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Chat log

00:00:16Gummi_Gert mrk. srsly. get me roof. ok ?
00:00:18slc2 jeg spilelr abba
00:00:18mrk doubt they'd pick it
00:00:18Gummi_Gert but please anyway?
00:00:18slc2 ban naix eller fugl
00:00:18mrk phoenix
00:00:18slc2 naix!
00:00:18Gummi_Gert i would love to play it. im good with it
00:00:18RalleBrazil Naix
00:00:19slc2 yea man:D
00:00:20Bct_Murder i want abadon
00:00:24Bct_Murder i want abadon
00:00:25Gummi_Gert ty man
00:00:31slc2 i go abba
00:00:35WhiteNoiZe ´some1 silla?
00:00:38Bct_Murder slc
00:00:41slc2 ?
00:00:42Bct_Murder you play ?
00:00:45WhiteNoiZe slard also nice
00:00:45slc2 jeps.
00:00:47Bct_Murder ok
00:00:51slc2 go skywrath
00:00:51Bct_Murder meybe you want sky ?
00:00:57slc2 hi no:D
00:01:01mrk get slar gyro pugna
00:01:03mrk thrall even
00:01:04mrk veno
00:01:19Gummi_Gert i get you thrall ?
00:01:24VVindoWz veno would be nice
00:01:26slc2 get thrall
00:01:28mrk get me invo again
00:01:32slc2 thrall
00:01:36mrk ill play it until im bored of it
00:01:37Gummi_Gert sure?
00:01:38mrk y
00:01:39slc2 thrall last
00:01:41Gummi_Gert kl
00:01:43Gummi_Gert mid?
00:01:45mrk y
00:01:49Gummi_Gert gyro with me bot?
00:01:53mrk -swap 4
00:01:54Gummi_Gert -swap
00:01:56Gummi_Gert -swap 1
00:01:57slc2 get veno last
00:01:59slc2 or enigma
00:02:02Bct_Murder atrop meybe/
00:02:12Gummi_Gert im top
00:02:16slc2 veno or enigma
00:02:16Gummi_Gert with gyo
00:02:21mrk slar
00:02:23mrk bot with thrall
00:02:27Gummi_Gert slardar
00:02:28Gummi_Gert ffs
00:02:33slc2 just focus slardar atro
00:02:35mrk or
00:02:35Gummi_Gert -clear
00:02:36mrk thrall go top
00:02:37mrk roof bot
00:02:38Bct_Murder ok
00:02:43Gummi_Gert slarrdar
00:02:44mrk invi+heal
00:02:47mrk slar stay top
00:02:49mrk with thrall
00:02:49Gummi_Gert slardar bot
00:02:50mrk :D:D
00:02:52mrk w/e
00:02:55mrk 1 go top
00:02:56Gummi_Gert gyroi
00:03:07Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:09Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Bane Elemental [e,b,t,f]
00:03:41RalleBrazil ss
00:04:40Isdronningen b
00:04:43Isdronningen re
00:05:23Isdronningen care
00:05:55mrk ss
00:06:01VVindoWz ss
00:06:06VVindoWz re
00:06:33Bct_Murder gj
00:06:48mrk ROFL
00:06:48mrk OK
00:06:53slc2 calcu;:D
00:06:56slc2 calc:D
00:07:49slc2 kommer i bund
00:07:55mrk abbab ot
00:08:05slc2 thrall
00:08:06mrk abba bot
00:08:18mrk rocket
00:08:21mrk i strike
00:08:29VVindoWz oom
00:08:30Bct_Murder eat pig
00:08:39Isdronningen ss top
00:08:40Gummi_Gert gangh
00:08:55WhiteNoiZe down got free farm
00:08:55AliBaba ty
00:08:59VVindoWz got it now
00:09:10Bct_Murder ss mid
00:09:11Bct_Murder ss mid
00:09:12Bct_Murder care
00:09:13Bct_Murder bbb
00:09:16Bct_Murder re
00:09:19slc2 top go?++
00:09:20Bct_Murder say miss team
00:09:22Bct_Murder go
00:09:31slc2 go top`???
