-yanker give
00:00:19c-yanker me
00:00:19c-yanker es
00:00:19Maxy than ;D
00:00:19c-yanker if he bans
00:00:19c-yanker lyca
00:00:19mrk y
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove nah im just gonna have fun with pudge or wisp
00:00:19c-yanker ban today?
00:00:19mrk its pit then goes upwards
00:00:19Buttons go wisp
00:00:19Soulyah rather pudge
00:00:19Buttons flameproof
00:00:19Usires pick me pitlord
00:00:19c-yanker wank?
00:00:19Usires fatlord
00:00:19mrk i get es/lyca
00:00:19Maxy Wank good player afk ;3
00:00:19Usires pitlard
00:00:19c-yanker hes gonna ban lyca
00:00:19Usires pick me es then
00:00:19c-yanker i want es
00:00:19WANKmaster :D
00:00:19Maxy ;*
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove ban
00:00:19c-yanker wank gogo lina
00:00:19Usires maxy are u serious
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove wanky
00:00:19Usires or sarcastic
00:00:19c-yanker only jhero u can play here
00:00:19Usires coz
00:00:19WANKmaster u banned brood?
00:00:19mrk y
00:00:19c-yanker y
00:00:19Maxy da
00:00:19Usires i will punch u in the face if u are serious
00:00:19WANKmaster -lyca
00:00:19Maxy Random hero with Boots of Travel, Dagon 5, Ethereal Blade, Vladmir's Offering, Monkey King Bar and Daedalus.
00:00:22Maxy best item build
00:00:23Maxy ever
00:00:24Maxy on lina
00:00:26Soulyah pit any1?
00:00:30Soulyah aa?
00:00:32Usires mrk
00:00:34Usires u playing it
00:00:36mrk cyank
00:00:37mrk is
00:00:37c-yanker i am
00:00:38Usires k
00:00:39Soulyah nice afk team
00:00:40c-yanker what u want?
00:00:41Soulyah say no then
00:00:42Buttons i
00:00:43Buttons can
00:00:44Strom :D
00:00:44Buttons pit
00:00:45WANKmaster why u so mad yanker :/
00:00:45Usires i go seer woods
00:00:49Buttons ds
00:00:50c-yanker gogo lina
00:00:55Usires so its solo bot
00:00:56mrk i actually dont know
00:00:58c-yanker well
00:01:01c-yanker 15 sec
00:01:02mrk gyro
00:01:07mrk -swap 2
00:01:10c-yanker -swap 2
00:01:11Soulyah storm and beiber clicking on pudge
00:01:12c-yanker -swap 1
00:01:13Soulyah ah nvm
00:01:18Buttons lulz
00:01:26mrk if
00:01:27Buttons soulyah
00:01:29mrk lina solo seer woods
00:01:30Buttons you want
00:01:31mrk get a lane with es top
00:01:31Buttons a hero?
00:01:33mrk like lion
00:01:34mrk venge
00:01:36Soulyah weaver probably
00:01:40c-yanker es much better bot
00:01:42RumGone may i weaver?
00:01:45mrk no
00:01:46c-yanker no
00:01:47TakinBackMyLove wank m id ?
00:01:48WANKmaster mine mid
00:01:48mrk get lion/venge
00:01:48WANKmaster siis
00:01:51WANKmaster nope
00:01:54Soulyah weaver for me
00:01:55Maxy what's dead shit item
00:01:56Maxy ?
00:01:56TakinBackMyLove troll is imba mid
00:01:58Soulyah saans elle raketti eest nahhui
00:02:01RumGone need wards?
00:02:03Soulyah weaver
00:02:05c-yanker lina solo bot
00:02:06Soulyah -swap 5
00:02:06Buttons we have troll
00:02:07Buttons but w/e
00:02:07c-yanker ds woods
00:02:07Maxy Random hero with Boots of Travel, Dagon 5, Ethereal Blade, Vladmir's Offering, Monkey King Bar and Daedalus.
00:02:09Buttons -swap 2
00:02:11Maxy daedalus
00:02:12mrk daedalus is
00:02:12Maxy =?
00:02:12Soulyah i can go invi vs rakett
00:02:13mrk buriza
00:02:13mrk in d2
00:02:14Soulyah rocket
00:02:15Soulyah :D
00:02:22WANKmaster ilus push
00:02:23WANKmaster inv
00:02:23TakinBackMyLove go mid
00:02:23Buttons that
00:02:24TakinBackMyLove then
00:02:24WANKmaster inc
00:02:25Usires its the spaceship in stargate!
