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41% | 1126 X | 1291 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17Arapiles any wishes?
00:00:17Converse rrylai
00:00:17-HewaL- support hero for me
00:00:17Rasmus.Seebach give me aa
00:00:17AliBaba tag wisp til mig
00:00:17Converse my faw hero
00:00:17-HewaL- d
00:00:17acchilies ill go clock...
00:00:17Converse ban lyca or storm
00:00:17chodaboy ärupilu
00:00:17Arapiles storm
00:00:17VVindoWz sk for me mby ?
00:00:17Arapiles any1 want viper?
00:00:17Converse i
00:00:17Arapiles or lycan
00:00:17Converse can good
00:00:17VVindoWz me
00:00:17chodaboy aa
00:00:17Arapiles ok
00:00:17VVindoWz viper vil jeg gerne peter
00:00:17Converse i can rylai/viper/lycan
00:00:17Arapiles kk
00:00:17acchilies get lycan...
00:00:17-HewaL- rylia for e
00:00:17-HewaL- me
00:00:17VVindoWz eller lycan
00:00:17acchilies ill play it if you want...
00:00:19VVindoWz du bestemmer
00:00:19-HewaL- rylai for me?
00:00:32VVindoWz hvem vil du have ?
00:00:36-HewaL- rylai
00:00:37acchilies arapiles you play lyca??
00:00:38Arapiles u go storm pls and solo top
00:00:46Arapiles i mean clock
00:00:56VVindoWz peter var lycan til mig ?
00:00:57Arapiles i play bane
00:01:08VVindoWz -swap 1
00:01:08Arapiles who want lycan, give me bane
00:01:12Arapiles -swap 3
00:01:25Rasmus.Seebach -swap
00:01:26Arapiles clock solo mid
00:01:27Rasmus.Seebach -swap 3
00:01:29chodaboy -hhn
00:01:29AliBaba -swap 2
00:01:29Arapiles ?
00:01:30chodaboy -di
00:01:33Arapiles lycan top
00:01:34chodaboy -hhn
00:01:35chodaboy -di
00:01:36acchilies no... ill go top...
00:01:41Arapiles i go bot w some1
00:01:41acchilies lyca wood??
00:01:47AliBaba -clear
00:01:48Arapiles ok zeus mid solo
00:01:50AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:01:50chodaboy SK
00:01:51chodaboy get sk
00:01:53Arapiles ycan wood
00:01:54Converse k
00:02:17Arapiles come bot hewal
00:02:28Arapiles zeus mid
00:02:32AliBaba me and rasmus
00:02:42Rasmus.Seebach k
00:02:59Converse if there will be kunkka in mid
00:03:03Converse i need ank then
00:03:05Converse ganks
00:03:21acchilies lyca take rune and come top...
00:03:28Rasmus.Seebach puull
00:04:56Converse gank mid
00:07:20-HewaL- WHERE IS CHICKEN
00:07:24Rasmus.Seebach ss 1
00:07:28Arapiles top
00:07:43Arapiles nuke man
00:07:59Arapiles nuke eller leave lane
00:08:01Converse i have ulti
00:08:03Converse gogo
00:08:04Rasmus.Seebach ss 1
00:08:17chodaboy ss mid
00:08:19-HewaL- danish
00:08:29Converse try to kill i have ulti
00:09:25Rasmus.Seebach ss 1
00:09:27Converse MISS MID
00:09:41Rasmus.Seebach ss 2
00:10:17Arapiles nuke dog!!
00:10:35-HewaL- slap nu af
00:10:37acchilies gank top??
00:10:42Arapiles du ødelægger lane
00:10:46Converse go top kill
00:10:50-HewaL- ss 2
00:10:53chodaboy team
00:10:54tjavo SK
00:10:55chodaboy we need wards
00:10:56tjavo lets gang wood
00:10:58chodaboy lets kill lycan
00:11:02Converse lycan
00:11:04Converse lets kill up
00:11:48-HewaL- tak
00:12:05tjavo n1
00:12:23Rasmus.Seebach ss 1
00:12:25chodaboy some wards pls
00:12:51Arapiles b
00:12:51chodaboy go
00:12:58Converse kill down
00:13:13-HewaL- 3 free kills
00:13:15Arapiles oom
00:13:15tjavo reg
00:13:52chodaboy need wards
00:13:53chodaboy ffs
00:13:53chodaboy cm
00:14:04AliBaba tjavo
00:14:05Arapiles go top
00:14:07tjavo stfu
00:14:07Rasmus.Seebach kk
00:14:07tjavo ok
00:14:15chodaboy nice
00:14:17chodaboy up chick to
00:14:19Converse thanks
00:14:21acchilies np
00:14:24Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:14:30Rasmus.Seebach rasta can
00:14:58acchilies 4 top
00:15:05Arapiles lycan
00:15:08AliBaba why not x me ?