00:09:32mrk SS
00:09:38slc2 just dive theme
00:09:43slc2 push it
00:09:47slc2 fast
00:09:49slc2 ss mid
00:09:54mrk rofl
00:09:55mrk thrall :P
00:09:56WhiteNoiZe more luck plz
00:09:57slc2 puish it
00:09:58mrk if u hadnt hed die
00:10:01slc2 i dive from begind
00:10:03WhiteNoiZe what
00:10:06mrk pull sk
00:10:18slc2 b
00:10:26RalleBrazil ss!?
00:10:29slc2 har safgt
00:11:02slc2 tårn tag det
00:11:23mrk b
00:11:36Isdronningen ss bot
00:11:48mrk up chicken please
00:12:00VVindoWz come top
00:12:02VVindoWz gangbang
00:12:05Bct_Murder i need 2 creep
00:12:07mrk im oom
00:12:07RalleBrazil ss
00:12:07Bct_Murder and i have ulti
00:12:10mrk almost
00:12:12RalleBrazil bot ss
00:12:14RalleBrazil mid ss
00:12:29Gummi_Gert gj
00:12:36Bct_Murder all up
00:12:39Bct_Murder bottum NOOB
00:12:47slc2 tower lost..
00:13:17Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:13:17WhiteNoiZe 0 money and 0 items
00:13:30Gummi_Gert just put wards,
00:13:39slc2 wards
00:14:10Isdronningen still ss bot
00:14:46mrk roof need u mid
00:14:53mrk well too late now
00:14:54mrk though
00:14:54mrk so n
00:14:55mrk p
00:15:04slc2 im b
00:15:04Bct_Murder down?
00:15:07RalleBrazil y
00:15:08VVindoWz why dont u ulti someone
00:15:12slc2 top tower get
00:15:21Bct_Murder aba take
00:15:22Bct_Murder dd
00:15:24Bct_Murder and go kill mid
00:15:32slc2 w8 chick
00:15:52WhiteNoiZe nice team
00:15:57Bct_Murder this team
00:15:58Bct_Murder noob
00:15:58Bct_Murder gg
00:15:59Bct_Murder ff
00:16:05Bct_Murder crix imba noob
00:16:07mrk nice thrall
00:16:15Bct_Murder roof
00:16:15slc2 not his fault
00:16:16Bct_Murder free farm
00:16:22slc2 haha fuck roof
00:16:35Bct_Murder ff
00:16:48Isdronningen go bot
00:17:03Isdronningen go bot
00:17:03slc2 typ cd
00:17:12mrk we can go them
00:17:12VVindoWz b guys
00:17:12mrk bait
00:17:15mrk ah
00:17:15mrk 3
00:17:44Bct_Murder we need gank
00:17:46Gummi_Gert abba gets fat
00:18:00VVindoWz go go top
00:18:01Bct_Murder omg
00:18:02AliBaba omg
00:18:02Bct_Murder ;D
00:18:10Gummi_Gert gjh
00:18:18Gummi_Gert gj
00:18:21slc2 so bad played
00:18:41slc2 when dagger on sk we will win
00:18:51Bct_Murder back
00:18:51Bct_Murder back
00:18:52Isdronningen b
00:19:09VVindoWz all come
00:19:10mrk go
00:20:15mrk roof ulti woulda won that
00:20:18mrk didnt see what happened
00:20:21Gummi_Gert shh
00:20:23mrk :P
00:20:25Gummi_Gert was used in top
00:20:30mrk ah
00:20:30Isdronningen tower and b
00:20:40Gummi_Gert have now
00:20:51Isdronningen b
00:21:24Casberry AH CMON
00:21:28VVindoWz oom
00:21:39Casberry bullshit chase
00:21:42Bct_Murder omg
00:21:43Bct_Murder crix
00:21:44Bct_Murder you noob
00:21:46Bct_Murder i dont help
00:21:49Bct_Murder you anymore
00:21:50Bct_Murder fucking idiot
00:22:00mrk well we split
00:22:06VVindoWz y
00:22:08Gummi_Gert dont chase ok ?