00:02:29Usires so stop lying
00:02:34RumGone :P
00:02:35mrk oh right it is
00:02:43Usires awesome serious
00:02:47Maxy thanks!
00:02:48Usires macgyver is god
00:02:48TakinBackMyLove im gonna pull alot
00:02:51WANKmaster y
00:02:52Maxy so i get ship first
00:02:52Maxy ;3
00:02:53mrk lack of a chicken
00:02:54mrk is noted
00:02:57Usires ah
00:02:59mrk :P
00:03:01Usires noted it too
00:03:02Usires now
00:03:03Maxy xD
00:03:04Usires @_@
00:03:39c-yanker just let me farm
00:03:40c-yanker aman boots
00:03:53c-yanker go harras lion
00:04:13Usires 'wardedz
00:04:21RumGone fatso
00:04:26TakinBackMyLove go
00:04:27TakinBackMyLove l
00:05:11TakinBackMyLove rdy ?
00:05:49TakinBackMyLove harras
00:05:50TakinBackMyLove em
00:06:16Usires can u open that chicken
00:06:17Usires yanker
00:06:17c-yanker ff lion
00:06:18RumGone ..
00:06:20Usires or lion
00:06:21WANKmaster gj
00:06:22Usires open the chick :S
00:06:26Soulyah ty
00:06:28c-yanker Ff lion
00:06:29TakinBackMyLove ty
00:06:31Soulyah ty
00:07:23WANKmaster ss
00:07:24WANKmaster re
00:07:34c-yanker fu lion
00:07:36c-yanker idiot noob
00:07:41RumGone what did i do now?
00:07:43RumGone i was walriong
00:07:56TakinBackMyLove how lucky
00:07:58c-yanker i cant lane with tards
00:08:00TakinBackMyLove that lion
00:08:00WANKmaster get
00:08:01TakinBackMyLove was
00:08:01WANKmaster flying
00:08:02WANKmaster plz
00:08:16RumGone dota is full of them so go comit suicide
00:08:16TakinBackMyLove weave
00:08:17TakinBackMyLove giove
00:08:20TakinBackMyLove at bootle
00:08:27mrk pudge
00:08:28mrk pudge
00:08:34mrk bot
00:08:36mrk weaver ss aswell
00:08:37c-yanker butcher going bot
00:08:37c-yanker b
00:08:47Maxy can not go divine courage
00:08:51Maxy dont hate it.
00:09:01Soulyah no
00:09:19mrk ss
00:09:33mrk pudge
00:09:37mrk go
00:10:16RumGone weaver going bot
00:11:08mrk pudge
00:11:11mrk here
00:11:24Soulyah sweet
00:11:32mrk care
00:11:33mrk pudge
00:11:41TakinBackMyLove spot
00:11:42TakinBackMyLove him
00:11:45Soulyah will do
00:11:46Maxy dont go
00:11:47Maxy to them
00:11:48Maxy lion
00:11:49Maxy lol
00:11:51c-yanker free
00:11:54c-yanker farming troll
00:12:18RumGone i suck
00:12:21c-yanker y
00:12:29RumGone well
00:12:34RumGone u do 2
00:12:47Maxy they got
00:12:48Maxy lane ward
00:13:00Buttons ss bot 2
00:13:03Buttons re lina
00:13:07RumGone get him
00:13:26mrk ss
00:13:29RumGone cmin bot
00:13:38Buttons b
00:13:38Buttons teal
00:13:53c-yanker troll
00:13:55c-yanker stil free farming
00:14:14c-yanker care mid
00:14:15Maxy so go top
00:14:17Maxy why are you bot
00:14:22Buttons ss 3 bot
00:14:47c-yanker need to kill troll
00:14:47c-yanker guys
00:14:59Usires well need lina for that
00:15:00Usires or gyro
00:15:10RumGone go
00:15:40mrk i need base
00:15:40RumGone lina tp top?
00:15:41mrk then top
00:15:44Maxy g
00:15:45Maxy g
00:15:55Usires zz
00:15:56Usires use sheep
00:16:06Maxy just b
00:16:07Usires dude
00:16:09Usires sheep got range
00:16:12Usires use it befo
00:16:25Maxy z
00:16:26Maxy z
00:16:27Maxy z
00:16:27Maxy z
00:16:28Maxy z
00:16:42RumGone voodoo has what range?
