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Chat log

00:00:18Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:18slc2 some one rhasta?
00:00:18slc2 ali rhasta?
00:00:18AliBaba nej tak
00:00:18slc2 kom nu vi laver ond kill lane
00:00:18AliBaba hmm..
00:00:18Biggie lycan anyone?
00:00:18Homeostat0000 what kind of bullshit is that i buy chicken again :D
00:00:18slc2 jeg går ursa
00:00:18Homeostat0000 i can go
00:00:18FBI dunno
00:00:18Homeostat0000 lycan
00:00:18Biggie inte går ursa
00:00:18Biggie naga
00:00:18Kastrup bs
00:00:21Kastrup gl & hf ² all
00:00:28Homeostat0000 get me lycan or ursa and this is game over
00:00:37FBI gg
00:00:38AliBaba they go am
00:00:38Kastrup listen up guys
00:00:41Kastrup we need to ward their woods
00:00:42Homeostat0000 magina rofl
00:00:44Kastrup with 2 sets of wards
00:00:45Kastrup okay?
00:00:51FBI kk
00:00:56Biggie get me wr
00:01:00Homeostat0000 k
00:01:13Biggie aww
00:01:13Homeostat0000 but lycan + ursa looks bad no?
00:01:22slc2 i go lane
00:01:25Kastrup well
00:01:30Homeostat0000 i can go either lane or woods
00:01:34Kastrup last
00:01:34Biggie well u 2 can take rosh fast
00:01:34Kastrup wr
00:01:36slc2 rhasta with me
00:01:37Homeostat0000 but i dont like idea of -200
00:01:39Kastrup or sd
00:01:42VVindoWz ¨
00:01:45Kastrup fbi
00:01:46VVindoWz fbi give me
00:01:46Kastrup buy wards
00:01:48Biggie -swap 5
00:01:49Homeostat0000 -swap 1
00:01:53Kastrup dazzle or sd
00:01:54Kastrup imo
00:01:56Homeostat0000 whos getting chick?
00:01:58Kastrup ds*
00:01:59Homeostat0000 rhasta should
00:01:59Doomy you
00:01:59Kastrup not ds
00:02:02Homeostat0000 bullshit
00:02:06Biggie puck should
00:02:09AliBaba no ..
00:02:11AliBaba lastpick ..
00:02:12Biggie fine
00:02:13Biggie then i will
00:02:14Kastrup put wards in their woods
00:02:16Kastrup and
00:02:17Homeostat0000 thanks
00:02:18Kastrup ds our woods
00:02:20Homeostat0000 ill rush vlad
00:02:23Homeostat0000 ursa go phase
00:02:28slc2 i will:)
00:02:30Kastrup sk bot..
00:02:35Homeostat0000 dont doyble vladdy
00:02:37Kastrup wd viper top
00:02:40Biggie puck will have hard time bot
00:02:50Biggie you can stack ancients
00:02:53Doomy puck can escape
00:02:55Pufff-Reis lost game from start anyway
00:02:58Kastrup nono
00:02:59Biggie if its too hard
00:03:00Pufff-Reis yy
00:03:04Biggie just stack the anciants
00:03:06Pufff-Reis ursa + lyca
00:03:09Homeostat0000 how hard is this to solo with puck? they have horrible tri
00:03:12Homeostat0000 will be np
00:03:26Homeostat0000 gl team ;)
00:03:30VVindoWz jeg tror lycan går vores skov
00:04:55Homeostat0000 could u pls share after u get core?
00:05:57Kastrup go
00:05:57Kastrup go
00:05:58Kastrup go
00:05:59Kastrup omw
00:06:28Kastrup gj top
00:06:54Doomy ss
00:06:56FBI nedd gank
00:07:35AliBaba ss
00:07:42Homeostat0000 wr could u share?
00:07:43slc2 go wd
00:07:52slc2 b
00:08:29slc2 hold him and we kill morron
00:08:32Kastrup flying plz
00:08:58Pine4pple snadking
00:09:01Pine4pple i go mana'
00:09:15AliBaba ss
00:09:16AliBaba sry
00:09:29Kastrup gj
00:09:32Pine4pple ss bot
00:09:32FBI ss
00:09:37slc2 rhasta u suckj
00:10:00FBI lol
00:10:01Pine4pple gj
00:10:01Doomy can i have a share plz?
00:10:20Homeostat0000 2x slower w/o chicken
00:10:20Kastrup cmon misS? :d
00:10:25Kastrup nice stun
00:10:45Biggie =)
00:10:47slc2 boot wuhuuu
00:11:14Homeostat0000 still no share?
