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Chat log

00:00:08WantedZip i forhold til DK politi damer
00:00:11WantedZip de ligner mænd
00:00:16WantedZip de ligner mænd :D
00:00:18KeLToS hot bitches i istanbul
00:00:18KeLToS zulu vil gerne spille wl
00:00:18WantedZip k
00:00:18WantedZip wanker
00:00:18WantedZip u here ?
00:00:18Momdsiw he said he goes for toilet
00:00:18WantedZip wanker = dk ? :D
00:00:18WantedZip haha
00:00:18Momdsiw back in 10 minutes
00:00:18WANKmaster wl
00:00:18WANKmaster any1
00:00:18WANKmaster ?
00:00:18Momdsiw i can if i can solo with ihm
00:00:18WantedZip he is wanking
00:00:18WANKmaster guys
00:00:18marsbar2k sure
00:00:18WANKmaster wl
00:00:18Casberry -rickroll
00:00:18WantedZip that wankmaster
00:00:18marsbar2k u can solo him
00:00:18WANKmaster -ud
00:00:18Momdsiw or atleast farm lane
00:00:18WantedZip COMMANDER
00:00:23marsbar2k Arnolds Film
00:00:25marsbar2k COMMANDO
00:00:26KeLToS LAAAAAA LA i wanted commander. :(
00:00:38marsbar2k dis angry arnold
00:00:39marsbar2k raping
00:00:41Momdsiw I LIED! best regards arnold
00:00:43WantedZip :D
00:00:58Momdsiw what you want
00:01:02WANKmaster get me pa
00:01:07Momdsiw -swap 1
00:01:07WANKmaster -swap 3
00:01:20Momdsiw can i mid?
00:01:32marsbar2k wank he can mid i can top with u
00:01:38WANKmaster sure
00:01:38WANKmaster ok should've imba combo
00:01:45WantedZip keltos
00:01:47WantedZip hvis du en dag
00:01:57marsbar2k for dig en tissemand
00:01:58WantedZip tager til tyrkiet for at holde ferie
00:02:02WantedZip ALONE
00:02:02marsbar2k Så stop spil cent
00:02:02Homeostat0000 just dont pick shit orange he made good pick
00:02:11WantedZip så vil jeg gerne med Just dont play shit, purple
00:02:18WANKmaster can i has farm
00:02:20WANKmaster this lane ?
00:02:21Homeostat0000 i will
00:02:24marsbar2k ofc
00:02:28Homeostat0000 but will be enough to win
00:02:29Homeostat0000 here
00:02:29marsbar2k il just do some puklls and try kills
00:02:31marsbar2k and roam
00:02:34WANKmaster ok
00:04:20KeLToS pull
00:04:22KeLToS and go again Bitch. :D
00:05:28KeLToS suprise
00:05:28Homeostat0000 is there rmk
00:05:28Homeostat0000 after fb?
00:05:28Zulu y
00:05:28Homeostat0000 another brilliant rule
00:05:28Homeostat0000 ruel
00:05:28Zulu y
00:05:34Zulu gay
00:05:37KeLToS cunt
00:06:05KeLToS go from behind
00:06:59KeLToS go from behind
00:08:35marsbar2k farming ok wank ?
00:08:37WANKmaster t
00:08:39WANKmaster y
00:08:42KeLToS wait
00:08:48marsbar2k shitty part is
00:08:52marsbar2k i rly dont wanna try gang mid
00:08:53marsbar2k -.-
00:09:00KeLToS ok
00:09:10101010 ss bot
00:09:31Momdsiw stupid urnes on jugger
00:09:44Momdsiw how's pa's farm
00:09:49WANKmaster 30
00:09:50WANKmaster cs
00:09:54Momdsiw im 29
00:10:24KeLToS wait cresps for fuck sakes 'you fucking suck when was the last time u actually hit ur stun
00:11:13KeLToS there WIOAH WTF OMF
00:11:18KeLToS he has boots also u know
00:11:22Momdsiw MIS SJUGGER
00:11:28101010 ss bot
00:11:49Casberry was oom
00:11:49101010 you could use invis to me?
00:11:51101010 ok
00:11:53WantedZip ss
00:11:53Casberry pretty muc
00:11:56Zulu ss
00:12:02KeLToS ss
00:12:07KeLToS 4 here
00:12:08KeLToS panda wtf
00:12:21KeLToS what is panda doing here
00:12:28Homeostat0000 HIAHIAHIHA
00:12:36Homeostat0000 interrupting ur peaceful farm
00:12:37Homeostat0000 and fail
00:12:39Homeostat0000 noobs
00:13:15KeLToS dive
00:13:19Momdsiw jugger miss
00:14:04Momdsiw acre jugger panda please clap This fucking panda Sucks so bad
00:15:32Casberry ffs
00:15:59Casberry that infernal revealed me -.- whyu is puck farming?