00:17:08Soulyah :S
00:17:08Maxy i go kill
00:17:10Maxy give speed
00:17:43mrk lion
00:17:44mrk cmon
00:17:45mrk be first
00:17:54TakinBackMyLove haters gon hate
00:18:05Maxy b
00:18:08TakinBackMyLove weaver
00:18:09TakinBackMyLove dont
00:18:09TakinBackMyLove gang
00:18:11TakinBackMyLove just farm
00:18:17WANKmaster rocket
00:19:02Soulyah OMG
00:19:05Soulyah scougre
00:19:05mrk lion ur really something
00:19:05Usires and
00:19:06Soulyah 2
00:19:06mrk i must say
00:19:08Usires troll
00:19:10Usires still alive
00:19:11Usires gg
00:19:12c-yanker u see
00:19:14c-yanker how i felt on lane?
00:19:16RumGone ...
00:19:19RumGone wat?
00:19:30Soulyah guess i need hp somesort
00:19:30RumGone i have imba slow ms
00:19:31RumGone -msa
00:19:50RumGone i used ulty second it was online
00:20:22Buttons <pipe?
00:20:45Soulyah def?
00:20:54Maxy styn
00:20:55Maxy ?
00:21:37Soulyah if u
00:21:38Soulyah pit can
00:21:42Soulyah fucking hit ur big spell
00:21:44Buttons idd
00:21:45Buttons it is
00:21:46Buttons a fucking
00:21:47Buttons joke
00:21:51mrk still have ult
00:21:53RumGone lothar on troll
00:22:06Maxy he free farms
00:22:09RumGone ya
00:22:09Maxy and only lotar
00:22:11Maxy 20mins
00:22:12c-yanker oh rly?
00:22:21Maxy da really boy
00:22:32mrk get toptower
00:22:35mrk so they cant afk top
00:23:02Maxy just stun
00:23:03Maxy es
00:23:08Usires mana
00:23:09Usires lina
00:23:10Soulyah they come
00:23:11Soulyah here
00:23:19Maxy stun es
00:23:42Maxy i wont go first
00:23:45Maxy dont expect me to
00:23:48mrk seer should
00:23:49mrk bait
00:23:52mrk and vacuum-suicide
00:23:52Maxy i might even go farm
00:23:53Maxy bot
00:24:07Soulyah come all
00:24:17mrk b
00:24:21Maxy no hp
00:24:22Maxy to wait
00:24:23Maxy that much
00:24:27Maxy 2 aa ultys
00:24:28Maxy i am dead
00:25:00Usires b
00:25:03c-yanker dagger
00:25:08Strom dd top
00:25:21TakinBackMyLove es
00:25:22TakinBackMyLove got dager
00:25:52WANKmaster we just need to farm ..
00:25:54WANKmaster nothing else
00:26:16WANKmaster minu lothar oli ka kasutu muidugi
00:26:20Soulyah je.d
00:26:22WANKmaster oleks pidanud vana buildi tegema
00:26:46Soulyah fuck no:D
00:26:48c-yanker i got dagger but no ulti
00:27:42TakinBackMyLove pit
00:27:43TakinBackMyLove wtrf
00:27:44TakinBackMyLove wheres
00:27:46TakinBackMyLove your rain ?
00:27:48TakinBackMyLove fire rain +
00:27:51Buttons it
00:27:54Buttons sucks
00:27:55c-yanker fell sorry your butch suck so hard
00:27:55Buttons til
00:27:56TakinBackMyLove lol
00:27:56Buttons pushtime
00:28:07TakinBackMyLove oh thats why you got pwned so much top ?
00:28:10TakinBackMyLove newb
00:28:11c-yanker cause of lion y
00:28:20TakinBackMyLove nah cuz of you newb
00:28:29c-yanker y
00:28:43mrk reuse chick
00:29:03mrk ward
00:29:06mrk top of tree
00:29:19c-yanker lets push
00:29:24mrk ya
00:29:38Maxy assists overrated
00:29:54mrk go mid
00:30:19c-yanker can we gather please
00:30:29Soulyah need ward there
00:30:34Strom k
00:30:46TakinBackMyLove care
00:30:47TakinBackMyLove es
00:30:48TakinBackMyLove incokeing
00:31:22Soulyah passive
00:31:23Soulyah be
00:31:34Maxy cant wait
00:31:36Maxy like idiots
00:31:37Maxy ro go
00:31:37Maxy or b
00:32:22mrk b
00:32:26TakinBackMyLove pitlord is rly
00:32:27TakinBackMyLove bad
00:32:29TakinBackMyLove so sad
00:32:32Buttons i didn't realise
00:32:33TakinBackMyLove thats why we loose
00:32:34Buttons you would be
00:32:36Buttons so passive
00:32:38Buttons as to leave tower
00:32:39Soulyah read
00:32:41Soulyah what i said
00:32:42RumGone -ii
00:32:45RumGone urn?
