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71% | 1377 X | 1359 TS

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Chat log

00:00:03LetItBe -ap
00:00:21Jerkku voinko mennä midii
00:00:24mansikka je
00:00:41LetItBe me thrall bot
00:00:43DraineWaker want me mid or what?
00:00:45mansikka centaur gondar top
00:00:45LetItBe can u mid?
00:00:48LetItBe roof krobe top then
00:00:49mansikka omni bot with me
00:00:50DraineWaker not really :S
00:00:53LetItBe krobe mid then
00:00:56LetItBe pudge roof top
00:01:01DraineWaker i will smoke a joint
00:01:03DraineWaker now
00:01:08mansikka guelling blade omni ftw
00:01:09Mircea.N -ms
00:01:09DraineWaker so i dont want to take responcibility
00:01:11DraineWaker xD
00:01:12mansikka let me farm
00:01:16Jerkku :D
00:01:20Doomy we can ff
00:01:22Doomy now
00:01:24LetItBe -ma
00:01:26Doomy we got a smoker!
00:01:26DraineWaker why?
00:01:27Orre pitbull is the future of music
00:01:29Doomy xD
00:01:31DraineWaker :D
00:01:35Doomy CHICKEN
00:01:37DraineWaker i play only smoked...
00:01:40Doomy ffs
00:01:42LetItBe chickeN?
00:01:47FBI abit later
00:01:50Doomy IDIOT
00:02:05Doomy its not a bit later
00:02:06Doomy ffs
00:02:11Jerkku rune
00:02:14Jerkku so care
00:03:46FBI me b
00:03:50FBI for chick
00:03:52DraineWaker k
00:05:34Jerkku ssm id
00:05:46Jerkku re
00:05:53LetItBe let me farm ffs
00:06:33Doomy ss
00:06:35Jerkku ss mid
00:06:38Doomy re
00:06:41Jerkku re
00:07:23LetItBe get mana boots thrall
00:07:28Orre y
00:07:34LetItBe eat
00:07:41Orre ty
00:07:59Jerkku ss mid
00:08:21Jerkku re
00:08:34Doomy ss
00:08:58FBI ss
00:09:04Doomy ss
00:09:17Jerkku ss
00:09:28Jerkku re
00:09:45LetItBe go wr
00:09:50Orre oom
00:09:58Jerkku miss mid
00:09:59Doomy ss
00:10:04Jerkku re
00:10:09Orre nmoooo
00:10:23Jerkku ss mid
00:10:35FBI gj
00:10:40LaPuhh sry
00:10:44Mircea.N i have a tree
00:10:46FBI ss
00:10:51mansikka i have salve
00:10:52Orre ss2
00:10:56LetItBe wards?
00:11:11mansikka ss trall
00:11:34Doomy reuse
00:11:45LetItBe cmon
00:11:46LetItBe ffs
00:11:50LetItBe focus wr
00:11:51LetItBe not omni
00:11:57Doomy dont forget to drop items before using chick
00:11:57Orre k sry
00:12:26LetItBe go gank
00:12:27LetItBe i farm bot
00:12:29Mircea.N to me
00:12:30LetItBe get some towers
00:12:51LetItBe thrall go gank top
00:12:52LetItBe buy dusts
00:12:52LetItBe etc
00:12:55LetItBe easy game
00:13:02Jerkku mby some wards guys
00:13:28Mircea.N -ms
00:13:29FBI ss
00:13:37LetItBe tp bot
00:13:38LetItBe kill
00:15:08Orre rune
00:15:16Mircea.N oom
00:15:52FBI lol
00:15:58FBI lucky
00:17:04Mircea.N omw bot
00:17:13DraineWaker <3
00:17:15LetItBe COMEONE
00:17:17Jerkku we can ff this
00:17:22Jerkku cant do shit without wards
00:18:09LetItBe mana
00:18:13Orre cd
00:18:18LetItBe roof got ulti?
00:18:21FBI no
00:18:22LetItBe k
00:19:28Mircea.N go gondar ?
00:19:49Doomy mana plz
00:19:55Doomy ty
00:20:01mansikka :D
00:20:02mansikka wtf
00:20:26LetItBe tp bot?
00:20:27LetItBe guys?
00:20:38LetItBe or not
00:20:41mansikka b
00:20:42LetItBe we need more wards
00:20:43Jerkku UP CHICK AT LEAST
00:20:44LetItBe they got too many stuns
00:20:46Jerkku please
00:20:48LetItBe im afraid to farm
00:20:50LetItBe without wards
00:22:52FBI ahhhhhhhh
00:23:18LetItBe i can come w ulti
00:23:28Jerkku well spec freefarms
00:24:37LetItBe lemme have
00:24:38LetItBe soon relic
00:25:37DraineWaker invisi
00:25:38DraineWaker plz
00:25:44Jerkku ofc we lose this
00:25:52Jerkku no wards, no flying, spec freefarm
00:25:55Jerkku we can ff at 25
00:25:59LetItBe bot for me
00:26:06FBI m,ana
00:26:32LetItBe i can come w ulti
00:26:34LetItBe in 10 secs
00:26:38Doomy mana
00:26:40FBI man
00:26:47LetItBe try to get twr
00:26:49DraineWaker -ha
00:26:53DraineWaker -stats
00:27:09Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:13Doomy late ulti
00:27:19DraineWaker :)
00:27:19Jerkku ff guys
00:28:11LetItBe mid
00:28:19FBI oom
00:29:04mansikka v
00:29:04mansikka b
00:29:14Mircea.N I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:58Jerkku omg just ff
00:30:54LaPuhh I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:47Doomy gg team
00:31:51DraineWaker so
00:31:51mansikka I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:31:58Pieti I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:31:58DraineWaker do you like my stoned pudge playing? :D
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