00:11:23Homeostat0000 2x slower farm
00:11:26Kastrup wd
00:11:26Biggie sry
00:11:26Kastrup come
00:11:30AliBaba ss
00:11:32Homeostat0000 ty
00:12:00AliBaba why make wolfs there?
00:12:05Homeostat0000 missclick nvm
00:12:11VVindoWz jeg frisk på wr
00:12:15Kastrup ok
00:13:09Kastrup gj
00:13:39Kastrup b
00:13:39Kastrup b
00:13:39Kastrup b
00:13:40Kastrup b
00:13:40Kastrup b
00:13:40Kastrup b
00:14:16Homeostat0000 save ulti rasta
00:14:18Homeostat0000 if they def
00:14:36slc2 roshan gogo
00:14:41Homeostat0000 get smoke
00:14:48Homeostat0000 kill
00:15:01Homeostat0000 hex
00:15:02Homeostat0000 god
00:15:14Homeostat0000 go rosh
00:15:41slc2 dd
00:15:58Kastrup need wards at roshan
00:16:04Pufff-Reis you need boots
00:16:08FBI 2
00:16:11Kastrup got
00:16:28Homeostat0000 GOD
00:16:37Homeostat0000 use
00:16:38Homeostat0000 spells
00:16:42Homeostat0000 ff
00:16:45Doomy range
00:16:52AliBaba wf
00:17:00AliBaba why you stop ?
00:17:08Homeostat0000 stop what?
00:17:11AliBaba run ?
00:17:19Homeostat0000 no comment it was triple kill but no none of u uses spells
00:18:07Homeostat0000 ds
00:18:40Homeostat0000 get smoke
00:18:45Homeostat0000 we rosh in 10s go?
00:18:55slc2 rosh bitch
00:19:00Homeostat0000 yo nigga
00:19:02Homeostat0000 why no s=moke?
00:19:21slc2 just go all
00:19:27Biggie getting rune
00:19:47FBI ahh
00:19:49FBI ff
00:19:55FBI b
00:19:57FBI idiot
00:20:02Homeostat0000 i push top solo
00:20:07Homeostat0000 i got cd tp
00:20:15AliBaba just care lycan
00:20:46slc2 wards
00:21:20Homeostat0000 stronk gank ;)
00:21:26Doomy double vlad?
00:21:30Homeostat0000 told him
00:21:38FBI we lose
00:21:41Homeostat0000 but ok hes not always witm e
00:21:44slc2 i needed it
00:21:47FBI look it
00:21:57Homeostat0000 actually its ok
00:22:12FBI go 5
00:22:21slc2 let me farm solo
00:22:26slc2 need lvls
00:22:50AliBaba why both make vlad ?
00:23:01Homeostat0000 buy wards
00:23:03Homeostat0000 gonna be ok
00:23:24FBI pull
00:23:41Doomy wow ty for pushing me in :/
00:23:47Kastrup gj
00:24:02AliBaba ffs lycan
00:24:04Kastrup again?
00:24:09Kastrup b
00:25:49AliBaba what are you waiting for ?
00:26:11FBI pull fsa
00:26:17Kastrup gj guys
00:26:19Homeostat0000 dont get why u always have to engage
00:26:30Homeostat0000 bkb up soon then we should take fights
00:26:31Pine4pple go top tower
00:27:01Kastrup gj
00:27:07Kastrup gj guys
00:27:08Kastrup wp
00:27:12slc2 stop run pussies
00:28:03Homeostat0000 ggggggggggggg
00:28:09Biggie not gg
00:28:10Kastrup gj
00:28:16VVindoWz u8
00:28:32VVindoWz wards won game :p
00:28:36Kastrup yep
00:28:39Kastrup not won yet
00:28:42Kastrup remmeber that
00:28:45VVindoWz :P
00:29:30Kastrup bn
00:30:01Homeostat0000 200 to bkb
00:30:02Homeostat0000 def bot
00:30:07FBI 2
00:30:53Homeostat0000 ursa rush straight with lothar to magina, after he blinks u got him
00:31:03Homeostat0000 i got bkb soon can take fight
00:31:06Homeostat0000 back puck
00:31:12Kastrup b
00:31:20VVindoWz rosh up?
00:31:21Homeostat0000 also get dagger puck
00:31:24Kastrup check
00:31:25Homeostat0000 is all u need to win
00:32:01Kastrup cmon!
00:32:05Kastrup gj
00:32:06Kastrup guys
00:32:09Kastrup tp
00:33:00Homeostat0000 lothar there
00:33:51Kastrup whon got ank?