00:33:03TakinBackMyLove ewver
00:33:04TakinBackMyLove dont
00:33:04TakinBackMyLove get
00:33:08TakinBackMyLove linkin
00:33:10TakinBackMyLove it sucks
00:33:12TakinBackMyLove get bkb
00:33:21Usires zz 1 kills 12 assists
00:33:21Soulyah semilate for that
00:33:23Usires and lina
00:33:26Usires 13 and 1
00:33:31TakinBackMyLove they have so many spells
00:33:32Usires cunt xD
00:33:36TakinBackMyLove so it would be useless
00:33:36Maxy boss*
00:33:40Usires punk
00:33:45c-yanker we gotta push u know?
00:33:46Soulyah need that xtramana regen
00:33:47TakinBackMyLove care
00:33:48TakinBackMyLove mdii
00:33:51Usires i got teleboots
00:33:52Usires just go
00:33:53Usires i will come
00:34:07Strom only 1 bo
00:34:09Usires lol
00:34:10Strom they wont go tower yet
00:34:14mrk top tower
00:34:16mrk 1hit from deny
00:34:19Maxy k
00:34:29mrk ours i meant
00:34:33Maxy xD
00:34:38TakinBackMyLove b
00:34:39TakinBackMyLove b
00:34:39TakinBackMyLove b
00:34:39Maxy i can dael
00:34:39TakinBackMyLove b
00:34:40TakinBackMyLove b
00:34:40TakinBackMyLove b
00:34:41TakinBackMyLove they
00:34:42TakinBackMyLove know
00:34:43Maxy instant 1700 dmg
00:34:45Maxy boss?
00:34:47c-yanker wards there
00:34:54TakinBackMyLove they
00:34:55TakinBackMyLove know
00:34:56TakinBackMyLove you farm
00:34:57Maxy wank good player, how much hp"?
00:34:57TakinBackMyLove there
00:35:01WANKmaster they
00:35:02WANKmaster are there
00:35:05Strom :D
00:35:10TakinBackMyLove still he looks at my screen
00:35:42mrk kill troll
00:35:42mrk rofl
00:35:49RumGone he bashed me straight
00:36:11Soulyah didnt c there pudge
00:36:13Soulyah my fault
00:36:18RumGone side
00:36:20mrk well,
00:36:23c-yanker im not blind
00:36:25mrk our boss damage dealer got insta
00:36:30mrk almost
00:36:35RumGone ...
00:36:36Maxy that hook
00:36:38Maxy wasn't supposed to go
00:36:39mrk y saw
00:36:40Maxy near me
00:36:43c-yanker we cant go when im hitted from aa
00:36:45TakinBackMyLove weaver
00:36:48TakinBackMyLove you need bkb aswell
00:36:48Soulyah yes?
00:36:53WANKmaster should i go
00:36:56WANKmaster for hot
00:36:57WANKmaster now
00:36:58Soulyah ofc
00:36:58WANKmaster ?
00:36:59Soulyah bkb
00:37:01TakinBackMyLove i would say bkb
00:37:01Maxy i just got gem
00:37:02Maxy what for
00:37:05Maxy senrys?
00:37:05c-yanker kill troll
00:37:08Soulyah ah
00:37:09Soulyah he has
00:37:09TakinBackMyLove oh
00:37:09Soulyah :d
00:37:12Usires didntnotice
00:37:13RumGone bkb
00:37:14mrk aegis bkb
00:37:16Maxy g
00:37:18Soulyah milleks hotti
00:37:19TakinBackMyLove mby satainc
00:37:19Soulyah tee dam
00:37:20TakinBackMyLove instead
00:37:48c-yanker troll no bkb now
00:37:50Maxy i stay behind
00:37:54WANKmaster used bkb ..
00:38:20TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:38:21TakinBackMyLove help
00:38:22TakinBackMyLove him ?
00:38:24WANKmaster gues
00:38:27Strom used ulti
00:38:28WANKmaster you no want to
00:38:31WANKmaster fight
00:38:40WANKmaster they use all
00:38:41WANKmaster on me
00:38:44WANKmaster and u sitting
00:38:46WANKmaster next to tower
00:38:48WANKmaster es ult
00:38:49WANKmaster so on
00:38:52TakinBackMyLove pit
00:38:52TakinBackMyLove use
00:38:54TakinBackMyLove your funcijn
00:38:56TakinBackMyLove spells
00:38:57TakinBackMyLove newb
00:39:18RumGone lina ?