00:22:13Isdronningen gj team
00:22:15mrk well chasing was fine
00:22:18mrk but splitting wasnt
00:22:53Gummi_Gert abba is the real prob
00:23:16Gummi_Gert haveu lti
00:23:32mrk why arent u mid
00:23:47Gummi_Gert wp team
00:23:49Isdronningen tower and
00:23:50Isdronningen b
00:23:53mrk no need to solo farm
00:23:54mrk side lanes
00:23:58mrk when we dont have wards down
00:23:59Gummi_Gert its lost
00:24:02mrk + we saw ~4 mid
00:24:07mrk stick with ur teammates
00:24:19Gummi_Gert gg
00:24:23Isdronningen b
00:25:02mrk plant those wards
00:25:31Gummi_Gert we need that dagger slard
00:25:33slc2 lets take the rest of outer towers
00:25:36Casberry i do
00:25:43Casberry no farm
00:25:45Gummi_Gert abba gets farmed
00:25:54mrk then gather and push
00:25:56mrk so they cant farm
00:26:05Gummi_Gert dont hunr
00:26:11WhiteNoiZe ff
00:26:20mrk AGAIN UR NOT MID
00:26:52mrk if we get
00:26:52slc2 go bot all please
00:26:54mrk everyone mid
00:26:56mrk we win them by 0 deaths
00:26:59mrk and get 2 towers
00:27:00WhiteNoiZe we lose even more
00:27:06mrk are you blind?
00:27:07mrk last fight
00:27:10mrk for example
00:27:23Gummi_Gert u suck though
00:27:40mrk go
00:27:47slc2 go
00:28:19mrk go bot
00:28:22WhiteNoiZe no
00:28:24VVindoWz 4 bot but team goes top
00:28:25mrk well now
00:28:27mrk its late y
00:28:45mrk go help
00:28:46mrk bait
00:28:47mrk roof
00:28:47mrk bait
00:28:54mrk TP
00:29:03Gummi_Gert no mana
00:29:04Gummi_Gert at all
00:29:11RalleBrazil OMg
00:29:12Gummi_Gert need 70
00:29:14RalleBrazil ? take it
00:29:15RalleBrazil ?
00:29:18RalleBrazil i got bottle!?
00:29:23slc2 get dusts asap
00:29:39WhiteNoiZe BACK
00:29:52mrk boots go
00:29:57mrk ffs
00:30:09Gummi_Gert fuck u suck
00:30:19Gummi_Gert when roof ulti it meens. FUCKING GO
00:30:25mrk well
00:30:28mrk 100% wrong positioning
00:30:31Gummi_Gert nah
00:30:32mrk bane ulti sleep me whole duration
00:30:33Casberry too far away dude
00:30:36mrk thrall was dead
00:30:38WhiteNoiZe why u dont went back to tower i dont understand that
00:30:44Gummi_Gert cause u suck
00:30:52WhiteNoiZe alright
00:30:56Gummi_Gert mr boots
00:30:59WhiteNoiZe nice explanation
00:31:09WhiteNoiZe at least im buying wards
00:31:22mrk push mid
00:31:23WhiteNoiZe but i stop that now
00:31:23mrk just
00:31:28slc2 go mid all
00:31:31WhiteNoiZe lol push mid
00:31:36mrk stop talking so much
00:31:38slc2 we can end lets go
00:31:39mrk u have afked in base 2 minutes
00:31:41mrk just to talk
00:31:42mrk :P
00:31:46slc2 get dusts....
00:31:54WhiteNoiZe y its over
00:31:56mrk we have 0 times
00:31:59mrk roof thrall ulti
00:32:02mrk + me together
00:32:07mrk come
00:32:18mrk they cant stop
00:32:20mrk us pushing
00:32:22mrk if we get ultis in
00:32:23mrk roof
00:32:23mrk come
00:32:27Gummi_Gert going radiance
00:32:33mrk farming loses us even more
00:32:41mrk since they farm aswell
00:32:55Bct_Murder i come mid
00:33:15mrk TURN
00:33:18WhiteNoiZe you all dead
00:33:46Bct_Murder wtf team
00:33:49Bct_Murder i cant believe
00:33:49Bct_Murder ;/
00:34:07Casberry fuckr
00:34:23Gummi_Gert got relic now
00:34:36mrk -ms
00:34:47Bct_Murder go gank?