00:15:10AliBaba ...
00:15:12Arapiles when we write gank dont farm
00:15:12Converse rex
00:15:13Converse pls
00:15:14chodaboy tower
00:15:16AliBaba tsh
00:15:17VVindoWz sry
00:16:15Rasmus.Seebach i am oom
00:16:16chodaboy WISP?
00:16:44Arapiles b
00:17:10VVindoWz -cs
00:17:24VVindoWz bkb or deso first?
00:17:29Converse bkb
00:17:34-HewaL- FAIL
00:17:36Arapiles y
00:17:46chodaboy need to kill lyca
00:18:02Converse stay
00:18:08Converse ah
00:18:09Converse nvm
00:18:33chodaboy TEAM
00:18:34chodaboy WAKE UP
00:18:35Rasmus.Seebach kk
00:18:50Converse hide
00:18:51Arapiles trap them
00:18:56acchilies w8 wor me...
00:18:56VVindoWz peter bkb føøorst eller ?
00:18:58acchilies for
00:19:01Arapiles y bkb
00:19:02Arapiles b
00:19:20Converse gogo
00:19:32Arapiles not uphill
00:19:59Arapiles rosh
00:20:04Converse gj
00:20:09Rasmus.Seebach fail team
00:20:16acchilies when we go five... they dont stand a chance...
00:20:22tjavo wtf were u doin
00:20:23VVindoWz let me tank
00:20:24tjavo why enter
00:20:27tjavo we are weak
00:20:31tjavo need entry.....
00:21:08Arapiles take
00:21:46AliBaba sk dont be
00:22:08tjavo gg
00:22:08tjavo ff
00:22:24AliBaba you play like shit rhasta
00:22:33chodaboy ur hero is shit
00:22:36AliBaba :)
00:22:39AliBaba hahahah
00:22:51Arapiles b
00:22:51tjavo lol almighty alibaba has spoken
00:23:01tjavo lolololol
00:23:21Arapiles crow
00:23:26chodaboy they go with all
00:23:27chodaboy we dont
00:23:33AliBaba se you ? :)
00:23:45acchilies b
00:23:45-HewaL- low
00:23:58tjavo wp
00:24:07AliBaba haha
00:24:09tjavo care
00:24:12AliBaba where you going ?
00:24:13AliBaba go help
00:24:17AliBaba you cunt
00:24:21tjavo lol again
00:24:27tjavo just shut your mouth
00:24:35Rasmus.Seebach i am b
00:24:38acchilies b
00:25:02AliBaba go
00:25:22Rasmus.Seebach -ii
00:25:23Converse lets gank and push
00:25:44Arapiles imo top push
00:25:56chodaboy all togehter
00:26:07Arapiles all top push
00:26:12chodaboy sk items?
00:26:25-HewaL- ss
00:26:26chodaboy DEF ALL
00:26:37Arapiles care
00:27:50-HewaL- we lost+
00:27:58-HewaL- b
00:27:58-HewaL- b
00:27:59-HewaL- b
00:28:14VVindoWz im going ac
00:28:25VVindoWz need attack speed
00:28:26Arapiles y
00:28:49Rasmus.Seebach dd
00:28:53chodaboy take it
00:29:30chodaboy team
00:29:32chodaboy drunk?
00:29:36Rasmus.Seebach yes u are
00:29:43acchilies who said that we lost??
00:30:32acchilies b
00:30:39Arapiles y
00:30:41chodaboy if we focus zeus bane
00:30:45chodaboy we win fights
00:30:46acchilies lyca go rosh...
00:30:55chodaboy let me
00:30:58chodaboy ill kill them
00:30:59chodaboy alone
00:31:44chodaboy get tower
00:31:46Rasmus.Seebach y
00:31:46VVindoWz need chicken
00:31:53VVindoWz need to smoke in to rosh
00:32:01Arapiles let tower fall
00:32:09Rasmus.Seebach b
00:32:12-HewaL- gather?
00:32:14chodaboy y
00:32:23chodaboy leme farm
00:32:28Arapiles come to me smoke
00:32:29Rasmus.Seebach k
00:32:35Arapiles come
00:32:42VVindoWz follow me
00:33:01Converse lycan
00:33:07Rasmus.Seebach reg
00:33:09chodaboy we focus zeus
00:33:11chodaboy and bane
00:33:15chodaboy they rosh now
00:33:28chodaboy FAST
00:33:29chodaboy ALL
00:33:39chodaboy b
00:33:40chodaboy b
00:33:40chodaboy b
00:33:40chodaboy b
00:33:46chodaboy base all
00:33:50Rasmus.Seebach def
00:33:51Arapiles gather 5 now
00:34:07-HewaL- who first?
