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+31 X
+1 TS

94% | 1672 X | 1541 TS

+27 X
+1 TS

40% | 1080 X | 1330 TS

+56 X
+6 TS

38% | 1139 X | 1243 TS

+48 X
+1 TS

34% | 1047 X | 1307 TS

+16 X
+6 TS

34% | 1118 X | 1229 TS

-61 X
-1 TS

94% | 1694 X | 1500 TS

-45 X
-2 TS

72% | 1393 X | 1366 TS

-18 X
-2 TS

55% | 1306 X | 1307 TS

-34 X
-4 TS

20% | 977 X | 1222 TS

-13 X
-11 TS

2% | 821 X | 1083 TS

Chat log

00:00:16oo0OoO0oo plzz ban that wisp
00:00:16oo0OoO0oo i beg you
00:00:16oo0OoO0oo alibaba can only play that hero and he does it well
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove abba
00:00:16oo0OoO0oo plzz ban wisp
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove anyone tide ?
00:00:16mrk axe
00:00:16acchilies ill go tide...
00:00:25mrk if we lose to alibaba wisp
00:00:26Gummi_Gert me aa
00:00:28Bct_Murder i go leshrac
00:00:28mrk then we deserve it
00:00:40mby_next_time wo[]oding
00:00:49AliBaba fu
00:00:53TakinBackMyLove give me wisp
00:00:55mby_next_time go your wisp
00:01:00AliBaba baaajh
00:01:06acchilies -swap 1
00:01:09TakinBackMyLove -swap 3
00:01:12AliBaba ;)
00:01:19mby_next_time get solo laner
00:01:19mby_next_time kurdi
00:01:19mby_next_time top
00:01:27mrk AA
00:01:30mrk rubi
00:01:35Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:36Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:37mby_next_time you're solo top kurdi.
00:01:38Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Tormented Soul [t,c,g,v]
00:01:39oo0OoO0oo y
00:01:42AliBaba -swap 1
00:01:44TakinBackMyLove -swap 4
00:01:48mby_next_time last one go rubicl /lina
00:01:54mrk or rhasta
00:01:55mrk bane
00:02:01Dodo bot or top ?
00:02:03mrk bot
00:02:05Dodo where cap ?
00:02:08Dodo -clear
00:02:09oo0OoO0oo this dodo
00:02:13oo0OoO0oo worst in gc
00:02:18mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:18mby_next_time -don
00:02:20mby_next_time -water red
00:02:21mby_next_time -clear
00:02:23Dodo -clear
00:02:36Dodo if you say so ... so be it
00:02:40Dodo ^^
00:02:47mby_next_time dodo is just learning dota
00:02:56mrk so am i
00:02:58mby_next_time and he's getting better and better
00:03:00Dodo ty mby next time :D
00:03:50Bct_Murder tide have slot?
00:03:56acchilies y
00:03:57Bct_Murder slow?
00:03:59Bct_Murder ok
00:04:09Bct_Murder kill
00:05:34oo0OoO0oo gang any time
00:05:38mby_next_time need ulti
00:05:44oo0OoO0oo no yu dont
00:05:46mby_next_time plus
00:05:48mby_next_time it;'s warded
00:06:24mrk UP CHICK
00:06:25mrk now please
00:06:33Bct_Murder i go pull
00:06:37Bct_Murder and we try gank
00:06:44mrk UPGRADE
00:06:51mby_next_time upgrade it
00:06:52mby_next_time link
00:06:52mrk please
00:06:55mby_next_time LINK
00:07:05TakinBackMyLove ss
00:07:06oo0OoO0oo ss top
00:07:06mrk ANYONE
00:07:08mrk SERIOUSLY
00:07:09oo0OoO0oo re
00:07:20mrk fucking retard
00:07:21mrk s*
00:07:30mrk ss
00:07:33acchilies ss bot
00:08:07mrk fucking
00:08:07oo0OoO0oo ss top
00:08:08mrk idiots
00:08:09mrk seriously
00:08:20oo0OoO0oo re
00:08:21mrk i understand you're "learing" dota
00:08:22Bct_Murder gj tide
00:08:25mrk but that's just bad
00:08:29acchilies yt
00:09:07oo0OoO0oo ss
00:09:09oo0OoO0oo top
00:09:12mby_next_time care mid
00:09:14mby_next_time wisp there
00:09:40mrk boots for a sidelane is never
00:09:45mrk more important than a flying bird
00:09:47mrk which lost the mid lane
00:09:48mrk grats
00:09:50acchilies w8 a sec...
00:09:53Bct_Murder ok
00:09:57acchilies mana boots...
00:10:13Dodo cot of that boot s
00:10:30Bct_Murder oh
00:10:31Bct_Murder fuck
00:10:32Bct_Murder ;/
00:10:33Bct_Murder sorry
00:10:35Bct_Murder my fault