00:16:01Homeostat0000 btw puck u could do 1 gank wekk well u stfu panda
00:16:11Homeostat0000 watch
00:16:12Homeostat0000 eza
00:17:00WANKmaster pudge
00:17:01WANKmaster start
00:17:02WANKmaster ganking
00:18:37Momdsiw got ult
00:18:38Momdsiw need more
00:18:43Momdsiw pudge should come
00:19:23KeLToS bot rune
00:20:45Homeostat0000 better back
00:20:55Homeostat0000 hahahah
00:21:16Momdsiw twr
00:21:42Homeostat0000 go
00:22:08Zulu why u wanna go 2v5 `? WTF
00:22:26WANKmaster :d
00:22:30WANKmaster no ult
00:22:31WANKmaster jugger
00:22:45Momdsiw heak ward
00:22:46Momdsiw hit it
00:24:34Momdsiw tower top? Took you lifetime zulu
00:25:09Casberry god ...
00:25:15Homeostat0000 hahahaha
00:25:16WantedZip TOWER 2 !
00:25:17WantedZip WIN WIN
00:25:18Homeostat0000 youtube noobs
00:26:10KeLToS youtubenoob
00:26:14Homeostat0000 hahah
00:26:19Homeostat0000 crippled brains
00:26:31Casberry reg
00:27:20Casberry sry dudes
00:27:23Momdsiw got my agha
00:27:58Momdsiw push with 5
00:28:00Momdsiw have agha ult?
00:28:27Momdsiw tle epudge
00:28:28Momdsiw bot
00:28:49Momdsiw join your tema
00:28:53marsbar2k cd
00:29:04KeLToS wl first
00:29:34Momdsiw you have like 4 min cd tp?
00:30:01Momdsiw if some1 should farm its pa imo
00:30:03Momdsiw not pudge
00:30:19KeLToS pudge stop farm?
00:30:27marsbar2k i did well suporting him top so suck me :D
00:30:31marsbar2k "supporting"
00:31:02Momdsiw invi me
00:32:11WANKmaster care
00:32:59marsbar2k Muta
00:33:07marsbar2k cükümü ye
00:33:10WantedZip ^^
00:33:21marsbar2k gogo google translate den
00:33:22marsbar2k :D
00:33:34Momdsiw go mid rax? I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:09Momdsiw gather mid?
00:34:12Momdsiw no tower
00:34:18Momdsiw take mid rax then rosh for pa?
00:34:30KeLToS ward rosh?
00:34:47WANKmaster go rosh
00:34:48WANKmaster ?
00:34:51Momdsiw k
00:35:03Momdsiw smoke it
00:35:06Momdsiw wait
00:35:36KeLToS where r they
00:35:38KeLToS mb rosh?
00:35:43KeLToS hmmmmmmmm muta?
00:35:46Momdsiw you dont evne need heal ;D
00:36:27WantedZip upg chick ?
00:36:29Momdsiw go mdi rax now?
00:36:33WANKmaster y
00:36:34WANKmaster all mid
00:36:45Momdsiw i stay b with ult
00:36:49WANKmaster get
00:36:49WANKmaster gem
00:36:51WANKmaster or something
00:36:53WANKmaster to reveal
00:37:15marsbar2k Hva var det muta :D
00:37:42WantedZip haha
00:37:43WantedZip lol
00:38:03WantedZip no tower
00:38:16Momdsiw did pudge die to solo centa?
00:38:24101010 solo jugger
00:38:27Momdsiw oh
00:38:43KeLToS glimse? wanted
00:38:52WantedZip OMG
00:39:07Homeostat0000 gg
00:39:36Momdsiw 15 sec for ult
00:39:46Homeostat0000 filed when they go in
00:39:50Homeostat0000 do
00:39:51Homeostat0000 thrall
00:39:54Homeostat0000 haha k
00:40:23KeLToS youtube panda
00:40:35Homeostat0000 haha dont speak u useless piece of shit
00:40:44Homeostat0000 u are so far from dota
00:40:45KeLToS fucking orphan
00:40:49WantedZip ^^
00:40:53KeLToS virgin piece of shit
00:40:57KeLToS go in clap and get manaleaked
00:40:58Homeostat0000 lololo
00:41:56Homeostat0000 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
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