00:39:20RumGone srsly?
00:39:21mrk yeah
00:39:23mrk f-secure
00:39:25mrk popup
00:39:26Maxy not my bad you keep going -_-
00:39:34mrk well it was free rax
00:39:38Maxy not
00:39:39Maxy not really
00:39:40Strom just leaving cleave? :D
00:39:40Usires yeah it was
00:39:43Maxy ok
00:39:44Usires and weaver dead
00:39:47Usires 3 times
00:39:48Usires if u tehre
00:39:51Usires wanker got away 1hp
00:39:52Usires with ulti
00:39:53Usires again
00:39:59c-yanker wait
00:40:00c-yanker let me ulti
00:40:16Soulyah b
00:40:46mrk rosh
00:40:47mrk troll
00:40:48mrk there
00:40:58WANKmaster b
00:41:01Soulyah o
00:41:01Soulyah mg
00:41:04Strom share chick
00:41:46Strom :D
00:41:47RumGone ds srsyl?
00:41:58Usires why he dont die
00:42:00Soulyah pit can u stop dying
00:42:01Maxy lol
00:42:02Usires lina
00:42:03Maxy we got free rax
00:42:05Maxy and you want to die?!
00:42:06mrk b
00:42:09Maxy go fucking back
00:42:10Buttons lol
00:42:11c-yanker b
00:42:17mrk well i was tping
00:42:18mrk already
00:42:19Buttons you go double carry team
00:42:20mrk rosh
00:42:22mrk troll will go
00:42:23Buttons ofc we're going to die
00:42:23mrk insta
00:42:26Buttons with no padding
00:42:31TakinBackMyLove wank
00:42:31Usires yeah gather
00:42:31TakinBackMyLove and
00:42:32Strom rosh alive?
00:42:33Usires there
00:42:33c-yanker ¨next fight rosh
00:42:34TakinBackMyLove weaver
00:42:35Usires ill come when
00:42:35TakinBackMyLove just
00:42:35mrk he's
00:42:36mrk running
00:42:37TakinBackMyLove spread out
00:42:37mrk rosh
00:42:37Usires i born
00:42:41TakinBackMyLove they we easy
00:42:43TakinBackMyLove take him
00:42:53c-yanker ROSHAN
00:42:54c-yanker GO
00:42:56TakinBackMyLove they know
00:43:03Maxy dead
00:43:19TakinBackMyLove put
00:43:19TakinBackMyLove wards
00:43:20TakinBackMyLove aa
00:43:21TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:54Maxy .
00:43:55Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:56Soulyah def mid
00:43:57Maxy wotn comment
00:43:58c-yanker dont ff
00:43:59c-yanker idiot
00:44:03Buttons cd
00:44:03Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:04Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:04Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:17mrk illu
00:44:22Maxy now no1 blame es?
00:44:22c-yanker try
00:44:24c-yanker destroy
00:44:24c-yanker roh
00:44:25Maxy and when you need to
00:44:27Maxy you blame lion
00:44:29Maxy so much.
00:44:32Maxy lion go blame es now
00:44:34Maxy you got chance
00:44:36Soulyah bkb ka siis
00:44:36c-yanker what is there to blame?
00:44:40TakinBackMyLove wank get satanic
00:44:42Maxy ulty our heroes only
00:44:43Maxy nothing more
00:44:46c-yanker are u dumb?
00:44:48c-yanker the sec
00:44:50c-yanker u wanna jump
00:44:51c-yanker aa ulti
00:44:52c-yanker hits me
00:44:53Maxy i know
00:44:55Maxy but still your bad
00:44:56WANKmaster hot better
00:44:56Soulyah gg
00:44:57WANKmaster imo
00:44:58mrk rosh not dead?
00:45:00Soulyah fanta pudel
00:45:01c-yanker im bad?
00:45:03RumGone seams so
00:45:03Soulyah ja toiduõli pudel
00:45:05Soulyah Kõrvuti
00:45:10Soulyah kummast ma kiirelt lonku vütsin
00:45:10mrk rofl
00:45:12Maxy wtf?