00:34:09VVindoWz -cs
00:34:11chodaboy let them have bot
00:34:11Arapiles rhasta
00:34:14-HewaL- -water red
00:34:15-HewaL- -cs
00:34:19chodaboy its better to fight uphill
00:34:26Rasmus.Seebach b
00:34:26Rasmus.Seebach b
00:34:27AliBaba b
00:34:33Arapiles crow in
00:34:55Arapiles b
00:35:05Converse NO
00:35:10Converse ..
00:35:11Converse k
00:35:12Arapiles need entry
00:35:12VVindoWz captain said b
00:35:18AliBaba nab
00:35:32chodaboy sk
00:35:33Converse lets stay
00:35:34chodaboy GO REG
00:35:34chodaboy FFS
00:35:35Converse damn it
00:35:39Arapiles go as 5
00:35:43VVindoWz u say b now u blink
00:35:43Converse lets
00:35:43Converse man
00:35:57VVindoWz go go
00:36:00Arapiles clock in then go
00:36:00acchilies go
00:36:02VVindoWz ill rape im all
00:36:36Arapiles beast du er tank
00:37:00-HewaL- wtf
00:37:03Converse wtf LYCAN
00:37:05Arapiles so bad
00:37:07VVindoWz this was fuck
00:37:09chodaboy cm
00:37:10Arapiles y
00:37:10chodaboy stop farm
00:37:12chodaboy for fuck sake
00:37:14VVindoWz first i went on twr
00:37:15Arapiles beast didnt go in
00:37:16Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:37:20-HewaL- i DID !!
00:37:31VVindoWz bad ulti from bm
00:37:33Converse imo same strategy
00:37:35chodaboy go together
00:37:36chodaboy and gank
00:37:38Converse but lets us harras a bit
00:37:38chodaboy EVERYONE
00:37:40chodaboy get a tp
00:37:42Converse then clock gets in
00:37:45Rasmus.Seebach y
00:37:46chodaboy sk come
00:37:47VVindoWz focus raxx next time
00:37:50Converse y
00:38:10Rasmus.Seebach b
00:40:09chodaboy why u allways go alone?
00:40:20chodaboy B
00:40:26chodaboy KILL LYCAN
00:40:28AliBaba comming from you ?
00:40:33chodaboy yeah
00:40:34chodaboy u tp alone
00:40:36chodaboy to kill?
00:40:37chodaboy lol
00:40:39AliBaba y ?
00:40:40tjavo hHAHAHA
00:40:40AliBaba so +
00:40:42chodaboy coming from me?
00:40:48chodaboy good lord
00:40:49tjavo almighty alibaba have spoken yet again
00:40:52tjavo we should listen
00:40:53tjavo to him
00:41:24VVindoWz why only bane comes?
00:42:20VVindoWz im taking rosh and taking that bot raxx
00:42:32Arapiles no more solo play lycan pls
00:42:38acchilies ok ill go in and harass them...
00:42:49acchilies but w8 to gather 5 of us...
00:43:29AliBaba gather ?
00:43:35Arapiles gather
00:43:44Arapiles NOW!
00:43:47chodaboy care
00:43:48chodaboy b to base
00:43:49chodaboy ALLl
00:44:11Arapiles b
00:44:13Arapiles b
00:44:18Converse ?
00:44:21VVindoWz i will
00:44:21Arapiles y
00:44:27VVindoWz go def
00:44:33chodaboy wait
00:44:37Arapiles ult zeus
00:44:47chodaboy base
00:44:49Arapiles come
00:45:21-HewaL- try again?
00:45:24Converse y
00:45:24Rasmus.Seebach stay
00:45:25Arapiles k
00:45:29VVindoWz remember focus rax
00:45:30AliBaba he bait
00:45:32AliBaba dont go
00:45:37Arapiles no first rhasta
00:45:45Arapiles need creeps
00:45:57VVindoWz y
00:45:59Arapiles clock hokke some
00:46:03Arapiles catch
00:46:07Converse after we harass a bit
00:46:10acchilies cm all the time...
00:46:23Arapiles hook support
00:46:29Arapiles b
00:48:29VVindoWz fuck it got all raxx
00:48:34acchilies we did what we wanted...
00:48:35Arapiles y
00:48:36acchilies gj...
00:48:39Arapiles y
00:48:41Arapiles gj
00:48:50VVindoWz -cs
00:48:58Arapiles i lag hard in fights
00:49:24VVindoWz last push now
00:49:29tjavo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:25Arapiles b
00:50:30Arapiles need 5
00:51:35Converse gg
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