00:33:55Pufff-Reis ursa
00:33:57Kastrup kk
00:33:58VVindoWz y
00:34:15Kastrup illu
00:34:43Kastrup care
00:34:44Homeostat0000 tp
00:34:50Homeostat0000 we should go all 5 smoked
00:34:54Homeostat0000 easy to win
00:35:05Homeostat0000 smoke there please
00:35:06Homeostat0000 i got
00:35:12Homeostat0000 hex magina or crix
00:35:14Kastrup USE OR DON T
00:35:14Kastrup SRSLY
00:35:14Homeostat0000 none other
00:35:15Pufff-Reis get vladi am
00:35:22Kastrup after basher
00:35:38Kastrup re
00:35:55VVindoWz all b def
00:35:56Homeostat0000 push
00:35:59Homeostat0000 ward at rax
00:36:00slc2 go mid
00:36:02FBI sk ur idioot
00:36:02Homeostat0000 not at t2
00:36:06VVindoWz shh
00:36:08VVindoWz np
00:36:12Homeostat0000 hex magina b4 manta
00:36:16Pine4pple dont flame
00:36:19Pine4pple they was smoked
00:36:24Pine4pple fbi stfu and play
00:36:26FBI I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:29Homeostat0000 ulti
00:36:30Homeostat0000 rasta
00:37:08Homeostat0000 my bad, nvm
00:37:18slc2 im b need mana
00:37:35Doomy reg
00:37:36Doomy bot
00:37:54Homeostat0000 ill take dust
00:38:00Homeostat0000 cause u use bit lane ;p
00:38:02slc2 take duyst
00:38:05Homeostat0000 got
00:38:57FBI ahha
00:38:59Pufff-Reis warded
00:39:00Homeostat0000 mid again
00:39:05FBI retarted
00:39:10Homeostat0000 focus tower not hero with wards
00:39:11slc2 go mid
00:39:12Pufff-Reis bronze noob shht
00:39:48Biggie b
00:40:05Homeostat0000 ds has hex
00:40:17Kastrup gj
00:40:43Homeostat0000 puck can u go dagger?
00:40:47AliBaba y
00:40:59Kastrup care now
00:41:25slc2 go
00:41:52Kastrup b
00:42:32Homeostat0000 44s for viper and magina
00:42:37Homeostat0000 easy t2 imo
00:42:57Kastrup WHJY?
00:42:58Kastrup srsly?
00:42:59Kastrup WHY?
00:42:59FBI IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:43:01Kastrup are u doing this?
00:43:06Kastrup thats fucking gameruin
00:43:10FBI y
00:43:11Kastrup hes doing that on purpose..
00:43:43Homeostat0000 go
00:44:00Homeostat0000 top push
00:44:09Homeostat0000 top
00:44:19slc2 rosh uop???
00:44:54Kastrup we need ward at roshan
00:44:59Kastrup because they will take roshan in a sec
00:45:13Homeostat0000 get gem somebody
00:45:20slc2 cheease
00:45:31Homeostat0000 ill get then
00:45:32Kastrup any1 able to carry a gem?
00:45:43Homeostat0000 no dust
00:46:04Kastrup tp
00:46:24Pine4pple b and heal
00:47:04slc2 w8 chuick
00:47:05Homeostat0000 dont go in
00:47:06Homeostat0000 no way
00:47:07FBI wall
00:47:09Kastrup not yet
00:47:11Homeostat0000 let ds waste ulti
00:47:13Homeostat0000 then b?
00:47:19slc2 yea
00:47:21Biggie when ds uses ulti
00:47:23Biggie wait it to end
00:47:26Homeostat0000 yep
00:47:32Homeostat0000 watch crix
00:47:33Homeostat0000 dont let
00:47:48Kastrup b
00:47:50Kastrup let them come
00:48:05Biggie b
00:48:09slc2 b
00:48:55AliBaba ¨lame bash
00:49:01Homeostat0000 what did we say bout ds ulti
00:49:13Homeostat0000 fml
00:49:13Biggie well you ran there
00:49:14Homeostat0000 sry
00:49:18Biggie first
00:49:22AliBaba you failed ..
00:49:26AliBaba sry for say it
00:49:30Biggie everytone else went be
00:49:31Biggie b
00:49:31Homeostat0000 i ran there last
00:49:35Biggie and you ran there
00:49:38AliBaba you was the first
00:49:40Kastrup mid after fast
00:49:56Homeostat0000 u confuse me with ursa or?
00:49:57Homeostat0000 w/e
00:50:30slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:50:39Kastrup gg
00:50:39Homeostat0000 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:50:40Biggie way to throw a game
00:50:43Doomy I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:51:00Kastrup :)
00:51:29slc2 gem
00:52:01Biggie I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:52:05Doomy I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:52:07AliBaba I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:52:07Kastrup first time am
00:52:08Homeostat0000 if som1 feel sad
00:52:09Homeostat0000 im sry
00:52:10Homeostat0000 my falt
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