00:45:12RumGone lol
00:45:13c-yanker not my fault
00:45:13RumGone sry
00:45:15c-yanker ppl getting hooked
00:45:21c-yanker and we fighting over hill
00:45:21c-yanker dark
00:45:30mrk ds
00:45:30mrk tp
00:46:29c-yanker b
00:46:41TakinBackMyLove weav
00:46:44mrk why
00:46:45mrk u run
00:46:49Maxy WHY NOT KILL
00:46:50Maxy WTF?
00:46:58RumGone troll has gem btw
00:46:58Usires im oom and someone said b
00:47:00Usires so i went b
00:47:02Soulyah fucking used bkb
00:47:04Soulyah and all split:D
00:47:09Maxy i ask
00:47:09Maxy es
00:47:16TakinBackMyLove wank destory that
00:47:17TakinBackMyLove gem
00:47:21Soulyah gem lina
00:47:29Soulyah care
00:47:49WANKmaster share
00:47:49WANKmaster plz
00:47:53WANKmaster SHARE
00:47:55c-yanker vacum them away?
00:47:56Buttons chill
00:47:56RumGone gj
00:47:57TakinBackMyLove pit
00:48:01Strom due buttons, you need to share all
00:48:05Usires GJ GJ
00:48:07Buttons someone
00:48:09Usires shut your fucking faces
00:48:09Buttons was trying
00:48:10Buttons to kill me
00:48:15Soulyah y
00:48:16Soulyah we wana lose
00:48:17Soulyah :D
00:48:27Usires lion afk
00:48:29Usires and im dead
00:48:31Buttons 'use firestorm' when ds is in vacuum range for whole team
00:48:33Usires mb b after that tower
00:48:33TakinBackMyLove def
00:48:34TakinBackMyLove it
00:48:35Usires then ill tele
00:48:36Buttons gr8 idea
00:48:40Maxy b
00:48:49TakinBackMyLove care
00:48:49TakinBackMyLove they
00:48:52TakinBackMyLove are over hill
00:48:53Maxy i heard smoke overrated
00:48:54Maxy item
00:49:01Strom sentry on lion
00:49:06Soulyah gem lina
00:49:17Usires so go where
00:49:18Usires bot
00:49:23Strom haste lina inc mid
00:49:24Soulyah haste lina
00:49:42Maxy someone forgot scroll in woods
00:49:51mrk i swapped for gem
00:49:58TakinBackMyLove care
00:49:59TakinBackMyLove mid
00:50:11c-yanker can we gather
00:50:11c-yanker ?
00:50:13WANKmaster 2x pipe
00:50:14WANKmaster awesome
00:50:17c-yanker gather smoke go
00:50:17WANKmaster no dmg at all!
00:50:18WANKmaster :D
00:50:18Strom weaver & troll, don't be next to each other so ES can utli you
00:50:23Usires sure
00:50:24Soulyah y
00:50:25Usires 100 and agha
00:50:26Maxy why mid
00:50:28mrk y
00:50:29mrk wait seer
00:50:38c-yanker ds
00:50:39c-yanker farm
00:50:39TakinBackMyLove i tank
00:50:39Usires i tele top
00:50:40c-yanker here
00:50:40Maxy just
00:50:40TakinBackMyLove you
00:50:41c-yanker and take birtd
00:50:42c-yanker to u
00:50:42Maxy ward their woods
00:50:43TakinBackMyLove w8
00:50:46TakinBackMyLove to he ultis
00:50:50TakinBackMyLove then you rape him
00:50:59Strom smoke on ES
00:51:03Usires wait
00:51:04Usires bird
00:51:05Usires agha
00:51:18RumGone whats the new aga on ds again?
00:51:22mrk 140%
00:51:23Maxy mass dmg
00:51:28Strom b pudge
00:51:31Strom weaver not here
00:52:01mrk LION
00:52:01Maxy WTF
00:52:02mrk SUP
00:52:09Maxy that bash.
00:52:36Soulyah fuckig hell
00:52:49WANKmaster i die and we are fucked :d
00:52:52Soulyah see hot oli kyll lambine
00:52:56mrk gg
00:52:58Soulyah sata peale elud t2is
00:52:59Soulyah v dammi
00:52:59Strom ?
00:53:00WANKmaster no mis ma tegema pidin siis ?
00:53:04TakinBackMyLove wank
00:53:04Strom dude ES
00:53:06WANKmaster täiesti kasulik item
00:53:06c-yanker ?
00:53:07TakinBackMyLove i told you to stay
00:53:08TakinBackMyLove behind
00:53:09c-yanker what?
00:53:10WANKmaster nad jooksevad nahhui lihtsalt
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