00:10:36mrk ss
00:10:42Dodo coz of that boots i died
00:10:45acchilies nvm... i had no mana for ulti...
00:10:48mrk yeah
00:10:49mrk so did i
00:10:50mrk twice
00:11:00mby_next_time jakiro
00:11:16Dodo whos now in the mod ?
00:11:18Dodo mid
00:11:24mrk i dont care
00:11:33mrk GO
00:11:35mrk GUYS
00:11:38mrk its 3v1
00:11:39mrk where u run
00:12:13mrk aa isnt a farming hero
00:12:14oo0OoO0oo legion kil lanaya
00:12:30AliBaba mana
00:12:31Gummi_Gert b
00:13:11Bct_Murder wisp
00:13:13Bct_Murder this game
00:13:15acchilies you should run away...
00:13:16Bct_Murder you fail ;/
00:13:24AliBaba 10 min ?
00:13:32AliBaba no gank on legion ?
00:13:34oo0OoO0oo focus lanay
00:13:35AliBaba its not me ?
00:13:47AliBaba i just try to help with the tether
00:13:50mby_next_time seriosuyl kunka
00:14:06Gummi_Gert help him
00:14:35Gummi_Gert gj
00:14:37mrk link never wait with nukes
00:14:42mrk always use them as soon as possible
00:15:39oo0OoO0oo leg
00:16:06Bct_Murder ;DDDDDDDD
00:17:07mrk b
00:17:18mrk ???
00:17:18mrk b
00:17:30mrk oh wow
00:17:30mrk aa
00:17:33oo0OoO0oo fuck
00:17:34mrk ggwp
00:17:35mrk ff
00:17:36oo0OoO0oo i failed ulti
00:17:41Gummi_Gert gg
00:17:43mrk that was a doublekill
00:17:45mrk and we live
00:17:45oo0OoO0oo y
00:17:46mrk vs wisp
00:17:47oo0OoO0oo i know
00:17:52oo0OoO0oo i failed one
00:18:01acchilies thx
00:18:06Bct_Murder np
00:18:12mrk link
00:18:14mrk never go farming
00:18:18mrk with a hero that dosent need farm
00:18:19mrk go help others
00:18:20link ???
00:18:47acchilies got dagger...
00:18:51acchilies ill go pipe next...
00:18:52Gummi_Gert gj
00:18:54Gummi_Gert reg
00:19:08acchilies no ulti...
00:19:16Dodo COME CLOSER !
00:19:21Dodo so i can blick
00:19:44Gummi_Gert gj
00:19:59Bct_Murder i come
00:20:00Bct_Murder wait
00:20:32mrk WHERE ARE YOU
00:20:33mrk THE FUCK
00:20:35mrk RUBIC LEGION
00:20:39acchilies gj
00:20:40mby_next_time meee?
00:20:41mrk ur 5 seconds late
00:20:43mby_next_time i was running to ya
00:20:43mrk both of you
00:20:54Gummi_Gert psuh towers early
00:20:54mby_next_time im not going to initate without you so i went away
00:20:55mrk god jesus im so bad at these bronze games
00:21:00mrk always hoping on others
00:21:01acchilies push mid...
00:21:04mrk even though i know i shouldnt
00:21:07mby_next_time well you failed
00:21:08oo0OoO0oo dude
00:21:10mrk yes i did
00:21:12AliBaba im fail bct ?
00:21:12oo0OoO0oo we did good
00:21:14mrk i should afkfarm in bronze
00:21:14oo0OoO0oo you sucked
00:21:15mrk not gank lanes
00:21:19Gummi_Gert b
00:21:22mrk yeah
00:21:26mrk 6/8 deaths cos i went sidelanes
00:21:27Bct_Murder now you now bevcous
00:21:28mrk with you guys
00:21:28mby_next_time damn i forgot it 's easy to gang lanes
00:21:29Bct_Murder team help
00:21:30mrk where you failed miserably
00:21:39Bct_Murder now you dont fail
00:21:42AliBaba ? :D
00:21:43Bct_Murder becoues we play good :)
00:21:49mrk and 2 deaths cos i afked mid without courier to finally buy it myself
00:21:56mrk obviously kunkkas fault
00:22:04mby_next_time im sad
00:22:05mby_next_time seriously
00:22:24mrk i guess i have to buy dusts
00:22:26mrk and sentrys aswsell
00:22:27mrk ?
00:22:32Bct_Murder dagger lanaya
00:22:45mrk seems so
00:22:50mrk that deaths was aswell my fault
00:22:53mrk death*
00:23:06Gummi_Gert push those towers down now
00:23:13mrk u see what i mean?
00:23:15mrk legion
00:23:17Gummi_Gert æehs
00:23:19mby_next_time i see only that
00:23:22mrk 100% avoidable death + coulda killed anyone of them
00:23:22mby_next_time you are complaining
00:23:24Gummi_Gert lesh
00:23:26mrk but they were inbase
00:23:28Gummi_Gert take bot twer