00:34:48slc2 gank one and then go mid
00:34:56slc2 like roof
00:35:03Bct_Murder or invoker
00:35:10slc2 ulti him
00:35:17Gummi_Gert b
00:35:19mrk gather
00:35:26mrk need new wards
00:35:35slc2 wards and dust......
00:35:45Bct_Murder now anyone buy ward
00:35:46Bct_Murder ..
00:36:28Bct_Murder omg
00:36:30Bct_Murder team
00:36:30Bct_Murder ok
00:36:33Bct_Murder enough
00:36:35Bct_Murder i dotn help
00:36:36Bct_Murder you
00:36:39Bct_Murder if you run all time
00:36:45Bct_Murder crix
00:36:46Bct_Murder failer
00:36:54mrk easy
00:37:01Bct_Murder they imba
00:37:02Bct_Murder now
00:37:03Gummi_Gert y
00:37:05Bct_Murder idiot team
00:37:07Bct_Murder i sleep all
00:37:08Gummi_Gert got radi now
00:37:08Bct_Murder ulti
00:37:09Bct_Murder -dmg
00:37:11Bct_Murder you run
00:37:13Bct_Murder what i can say
00:38:05mrk b
00:38:13mrk b
00:38:18mrk need all
00:38:19mrk roof
00:38:35Gummi_Gert omw
00:38:42mrk BACK
00:38:43mrk TO BASE
00:38:44mrk regen
00:38:51Gummi_Gert lets fight at towr
00:38:54Gummi_Gert got uli
00:39:17Bct_Murder back
00:39:19Bct_Murder abadon no ulti
00:39:48Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:54Gummi_Gert roh
00:39:57Gummi_Gert hurry
00:40:02Bct_Murder i alone buy ward. ..
00:40:13mrk i get
00:40:14Gummi_Gert i take?
00:40:18Gummi_Gert hmm
00:40:20Bct_Murder ff now
00:40:36Gummi_Gert gj
00:40:51RalleBrazil let me farm
00:40:56Bct_Murder suck my balls
00:40:57Bct_Murder nigger
00:41:40Bct_Murder invoker imba shet
00:42:40Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:56Gummi_Gert gj
00:43:01Bct_Murder slardar roof and invoker win
00:43:07Bct_Murder slc say whaahah roof noob
00:43:08Bct_Murder now look
00:43:09Bct_Murder roof imba
00:43:14slc2 roof plays bad
00:43:15mrk they all alive
00:43:15mrk tho
00:43:15Gummi_Gert twr
00:43:28Bct_Murder crix play horible ban and sad
00:43:54Bct_Murder omg
00:43:56Bct_Murder :DDDD
00:43:59Bct_Murder team just look
00:44:02Bct_Murder ok enough
00:44:03Bct_Murder this team
00:44:05Bct_Murder horible
00:44:21Isdronningen thats you who sucks
00:44:26Gummi_Gert gj guys
00:44:29Isdronningen cant belive you dive like that
00:44:29Bct_Murder i - dmg slardar
00:44:32Bct_Murder sleep invoker
00:44:34Bct_Murder and ulti roof
00:44:37Bct_Murder but you all just look
00:44:43slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:49Bct_Murder ff now
00:44:52slc2 u shouldnt go first noob
00:45:10slc2 and i told u to use ur ulti on slardar.
00:45:12Gummi_Gert got refresher in 500
00:45:25Bct_Murder i cant?
00:45:26Bct_Murder range?
00:45:28Bct_Murder and he have bkbk?
00:45:32RalleBrazil I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:33Bct_Murder i first sleep him or - dmg
00:45:39Bct_Murder ulti low range
00:46:11Casberry im b
00:46:28Gummi_Gert got refresher
00:47:38slc2 haha thrall
00:47:43WhiteNoiZe ?
00:47:43slc2 u didnt even took it??
00:48:52slc2 2 ultis??? omg....
00:49:08Bct_Murder ff all
00:49:14Gummi_Gert razx
00:49:31AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:36Bct_Murder I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:37Isdronningen I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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