00:23:28mrk yes i am :(
00:23:31Dodo -clear
00:23:31mby_next_time you had 900 gold
00:23:39mby_next_time you could fly crow + bootle
00:23:40AliBaba mana
00:23:43mrk rofl?
00:23:46Gummi_Gert ok i go bot
00:23:46mby_next_time instead of crying +
00:23:47mrk i bouth bottle
00:23:48oo0OoO0oo dont worry mort will win game
00:23:49mby_next_time loseing mid
00:23:50mrk bought
00:23:56mrk bought bottle
00:23:56mby_next_time you had 900 gold
00:23:59mrk left with 150 gold
00:23:59mby_next_time when you started talking
00:24:08mby_next_time dude i was looking how much you got
00:24:19mrk well did you also see
00:24:25mrk that i started talking after i bought items?
00:24:29TakinBackMyLove go
00:24:30TakinBackMyLove rosh
00:24:35mrk if id known i have
00:24:40mrk 3 supports in team who doesnt want to buy
00:24:42mrk support items
00:24:45mrk i woulda bought chick asap
00:24:47mrk myself
00:25:07Gummi_Gert gg ;:D
00:25:24mby_next_time funny
00:25:31mby_next_time that kongkat
00:25:36mby_next_time who have bad day seriously
00:25:38oo0OoO0oo b man
00:25:40mby_next_time wins that game so easly
00:25:48oo0OoO0oo your so retarded
00:25:49mby_next_time last game storm mid 2/10/3
00:25:53mrk how come?
00:25:56mrk do we know they have wards?
00:25:57mrk no?
00:26:08mrk well he lucked a bronze freewin
00:26:08Gummi_Gert uuppuuush
00:26:13mrk 50/50 always
00:26:22mrk thats why i join these
00:26:24mrk yet i still complain
00:26:25mrk dunno why
00:26:32mrk should just stop talking
00:26:32mby_next_time as everyone does
00:26:58Gummi_Gert top tower donw
00:27:14Gummi_Gert gg :)=
00:27:48mrk i try to give advice though
00:27:52mrk every my complaint is fair
00:27:55mrk and can be learnt from
00:27:57mrk so thats that
00:28:02mrk i can only hope some people listen
00:28:03mby_next_time if you're ytalking to me i know
00:28:32Dodo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:33mrk ggwp
00:28:34mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:49mrk well our lineup kinda sucked
00:28:52mrk if we watch the %
00:28:56oo0OoO0oo i owned
00:28:57mrk our 2 and 3 are better
00:28:58oo0OoO0oo mid sucked
00:29:01mrk than their 2-5
00:29:05mrk yet 4 and 5 are uber low
00:29:14mrk our 2 and 3 were forest/top lane alone
00:29:16mrk our 4 5 bot
00:29:17acchilies we got all of our towers left... :)
00:29:18mrk kinda expected
00:29:26Gummi_Gert lets end
00:29:27TakinBackMyLove go
00:29:27TakinBackMyLove bot
00:29:29Gummi_Gert before 30
00:29:30mrk well kurdi if u keep on saying i sucked
00:29:33mrk which i obviously did
00:29:37mrk atleast try to understand why
00:29:38mrk i sucked
00:29:40mrk what happened
00:29:41acchilies w8
00:29:41mrk for example
00:29:42oo0OoO0oo i know
00:29:45mrk good
00:29:46oo0OoO0oo but it hurts
00:29:50oo0OoO0oo fail game
00:29:53oo0OoO0oo its bronze
00:30:00mrk well it hurts more for me
00:30:00mby_next_time those gangs.
00:30:03mrk thats why i try to
00:30:06Gummi_Gert lothar+
00:30:08Gummi_Gert opk
00:30:08mrk releave it by talking so much
00:30:09mby_next_time naaa
00:30:09Gummi_Gert newb
00:30:53oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:54acchilies i got more assists then they have kills...
00:31:06Gummi_Gert gg
00:31:06Gummi_Gert newb
00:31:09link I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:31:12oo0OoO0oo hahaha
00:31:16Gummi_Gert :D
00:31:17mrk gg
00:31:17AliBaba din bums :D
00:31:18TakinBackMyLove newb kurdi
00:31:18mrk wp
00:31:19mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:31:19oo0OoO0oo tak for free x top drenge
00:31:25Gummi_Gert spå lidt
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